Expert: The eye drops should be used up within 3 weeks after opening

  Q: What should I pay attention to when using eye drops?

  Answer: Huang Zhongwei, chief physician of the Ophthalmology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded that first, before using eye drops, you must first check whether the eye drops have expired. Don’t mess around. It is worth noting that many people confuse the shelf life and expiration date of eye drops. For example, the shelf life of the bottle of eye drops is until August 2014, which means that it can be used before August 2014; however, the use period of eye drops is best within 2-3 weeks after opening. It is recommended to use.

Domestic PM2.5 protective masks will be available soon

   my country’s first self-developed mask with 99.99% protection against PM2.5 will be launched at the Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing Conference. The price of each mask is about 20 yuan. This is the news obtained by the reporter from the establishment ceremony of the Water Treatment Engineering Technology Center of the Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences held a few days ago.

   It is reported that the Institute’s Membrane Technology and Application Engineering Center has developed air purification membrane materials that can block 0.33 micron ultrafine particles. Ren Yiwei, deputy director of the center, said that this material has a retention rate of 99.99% for 0.33 micron ultrafine particles, and the related technology is currently at the leading domestic level.

Bacteria on touch screen phones should be disinfected regularly

   Weibo has recently become popular: touch-screen phones are 18 times dirty than men’s toilets in colleges and universities. Chen Xiaobei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Wuhan University People’s Hospital, said that touch-screen mobile phones are indeed a medium for the spread of germs. For people who frequently use mobile phones, it is more reliable to disinfect the “love phone” on a regular basis.

   Sina Weibo recently reported that the research report published by Stanford University showed that bacteria samples collected from 30 mobile phones showed that the amount of bacteria and viruses in touch screen phones was 18 times that of men’s toilets in colleges and universities.

  Chen Xiaobei said that it is not clear how the amount of germs on the touch screen phones mentioned in Weibo is counted. But mobile phones do carry a lot of germs. Because mobile phones are an indispensable communication tool for modern people; especially touch-screen mobile phones are the main models used by young people. Every day, the hand will be in contact with the mobile phone for a period of time; over a long period of time, the mobile phone will retain the germs that the user has touched or carried, such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, and influenza viruses.

   If you wipe your eyes or rub your nose with your mobile phone, or take food if you don’t clean it, you may bring the germs on your mobile phone into your body. Mobile phones have actually become a means or medium for the transmission of germs.

The water dispenser has not been washed for 3 months with a large number of bacteria, teaches you 6 steps to clean it correctly

  Before “showing” the water dispenser, Master Lin first introduced the structure and function of the water dispenser: the water dispenser is usually the neck of the bottled water turned upside down and placed on the “smart seat” of the water dispenser, and then The inner hose leads water into two water tanks, one of which is a hot water tank and the other is a cold water tank. In addition to the function of producing cold and hot water, these two water tanks can also precipitate impurities in the water. effect.

  Master Lin said that in daily life, people usually keep changing the bottled water, but ignore that there is still a certain amount of water in the tank of the drinking fountain. Hidden disease-causing bacteria becomes a breeding ground for bacteria over time. Therefore, if the hot and cold water tanks in the barreled water dispenser are not washed for three months, bacteria, viruses, sedimentation residues, heavy metals and even bloodworms will be reproduced in large numbers, which will seriously endanger people’s health.

   So, Master Lin reminded: “Clean the drinking fountain at least once every two months.”

  Several steps to clean the drinking fountain: p>

   1. Unplug the power plug, remove the water bucket, and open the drain nozzle (usually a white plastic knob) behind the water dispenser to drain the remaining water. Then, turn on the hot and cold water switch to drain the water.

   In this link, the most noteworthy thing is: the drain nozzle of the vertical water dispenser is generally located at the back of the machine, while the desktop water dispenser is located at the bottom of the machine, and the user should hold the desktop water dispenser To see.

  2. Rotate counterclockwise, remove the “smart seat” (the part of the water dispenser that touches the spring water bucket), and carefully scrub the inner and outer sides of the water dispenser and the lid with alcohol cotton, as the next step Prepare for disinfection.

  3. Configure disinfectant water according to the instructions of decontamination effervescent tablets or disinfectants (decontamination effervescent tablets and special disinfectants are sold in supermarkets, and the price is not expensive), and import the water dispenser to disinfect Fill the entire cavity with water and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

This link is worth noting: if there is no decontamination effervescent tablet, disinfectant or disinfectant, you can boil a pot of hot boiling water, introduce the hot boiling water into the water dispenser, and leave it for 10-15. minute. The purpose of this method is to use high temperature to eliminate bacteria in it.

The general population should choose a soft toothbrush

  The choice of brush head can be appropriately small

   When buying a toothbrush, first look at the size of the brush head. Many people who travel or live in Japan will notice that toothbrushes, whether provided by hotels or sold in supermarkets, are one-third to one-half smaller than common toothbrushes in China. As specialists, experts also tend to recommend toothbrushes with smaller brush heads to readers, and children’s toothbrushes are smaller. This is because the posterior area of ​​the oral cavity is relatively small, and it is difficult for a large brush head toothbrush to enter the posterior area of ​​the molars, and this area will become a dead corner.

When    dentists treat patients, they always find that the lower the teeth, the worse the cleanliness, and the amount of soft dirt, plaque, and calculus is more than other areas. The toothbrush of the brush head can be flexibly rotated in the oral cavity, can reach all parts of the teeth, and it is not easy to leave a sanitary dead corner.

   Of course, the specific size of the brush head also varies from person to person, and it is not possible to blindly pursue smallness. It is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the size of the mouth and the degree of mouth opening. The American Dental Association recommends that an adult toothbrush should be: the brush head is about 2.54-3.18 cm long, about 0.79-0.95 cm wide, with 2-4 rows of bristles. However, adults can also choose a children’s toothbrush with a head of 2.3 cm long and 0.8 cm wide.

  Ordinary people should choose a soft toothbrush

   The brush head shapes are square, diamond, and the bristles are arranged in flat, wavy or V-shaped, etc. As long as it is used correctly, it can effectively clean teeth.

   As for the softness and hardness of the bristles, toothbrushes are divided into medium and hard bristles and soft bristles. The soft toothbrush has the advantage of less damage to the teeth and gums, but the disadvantage is that the thicker plaque cannot be completely removed, and the cleaning efficiency is not high enough. Although the medium-bristle toothbrush has a better cleaning effect on the teeth, it also has greater wear and damage to the teeth. If you brush your teeth too hard, there is a risk of damaging the gums and even the teeth.


  The general population should use soft toothbrushes;

   have smoking and drinking For those who are used to coffee and tea, if the teeth are pigmented, they can use a medium-bristle toothbrush;

  The bristles of a children’s toothbrush are softer than an adult toothbrush.

   In addition, pay attention to whether the bristles have been sanded. After the bristles are cross-cut, if they are not polished, they are likely to cause gum damage due to sharp edges. A brushed toothbrush with rounded bristles can prevent this kind of damage and has a stronger protective effect on the gums. After buying a new toothbrush, first touch the end of the bristles with your hands to see if there is any sharpness or burrs.

   Every time you brush your teeth, you should wash the toothbrush, put the brush head up in the cup, and place it in a ventilated and dry place. It is generally believed that the bristles should be replaced when they are deformed, but even if the bristles are not significantly deformed, the toothbrush should be replaced after using it for about three months, because after a certain period of use, the bristles will age, denature, and change in elasticity and hardness. In addition, if it is used for too long, bacteria will accumulate in the bristles, which is harmful to oral health.

  The hotel toothbrush is too bad and I suggest not to use it

   When we travel or travel, we often use the disposable toothbrush provided by the hotel to save trouble. According to experts, he has paid special attention to toothbrushes in hotels. Most of the toothbrushes provided by hotels are of very poor quality, even inferior to the cheapest toothbrushes sold in stores. He suggested that you should bring your own toothbrushes when you go out, don’t use the toothbrushes of the hotel, let alone take the toothbrushes of the hotel home for use.

  Electric toothbrush has high cleaning efficiency

Chopsticks sterilizer is basically useless

   Nowadays, many chain fast food restaurants and snack bars will place a “chopstick disinfection machine” with buttons labeled “disinfect” and “chopsticks out”. Customers only need to press “chopsticks out” or Take it directly and you can get the sterilized chopsticks. This looks safe and hygienic, and gradually replaced the use of disposable chopsticks. However, recently, the Food and Drug Administration of Nanning, Guangxi conducted a random inspection of these chopstick sterilizers, and the results showed that none of the 10 samples were qualified, and E. coli was detected in all of them.

   There are two main types of chopstick sterilizers currently on the market: one is made of stainless steel, the box is marked with “ultraviolet disinfection”, and the price is around 70-80 yuan; Another type of plastic body is more common, which claims to use ozone for disinfection, and some also claim to use microcomputer for disinfection, and the price ranges from 200 to 300 yuan. So, how effective is the disinfection of these disinfection machines?

5 kinds of daily necessities hidden lead

   Lead pollution, lead poisoning, excessive blood lead… These terrible words have appeared in the news time and time again. Studies have shown that excessive lead in the body is prone to diseases such as dementia, heart disease, and kidney failure. In addition to the main sources of lead such as pesticides, paint and gasoline, there may also be terrible lead lurking in some corners of the home. The US “Fox” news network published an article on March 29 to help you identify the five most little-known potential “lead sources” in your home.

  1. Faucet. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warned that copper is the main material for faucets, and copper faucets and chrome-plated copper faucets contain the highest lead content of all types of faucets.

   Countermeasures: If you are worried about water quality, you can install a tap water filter.

  2. Floor. Lead is a stabilizer that can prevent vinyl (a type of plastic) from decomposing, but as plastic products age, lead in it may precipitate. A 2008 study on vinyl flooring (a kind of plastic-like flooring) stated that such flooring contains lead.

   Countermeasures: Choose safer floors, such as solid wood floors.

  3. Wallet. The US non-profit organization “Environmental Health Center” tested and found that the lead content in the wallet was alarmingly high. The lead content in a high-end wallet was 195 times the lead limit for consumer products in California.

   Countermeasures: It is best to choose a wallet made of leather, cotton or canvas.

  4.Lipstick. The US Food and Drug Administration found that 22 kinds of lipstick samples contained lead. Although the lead content is small, the accumulation of lead over time is bound to be harmful to health.

Raptun contains preservatives or affects corneal development

   The same children’s eye drops sold in China contain preservatives, but those sold in Japan do not. Recently, Mentholatum’s brand Rohto Eye Drops was exposed to double standards, causing widespread concern among consumers. Industry insiders pointed out that although Rohto eye drops contain preservatives and are in line with domestic standards, Mentholatum’s move does implement a double standard.

   In this regard, Japan Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Mentholatum (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. jointly issued a statement, acknowledging that Rohto eye drops sold in the Chinese market have added antiseptic It is currently exploring the feasibility of launching preservative-free eye drops in China.

  ◇Exposure that China’s Rohto eye drops are all preservatives

   A reporter from Nanfang Daily logged onto Mentholatum’s official website and saw that Rohto drops sold in the Chinese market There are five main types of eye drops, namely Xin Le Dun, Xiao Le Dun, Le Dun Qing, Le Dun Ying and Le Dun Kang, all of which are produced by Mentholatum (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for OTC topical drugs.

   When visiting several major pharmacies in Guangzhou, the reporter saw that the above five products were on sale, and the ingredients on their product packaging showed that all of them were added with preservatives. Among them, Xiao Le Dun, Xin Le Dun, Le Dun Kang added benzalkonium chloride solution, Le Dun Ying added concentrated chlorinate solution 50 (same as benzalkonium chloride), and Le Dun Qing added Potassium sorbate.

   data show that benzalkonium chloride, concentrated chlorinated hydrochloride solution 50, potassium sorbate are widely used in “preservative”, preservatives contain this ingredient. In these five products, the names of the preservatives are all listed in the ingredients of the excipients, and people who lack chemical knowledge cannot identify them at all.

   According to industry insiders, adding preservatives to eye drops is a common phenomenon in the industry, and the reporter also found during the interview that the eye drops sold by multiple brands contain preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride. . It is understood that according to my country’s “Administrative Measures for Pharmaceutical Excipients”, preservatives can be used as antibacterial excipients in eye drops. Generally speaking, medicines that do not contain preservatives have stricter packaging and smaller capacity.

   It is understood that most of the preservative-free eye drops sold in China are single-packed, each can only be used within one day, and the price is generally relatively expensive. Although the preservative-free eye drops can also be bought in domestic pharmacies, due to the difference in storage time and price, relative sales will be affected.

  ◇Question about the same Japanese eye drops without preservatives

   According to media reports, ROHTO’s eye drops products on the market in Japan are more abundant than those in China. Most products also contain preservatives, which means that preservatives are also allowed to be added to eye drops in Japan.

   However, it is worth noting that ROHTO launched in Japan two products for children under 15 years old (Kodomo soft, children’s comfort type) and teenagers (JR, teenagers) on the packaging box , Are clearly marked that no preservatives are added. Similar products sold in China contain preservatives.

  According to a reporter from the Nanfang Daily, the production place of Rohto eye drops on sale in China is Zhongshan, Guangdong, and its subsidiary company is Mentholatum (China). According to the official website, “The production equipment is made by American Mentholatum and Introduced by ROHTO Pharmaceutical Factory in Japan”. Mentholatum (China) is a wholly-owned company of Mentholatum of the United States in China. Currently Mentholatum of the United States has been acquired by Rohton Pharmaceuticals. Japan’s ROHTO eye drops are all produced by Japan’s ROHTO Pharmaceutical Factory.

  Since the company can produce preservative-free products, why do China and Japan still implement double standards? In response to this question, on April 10, ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Japan and Mentholatum (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. jointly issued a statement stating that Rhodon eye drops sold in the Japanese market were the second product produced by ROHTO Pharmaceuticals in Japan. A new product without preservatives. The Xiao Le Dun eye drops in the Chinese market are the first-generation products produced by Mentholatum (China). The prescriptions used for the Xiao Le Dun eye drops in China and Japan are different.

The    statement also stated that the preservatives used by Xiao Le Dun meet statutory standards. The correct use of the product in accordance with the instructions or the doctor’s advice will not cause adverse effects on consumers. The statement also stated that due to the different pharmaceutical regulations in different countries, Mentholatum (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is also exploring the feasibility of launching preservative-free eye drops in China.

  ◇Danger preservatives or affect children’s corneal development

   eye drops contain preservatives, how harmful is it?

   In response, Tang Xilan, director of the Department of Pharmacy of Sun Yat-sen University’s Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center, said that there are hundreds of eye drop products on the market, and more than 95% of them contain preservatives. At the same time, the state clearly stipulates that eye drops can be added with preservatives, and there are strict dosage requirements, so consumers do not need to panic too much.

  According to Tang Xilan, the presence of preservatives can effectively prevent microbial contamination from contact with air and human body after eye drops are opened. Short-term and intermittent use of such eye drops will not cause adverse effects on consumers of.

How to use medicinal mouthwash

  Non-medicinal mouthwashes are mostly “elimination”, while therapeutic mouthwashes (that is, medicinal mouthwashes) are mostly “medicine”. If you use fluoride toothpaste to clean your teeth every day and before going to bed, you do not need to use fluoride mouthwash or anti-dental mouthwash. Non-medicated mouthwash functions similar to chewing gum, mainly to remove bad breath.

  Due to the different ingredients of the added medicine, the effect of medicinal mouthwash is also different. Mouthwash with 0.01%-0.2% sodium fluoride can effectively reduce the incidence of caries in children and root caries in the elderly. In the treatment of gingivitis and before and after periodontal surgery, mouthwashes added with chlorhexidine, nitrofuran and other drugs can be used to inhibit bacteria, sterilize and reduce inflammation. Mouthwash containing 1% hydrogen peroxide and compound borax can be antiseptic and deodorant. In addition, infectious oral mucosal diseases, such as oral mucosal ulcers, can be relieved with a mouthwash containing 0.5% procaine. People suffering from oral diseases should choose mouthwash under the guidance of a doctor, and it is not advisable to buy and use them at will.

Eight kinds of pajamas affect sleep quality

  Pajamas with elastic bands around the waist.

   This kind of pajamas can easily draw red marks on the waist, affecting the blood circulation of the body, making the legs swollen and even numb. When shopping for pajamas, you can choose a lace-up waist, especially for people with fatter waist and abdomen, and make sure that the waistband is loose. When sleeping, tie your waist belt slightly so that your waist can rotate freely.

  Red or yellow pajamas.

  Bright red, orange and yellow can make people feel nervous and excited, which is not conducive to falling asleep. In addition, some dark pajamas may be dyed with more chemicals added, which is not only bad for the skin, but may even cause cancer. It is recommended to choose light and relaxing colors, such as pink, green, beige, etc.

  One-piece pajamas.

   This kind of pajamas will affect the movement of turning over while sleeping. It is possible to catch a cold. It is best to choose split pajamas, which are comfortable to wear and easy to move around.

  Hooded pajamas.

  When sleeping, the hat will “pick up” the neck when pressed under the body, causing soreness, stiff neck and other discomforts, affecting the quality of sleep. In addition, pressure on the neck can also lead to poor blood circulation, insufficient blood supply to the brain, and lighter sleep. The collar of pajamas should be loose enough, try to choose a flat round neck or “U”-shaped collar.

  Heavy thread knitted pajamas.

  This kind of pajamas has a thicker texture and hard edges at the seams, which can irritate the skin and cause lighter sleep. It is best to choose cotton or silk pajamas that are smooth, soft, and comfortable to the touch, and have fine stitches.

  Tight-fitting pajamas.

   tight-fitting pajamas look fashionable and sexy, and are popular with young women. However, this kind of pajamas will be close to the body, which is not conducive to skin perspiration and body temperature regulation. It can also affect blood circulation and make people have nightmares. Therefore, choose easy-to-wear and loose-fit pajamas.

  A little thick pajamas.

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