Is the air purifier really useful in haze days?

  Air purifier classification

  Air purifier, also known as “air cleaner”, air cleaner, refers to the ability to absorb, decompose or Products that transform various air pollutants (generally include decoration pollution such as dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens, etc.) to effectively improve air cleanliness. At present, household and commercial air purifiers are used to eliminate indoor air pollution. Mainly.

  According to purification needs, air purifiers can be divided into:

  (1) Purification type. If you are located in an area with moderate indoor humidity, or the air quality requirements are not too high, the purchase of a pure air purifier will meet the demand.

  (2) Humidification and purification type. If you are located in a drier area, often turn on the air conditioner to be dehumidified by the air conditioner and cause the indoor air to be dry, or require high air quality, then buying an air purifier with humidification and purification function will be the most suitable choice .

   (3) Intelligent type. If you like automated operation, intelligent monitoring of air quality, or reflect noble taste, or need to be more decent for gifting, then buying an intelligent air purifier is the best choice.

  (4) Vehicle type. If it is used for air purification in cars, it needs to specifically purify car odors, car formaldehyde and other car pollution, and can be specially placed in the car’s air purifier, so the best choice is the car-type air purifier.

  (5) Desktop type. It is an air purifier that is placed on the desktop to purify the air in a certain range around the desktop and protect the health of people near the desktop. If you often sit in front of a computer, desk, or desk, but the indoor area is not small, or it is a public place, it is not cost-effective and unfashionable to buy a large air purifier for yourself, then the desktop A type of air purifier is a better choice.

   (6) Large and medium-sized. It is mainly suitable for large indoor occasions, such as home halls, high-level bank offices, high-level administrative offices, important lecture halls and conference halls, high-end hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, kindergartens and other occasions.

  (7) Central air-conditioning system type. It is mainly suitable for a single room or multiple rooms with a central air conditioner installed or a ceiling to be purified together.

Can air purifiers really filter out pollutants? Which one is healthier, turning on the machine or opening the windows?

   Can the thousands of air purifiers on the market really achieve the magical effect of filtering PM2.5? Li Xiaoqun, a researcher at the Jilin Academy of Social Sciences, held a negative attitude.

Wearing an activated carbon mask to block PM2.5 particles is the most effective

   Which mask has the best effect on blocking PM2.5? The reporter came to a conclusion through professional tests.

  Wearing activated carbon masks is the most useful

   These days, Beijing has suffered The fourth haze weather this month. For the sake of good health, people began to adopt protective measures, and various masks were also selling well. So, what kind of mask can effectively block PM2.5 particles?

   Yesterday, the reporter walked into the Environmental Measurement and Control Optimization Research Center of China Academy of Building Research with 4 types of masks purchased from the market. After conducting professional tests, he found that masks with activated carbon filters are more suitable for Wear in haze weather. On the contrary, gauze masks can hardly block small particles.

   investigation: gauze masks sold out

   “Excuse me, gauze masks have been out of stock for several days.” Yesterday afternoon, I was in the South Beach In a drugstore, a salesperson answered reporters like this. According to her observation, there have been a lot of people who come to buy masks these days. “Thick gauze masks are the most popular.” In contrast, disposable masks are not so popular.

   In some online stores, the uncommon N95 and KN90 masks with activated carbon filter are now on sale. The reporter saw that some online stores sold 78,454 N95 masks in 30 days.

  Experience: The mask with activated carbon filter has poor comfort

  Before the experiment started, the reporter bought 4 kinds of masks: 24-layer gauze mask, once Sex medical masks, N95 masks, and KN90 masks with activated carbon filter. The reporter has carried on the wearing experience to these 4 kinds of masks respectively. It was found that wearing N95 masks and KN90 masks will have the feeling of not breathing smoothly, and the comfort is worse than that of gauze masks and disposable medical masks.

  Measure the barrier efficiency to compare 4 kinds of masks

   Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the Environmental Measurement and Control Optimization Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Building Research in North Third Ring Road. Test the PM2.5 barrier efficiency of 4 kinds of masks. The instrument used for the test is an intelligent dust monitor produced by the US TSI Company, the model is 8532. Technical staff Li Ming introduced that this is a widely used instrument for monitoring inhalable particulate matter in the world. It can quickly monitor the inhalable particulate matter in the air with a sensitivity of up to 1 microgram/m3.

   Li Ming designed a set of test plans for reporters. First measure the PM2.5 value of the room where the instrument is located, and then use different types of masks to cover the metal probes of the instrument to simulate a person wearing a mask. Compared with the change of PM2.5 value. The test time for each mask is set to 3 minutes, and the test result is the average of the measured values ​​within three minutes. After filtering and purifying the metal probe that measures the PM2.5 value, the indoor PM2.5 value is 400 micrograms/m3.

  As the monitor starts, the numbers on the dashboard are constantly changing. Li Ming said that by dividing the test results of the 4 masks by the indoor PM2.5 value, the barrier efficiency of the 4 masks can be obtained.

   Conclusion: Masks with activated carbon are the most resistant to PM2.5

   After 20 minutes, the smart monitor automatically calculated the test results. Somewhat unexpectedly, the best blocking effect of PM2.5 particles is not the N95 mask, but the KN90 mask with activated carbon filter layer; on the contrary, the poorest blocking effect is not only the thin two-layer disposable medical mask , But a gauze mask with 24 “lines of defense”.

Is it really good to wash your hands with hand sanitizer?

  Use hand sanitizer to wash your hands. Of course, everyone hopes that it can effectively sterilize and make your hands cleaner, but not all hand sanitizers can help sterilize effectively, so you should be cautious when buying. Pay attention to choosing regular channels to buy.

   Are all hand sanitizers effective in sterilization

   The Chicago Tribune once pointed out that the alcohol of hand sanitizer The content should exceed 60%, otherwise the sterilization and disinfection effect will be unsatisfactory. People can’t help but worry: Will washing hands with this kind of hand sanitizer damage the skin?

   Li Guangrui, director of the Department of Dermatology, Wangjing Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, pointed out that this alcohol-level hand sanitizer generally does not harm the skin, at best. The skin is a little irritating, just apply hand cream after washing your hands to solve this problem.

  The purchase channels of hand sanitizer must be formal

   There are currently two categories of hand sanitizer in my country, one is ordinary hand sanitizer, and the other is disinfection product. . The former plays a role in cleaning and decontamination, while the latter contains effective ingredients that are antibacterial, antibacterial or sterilizing. The two types of hand sanitizers are different in their outer packaging. Common hand sanitizers are generally “quasi-type”, and disinfectant hand sanitizers are mostly “elimination-type”. Experts pointed out that as long as the “Xiaozihao” disinfectant hand sanitizer is a regular product, it has been specially tested before it goes on the market. It is not harmful to the human body and can also have antibacterial and antibacterial effects. However, due to the uneven quality of hand sanitizers on the market at present, inferior hand sanitizers can harm the skin. Therefore, when purchasing hand sanitizers, consumers must go to a regular store to see if the signs are complete, such as no factory name or site, etc. Buy with caution.

The “Spring Festival Transport Artifact” is actually not that practical

   Going home for the New Year is the top priority for every Chinese after a busy year. When you go out, you will definitely not feel comfortable at home, so netizens have figured out various tools to relieve fatigue during the Spring Festival. But orthopedic experts reminded——

   Various “Spring Festival Transport Artifacts” became popular on the Internet

   Spring Festival Transport is approaching, and many people will take it The train going home. The long road is long, and in the crowded noisy carriages and boring journeys, the most difficult thing to solve is the sleep problem. As a result, the Spring Festival transport has given birth to a series of “Spring Transport Artifacts.”

   Searching for a shopping website with the highest transaction volume ranking is undoubtedly the “hard seat treasure”, which was invented by a civil servant in Jiangxi. The principle is very simple, that is, a wooden shelf is equipped with soft cushions on top and bottom, which can support the head on the top and the belly on the bottom. Use the chest pad to support your body and put your head on the face pad to sleep easily. Regardless of its simplicity, this design can create a use effect similar to a small table board, and you can sleep peacefully by leaning on it.

   In addition to the “hard seat treasure”, the portable pillow “ostrich pillow” that only exposes the nose and mouth is also popular among the Spring Festival travel community. It looks like a big hood, it can almost completely surround the head and neck, only revealing the nose and mouth to breathe. During the Spring Festival, the hard-seat carriages were crowded with office workers and migrant workers returning home for the New Year, and there was noise everywhere. “Hard-seat treasures” and “ostrich pillows” can indeed help people sleep peacefully. In addition, a series of products such as U-shaped pillows and adult diapers are also highly regarded.

  Do not use the “hard seat treasure” for more than 40 minutes

   Many people who have experienced the Spring Festival travel have reported that the most uncomfortable moment of taking the train is when you want to sleep but There is nowhere to rely. These “artifacts of Spring Festival transport” can solve the problem, let the head and shoulders lean on, and solve the sleep problem during the journey is not so difficult. Maybe this is why they are popular! But are these “artifacts of Spring Festival transport” really that magical? Although the concept of “hard seat treasure” is very good, it can provide hard seat passengers with body support during sleep, but relying on hard objects to sleep for a long time will affect breathing, and in the case of prolonged sitting, the back muscles are still tense In the stretched state, part of the body’s weight will still be concentrated on the lumbosacral region, which is likely to cause back muscle strain and pain. Passengers with high blood pressure and heart disease are advised not to use it for a long time. It may cause chest pain and cause intercostal neuralgia. In severe cases, it may cause myocardial ischemia, which reduces the ability of the lungs to carry oxygen and causes a lack of body oxygen.

“Not on the embarrassing way”: A large inventory of the “artifacts” of the Spring Festival travel clan

   Spring Festival Transport is the opening song of the New Year. People who have been busy for a year now think about going home and reunion most. Just as Wang Baoqiang’s classic line in the movie “People on the Road”: “If you have money but not money, go home for the New Year.” The Spring Festival Transport carries the yearning for home and yearning for reunion. At this time, hundreds of millions of people across the country are on their way home. In order to cope with the embarrassment along the way, netizens show their magical powers. Recently, a batch of artifacts of the Spring Festival have been praised by many netizens, and they all hope that this Spring Festival will be “not embarrassing.” .

  ”Hard seat treasure” makes the hard seat sleeper in one second

   Popularity index: ★★★★★

   A bracket called “hard seat treasure” was hailed by netizens as “a must-have artifact for Spring Festival transportation” for a while. The “hard seat treasure” is equipped with two soft pads on a support. The upper pad is used to support the arms and head, and the lower supports the chest. Passengers use it to sleep like a sleeper. Passengers sitting on a hard seat can sit on the seat, use the chest pad to support the body, and lean their head on the face pad to sleep easily. After “Hard Seat Po” became popular on Weibo, it has been “upgraded” to the fifth generation. Many netizens said it was very practical. @hanlinger80247041 commented: “Excited, I bought it! The bracket is very strong and very light.” Some netizens also asked on the Internet: “Why is there no seatless treasure, and people standing are also very hard.”

   ostrich pillow bid farewell to noisy sleep peacefully

   Popularity index: ★★★★

  ”ostrich “Pillow” comes from the United Kingdom, and its name comes from the rumor that ostriches like to bury their heads in the sand when they are in danger. This popular ostrich pillow on the Internet allows you to close all the other parts of your head in a small and comfortable space except for your mouth and nose outside. You can sleep comfortably in a crowded train in isolation. A good night’s sleep.

  The popularity of the Internet makes this product very popular. Netizen “sunbaobao552” said after using, “The baby is very comfortable, and the overall feeling is very good, this time I don’t even use soundproof earplugs.”

  Luggage anti-lost device

   Popularity Index: ★★★★

   Go home for the New Year, you must bring a lot of things to share with your family, then the luggage anti-theft and anti-lost device must be indispensable . The anti-theft and anti-lost device is composed of two parts: a sub-machine and a parent machine. If the anti-lost function is used, the sub-machine and the main machine are separated by a certain distance, and the main machine will immediately trigger an alarm. If you use the anti-theft function to prevent the zipper of the luggage from being opened, you need to connect the magnetron cable. When the zipper of the luggage is opened, the mother will immediately trigger an alarm to remind the owner and deter the thief. Let your property get the greatest protection!

   rivet shoes, screaming chicken? Please let me

Can Internet whitening toothpaste remove acne and freckle?

   toothpasteAcne treatmentNot “reliable”

  Reporter: Recently, There is a way to use toothpaste to dispel acne and freckle on Weibo. Can toothpaste really be used to dispel acne and freckle?

   Luan Qi, MD, director of the Laser Beauty Center of the Department of Dermatology, Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University: From a medical perspective, toothpaste cannot be abused for various skin problems such as spots and acne.

   toothpaste contains related ingredients that can produce “hydrogen peroxide”. “Hydrogen peroxide” can remove anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity. So some netizens use toothpaste to treat acne skin and stained skin, which is unscientific. Because the “hydrogen peroxide” produced by toothpaste has a certain burning and irritation effect on the skin, its degree cannot be controlled artificially. Excessive use will cause damage to the skin stratum corneum, which is the destruction of the skin barrier function, making the skin sensitive and resisting external irritation. The ability is poor.

   suggests that netizens should go to a professional medical institution if they want to treat skin problems such as freckles and acne, and don’t believe in the so-called “home remedies”.

How to use    toothpaste to be healthy?

  Reporter: There are many types of toothpaste on the market. How can consumers choose and use toothpaste to be healthy?

   Jing Quan, Attending Physician of Painless Dental Treatment Center, International Medical Department, Peking Union Medical College Hospital: Most toothpastes include the following ingredients: friction agents, humectants, excipients, surfactants, fragrances, pigments , Buffers, etc.

The “side effects” of electric blankets are still difficult to clarify

   In the cold winter, warm quilts always make people nostalgic, and electric blankets have also become a “necessary item” for warm quilts, especially in the south, where electric blankets are more widely used. Recently, it has been reported that long-term use of electric blankets will affect the female endocrine system, and even affect the quality of male sperm, leading to infertility. Is the electric blanket really so scary? Experts told reporters that electric blankets do produce electric and magnetic fields after being energized, but they are lower than the environmental standard. It is recommended that the power supply should be cut off as soon as possible when using electric blankets.

  The electric field of the electric blanket is lower than the environmental standard

  ” Use resistance to generate heat, which plays a role in keeping warm. When current passes through the heating wire, it will definitely generate a magnetic field and an electric field. It should be noted that the magnetic field and electric field generated by the electric blanket after being energized are far below environmental standards The electric field stipulated by the environmental standard is 4kV/m. If measured on an electric blanket, it is only a few tens of volts/meter. The difference between the two is still relatively large. The magnetic field generated by the electric blanket is only 1% of the environmental standard. Around %”, Zhu Chongde, a senior engineer in the Supervision and Management Section of Shanghai Radiation Environment Supervision Station, told reporters.

   It is important to note that although the electric field and magnetic field generated by the electric blanket are far lower than the environmental standards when the electric blanket is energized, it is directly in contact with the electric blanket during sleep. In addition, if citizens keep the electric blanket energized while sleeping, they will be in direct contact with the electric blanket for a long time. There have also been medical reports that for pregnant women within one month of pregnancy, the use of electric blankets may also become one of the factors leading to their miscarriage.

   may affect the reproductive system and embryonic development

   Zhu Chongde introduced that when the human body sleeps, the back is directly in “close contact” with the electric blanket for a long time . Zhu Chongde also introduced in his paper “Electromagnetic Radiation Pollution and Protection”, as a common source of power frequency radiation in household appliances, especially because the electric blanket is the electromagnetic field that may be exposed to the embryo or fetus with the highest intensity and the longest duration of action. Therefore, the question of whether the electric blanket has an adverse effect on human health, especially on the offspring, has attracted people’s attention. Epidemiological investigations have shown that the use of electric blankets in the first trimester (within 12 weeks of gestation) is related to the increased incidence of miscarriage, and the use of electric blankets in the first trimester is one of the risk factors for miscarriage.

   Guo Lijie, an obstetrician and gynecologist at the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, explained that American studies on birth defects of newborns believe that radiation does not necessarily cause newborn deformities. my country defines toxic, harmful, and radiation as newborns. Unfavorable factors for children’s defects. But specifically, how much this kind of radiation may affect pregnant women or other people is still difficult to determine, and it is impossible to find the cause for more than 60% of birth defects. From the perspective of birth defects, the most sensitive period is 5-13 weeks of pregnancy.

   testicles are more susceptiblesurroundingsenvironmental influences

When    is in a magnetic field, the radiation of the magnetic field will definitely Have some effects on the human body. Previous studies in this area have drawn different conclusions from different topics, but from the overall trend of global research, the radiation of magnetic fields does have an adverse effect on the function of the human reproductive system. Peking University Third Hospital Reproductive Center Introduction by Jiang Hui, director of andrology and doctoral supervisor.

   In addition, this is also related to the male’s own physiological structure. The testis is the only gland in the male body that is outside the body, while the other glands are in the body. The reason is that the testis is suitable for a relatively low temperature environment, generally around 35°C, while the average body temperature of the human body is generally around 37°C. In addition, the glandular tissue of the testis is also more susceptible to the influence of the surrounding environment. There are also people who will develop crypts, which can easily cause the testes to not produce sperm for a long time. Because the internal temperature of the human body is relatively high, the spermatogenic cells in the testes are destroyed, resulting in infertility.

  Long-term use of electric blankets will make the testicles at a higher temperature. From this perspective, it does have a certain impact on male reproductive function. In addition, long-term use of electric blankets will increase the temperature, which cannot be reached by the surrounding air, and relatively high temperatures will also cause certain damage to the testicles. But as for the specific impact, it is currently uncertain. Because if you want to conduct experiments in this area, some are also unethical. From the perspective of mechanism and general common sense, it still has a certain impact on male reproductive function.

   Jiang Hui also said that it is not just long-term use of electric blankets. Other lifestyles will affect male reproductive functions, including frequent hot baths, saunas, and so on.

  ■ Hot Questions and Answers

  It is not recommended for children to use electric blankets

  Q children, elderly and other special Is it suitable for the crowd to use electric blankets?

  Guo Lijie: We do not recommend children to use electric blankets. If you drink a lot of water at night, many children will easily wet the bed, which itself is also a risk factor. In addition, children’s skin is generally delicate and not suitable for electric blankets. If you must use them, you should also avoid direct contact with the skin. From my personal point of view, it is not recommended for the elderly to use electric blankets, because there have been reports of old people being burned when using electric blankets. From a safety point of view, it is better to use less.

  Zhu Chongde: Under normal circumstances, citizens should pay attention to the packaging when buying, and whether there are people who are not indicated.

Turning on the air conditioner and the electric blanket will cause dehydration to death?

  event replay

  According to media reports, the twin sisters who died unfortunately just turned 22. On February 11, the two sisters came to grandmother’s house and stayed overnight. The medical staff described that when they arrived at the scene, the two sisters had already lost their breath in the bed. “The body was stiff, and the time of death should be more than 4 hours.” According to the family of the deceased, when they opened the door of the two sisters, they found it was small. The bedroom was very stuffy, the doors and windows were closed and the air conditioner was turned on. The temperature of the air conditioner reached the highest level. The two sisters “slept” on the warm electric blanket.

   According to the police, after preliminary analysis and judgment, the possibility of homicide was ruled out. It is suspected that the two sisters were dehydrated to death due to the use of electric blankets, but the specific cause of death can only be determined by autopsy.

  Expert’s Statement

  After seeing this news on Weibo, netizens raised questions.

  Is there a risk of dehydration and death when I turn on the electric blanket? The reporter interviewed Xue Tao, the chief physician of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery at the Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University yesterday. He said that this probability is too small, unless it is the elderly and babies who are unable to take care of themselves. If an adult “roasted” on an electric blanket, he would have been unable to “escape” for a long time.

   Xue Tao explained: To what extent can I die from dehydration? Without dripping in for 24 hours, I sweated a lot, and the sweat soaked the quilt on the bed. Even if you are drunk or extremely tired, you will not die if you sleep on an electric blanket for seven or eight hours. “I speculate that these two sisters have other physical problems, otherwise the chance of death from dehydration caused by the use of electric blankets is almost zero.”

   Tips for using electric blankets

   1. The electric blanket should be covered with a thin layer of bedding, not in direct contact with the body.

   2. Turn off the power when you go to bed and sleep, and pay attention to air circulation in the room.

How to clean and maintain snow boots in spring?

  The appearance of    snow boots seemingly stupid and cartoonish has swept the Eurasian land, and it has become a popular trend all over the world. Snow boots, also commonly known as UGG snow boots, have become popular among women in recent years for their warmth, comfort, and fashion. Snow boots have almost become a must-have item for women in winter. How to clean snow boots has become the biggest problem, let’s take a look at the correct method of snow boots!

  Snow bootsNursingMethod:

  1. Use cold or warm water to moisten the body of the snow boots, but do not over-soak it. It is very important not to use hot water to clean, because that will reduce the viscosity of the sole shoe glue and damage the natural elasticity of the leather, which will cause the sole to open the glue and The shoe body shrinks.

   2. The correct cleaning method is to use a clean sponge brush or soft brush to thoroughly and evenly scrub the entire surface of the shoe body. You can also use a fine-bristled toothbrush to aid the cleaning process. Once the shoes are scrubbed and rinsed, you can put the snow boots in the washing machine and spin dry for a few minutes to remove excess water from the boots.

  3. Snow boots need to be left to dry naturally. Remember not to use a dryer or expose the boots to the hot sun. When drying, please put the soles upside down and stand the entire body of the shoe upside down. Dry completely within one or two days. You will find that once the shoes are completely dried, the body of the shoe will shrink a little. Don’t worry, this is normal. After wearing for an hour or so, the shoes will return to the previous warm and comfortable wearing feeling, and more importantly-the boots become clean and beautiful!

  4. Clean boots after washing and drying can be used with CGM waterproof spray to enhance the water resistance of boots. Once the boots are completely treated, you can use the special fluff care brush to gently brush the surface of the shoe body in one direction to help restore the natural and smooth texture of the natural fluff on the suede surface.

   If you follow the above correct care methods, snow boots can last for several years.

  How to remove accidentally stained snow bootsoilink stains

  If Snow boots accidentally stained with ink stains, you can use a knife to evenly scrape a certain amount of white chalk powder to cover the stains, so that the white chalk powder stays on the boots for a few minutes, and then pat off the top The chalk powder, gently rub the stain. Repeat the above operation several times until the stain is almost completely removed. For very serious stains, MMs can try to use sandpaper to gently wipe off the stain or brush lightly with a special brush for cleaning suede. But please note that doing so may cause the original color of the sheepskin at the stain to fade slightly.

  How to remove rain spots

What is the hazard of clothing “toxic”?

   The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision announced on the 7th that it has recently conducted special supervision and spot checks on the quality of the student uniforms produced and sold in this city. After inspection, 6 batches out of 22 batches were unqualified. Among them, a winter school uniform produced by Shanghai Ouxia Fashion Co., Ltd. was found to be carcinogenic, which is carcinogenic to humans, and the harm to the human body is irreversible, which is a serious quality problem.

   We wear clothes every day, but many people may not know that the fabrics of clothes that we touch every day may contain toxic and harmful substances. Experts say that this kind of toxic clothing is no less harmful to the human body than toxic food, and it may also cause cancer. So, what kind of clothing is green safety clothing? How can we avoid the above toxic substances from harming the human body? How can consumers wear it safely?

   Doubt 1: Where does the poison come from? How toxic is it?

   There are many opportunities for clothing to be contaminated throughout the production process, such as cotton, linen and other clothing materials. In the planting process, in order to control the erosion of diseases, pests and weeds, and to ensure its yield and quality, Insecticides, fertilizers and herbicides are used in large quantities, resulting in pesticide residues in cotton and hemp fibers. Although the pesticide residues are very small after being made into clothing, frequent contact with the skin can also cause harm to the human body. In addition, when textile raw materials are stored, preservatives, antifungal agents, and anti-moth agents should be used. These chemicals remain on clothing and can cause skin allergies, respiratory diseases, and even induce cancer. Chemical substances such as oxidants, catalysts, detergents, and whitening fluorescent agents used in the weaving process make it difficult to avoid fabric pollution, and the pollution in the printing and dyeing process is the most serious. Colorful fabrics certainly satisfy people’s pursuit of vision, but the azo dyes used in printing and dyeing can induce cancer, and formaldehyde, halide carriers, and heavy metals have also become health killers. Objectively speaking, clothing pollution and indoor decoration pollution cannot be synonymous with each other, but because of its direct contact with the human body, its harm over time cannot be underestimated.

   Doubt 2: The production of a garment requires many steps such as weaving, cutting, bleaching, dyeing, and packaging. Then in the garment production process, the following steps tend to cause toxins (hazardous elements) There is a chance to get into clothing and harm our body, so we should pay attention to it!

  Be vigilant in the spinning process:

  (1) Dimethylformamide, an organic solvent in the spinning process of chemical fiber fabrics, is harmful to human skin and eyes. It is irritating to mucous membranes, and skin contact will cause numbness and burning. Some people will also experience skin redness, rash, dryness and other allergic symptoms; inhalation can cause headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other poisoning symptoms, serious Sometimes it can damage the gastrointestinal tract and cause gastrointestinal bleeding. It is also easy to damage the liver, causing general fatigue, poor appetite, hepatomegaly and elevated transaminases.

Be vigilant during the dyeing process:

  (2) Formaldehyde, namely formalin, is mainly used as a dyeing auxiliary and a resin finishing agent to improve the anti-wrinkle and shrink-proof effect of clothing . Textiles containing formaldehyde will gradually release free formaldehyde during the wearing process, which will cause inflammation of the respiratory tract and skin through the human respiratory tract and skin contact, and it will also cause eye irritation. Formaldehyde can cause allergies and cancer.

  (3) Aromatic amine compounds, decomposable aromatic amine dyes refer to dyes synthesized from carcinogenic aromatic amines, which are often called “banned azo dyes.” Azo dyes are the most diverse category of synthetic dyes. Many direct dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, and cationic dyes are all azo dyes. Azo dyes have a wide range of chromatograms, including red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, black, etc., with a complete range of colors, good shade, and certain fastness. Therefore, it is widely used in the dyeing and printing of a variety of natural and synthetic fibers, as well as the coloring of paints, plastics, and rubber. For textile safety indicators, decomposable aromatic amines are far more toxic and carcinogenic than formaldehyde. After the decomposable aromatic amine dye is made into clothes, it is not only insoluble in water, but also colorless and odorless. It cannot be distinguished from the appearance of textiles. It can only be found through technical inspection and cannot be eliminated. In the process of long-term contact with the human body, the harmful components of this dye are absorbed by the skin. Under special conditions, it decomposes to produce more than 20 kinds of carcinogenic aromatic amines, forming carcinogenic aromatic amine compounds. After activation, it changes the DNA structure of the human body and causes disease. And substances that induce malignant tumors, leading to malignant diseases such as bladder cancer, ureteral cancer, and renal pelvis cancer.

   Be vigilant during the rinsing process:

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