The more dietary fiber intake, the lower the risk of death

   The research team of the National Cancer Research Center of Japan continuously investigated the relationship between various lifestyle habits and diseases such as cancer, stroke, and myocardial infarction from 1995 to 2016. In the jurisdictions of 11 health centers in many places, a questionnaire on diet was conducted for residents aged 45-74, and a follow-up survey was conducted on approximately 90,000 people who participated in the questionnaire and did not suffer from cancer or cardiovascular disease.
   The results show that the more dietary fiber intake, the lower the risk of death for both men and women. From the perspective of the cause of death, the higher the dietary fiber intake of both men and women, the lower the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. In terms of cancer death, the more men’s total dietary fiber intake, the lower the risk of cancer death, but no correlation between the two was found in women.
   (source of the manuscript: Japan Science and Technology Promotion Agency, compiled by our reporter Chen Chao in Japan)

What should the elderly do to prevent and control the epidemic?

  During the COVID-19 epidemic, many severely ill patients are middle-aged and elderly people. Middle-aged and elderly people suffer from a variety of diseases, their body organs are reduced in function, and their chewing and swallowing functions are reduced, leading to insufficient food, and they are prone to weight loss and malnutrition before being infected with the virus. The weight loss and malnutrition will lead to a decline in immune function and will not be able to withstand the blow of virus infection. Therefore, the elderly must increase their nutritional reserves through reasonable nutritional supplements, especially increasing muscle content, so as to improve their immunity.

  In view of the inconvenience of the elderly, it is sometimes difficult to prepare nutritious foods. At the same time, the appetite of the elderly decreases and it is difficult to meet the daily calorie and nutritional needs. It is recommended to choose the following oral nutritional supplements: oral total nutritional supplements; multi-vitamin and mineral supplements; high-quality protein supplements. Each of these three nutritional supplements has many brands and specifications. You can choose one of them separately and use them together. When the weight of the elderly slowly rises, it means that the immunity is also improved. Of course, nutritional supplements are best purchased at medical institutions and used under the guidance of a doctor.

   Then, what should be paid attention to in a reasonable diet? A balanced diet, paying particular attention to the intake of high-quality protein (milk, eggs, soy products, meat) and fresh vegetables and fruits; appropriate supplementation of nutrients, such as protein, unsaturated fatty acids such as fish oil and linseed oil, and a diet that regulates intestinal immune function Fiber and multivitamin and mineral supplements, etc.; to avoid obesity and increased blood sugar caused by reduced activity in the short term. Controlling body weight and blood sugar is especially important for maintaining the immune function of obese and diabetic patients. For obese patients, if too little exercise, blood viscosity increases, it will increase the occurrence of embolic diseases, such as stroke, myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism; avoid weight loss and weight loss, because malnutrition directly leads to immune function decline; Avoid smoking and drinking, increase exercise appropriately, but avoid going to crowded places, and also avoid going to relatively closed gyms. (Dou Pan, chief physician of the Heart Center, Peking University People’s Hospital)

Self-assessment of whether your sleep is healthy, Chinese medicine teaches you to adjust your mind and body

   “I’m under a lot of pressure, I can’t sleep all night, I’m not energetic during the day, and I’m about to collapse…” This is the situation where the most online rescue activities have been received since the epidemic.
   teaches you how to self-test your sleep health:
  1. I have difficulty falling asleep (falling asleep more than 30 minutes)
  2. My sleep time per night<6 hours
  3. My thoughts are always flying, even when I sleep, I am not sleepy at all.
  4. I can foresee the sleep problem that I will have.
  5. I sleep and wake up ≥2 times throughout the night
  6. Once I wake up, it’s hard to fall asleep again
  7. I am always worried about some things and it is difficult to relax
  8. I always wake up earlier than expected to wake up
  9. I always feel that I haven’t got enough sleep after waking up
  10. I often feel sad, anxious and depressed
   If you select “No” for all, it means that the current sleep quality is good, so don’t worry about it. If you only choose “Yes” for the answers to questions 1 or 2, you need to pay attention to your own sleep health and you can adjust yourself. If you choose “Yes” for 3 questions or more, it means that you have a sleep disorder problem. It is recommended to seek professional help.
  How to adjust yourself? Here are a few simple and easy methods.
  1. Regular wake-up sleep-wake cycle is a biological phenomenon that mankind is one of nature and man, long-term adaptation to natural circadian rhythms. It is also called the biological clock, which is the basis of all life activities of the human body. During the epidemic, staying at home, time was free, but the number of people staying up late increased significantly, but sleep became a problem, one of the reasons the biological clock was disrupted. Work will be resumed soon, and the biological clock to restore sleep is especially important. The time to fall asleep is difficult to control actively, but the time to wake up can be determined by oneself. Usually go to bed around 11pm and wake up at a fixed time in the morning. Over time, the biological clock returns to normal.
  2. Relax the mood. Most insomnia is related to negative emotions such as fear, worry, tension, anxiety, depression, etc. Some people are also related to excessive sleep anxiety, such as fear of insomnia at night, the more you want to sleep, the more you sleep Can’t fall asleep, sleepy goes to bed but wakes up and so on. Insomnia is a manifestation of mental and physical disorders under the stress of the epidemic. The appearance of insomnia symptoms is like seeing water splashes on a calm water surface. There must be a reason. You should look for the cause, such as concern about the epidemic, anxiety about insomnia, etc., the cause It was relieved, just like no stone is thrown into the water, the splash slowly disappeared, and the insomnia gradually recovered. Therefore, the treatment of insomnia should not pay attention to the insomnia itself, but to eliminate the causes of insomnia. Commonly used methods to relax the mind include the method of diverting attention, music therapy, mindfulness and tranquility, etc.
  3. Green adjustment measures TCM believes that the human mind and body are one, and by regulating the body’s viscera, qi and blood, and meridians, it can calm the mind and help sleep. Such as meridian tapping, acupoint massage, auricular massage, foot bath, Tai Chi, Baduan Jin, food therapy, etc., the emphasis is on persistence. The commonly used methods are:
   acupoint massage exercises: tap the Sishencong acupoint, rub the temple, press the Shenmen acupoint, and rub the Neiguan acupoint. 5 minutes each time, half an hour before going to bed.
   Lily and date kernel porridge: 50 grams of fresh lily, 30 grams of fried jujube kernels, appropriate amount of japonica rice. First soak and wash the lily with clean water, decoct the jujube seeds in water for 15-30 minutes to remove the residue, use the juice to cook the japonica rice and lily, and take it for a week.
  Lotus core chrysanthemum tea: 3 grams of lotus core and 3 grams of Hangzhou chrysanthemum. Wash the lotus seed heart and the chrysanthemum together, put them in a tea cup, rinse with freshly opened boiling water, cover and simmer for 3-5 minutes, and drink frequently instead of tea.
  , once in the morning and once in the afternoon, for 1 week.
   (Author: Professor Guo Rongjuan, Dongfang Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)

Plantar and lower limb training method to relieve sedentary swelling

   After sitting at home for a long time, do you feel that your lower limbs are swollen? Then you might as well follow this set of plantar and lower limb training methods recommended by the State Sports General Administration. The method is simple and can effectively relieve fatigue and soreness of the lower limbs. It is suitable for people of all ages to practice at home.

  The first set of exercises, stretch the soles of the feet to relax and walk.

   Wear sports shoes or stand barefoot on a yoga mat, keep your upper body upright, swing your arms naturally, and walk slowly with the outside of your foot, heel, and forefoot. Do each movement for 6 to 8 seconds and repeat until the arch and Achilles tendon become slightly warm. After the exercise, you can massage the soles and Achilles tendon to fully relax and promote blood circulation.

  This action can relax the plantar fascia, activate the plantar muscles, and improve the flexibility of the ankle joint.

   The second set of moves, raise your legs and heels. This action is divided into walking with knees and hips, external rotation with knees and hips, and walking with knees and hips extension.

   Bend the knees and bend the hips to keep the upper body upright. When moving forward, hold the knee joint of the raised leg with both hands, keep the knee joint as close to the chest as possible, support the foot, raise the heel, and move forward with the heel raised. .

  The essentials of external rotation walking with knees bent and hips are as follows. When moving forward, hold both hands at the ankles so that the calves are parallel to the ground, exert force to raise the legs as high as possible, and the supporting feet will also raise the heels and move forward.

  The essentials of walking with knees and hips extended are as follows: keep your upper body straight, raise your right hand, hold your left hand against your hips from the back, grab an ankle, support your heels and move forward, and repeat the movement in the opposite direction.

   do the three movements 6 to 8 times in each group, repeat 3 to 5 groups.

High-salt diet may damage the body’s resistance to bacteria

   According to a report on the website of the British “New Scientist” magazine on the 25th, researchers conducted research on experimental mice and 10 human volunteers and concluded that a high-salt diet may impair the body’s ability to resist bacterial infections.
   Christian Kurtz of the University Hospital of Bonn, Germany, and his team first demonstrated that mice on a high-salt diet are weaker against kidney infections caused by Escherichia coli and systemic infections caused by Listeria monocytogenes .
   Later, on the basis of their normal diet, they gave 10 healthy men and women between 20 and 50 an extra 6 grams of salt every day, taking 3 tablets a day. One week later, compared with the individuals before taking the extra salt, some of the immune cells (called neutrophils) in these people’s bodies were greatly impaired in their ability to swallow and kill bacteria.
   The team believes that high-salt diet reduces the body’s ability to fight bacterial infections for two reasons. First of all, when we consume too much salt, the body releases hormones, causing the body to excrete more salt. These hormones include glucocorticoids, which have the side effect of suppressing the systemic immune system. Second, when the salt content is high, urea will accumulate in the kidney, and urea will inhibit neutrophils. (Reporter Liu Xia)

Don’t slack in the epidemic prevention! How to improve children’s immunity in spring?

  Editor’s note: In special times, children’s prevention of new coronary pneumonia still cannot relax. So, how can spring help children strengthen their immunity and reduce illness?
   Spring is also a season for high incidence of respiratory diseases. Low human immunity can easily lead to various diseases, especially children with lower immunity, so children always have colds and fevers. Dr. Zhao Jiawei from the Department of Pediatrics, Shunyi Women and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital pointed out that children of different age groups have different levels of immunity. The younger the baby, the lower the immunity. After the immune system continues to withstand the invasion of various viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, the corresponding antibodies are produced. Generally, around 12 years old, the development of the systemic immune system will reach a mature stage.
  How to properly improve the child’s immunity?
   1. Reasonable diet, balanced nutrition. Breastfeeding as much as possible within 6 months of birth, because breast milk contains immunoglobulin can enhance the baby’s resistance, after 6 months, add supplementary food in time. In addition to ensuring the daily intake of animal foods such as fish, poultry, eggs and milk, fresh vegetables, fruits and other plant foods should also be ingested in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of vitamins and minerals.
   2. Keep warm in spring, get more sunshine and breathe fresh air.
  3. Vaccination on time to improve the body’s ability to resist diseases.
  4. Drink an appropriate amount of water to ensure adequate sleep time. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to get sick. Similarly, if you don’t get enough sleep during illness, it will also extend the recovery time.
   5. Exercise properly to avoid fatigue.
  6. Isolate well, open windows frequently for ventilation, avoid going to crowded places, and avoid contact with patients with respiratory infections.
  What are the common misunderstandings in improving children’s immunity?
   1. Excessively clean. Although paying attention to hygiene can avoid contact with germs and reduce illness. But if you do too clean, it will deprive the child of the process of improving his own immunity.
  2. Eat more vitamin C. According to research, taking vitamin C every day has little effect in preventing colds, and it does not shorten the duration of colds or reduce symptoms. On the contrary, too much supplementation will increase the burden on the urinary system, which is detrimental to children’s health.
  3. Abuse of antibiotics. When various pathogenic factors repeatedly stimulate our body, the child’s immune system is gradually formed and strengthened in the struggle. As long as the child catches a cold or fever, most parents give the child an oral antibiotic to sterilize the child. Some parents even see the child sick. Urgent, require doctors to use infusions and other unnecessary treatment measures, which will only lead to adverse reactions such as drug resistance, and will not benefit children’s immunity
  How do children exercise at home?
  Children are lively and active, and they should exercise at home according to the principles of safety, science, moderation, and diversity. The amount of exercise should be moderate, with medium and low intensity as the main body, the body should sweat slightly, and keep warm and rest after exercise. It is recommended to do home fitness for 15 to 20 minutes each in the morning, afternoon and evening to prevent a sharp increase in obesity and myopia after returning to school.
  Children focus on agility, flexibility, coordination and balance exercises, such as listening to commands, standing on one foot, throwing and catching the ball, drilling “holes”, pushing “carts”, jumping grids, crawling, etc. . (People’s Health Net is integrated from Xinhua Net and Healthy China WeChat Official Account)

Less exercise at home, beware of deep vein thrombosis to “knock on the door”

   A few days ago, some media reported that due to the impact of the epidemic environment, the elderly had a high incidence of deep vein thrombosis. This disease, which is very common in clinical practice, has caused heated discussions on the Internet.

  ”Deep vein thrombosis is a disorder of venous return caused by abnormal blood clotting in deep veins. It often occurs in the lower extremities and is also a very common disease.” Sun Peng, Director of Vascular Surgery and Chief Physician, Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University Said the doctor.

  Sun Peng introduced that the main causes of deep vein thrombosis are vein wall damage, slow blood flow and hypercoagulable blood. The risk factors for disease include primary factors and secondary factors. The primary factor is that there are more components that promote blood coagulation and fewer components that dissolve thrombus. If it is a deep vein thrombosis caused by primary risk factors, it may be necessary to take some anticoagulant drugs for a long time to fight the disease. Secondary risk factors include major surgery or severe trauma, long-term bed rest, limb immobilization, cancer patients, and increased blood viscosity.

   Regarding the recent high incidence of deep vein thrombosis in the elderly, Sun Peng said that when the temperature is still cold, the temperature is still low. After the human body is stimulated by the cold, the capillaries all over the body contract, and the lack of exercise due to the epidemic. Severe obstruction of blood flow can easily lead to poor blood flow and thrombosis.

  ”The main hazards of deep vein thrombosis include: causing leg swelling, which leads to limb necrosis; often causing pulmonary embolism, which may lead to death; later, it can lead to post-thrombotic syndrome, causing long-term leg swelling and affecting the patient’s life Quality.” Sun Peng said.

  Mao Youjun, director of the Department of Vascular Surgery, Changzhou Second People’s Hospital, said that thrombosis is not just a disease of the elderly. It can occur at any age and at any time. “When spreading to the proximal end, the thrombus may fall off, and then flow along the direction of the blood flow to the heart. If it returns to the pulmonary artery, there will be a large thrombosis and block the pulmonary artery, which will lead to a higher mortality rate. Some The patient is likely to die suddenly.” Mao Youjun said.

Introduced by   Mao Youjun, a few days ago, when an elderly male patient came to the hospital for treatment, his left leg was swollen and red, and the pain was unbearable when he touched it. After a B-ultrasound, he was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis. The doctor immediately treated the patient Surgery was taken. “We learned during the consultation that the main predisposing factor for this patient’s deep vein thrombosis was that before the outbreak, he would go out to buy groceries, walks, and participate in some outdoor sports. However, affected by the epidemic, he stayed at home for nearly one. For many months, I haven’t even gotten off the building.” Mao Youjun said.

  Mao Yujun said that similar patients who lack proper exercise to induce deep vein thrombosis have recently been more concentrated. Some of these patients were watching the TV, some were sitting in front of the computer with their eyes open, and some were lying in bed for a long time. They often stayed in a posture and sat for several hours, causing swelling of their legs and thrombosis. .

  Experts believe that the prevention of deep vein thrombosis must be highly valued from many aspects, develop a good and healthy lifestyle, achieve early prevention, early detection, early inspection, and early treatment, timely control of the disease, and prevention of complications.

  Sun Peng specially reminded that if symptoms such as swelling, pain, numbness, instability of the lower limbs are found, even accompanied by dyspnea, chest pain, hemoptysis, etc., they should seek medical examination and treatment as soon as possible for drug prevention and physical prevention. (Our reporter Guo Guozhong, correspondent Sun Zhenjiang and Yu Lu)

How can the elderly prevent fraud during the epidemic? Expert Weapon “Three Sentences”

   Xiao Liu’s mother once joined an elderly shopping group. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Mr. Zhu, who claimed to be the agent in charge of a famous international health care product company in China, said in the group that there was a “secret channel” to obtain health care products developed abroad to prevent infection of new crown pneumonia. After Liu’s parents transferred 45,000 yuan and a few old people’s money, they completely disappeared from the group. This is one of the typical cases of fraud against the elderly during the epidemic recently sorted out by the Beijing Association of Aging.
  ”From the situation of the elderly calling us for help and reporting the crime, the main ways for the elderly to contact scammers during the epidemic are WeChat Moments, WeChat groups, and group buying circles.” Yin Zhengwei, Director of the Rights Protection Division of the Beijing Association for Aging In the past, elderly people did not pay much attention to activities on mobile phones. This epidemic has enabled some elderly people to learn online shopping and group buying, which also provides opportunities for criminals.
  Dang Junwu, deputy director of the China Center for Aging Science Research, believes that criminals use the elderly’s anxiety about infection and their ignorance of virus-related information, and their fraud technology has not been updated at all. He reminded the elderly and their families to keep in mind three sentences: “good things” are not credulous; “bad things” should not be taken too seriously; let the money be refused.
   In addition, elderly people living alone are relatively financially independent, and they tend to consume or purchase wealth management by themselves without family members discussing them. They are the key group deceived. Dang Junwu said that children, neighbors, relatives and friends should care more about the elderly and communicate more with them. Communication can effectively reduce the deception of the elderly. (Reporter Tian Xiaohang)

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