Light-colored cotton is the best choice for pillow towels

   “If you just wash your face without changing the pillow towel, to a large extent, it is equivalent to not washing your face.” said Dr. Zou Xianbiao, director of the Department of Dermatology at the First Affiliated Hospital of the PLA General Hospital (304 Hospital), pillow towels are prone to dander, dust mites, Fungus, bacteria, oil and dirt on the hair and skin, and the contact time with the face is much longer than the face towel. Only paying attention to the cleansing of the facial skin and ignoring the cleansing of the pillow is tantamount to not washing your face. The skin is the first line of defense against the “invasion” of the outside world, and the body’s first barrier against the invasion of microorganisms and parasites. As we all know, sleep is a golden opportunity for beauty. If the pillow is dirty, it will become a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria. At this time, letting the bacteria take advantage of the loopholes, it will cause a series of skin problems, such as large pores, acne and Skin allergies, etc. Therefore, under normal circumstances, pillow towels should be changed every two or three days, while people with severe acne, skin infections or allergies should change it once a day.

   It’s best to choose pure cotton for    pillow towels, light color is better, pure white is best, white bedding generally uses less dyeing agent, and there are hidden dangers to health. Relatively small, at the same time, the white color is also easy to judge whether it is cleaned thoroughly and urge people to replace it in time. When cleaning, it is best to choose hand-washing. If machine-washed, the water temperature should be controlled between 54°C and 66°C for 15-20 minutes. After washing, it must be dried in time or dried in the sun to achieve the sterilization effect. In order to achieve the best antibacterial effect, bleaching agent can also be used. It is the cheapest bactericide, but it is better to use a lower concentration.

Can freezing pillows on a regular basis kill dust mites?

  The new research results published in the Journal of Internal Medicine show that about 44% of allergic patients have sleep problems of varying degrees, such as difficulty falling asleep, waking up, and more dreams. They said that even though they had slept “normally” all night, they still felt tired when they woke up and did not sleep enough. Dr. Jonathan Hoboll, a researcher in Allergy and Immunology at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, said that many of the above sleep problems are caused by poor breathing during sleep in allergy sufferers. A blockage of the respiratory system means that the body receives less oxygen, which leads to a decrease in sleep quality. If there are dust, pollen and other allergens around you when you sleep, you will be more affected.

There is “University Questions” in the little toothbrush

  1. Rinse the toothbrush after each brushing and dry the water in the bristles. The toothbrush head should be placed upwards in a ventilated and dry place to ensure that the toothbrush is dry and clean, and to prevent bacteria from multiplying and contaminating the bristles. Toothbrushes should be replaced in time after being used for a period of time. Generally, they should be replaced after 2 or 3 months of use.

  2. The tufts of the toothbrush are reasonably designed and arranged, which is an important factor for the function of the toothbrush. If the bristles fall and break, the effect of brushing will not be achieved, and the gums and teeth may be damaged by the fallen bristles and brush head. Therefore, the bristles should be replaced when they fall down.

Will summer mats become a “poison” that releases formaldehyde?

   Will the “close-fitting” mat while sleeping become a “poison” that releases formaldehyde? That’s right, the formaldehyde of the summer mat will exceed the standard. Yesterday, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the recent quality monitoring of commodities in the circulation field. 13 kinds of mats detected carcinogen formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Among them, the “simple mirror mat” produced by Zhejiang Shuangqiang Bamboo and Wood Co., Ltd., and the formaldehyde unit of the mat printed textile The content exceeds the standard limit by about 2 times.

  The standard stipulates that the formaldehyde content should not exceed 75mg/kg, including mat surface and textiles. However, during this monitoring, all 13 summer mats had problems with excessive formaldehyde on the mat surface or fabric surface and discoloration of the dyed parts. The mats with excessive formaldehyde not only directly contact the body, but also radiate into the air to cause indoor air pollution and cause health risks.

Hot-selling sunscreen, experts say most of them have no effect

   With the advent of summer, many beauty-loving ladies have prepared various sunscreen products in order to protect their skin from UV rays. I recently visited and found that in addition to sunscreens and sunglasses that have become hot-selling products on the market, a thin, bright-colored sunscreen shirt is also popular among consumers, with prices ranging from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. Does the sunscreen shirt work? Some experts said that the sunscreen shirt can play a certain role in sun protection, but it does not completely resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

  Sunscreen shirts sold 90,000 pieces in a month

   in Beijing Zoo Wholesale Market, Xidan Pearl Shopping Mall, Soxiu Mall… I found a number of shops selling sun protection shirts.

   “This clothes has excellent sun protection effect, breathable and comfortable. I went to the beach for a while and didn’t get a tan at all.” At Xidan Pearl Mall, a stall owner enthusiastically told customers Introduced.

The sunscreen shirts introduced by the stall owner are all very light and thin, mostly translucent, some are like raincoats, and some are just a layer of tulle. They feel very soft and the colors are red, yellow, etc. Mainly bright colors. The price of these sun protection shirts ranges from 40 yuan to 80 yuan, and it is cheaper to buy more. “Basically, young people buy it. Many customers buy three or four colors at once and change to wear.”

   On Taobao, the sales of sunscreen shirts are even more amazing. “Strong sex” as a selling point, some also claim to “pass the national advanced authority quality verification”, “eliminate up to 86% of solar radiation, resist up to 95% of ultraviolet rays.” In one of the hottest stores on Taobao, the monthly sales volume of a 29-yuan sunscreen shirt is as high as 90,000 pieces.

  “Can you still not sunscreen even if you cover it?”

   The author found that the sunscreen shirts in online stores and private clothing stores have a variety of materials, with standard There are also polyester fibers called “100% pure natural” silk. However, the sellers all said: “It must be sunscreen and breathable.”

   It is understood that the assessment of the anti-ultraviolet performance of textiles issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine stipulates that only when the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) value of the clothes is greater than 30, and when the transmittance of UVA (the most penetrating ultraviolet light) is less than 5%, it can be called an anti-ultraviolet product. Both conditions are indispensable.

   In fact, most sunscreen shirts on the market are not marked with UPF and UVA values, and many low-priced sunscreen shirts are simply “three no products.” When the reporter asked how the sunscreen shirt has the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays, a stall owner in Soxiu Mall immediately took a sloppy look, “Can you still not sunscreen if it is covered?”    Insiders told the author, The national standards for sunscreen products are recommended and non-mandatory. Generally, manufacturers will not spend high costs to add special substances or use special fiber materials, and it is impossible to add special coatings. “But if you want to call your product a ‘ultraviolet protection product’, you must follow this standard.”

  Inexpensive sunscreen shirts are mostly flickers

Fragrant daily necessities quietly hurt you

  Scented shower gels, shampoos, laundry soaps, attractive perfumes… Among various daily necessities, fragrance seems to be an attractive label, and it has become one of the important conditions for people to buy. But you know what? These fascinating fragrances may contain harmful substances, which can easily lead to health problems such as skin allergies, endocrine disorders and even cancer. In this regard, the US “Huffington Post” takes us into the mysterious world of fragrance and glimpses its true colors.

   A survey in the United States showed that 96% of shampoo, 98% of conditioner, 95% of shaving lotion, 91% of antiperspirant and 83% of Body lotions contain fragrances; 11% of people are allergic to fragrances; in the past few decades, children’s skin allergies have increased significantly.

Choose the right shoes to keep away from foot problems

   Recently, Taiwanese media reported that human toes can be divided into three types: Egyptian, Roman, and Greek based on their length. According to reports, the Egyptian foot type is the most common in Taiwan. The big toe is longer than the other four toes. Almost all Taiwanese men have this foot type. This foot type is more suitable for wearing diagonal shoes.

   The Roman foot is also known as the square type. The five toes of this foot type are about the same length, and there are no particularly protruding toes, which look like a square. People with Roman feet are rarer, and they are especially suitable for ballet dancing. When choosing shoes, Roman feet can choose round toe and square toe shoes.

  The second toe is longer than the other four toes, which is the “Greek foot”. People with this type of foot usually have slender limbs. Studies have found that women with Greek feet are not necessarily beautiful, but most of the beautiful women meet the characteristics of a longer second toe. What’s interesting is that the statues of the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Greek gods all have this foot shape. Even the temperament supermodel Lin Chiling and the artist Yang Jinhua have Greek feet. Greek feet are suitable for wearing pointed shoes because the second toe is longer than the others.

   “No matter what type of foot you are Egyptian, Roman, or Greek, you must pay attention to foot care, and you must choose and wear the right shoes.” Recently, a subsidiary of Harbin Medical University In an interview with reporters, Geng Shuo, a doctor of orthopedic surgeon and medical doctor of the hospital, pointed out that don’t underestimate a pair of shoes.

Geng Shuo introduced that according to the survey results of the European Women’s Health Organization, women who love to wear high heels, sandals or slippers, because their feet are squeezed and tortured for a long time, are compared with women who often wear sports shoes. , The risk of foot pain in old age is 67% higher. Researchers took 3378 elderly female compatriots with an average age of 66 as the observation objects, and divided the styles of shoes they often wear into good (sports shoes), medium (hard-soled or rubber-soled leather shoes), and poor (high heels, covered shoes) , Sandals, slippers) and other 3 groups, it was found that more than 60% of women with frequent heel pain had the experience of wearing poor shoes for a long time.

  Improper wearing of shoes is easy to causeHallus valgus

   Geng Shuo pointed out: In our country, it is caused by improper wearing of shoes. Hallux valgus has the highest incidence among foot-related diseases. At least 100 million people across the country have hallux valgus. In every woman’s life, at least 20% of them are likely to suffer from hallux valgus.

   hallux valgus, commonly known as the big foot bone, refers to the joint between the hallux phalanx and the first metatarsal bone tilted more than 15 degrees. Hallux valgus can be caused by many conditions, which are divided into congenital factors: it is caused by inherent diseases such as joints, nerves, and muscles. For example, flat feet, genetic and plantar tendon force reduction and imbalance, etc., lead to instability and deformation. Acquired factors are mostly caused by wearing shoes that do not fit the feet. Usually, shoes with too high, too pointed and too narrow heels make it difficult to fix the heel, squeezing, rubbing, and pressing the toes, which not only affects the extension and movement of the toes, and causes discomfort. And pain, it will also destroy the original function of the three footholds. When walking, the weight of the whole body falls on the front of the foot, and the toes will gradually change due to the pressure of the body weight, and eventually hallux valgus will be formed. Hallux valgus feet are unsightly, wear shoes out of shape, and are also accompanied by bunions and pain. At the same time, it is often complicated with foot pads, corns, claw-shaped toes and other toe deformities.

   Geng Shuo pointed out that the popular high-heeled shoes and witch shoes are the biggest “culprits” that accelerate hallux valgus. Nowadays, high-heeled shoes are popular on the street, making women more than 4 times more likely to suffer from foot disease than men, seriously affecting their normal walking ability and physical health.

  Hall hallux valgus needs to be corrected

   “At present, two methods of conservative correction and surgical treatment are generally used for hallux valgus in clinic.” Geng Shuo introduced, The former uses a hallux valgus correction device (commonly known as “bigfoot correction device”), which balances the pressure on both sides of the hallux to improve the angle of deformity and the force of the hallux, so that the hallux bones are in a normal human body. The biomechanical position gradually relieves and recovers pain and deformity. This method is often used in the treatment of people with hallux valgus and deformed toes, to correct and limit the development of hallux deformities. Can delay the deterioration of hallux valgus, and can effectively prevent some complications.

Buy an air purifier and pay attention to the amount of clean air

  Simply publicize high efficiency and unscientific

   The reporter’s survey on the home appliance market in Beijing, Shanghai and other places found that in some large home appliance malls, air Purifiers are all placed in a prominent place at the entrance, and the prices generally range from more than 1,000 yuan to nearly 10,000 yuan. The mainstream brands include Philips, Yadu, and Panasonic. A salesperson at a Beijing home appliance store told reporters that in recent months, sales of air purifier products have been rising, reaching more than 300,000 units in a month. Among them, the most popular products are those that can purify both PM2.5 and formaldehyde. Many of these products are out of stock.

  Some sales staff said that the efficiency of air purifiers to remove PM2.5 and formaldehyde is as high as 99%, and the removal effect is achieved in a short time, “removing formaldehyde in milliseconds.” A salesperson also told reporters that the purification efficiency of the purifiers they sell has been tested experimentally and all have test reports. Experts pointed out that the judgment of the purification capacity of an air purifier requires multiple indicators such as the size of the purification space, the length of the purification time, and the initial concentration of harmful substances. It is unscientific to simply promote high efficiency.

  The removal rate of formaldehyde is far below the nominal

Can the hot-selling air purifier achieve the purification efficiency claimed by the business? CCTV reporters randomly selected five types of air purifiers with relatively high sales and market share on the market and sent them to the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station for testing.

   According to the test results, at the time specified in the standard, the PM2.5 removal rate of two purifiers was less than 90%, 87% of the Lake purifier and 89% of the Yadu purifier. Among the five brands of purifiers from Lake, Asia, Sharp, Philips, and Delong, the highest formaldehyde removal rate is only 78%, and the lowest is only 16%.

  Experts remind consumers that when purchasing air purifiers, they should also pay attention to a key indicator of purifier products-clean air volume. The larger the value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. The inspectors also tested the clean air volume indicators of the five air purifiers. The test results show that the clean air volume of the 5 air purifiers is quite different, the highest is 434 cubic meters/h, and the smallest is only 174 cubic meters/h.

How many summer sanitary napkins should be changed every day?

  1. It is good to change the sanitary napkins several times a day in summer

   survey shows that Japanese women change 6 times a day during menstruation on average, and 3 times for Chinese women. Nowadays, many sanitary napkins with “large absorption capacity” on the market make many women mistakenly believe that one sanitary napkin can be used for a long time, especially when menstrual blood is low, only one or two sanitary napkins a day are used. This is a serious mistake. Experiments have shown that ordinary sanitary napkins become a “medium” for bacteria after 2 hours of use. The total number of bacteria on the surface can reach 107/cm2. Women’s self-immunity decreases during menstruation and is more susceptible to external bacteria. In addition, moisture tends to accumulate locally in summer and cause allergies, so no matter how much it is, it is recommended to replace it every 2 hours.

  2. Medicinal sanitary napkins are not suitable for everyone

   When the concept of ultra-thin, wing protection, and dryness is no longer fresh, medical hygiene The towel became the main product. Many businesses have launched sanitary napkins with rose, jasmine, lemon, and mint fragrances, as well as medicated sanitary napkins such as motherwort. These sanitary napkins are either added with different types of medicines, essences or additives, and some are sprayed on the sanitary napkins with pure Chinese herbal medicine made from Sophora flavescens, Cnidium monnieri, Chuanhuanglian and Borneol. The ingredients added to medicated sanitary napkins are different. Generally speaking, they can kill bacteria and relieve itching. At the same time, the cooling sensation of medicated sanitary napkins can bring comfort to women in hot or humid weather.

   However, medicinal sanitary napkins have their own suitable people, and they are not suitable for everyone. Medicinal sanitary napkins are indeed beneficial to the menstrual care of women with inflammation, because it can play a role in cleaning the female genitals and assisting in the treatment of gynecological diseases to a certain extent. However, because people have different physiques, it is not recommended for women with cold physiques.

  3. Can medicated sanitary napkins really prevent and cure diseases?

   In the description of medicated sanitary napkins, they all focus on adding traditional Chinese medicine ingredients. Health care and even cure effects, “adding a variety of Chinese medicine ingredients can regulate and prevent a variety of gynecological diseases, adjust the balance of yin and yang, warm the uterus, replenish qi and kidney, soothe nerves, and have an effect on about 70% of gynecological diseases…”

   Can sanitary napkins be used only during menstruation to achieve health care and treatment effects? Experts say this is not the case. Motherwort is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used in postpartum and abortion to promote blood circulation and help women’s body recovery. But this kind of medicine is basically taken orally, such as motherwort ointment, which has no effect at all when applied to the vulva. As for the statement that “it has an effect on about 70% of gynecological diseases”, it is even more a side word of business propaganda, which is completely unreliable.

  4. How to store sanitary napkins after unpacking?

   Many female friends, for reasons of laziness or convenience, are accustomed to putting sanitary napkins in the bathroom, but they don’t know that this is a taboo to use sanitary napkins. This wrong approach is very It is worth warning everyone.

  The reason is that ordinary sanitary napkins are made of non-woven fabrics, and the main material is fibrous materials. Once this material is damp, the material is prone to deterioration, causing bacteria to take advantage of it and multiply.

Green bamboo mats may hurt your body

   A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce announced 13 types of mats that were found to have excessive formaldehyde and unqualified color fastness. The formaldehyde of the simple mirror mat produced by one of the companies exceeded the standard by about twice. “Life Times” reporters visited the market and found that there are many types of mats, including bamboo, straw, and rattan. You can choose yellow, green, and brown at will. The cheap ones are more than 20 yuan and the expensive ones are more than 500 yuan. Ms. Li, who is shopping for a summer mat, is “not sure” about the news about the excessive formaldehyde in the summer mat. “I heard that the mat will fade after a long time, but I really don’t know about these problems. The mats are all woven and the materials are natural. Why? Maybe there are so many harmful substances?” Ms. Li was puzzled.

   In this regard, a staff member of the Zhejiang Forest Products Quality Inspection Station who did not want to be named told reporters that first of all, bamboo and wood and other raw materials may themselves contain a small amount of Formaldehyde; secondly, when making summer mats, adhesives may be used. If the adhesive is excessive or does not meet the requirements, it is easy to cause excessive formaldehyde. In order to prevent mildew on the bamboo mat and achieve antiseptic effect, some manufacturers will soak the bamboo in a chemical liquid, which causes the formaldehyde content to exceed the standard. In order to increase the gloss of the mat, some manufacturers may apply a layer of paint or oil on the surface, because the best bamboo mat is the green bamboo mat, and some companies even dye the yellow mat with industrial dyes into bamboo. The color of the green mat will cause excessive formaldehyde in the mat.

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