Fashionable pointed-toe shoes can easily cause thumb valgus

   It can often be seen that some beautiful women are wearing beautiful and fashionable pointed shoes, walking through the streets and alleys with vigour. But they didn’t know that this kind of pointed-toed shoes that looked sexy, beautiful and fashionable would not only hurt their feet, but they might also be sent to the operating table. Fashionable high heels and pointed leather shoes are the biggest enemies of healthy feet.

  High heels with too high heels can easily cause damage to the ankles, knees, hips and even the spine. This has gradually been recognized by the public, and the narrow toe caps cause damage to the feet. It has not received enough attention. Women wearing pointed high heels for a long time can easily cause hallux valgus and cause foot pain. In severe cases, they may not even be able to walk like normal people, or they may have toe osteotomy.

  What is hallux valgus

   Hallux valgus refers to the angle of the joint between the hallux and the first metatarsal more than 15 degrees. For women, high heels and narrow toe tips often cause hallux valgus. High-heeled and pointed shoes make the heel difficult to fix, causing squeezing friction and compression on the toes, affecting the extension and movement of the toes, and causing discomfort and pain. High-heeled, pointed-toed shoes destroy the original function of the three footholds, making the whole body weight fall on the front of the foot when walking, and the toes are gradually deformed due to the pressure of the body weight, which will cause the phenomenon of hallux valgus.

  The manifestations of hallux valgus

   hallux valgus mainly manifests as foot deformities and pain. Its deformity is manifested as hallux valgus, which is deviated to the direction of other toes, and the metatarsal head at the base of the hallux is obviously prominent. When the deformity is severe, the protruding part of the toe bone can be hemispherical, and the second toe also protrudes to the back of the foot due to squeezing. Most patients with severe deformities will have varying degrees of pain. The pain is mainly due to the protruding part of the metatarsal head, which is squeezed and rubbed by the upper for a long time, which makes the local skin thicken and bone hyperplasia, and can produce bursae and bursitis under the skin, causing redness, swelling and pain.

  How to prevent hallux valgus

   1. Avoid wearing pointed high-heeled shoes for a long time is the main measure to prevent hallux valgus, wear shoes on weekdays You should try to choose shoes with a wide front and no high heels, especially when you are exercising or when you need to walk long distances.

  2. If you must wear high heels for certain jobs or occasions, it is recommended to soak your feet in hot water after returning home to relieve soft tissue spasms. When you have to wear high heels at work, you should also choose a heel that does not exceed 5cm.

  3. Prepare a pair of comfortable flat shoes in the office and wear them alternately with high heels to reduce local fatigue.

The washing machine must be cleaned regularly to prevent mold

  Today, the author reminds you all female comrades that you should always pay attention to washing clothes, and don’t let the washing machine at home become your “invisible killer” for your health. So what problems should be paid attention to when using the washing machine? Today, let’s take a look at the eight points I have put forward to you.

  1. The newly-purchased washing machine should be thoroughly cleaned with the washing machine special detergent every three months. Pour the items to be disinfected together with the prepared disinfectant into the washing bucket, soak for 30-60 minutes, and then rinse with clean water.

  2. When cleaning the turbo washer, remove the turbo, wipe off the dirt first, and then wipe and disinfect with a 1000 mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant solution. After 30 minutes of action, rinse with clean water.

  3. Open the lid of the washing machine frequently to keep it dry. Take the clothes out to dry immediately after washing, don’t get stuffy in the washing machine.

  4. Store the washing machine in a relatively ventilated and dry place, avoid storing it in the bathroom.

   5. The lower drain must be higher than the drain pipe, and no water can remain in the drain pipe.

   6. When not in use, remove the filter bag and let it dry out.

  7. After using the top-opening washing machine, wipe the water inside with a dry cloth. The side-opening washing machine should also dry the water in the washer embedded in the door. So as not to breed mold.

   8. Items such as masks, bras, handkerchiefs, face towels, etc., cannot be washed together with other dirty clothes. It is best to wash them by hand. That is to say, where you can’t save trouble, A little trouble; the clothes of patients, especially infected patients, should be washed separately, and the clothes of patients should be boiled and disinfected before washing.

  Additional reading: Misunderstandings when using washing machines

  1, one wash to the end

   Some people do not do the same when washing clothes. Water, usually wash the underwear first, then the outer clothes, then the socks and other sundries, and wash it to the end, which is dirty and dark. Although this ensures the cleanliness of part of the clothes, the final laundry is very polluted. Especially the mixed washing of socks and women’s underwear is more harmful and can cause female genital diseases.

  2. Excessive use of detergent

   Many people think that the clothes are too dirty, or think that the detergent is cheap, and they often overuse the detergent, but the rinsing time is not enough, and there are often residues on the clothes. Detergent. Most of the detergents are alkylbenzene compounds, which are irritating to the skin and also affect the liver function.

  3. Wash all clothes together

Half of the mold is hidden in the pillow

   “Pillow cores must be washed and sun-dried frequently.” Wang Lianglu, professor of the Allergy Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, pointed out in an interview with a reporter from Life Times, “We have done experiments with buckwheat skin pillow cores and found that we have never washed them before. There are a lot of dust, mites and mold in the pillow core. There are also reports abroad that half of the pillow core that has never been washed is dust mites and mold. Therefore, it is likely to harm us if the pillow core is not cleaned. Health. Generally speaking, ordinary households are cleaned at least once every 3 months. If someone in the home is allergic to dust mites, it is best to put the pillow core in the sun before cleaning.” Li Hongzhu, an associate researcher at Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, suggested , Different pillow cores should be cleaned in different ways.

  Chemical fiber pillow core: wash with a block towel. The price of this kind of pillow is relatively cheap, but due to the poor air permeability of chemical fiber, it is easy to deform, agglomerate and lose its elasticity after a long time, which affects the health of the spine. Therefore, in addition to frequent cleaning, it must be replaced at least once a year. When cleaning, use mild detergent. If machine-washed, it is best to wrap a large towel to balance the water flow and prevent deformation. It should be noted that the chemical fiber pillow core should be rinsed several times to fully rinse the detergent inside until the water becomes clear. Dry or spin dry as soon as possible after washing to help the pillow to restore its elasticity and become soft and fluffy.

How can I distinguish the quality of a pillow?

   A good sleep is inseparable from a comfortable pillow. However, some pillows will lose their elasticity after a long period of use, and will gradually deform, which is not only uncomfortable, but also easily affects the head and neck. What kind of pillow is good? Recently, the US “Rodal” news network taught you a trick to help you quickly identify the quality of pillows.

   The common pillows on the market are mostly filled with ordinary sponge, memory foam, cotton, etc. This kind of pillow is easy to deform after a long time, and its elasticity also deteriorates, and it cannot support the normal physiological bending of the human body. You can usually try to fold the pillow in half and then let go. If the pillow bounces back to its original shape immediately and the pillow core has no obvious creases, it indicates that it is in good condition; if it rebounds slowly or is prone to leaving creases, it indicates that the elasticity has deteriorated, and it cannot even be the head and neck. Provide sufficient support power, which will affect sleep and bone health, cause insomnia, stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, etc.

Use cotton mouse pads to effectively prevent mouse hands!

The    office people are dealing with keyboards and mice every day. As everyone knows, this has quietly planted the “curse”-wrist syndrome, commonly known as “mouse hands.” Many people use mouse pads with wrist guards in order to make their wrists less “sick”. However, experts pointed out that the choice of mouse wrist pads must be very careful, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

  Experts said, long-term use of keyboard and mouse, the wrist has to endure intensive, repetitive, and excessive activities, and localized edema will cause compression of the median nerve of the carpal tunnel. Lead to “mouse hand”. According to the survey, “mouse hands” are more common in women, and the incidence is three times that of men. The main symptoms include pain and numbness in the index finger or middle finger joints, weakness in the thumb muscles, and aggravation of the pain at night, allowing it to continue, even leading to impaired hand function and weakened strength. Experts say that the “mouse hand” is only a local symptom. If the mouse position is unreasonable, such as too high, too low, or too far away, it can even lead to more serious “neck, shoulder and wrist syndrome.”

Beware of the 6 major daily necessities around you harm your health

   “The home is not the safest place. Toxic substances are lurking everywhere.” Professor Stephen Smith of the Department of Environmental Science, King’s University London, UK pointed out in an interview. These daily necessities are frequently used by us, especially the female compatriots. Not only does it hurt the body, but the skin that is most directly exposed to it is also very obvious. In order to be cautious and take care of our body and skin, the editor has integrated the following daily necessities, and also listed the methods of “sucking out toxins”. MMs should look carefully.

  1. Humectant in toothpaste

  ”purification” percutaneous toxicity: sodium lauryl sulfate, Polyethylene glycol

  Of course, you know that brushing your teeth in the morning and evening is good for oral health and preventing gastric cancer. For this reason, you brush your teeth at least 3 times a day, thinking that this is the best for your health. Good care. However, the humectant in certain toothpastes contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which can enter the body through the oral mucosa. When a large amount of toxins in the body is stored, it may cause scalp developmental disorders, low vision, and cataracts. For this reason, after carefully brushing your teeth with toothpaste, please wash your teeth thoroughly with clean water again to reduce the total amount of this transdermal poison into the body.

  2.Washing handsFungicide in liquid

  ”purification” Skin poison: Ammonium lauryl alcoholate, polyoxyethylene ammonium lauryl sulfate

  The antiseptic effect of hand sanitizer is indeed first-class, but some brands of hand sanitizer may contain bactericidal ingredient laurel Ammonium alkyd and polyoxyethylene ammonium lauryl sulfate can help the chemical substance EDTA in the hand sanitizer to “penetrate” the skin of the hands and enter the body, thereby increasing our chances of suffering from asthma, renal dysfunction, and calcium deficiency. Therefore, you should pay attention to the appropriate amount of hand sanitizer, and it is best not to massage your hands vigorously to prevent some of the ingredients in the hand sanitizer from penetrating the surface of the skin into the inside of the skin. Gently rub it to achieve cleansing and sterilization purposes.

  3. Conditioner in shampoo

  ”purification” transdermal toxicity: polyquaternium


   The various plant extracts in the shampoo make your hair feel “slippy”, but some brands of products contain a lot of transdermal poisons. Among them, polyquaternium-10, polyquaternium-10, polyquaternium When the concentration of quaternary ammonium salt-7 and other hair moisturizers is too high, it will cause greater irritation to the body’s mucosa. The cuticle of the scalp is very thin, so the “self-protection consciousness” is very weak. If you often receive the “baptism” of transdermal poison, its barrier function will be severely damaged, resulting in a decrease in the air permeability of the hair cells of the epidermal layer, causing the scalp and hair roots to lose their air permeability. Loss of nutrition, scalp itching, colorless and dull hair.

  4. Emollient in shower gel

   “purification” transdermal toxicity: lauryl amidopropyl betaine

  You like the fragrance of a certain shower gel the most, but its emollient laurylamidopropyl betaine may stimulate the chemical substance EDT-3Na to penetrate into the skin quickly. When these chemicals are excessively absorbed by the body, they will combine with calcium and iron to produce chelate (a toxic chemical substance). If they remain in the subcutaneous tissue for a long time, the barrier function of the skin will decrease. , And the increase in external radiation increases the chance of allergic dermatitis, which can also cause skin cancer in severe cases. In addition, there is an antioxidant BHT in the body wash, which can cause serum cholesterol to rise. When this substance encounters laurylamidopropyl betaine, it will become abnormally active, which is a loss of health. Therefore, two different types of body wash should be purchased each time and used in rotation to avoid the “overweight” phenomenon of any kind of transdermal poison.

  5. Bleaching agent in low-quality jeans

  ”purified” transdermal toxicity: formaldehyde

  As a jeans expert, you will change different styles at work every day to show your unparalleled love for denim. However, when inferior products are accidentally bought, transdermal poisons will also come “quietly.” Because inferior jeans will use a higher content of formaldehyde in the process of bleaching, dyeing and washing, after wearing it, formaldehyde will be released with the body temperature of the human body and penetrate into the “private place” of women through the human skin. At this time, more harmful chemicals will play a role here, disrupt the women’s menstrual cycle, and cause endocrine disorders, which can lead to endometritis and uterine fibroids, and may even cause female infertility. Therefore, in order to ensure safety and health, do not wear the jeans you just bought. Let them dry in the sun for two days to let the formaldehyde gas volatilize, so as to be prepared.

“Tongue scraper” or dysgeusia

  Fu Wei, a dentist at the Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, said that frequent consumption of hot food, lack of certain trace elements, or insufficient amount of saliva in the mouth may damage the taste buds. There are still some people who eat antibiotics indiscriminately. Antibiotics can disrupt the micro-ecological balance in the oral cavity and cause flora imbalance. For example, it can cause Candida infections, making people “not tasteful”. Among the many habits that hurt taste buds, there is another one that cannot be ignored-the “tongue scraper” that many white-collar workers love, this kind of “mouth cleansing tool” often seen in supermarkets, may also cause taste disorders.

Internet spread through flip-flops causing fractures Expert: Exaggeration

   (Reporter Huang Zheng, Correspondent Gao Xiang) “‘Flip-flops’ can easily lead to tendon strain and nerve inflammation under the toes, and severely can lead to pressure fractures of the phalanges…” It went viral on the Internet a few days ago. Experts from Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University said yesterday that the “flip-flops” design structure is unreasonable, but the harm to the human body is not as great as that circulating online.

   The rehabilitation department professor Liao Weijing said that the simple “flip-flops” mainly rely on the power of two toes to clamp the two straps in the middle of the shoes to control the slippers. Stable, especially difficult to control when walking on slopes and going up and down stairs, and the elderly are more likely to fall when wearing them. In addition, if you wear “flip-flops” for a long time, it is easy to cause muscle strain on the big toe and the second toe.

“Fragrant Body Pills” became popular, doctors recommend healthy eating is true

  Internet Deodorant Pills became popular

   White-collar Miss Huang, I heard that a “dating artifact” is popular on the Internet, called Deodorant Pills After eating, you can exhale like blue, even if the weather is hot, the sweat can be fragrant. For this reason, she bought some from the Internet, but she felt that the effect was not obvious after using it.

   On some shopping websites, the reporter found that there are indeed such deodorant pills on sale. Each package weighs about tens of grams and the price ranges from 10 yuan to 100 yuan. These deodorant pills have Under the banner of import, some say that it is made of pure traditional Chinese medicine. Online store records show that the sales of these meatballs are not bad, and some sold more than 200 pieces in 30 days.

   For this, the reporter tried to buy two packs at a price of 12 yuan per pack. After the goods arrived, they opened and found that the deodorant pills were pink, round, hard candy-like, with the fragrance of roses, and they tasted sour. Sweet. In the product evaluation of the online store, most buyers said that there is no obvious deodorant effect after taking it.

   Carefully checked the package of the purchased deodorant pills. The reporter found that the outer package was all in Japanese, which was difficult to read. There was no relevant production approval number, and no other certification marks such as import permits.

  Healthy eating can also deodorize the body

Functional toothpaste is questioned again. How to choose toothpaste?

   Toothpaste, which is used every day, may be potentially harmful? According to a report by People’s Daily Online on May 2, an article reprinted on the official website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine pointed out that six brands of whitening toothpastes from Zhonghua, Colgate, Heimei, Crest, Negro, and Liby are mixed with bleaching sulfites and Its analogues, long-term use, may cause health risks. This news not only caused doubts about whitening toothpaste, but also the safety of other functional toothpastes. What kind of toothpaste is better and how to use it to be safer and more effective? “Life Times” reporters consulted relevant experts.

   It is understood that sulfite and its analogues are generally used in papermaking and other industrial fields. It is clearly stipulated in the mandatory national standard GB22115-2008 “Toothpaste Raw Material Specification” Prohibited substances. However, in the routine testing of toothpaste, there is no requirement for sulfite. Therefore, it is hard to say whether the toothpaste on the market contains sulfite. The China Oral Cleaning and Care Products Industry Association issued a statement stating, “According to the experimental details described in relevant reports, the method of testing the whitening ingredients in the whitening toothpaste is scientifically uncertain.”

  Regardless of the outcome of the incident, in the view of Professor Bi Liangjia, a member of the Periodontology Group of the Chinese Stomatological Association, any whitening toothpaste is of little use. There are only two ways to whiten teeth, that is, removing stains on the tooth surface and improving the brightness of the teeth themselves. The former needs to be treated in a hospital, while the latter needs to use whitening agents to oxidize and decompose dental stains. Although the bleaching agent in whitening toothpaste can remove part of the stain on the surface of the teeth, it has basically no effect on the intrinsic deep stains of the teeth. This is why some consumers “Even after brushing for three or four months, the color of the teeth does not change. “White” reason. Moreover, because the whiteness of teeth is related to enamel and dentin, the structure of Chinese teeth has determined the white and yellowish color of our teeth, which cannot be changed by expensive whitening toothpaste.

   Experts said that in addition to overly favoring whitening toothpaste, people still have many misunderstandings in the process of using toothpaste. In order to clean your teeth more effectively, it is best to follow the following points when choosing toothpaste.

  Ordinary people choose fluoride toothpaste. Ouyang Yong, deputy director of the Department of Dental Prevention, Guanghua Hospital of Stomatology, Sun Yat-sen University, said that the current general-purpose fluoride toothpaste in my country accounts for about 70% of the entire toothpaste market. Consumers in high fluoride areas do not need to use fluoride toothpaste, but the water fluoride concentration in many cities in my country is low, and it is still necessary to promote the use of fluoride toothpaste in these areas. American dental health experts also agree that the general population is best to choose fluoride toothpaste. Tests have shown that brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day reduces the risk of dental caries by 40%. However, Wang Weijian, director of the Prevention Department of Peking University Hospital of Stomatology, reminded that adolescents and the elderly can use more, and preschool children should use it with caution, and parents’ help is needed to avoid accidentally swallowing toothpaste, which may cause excessive fluoride intake in the long run, which may pose a potential threat of fluorosis. .

  Functional toothpaste should be used with caution. Beijing Consumers Association issued a consumer warning that consumers without oral diseases and dental caries should not blindly choose functional toothpaste. Once improperly selected, side effects may occur. Chinese herbal toothpaste can reduce inflammation and fire, and has a certain effect on periodontal health. However, you still need to go to the hospital for long-term bleeding. Don’t expect toothpaste to have a therapeutic effect; anti-allergic toothpaste can relieve tooth sensitivity, but the cleaning effect is not as good as ordinary toothpaste. , And American studies have found that the triclosan contained in some toothpastes may interfere with the human immune system and induce allergies, so it is not suitable for long-term use; long-term use of the drug ingredients in the drug toothpaste will cause imbalance of the oral flora. Drugs may also enter the intestine; long-term use of calcium-containing toothpaste may increase the concentration of calcium ions in the oral cavity and promote the formation of dental calculus; salt-containing toothpaste should be used with caution in hypertensive patients.

  Anti-damage, pick small particles. Ding Xiaoyi, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Association of Stomatology, said that when buying toothpaste, the main factor is the quality of the friction agent. Aluminum hydroxide and calcium hydrogen phosphate are better, silica is the second, and calcium carbonate is the lowest. In addition, the particles of various friction agents have different sizes, and the finer particles will damage the tooth surface less.

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