Nourishing “heart” is simple and easy to learn diet therapy: men drink black tea, women drink brown sugar

   There is a saying in Chinese medicine called “five colors to nourish the five internal organs”. Red nourishes the heart, yellow nourishes the spleen and stomach, white nourishes the lungs, green nourishes the liver, and black nourishes the kidney. Therefore, if you want to maintain heart health daily, you can eat more. Red things, such as red meat, animal offal, blood tofu and other foods rich in heme iron.
  Iron is a component of hemoglobin and myoglobin in the human body. Iron deficiency will lead to iron-deficiency anemia, decreased concentration, decreased resistance and other problems, which will increase the burden on the heart and is not conducive to heart health.
   Then, besides eating more red foods such as red meat, tomatoes, watermelon, etc., what else can be used to maintain the heart daily? That is the red drink. Men drink black tea and women drink brown sugar, one cup a day to protect the heart.
  Black tea is warm in nature, can help digestion, promote appetite, diuresis, reduce edema, and strengthen heart function. The “flavonoids” contained in black tea can scavenge free radicals, have anti-acidification effects, and reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction. According to a study in the United Kingdom, drinking a cup of black tea every day can help men reduce stress, thereby benefiting heart health.
   However, menstruating women should not drink black tea. Because menstruation consumes iron in the body, and the tannic acid in black tea hinders the body’s absorption of iron from food, it will cause ischemia in the body. So, what do women drink to protect their heart? The answer is: brown sugar.
   The old saying goes well, women cannot be sugar-free for a hundred days, the sugar here is brown sugar. Brown sugar is warm in nature and has the effect of nourishing and replenishing blood. There are records in Tao Hongjing’s “Famous Doctors” in the Southern and Northern Dynasties: brown sugar can moisturize the lungs, help the five internal organs, produce body fluids, detoxify, help spleen, and relieve liver qi; “Stasis and lochia”, plus red to nourish the heart, then brown sugar is the best choice for women’s daily drinking.
   Each kilogram of brown sugar contains 900 mg of calcium, 100 mg of iron, and a variety of trace elements, which can stimulate the body’s hematopoietic function. For women with blood deficiency, drinking more brown sugar water has multiple benefits. But don’t be greedy, one cup a day is just right.
  Easily brewed red drinks like black tea and brown sugar, one cup a day is convenient and protects the heart. Hurry up and keep some at home.
   This article is scientifically checked by Xiong Jifa, deputy chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guilin Second People’s Hospital.

“Chunkun” is not a disease, but it may really be “deadly”

   The temperature is warming up, and the flowers are spitting out. When people enjoy the light of spring, they also begin to feel sleepy, fatigued, and unable to lift their energy. “Spring is sleepy and autumn is lacking, and summer is nap, the winter three months of sleeplessness”, “chun dysfunction” has quietly arrived.

  What caused the “spring sleepiness”? Is it a manifestation of a disease? What are the harms caused by severe spring hardship? How to prevent spring sleepiness and possible diseases caused by spring sleepiness? With these questions, a reporter from Science and Technology Daily interviewed Yin Guoping, deputy chief physician of the Sleep Medicine Center of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

  Biological clock adjustment lags behind seasonal changes

  ”‘Chunkun’ usually appears in early spring. The main reason is that the body’s biological clock has not been adjusted to match the day and night changes of the seasons. In short, the increase in the time of light in spring, the sun awakens people from sleep early , But the body’s biological clock has not reached the point of’waking up’, so naturally you will feel sleepy and tired.” Yin Guoping said.

  ”The human body clock is mainly affected by two factors, one is its own factors such as genes, and the other is external factors such as light, diet, and behavior patterns. Among them, light is the main external factor.” Yin Guoping explained, melatonin It is the strongest biological clock signal of the human body, and sunlight is the main way to regulate the rhythm of melatonin secretion.

  The amine hormone that can make melanocytes brighten has the effect of shortening the time of falling asleep and waking up, and improving the quality of sleep, so it has a strong function of adjusting jet lag. Yin Guoping pointed out that usually the level of melatonin in the human body reaches its peak at 2-3 in the morning, making people fall asleep; the secretion of melatonin stops at 4-5 in the morning; after 6-7, the residual melatonin is lost The body is metabolized and no longer plays a role, so that the body really wakes up. When spring comes, dawn is getting earlier and earlier, which is a signal that nature urges people to wake up. However, there is often a certain amount of melatonin remaining in the body at this time, making people sleepy. Of course, light will also inhibit the secretion of melatonin to a certain extent, so that people gradually adjust the biological clock to a state of “correspondence between heaven and man.”

  ”This kind of adjustment mechanism takes a certain amount of time. In this process, the phenomenon of ‘spring storm’ will inevitably occur.” Yin Guoping said.

   In addition to the original need for harmony between man and nature, there are many auxiliary factors that “make strange things.” Yin Guoping introduced that activity level, temperature, sleep structure, etc. will all have an impact.

  Activity is an important factor in sleep drive. The greater the amount of activity during the day, the more people need adequate, high-quality sleep. One year’s plan is in spring, which is why people who used farming as the main economy in ancient times were more prone to “spring hardship”.

  Furthermore, in the transitional season between winter and spring, the adjustment of the biological clock lags behind the changes in the length of day and night, which disrupts the sleep structure and reduces the time of deep sleep to a certain extent; in addition, the level of excitatory hormones such as serotonin and cortisone in the morning Still in a low position, they have all become accomplices of the “spring hardship”.

   It’s worth noting that there is a popular saying on the Internet that spring sleepiness is caused by cerebral hypoxia and ischemia. In this regard, Yin Guoping said that there is no clear scientific basis. “Once the brain is hypoxic and ischemic, it will be adjusted by increasing the respiratory rate, depth and heart rate, so that the body is in a state of alert, and it is unlikely to be drowsy.” .

  Hidden safety hazards and risks of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

   As the saying goes, “Spring sleepiness is not a disease, it is fatal to get caught up”, will such a serious spring sleepiness cause harm to the human body?

  ”Strictly speaking,’chunkun’ is not a disease. It is a process by which the human body adapts to nature and is usually not harmful to the body. However, Chunkun may cause traffic accidents and may increase cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for the elderly. The risk of disease.” Yin Guoping told reporters.

   my country’s traffic accidents caused by “chunkun” are frequently reported. International scholars have conducted investigations on this, and found that the Monday after daylight saving time was implemented, the accident rate increased significantly. Researchers blamed this on sleepiness and lethargy.

   On April 6, a traffic accident occurred in Nan’an District of Chongqing City in which a driver did not sleep enough and caused a three-vehicle collision. The traffic police reminded drivers that fatigue driving is as harmful as drunk driving. With the recent temperature increase, drivers are prone to “spring sleepiness” when driving, causing problems such as decreased judgment, slow response, and increased misoperations, which can easily lead to road traffic accidents. Therefore, when driving in spring, you should keep enough sleep, and the continuous driving time should not be too long. When tiredness hits, you may wish to stop and rest to prevent accidents.

  In terms of diseases, Yin Guoping emphasized that the circadian rhythm of the elderly is not as good as that of the young, and they are less sensitive to the regulation of the circadian clock that changes with the seasons, and are more susceptible to interference, which may affect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular metabolism. , Increase the risk of related diseases.

  How can we reduce the degree of “spring sleepiness”?

  ”Light can play a major role in regulating the biological clock.” Yin Guoping suggested that you should get more sunlight in the morning and morning in spring. At this time, the blue light accounts for a higher proportion of the sun, which can promote the secretion of serotonin and other excitatory hormones in the human body and inhibit fading. Melanin keeps the brain awake; it should also ensure a regular work and rest time, try not to sleep late or stay up late, even if you go to bed late occasionally, do not sleep in the next morning, so that the brain can clearly receive “day” and “night” “signal of.

  ”There are many factors that regulate biological rhythms, such as diet, behavior, etc.” Yin Guoping said, “Don’t treat the’spring sleepiness’ as a trivial matter, pay attention to it, and try to avoid its potential risks.”

   (Intern reporter Yu Ziyue)

Atrial fibrillation anticoagulation has a pause button to reverse the “life” in a crisis

   Atrial fibrillation is like a time bomb, which can cause a stroke at any time. In my country, there are more than 10 million patients with atrial fibrillation, and nearly one-third of strokes are related to atrial fibrillation [1], and the effective way for patients with atrial fibrillation to prevent stroke is to take anticoagulant therapy in time. However, many people may not know that if patients with atrial fibrillation taking anticoagulants suffer from fractures, accidental falls or other emergencies and require surgery, they may need to quickly “pause” the anticoagulant effect to save lives.
   The risk of stroke is 5 times higher than that of ordinary people. People with atrial fibrillation should actively anticoagulate
  Many patients with atrial fibrillation believe that heart problems have nothing to do with stroke. This misconception often planted dangerous seeds for stroke. In fact, atrial fibrillation is a common clinical arrhythmia, which occurs frequently in elderly people over 60 years old. It is often accompanied by symptoms such as palpitation, arrhythmic heartbeat, and shortness of breath. The symptoms seem to be mild, but atrial fibrillation is a high risk factor for stroke. In atrial fibrillation, the contractile function of the atrium is weakened, and the blood inside cannot be pumped out completely, it will stay in the atrium, and slowly build up to form a thrombus. Once the thrombus enters the blood vessels of the brain with the blood, it may block the blood supply to the brain and cause stroke [2].
   There are statistics. Compared with ordinary people, the incidence of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation has increased by nearly 5 times, and compared with strokes caused by other causes, the mortality and disability rate of stroke caused by atrial fibrillation is higher [3] . Therefore, patients with atrial fibrillation must not take the prevention of stroke lightly. Under the guidance of professional doctors, anticoagulants should be taken regularly and quantitatively. Only by inhibiting thrombosis, can the risk of stroke be effectively reduced.
  Quickly “pause” the anticoagulation function, saving lives in critical moments
  Anticoagulant, as the name suggests, is a drug that prevents blood from clotting into thrombus. It can be divided into two categories: traditional anticoagulant warfarin and new oral anticoagulant (NOAC). Warfarin has been on the market earlier. It is widely used in clinical practice, but warfarin also has many limitations, including the need to regularly monitor blood coagulation function, regularly adjust the dosage of medication, and interact with certain drugs and foods, such as broccoli, spinach, rape, egg yolk, pig liver, Soy milk, garlic, ginger, as well as ginseng, green tea, angelica, ginkgo, etc. [4]. In view of the various inconveniences of warfarin, the advantages of the new oral anticoagulant (NOAC) are more obvious. It does not require regular monitoring of coagulation function, the dose is stable, and there is no need to worry about food affecting its anticoagulant effect [5].
  In general, both traditional anticoagulants and new oral anticoagulants (NOAC) can effectively prevent stroke, but the risk is that the coagulation function of the patient will be temporarily inhibited after taking the drug. If the patient has a fracture, accidental fall or Other emergencies require surgery, which may cause massive bleeding during the operation due to the failure to recover the coagulation function, thus life-threatening. Therefore, the ability to quickly “suspend” its anticoagulant function is particularly important for patients with atrial fibrillation.
   Among the current new oral anticoagulant drugs (NOAC), only dabigatran has its specific reversal agent, which can relieve the anticoagulant drug effect in a few minutes, avoiding the bleeding during surgery Danger[6] can be said to provide an “accidental protection” in times of crisis to reverse the “life” of patients!
  Be careful in daily life, learn these tips to prevent accidents
  Atrial fibrillation patients are mostly middle-aged and elderly people. It is recommended that patients with atrial fibrillation can prevent accidents from the following points in their daily lives:
  ·Exercise. Appropriate exercise can improve physical function.
  ·Prevent bone loss, enhance muscle toughness, thereby reducing the chance of fracture.
  ·Improving the living environment, such as bright indoor lighting, anti-skid treatment on the ground, installation of handrails, correct placement of furniture, and reduction of obstacles such as steps and thresholds, all help to reduce the risk of falls.
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Four small tips to protect the neck and shoulders

  Looking at mobile phones and computers for a long time will cause fatigue in the cervical spine. Tianjin Institute of Physical Education brings a set of cervical spine health exercises. Only 4 small exercises can help you improve the stability of the cervical spine, activate the deep small muscles of the neck, and relieve and reduce the fatigue or pain of the shoulder and neck.
  Action One
   Lying on the ground or bed with the head and neck hanging in the air, keeping the head and neck straight, retracting the chin, and at the same time extending the head forward and maintaining a static posture for 30 seconds. This action can activate the deep neck extensors.
  Action Two
   Lie on your stomach on the ground, with your head and neck hanging in the air, with your arms bent at your elbows, keeping your head and neck still, and then doing adduction movements for the shoulder blades, repeat 8 to 12 times. Note that the action should be slow, with breathing exercises, exhale when the shoulder blades drive the arms upwards, this action will effectively activate the shoulder muscles.
  Action Three
   Lie on your side on the ground, your body is in a straight line, your head and neck are hung in the air and remain motionless. After 30 seconds, you can repeat the action on the other side. This action can activate the deep lateral flexors of the neck.
  Action 4
   Lying on the side of the body, keeping the head and neck still, raise the outer arm to the top of the head through the side of the body, and then return to the initial position. Practice 8 to 12 times. Note that the shoulder blades should be kept slow when doing gyrations, and should cooperate with breathing exercises to fully activate the shoulder muscles. Then switch to the other side and repeat the exercise.
   The above exercises can be repeated for 3 to 5 groups, and should be practiced appropriately according to personal circumstances. (Zuoran)

Honey water detoxification and beauty? Not as good as warm water

   Speaking of honey in life, the first reaction of many people is health preservation. They believe that honey has the effect of detoxification and beauty, especially after getting up every morning, don’t rush to eat breakfast and drink a glass of honey water on an empty stomach. , Nourishing the intestines and clearing the stool, the effect is more obvious. Is this really the case? In this issue, the famous doctors have specially invited Sun Sai, the attending physician of the Medical Beauty Department of Guangdong Maternity and Child Health Hospital, to uncover the mystery of honey water.

  Drink honey to moisturize the intestines? Not

   Sun Sai, the attending physician of the Medical Beauty Department of Guangdong Maternity and Child Health Hospital, said that the main ingredients of honey are glucose, fructose, a small amount of protein and vitamins. After most of the ingredients enter the digestive tract system, they are absorbed in the small intestine, so there will be no laxative effect.

   But some people do have a smoother bowel movement after drinking honey water. Why is that? “This may be caused by malabsorption of fructose.” Sun Sai explained that after people who are intolerant to fructose drink honey water, fructose cannot be completely absorbed by the small intestine. After entering the large intestine, it stimulates intestinal peristalsis, which makes the stool smooth. “It is also possible that water intake has increased the water in the intestines, humidified feces, and smoother bowel movements.”

  Blind bowel movement, beware of “damaging” the intestines

   Many people think that stool is toxins, and stool is detoxification. In this regard, Sun Sai said that in fact, detoxification and detoxification are not medical concepts, and there is no scientific basis. Unreasonable detoxification does not mean detoxification.

  Sun Sai pointed out that detoxification is a non-scientific term for body metabolism. In the process of metabolism, the body produces some metabolites that cannot be used by the body. These products will be excreted by the body as waste.

   Stool is literally understood as feces that have not been excreted in the body. Many people try to promote defecation through products that promote stool. As everyone knows, many stool products are actually irritating laxatives, and long-term use is not only Failure to detox may also cause great harm to intestinal function, and may even cause drug dependence.

  Do this for detoxification and beauty

   Although drinking honey water is not very helpful in defecation, because of its comprehensive nutrition, regular consumption of honey can smooth the skin to a certain extent, prevent dry skin, increase the blood hemoglobin content, and make the face ruddy and shiny. It should be reminded that honey is not suitable for everyone, and it is not suitable for diabetics. In addition, honey is not the only way to beautify the skin. Many nutritious foods are helpful to the body and skin. It is not recommended to recommend a single food. A diverse, reasonable and balanced diet can make us have a healthy body and beautiful appearance.

  Sunsai Weapon, a healthy way of detoxification and beauty should be like this:

  1. Reasonable diet and balanced nutrition. Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, coarse grains, etc., and avoid foods that are too greasy, spicy, and raw.

  2. Appropriate exercise. Exercise can strengthen the body’s metabolism, promote intestinal peristalsis, improve heart and lung function, increase blood circulation, and make the skin ruddy, shiny and elastic.

  3. Regular work and rest, calm emotions. A good work and rest helps to better balance a person’s physiological system, leading to a good spirit and good skin.

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