Eye-protecting eye patch is equivalent to applying a cold towel, not superstitious

   There is no medical evidence to prove that the eye patch is effective

   Eye patch, Oriental magic mirror, vision instrument, myopia massage device, magnetic therapy, physical therapy, Massage… With the arrival of the school season, various eye care products have attracted the attention of many parents and students. Are these products really as effective as advertised? Can myopia be cured by certain products or medical treatments? The ophthalmologist gave a clear answer.

   Experts said that the causes of myopia are very complicated. From the day after tomorrow, strengthening physical fitness, avoiding excessive eye use, and doing eye exercises to relax eye muscles can alleviate visual fatigue. However, whether measures or products that change the corneal refractive power such as OK lenses can prevent myopia is still unconfirmed.

  eye patch product “no guarantee effect”

   On a certain brand of eye patch website, the product lineup is dazzling, and it is aimed at “teen myopia and visual fatigue” , “Middle-aged and elderly people with reduced vision, dry eyes, sore eyes, etc. due to eye diseases”, “myopia, amblyopia, astigmatism, and decreased vision”, and “overuse eyes” have launched different packages. The promotion of “China National Team Eye Care Products” and “National Diving Competition Series Eye Care Products” is particularly eye-catching on the website.

   According to the introduction of a product, the ingredients are added: “Cork, borneol, menthol for clearing heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxification, as well as salvia for removing silt, relieving pain and promoting blood circulation, and wild chrysanthemum for clearing heat and detoxification”. The customer service said that the main function of their eye patch is to “relieve asthenopia, as well as the decreased vision caused by asthenopia, dry eyes, itching, soreness, pain, tearing, blurred vision, etc., promote blood circulation, supplement eye nutrition, It has a certain auxiliary treatment effect on myopia.”

   When the reporter asked about the differences between products for teenagers, middle-aged and white-collar workers, the customer service said, “The eye patch components of the middle-aged package and the youth package are the same , It’s just that the concentration in middle-aged and elderly people is higher.”

   When asked whether there are relevant clinical data to prove the effect of eye patch on myopia, the customer service explained that he did not know whether there were clinical data, because The absorption of each person is different, and there is no guarantee that it will alleviate or reduce the degree of myopia, nor can it guarantee any effect.

  ”It has the same effect as putting on a cool towel”

 ”After applying it, it feels cold on the eyes, which is quite comfortable.” Many eye patch manufacturers The most after-sales reviews on the site.

   “Actually, putting a cold towel on the eyes has the same effect as it. It can moisturize and cool the eyes, and at the same time relax the eye muscles and relax.” Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health Dai Hong, director of the ophthalmology department, said that clinically, cold compresses and hot compresses are also used to treat ocular skin diseases such as inflammation and edema through cold and hot physical stimulation; they will also use proprietary Chinese medicines with certain ingredients. In the patch, the drug is slowly released through the patch, which can make the eyes feel cool and moist. The eyes are rested while the patch is applied, which can relieve eye fatigue, but the effect is limited. After all, Chinese patent medicines rarely penetrate into the body through external application.

Mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing your teeth, it works like chewing gum

  Clean the mouth

   mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing your teeth

  ”Just bring the rinse Saliva, even in the desert, can make your mouth clean and fresh every day.” “Mouthwash fan” said. There is a small dose of mouthwash in the bag. After a meal, go to the bathroom to freshen up and take a sip. After 30 seconds, he will spit it out. A fresh breath can also help prevent caries, even brushing teeth. Save it, mouthwash has become a “pocket” for many office white-collar workers.

   However, oral experts reminded that, in fact, mouthwash can only remove food residues floating on the surface of teeth, and some food residues and deposits in hidden parts, such as between teeth, are not easy to be removed. So never use mouthwash instead of brushing your teeth. Has a bactericidal effect

  but not a substitute for brushing teeth

   It is understood that mouthwashes on the market are mainly composed of flavors, surfactants, fluoride, and strontium chloride , Alcohol and water, etc., generally have the effects of cleaning teeth, purifying breath, removing food residues, tartar, etc., and can prevent tooth decay, periodontitis, and reduce bad breath to a certain extent.

   Compared with traditional toothpastes and toothbrushes, oral cleaning products such as mouthwash are convenient to use and time-saving. Therefore, there are not a few consumers who use mouthwash to clean their oral cavity.

   In front of the mouthwash counter, the reporter encountered Xiao Zhou who was shopping. She said that she has developed a habit in the past year: to rinse her mouth with mouthwash after every meal. After a long time, I feel that cleaning my teeth with mouthwash is much more convenient and faster than brushing my teeth. Sometimes I get up late in the morning and use mouthwash instead of brushing my teeth. The salesperson said that most of the people who buy mouthwash are young people. Many people think that “after cleaning the mouth with mouthwash, the mouth is very clean, the smell is very fresh, and it is convenient, and it is more comfortable than brushing your teeth. Han Huakun, the chief physician of the Department of Stomatology of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that compared with traditional tooth brushing, mouthwash cannot completely remove plaque on teeth and food remaining in some small crevices, and cannot fully treat periodontal disease and prevent tooth decay. Moreover, one of the main purposes of brushing is to remove plaque attached to the surface of the teeth. In this process, the most important thing is the physical friction of the toothbrush, and mouthwash cannot perform this friction, so the effect of removing plaque is limited.

   The mouthwashes on the market have similar effectsChewing GumSugar

  The current domestic mouthwashes Mainly divided into two categories. The first type is drug therapy, which is used to assist in the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, oral ulcers and other oral inflammations. This type of mouthwash is independently prepared by professional doctors and is mainly used for outpatients. For example, for patients with oral ulcers, doctors will specially formulate mouthwashes with anesthetic ingredients, so that the patients can temporarily relieve pain when eating. For patients who have just finished the operation, mouthwash with iodophor disinfectant can be used to achieve a sterilization effect.

  The other category is health care. Health-care mouthwash can remove food residues and some soft dirt in the oral cavity, and can temporarily reduce the number of bacteria in the oral cavity. Its main ingredient is mouth freshener, which is similar to chewing gum. Generally speaking, mouthwashes sold in shopping malls or supermarkets are such products.

  Normal mouthwash is more reliable to brush your teeth sooner or later

  Oral experts say that the oral cavity is a micro-ecological environment, and there are many bacteria in the oral cavity for a long time. Settle, grow and reproduce. Long-term use of a bactericidal mouthwash will cause some bacteria to be over-inhibited, leading to an imbalance of the oral flora, which is not conducive to oral health.

How to tell if toothpaste abrasive is rough

  1. Look at the appearance of the paste: The paste is relatively delicate and smooth, usually high-grade silicon as an abrasive, so you can use it with confidence.

  2. Taste the taste of brushing your teeth: If it feels rough, there are particles like sand trapped in your mouth, and you need to rinse your mouth many times, most of which contain rough abrasives. Toothpaste, it is recommended to stop using it immediately. Secondly, you should choose toothpaste based on its anti-cavity effect, which means you should choose fluoride toothpaste.

Triclosan in toothpaste causes cancer? Did you choose the right one

   Triclosan can cause cancer? Unresolved

  The controversy about triclosan actually comes from an experiment by a teacher at Virginia Tech. Experiments have found that after products containing triclosan react with chlorine-containing tap water, a substance called “Ge Luofang” can be formed, that is, chloroform. And chloroform was once used as an anesthetic. Animal experiments have found that this substance can cause damage to the heart and liver, is mildly teratogenic, and can induce liver cancer in mice, but there is no research data on human carcinogenesis.

   Ma Yi, secretary general of the China Daily Sundries Industry Association, said in an interview with reporters on the 2nd that it was precisely this research result that as early as 2005, there was a controversy over “triclosan carcinogenicity” at home and abroad. Today, the old things are brought up again because the US Food and Drug Administration has recently given the latest progress in evaluating the safety of triclosan. Is triclosan really so scary? Ma Yi said that the current doubts about it are still pending.

   toothpaste national standard: no more than 0.3%

   Ma Yi said that experts in the industry have done experiments, and the research subjects used toothpaste containing triclosan and Ordinary chlorinated tap water, and the brushing time exceeds the expected time of ordinary people, but the content of chloroform formed does not reach the measurable range. In the new national standard of toothpaste announced in 2009, triclosan was included in the permitted preservatives, but it was clearly not more than 0.3%.

   Kang Jingwu, director of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that triclosan is a bacteriostatic agent that can kill bacteria after being added. Some countries also add it to mouthwash and toothpaste. Some experts say that this kind of thing is carcinogenic, but now they say that high-dose use can cause cancer. The half-lethal dose of triclosan per kilogram of mice is 3800 mg. From this point of view, triclosan is not too toxic.

   To choose toothpaste, you must first know that toothpaste is not a magic weapon for healthy teeth. It is only an auxiliary product for brushing. It has a frictional effect and removes plaque, cleans and polishes the tooth surface, and refreshes the oral cavity. At present, the toothpaste used in my country is divided into three categories: ordinary toothpaste, fluoride toothpaste and medicated toothpaste.

  The main ingredients of ordinary toothpaste include abrasives, cleansers, wetting agents, preservatives, and fragrances, which have the same effects as ordinary toothpastes. If the teeth are in good health, you can choose ordinary toothpaste. However, with the development of science and technology, people have discovered that fluoride can prevent dental caries, and many years of practice have proved that after fluoride comes into contact with teeth, it makes the acid-soluble hydroxyapatite in the tooth tissue form insoluble fluoroapatite. Stone, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of teeth. Studies have shown that the common use of this kind of toothpaste reduces the incidence of dental caries by about 40%. Fluoride includes sodium fluoride, potassium fluoride, stannous fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate.

What are the side effects of    toothpaste?

   But you must know that fluorine is a toxic substance. If the body absorbs too much, it will cause fluorosis. The state stipulates that the free fluoride of fluoridated toothpaste should be between 400-1200Pm. Pay special attention to it. Children before the age of 3-4 should not use it, because 1/8-1/4 of the toothpaste may be swallowed into the stomach by them. Medicinal toothpaste is based on ordinary toothpaste with a certain amount of medicine. When brushing teeth, the toothpaste reaches the surface of the tooth or the environment around the tooth. Through the action of the medicine, it reduces dental plaque and plays a role in preventing caries and periodontal disease.

   At present, drug toothpaste is extremely popular among people, and it is an ideal way to use toothpaste to promote drugs with preventive or therapeutic effects. But medicated toothpaste also has its downsides.

   First of all, the toothpaste cannot be kept in the mouth for too long, that is, it is rinsed out, making it difficult for the medicine to exert its effect in a short time, and the dosage of the special medicine must be avoided to stimulate the soft tissue in the mouth, so it cannot be increased enough The effective concentration of the toothpaste itself is often blocked by the dirt in the mouth or limited by the morphological characteristics, so it is difficult to reach the real disease area.

  Second, the medicine in toothpaste often undergoes other chemical changes due to a long time of storage, and loses its original efficacy. Effective medicine often has a peculiar smell and is not suitable to be put into toothpaste. In addition, There is also the problem of drug resistance. These factors indicate that drug toothpaste is not suitable for long-term use. Drug toothpaste is a good idea, but it needs some in-depth research to achieve the effect of preventing oral diseases.

   Editor’s note:

Clean computer keyboard bacteria to keep healthy

  Computer has become an indispensable tool in our life and work. Many friends work, study or play on the computer for a long time. Over time, you will find that the computer keyboard has become very dirty. There is not only a lot of dust, but also a lot of debris such as melon seeds, hair, soot and so on. These debris may reduce the sensitivity of the keys, and what is more frightening is that these things are also easy to nourish germs.

   So how to protect the keyboard is what we must understand. Here are a few good ways to clean the keyboard.

  Blow off debris: Use a hair dryer to aim at the gaps on the keyboard keys to blow off some of the debris attached to it.

  Tap the keyboard to remove debris: When the desktop computer is turned off, remove the keyboard from the host, turn the keyboard upside down, tap and shake. It’s best to lay an old newspaper on the table to make it easier to clean. The debris in the keyboard will fall out during the tapping process, such as biscuit residue and hair strands. When tapping the notebook, you need to stand up, and you must tap the keyboard lightly. Blowing and patting can be alternated, and it can be more thorough after twice.

Don’t be superstitious in moisturizing shampoo

   Many shampoos known as “moisturizing hair” often add some special substances, such as polysiloxane, silicone, etc., to have a conditioning effect. However, these “conditioners” don’t really moisturize the hair, they just give the illusion that the hair becomes smooth instantly.

   For example, silyl is used in shampoo because once it touches the hair, it fills the gaps between the hair scales, causing slippery Shun touch. However, this substance is insoluble in water and cannot be cleaned thoroughly. Instead, as the number of uses increases, it will continue to cover the outer layer of the hair layer by layer, causing the hair to be thick and gradually lose its elasticity, and even affect it. To the health of the scalp, it can cause seborrheic dermatitis, folliculitis, hair loss and other diseases.

Fading towels cause cancer, 3 misunderstandings of using towels

  Continuously faded towels are not environmentally friendly

   Aunt Wang went to the small commodity market to buy towels. There are many types and varieties of towels in the market, and the prices are cheaper than those in shopping malls and supermarkets. Aunt Wang picked three towels for washing her face, and the boss directly offered “three for 10 yuan”.

   Although there is no label on the towel, the color is very bright, but at this price, you can’t buy a towel in the supermarket. Aunt Wang thought about it and bought it.

   Cheap but not good. Aunt Wang put a red towel into the water, and the water turned red. When I put soap on the towel, the bubbles are also red. Even if I wipe my face with a towel, my face will be slightly flushed. After using it for a few days, not only did the towel continue to fade, but also moldy black spots appeared. Aunt Wang was so upset that she had to throw away the towel.

   Expert comment: Many towels are dyed. It is normal for a newly bought towel to have a slight fading in the water for the first time. If the color continues to fade, there are two possibilities, one is that the towel is a reprocessed product, and the other is that the towel uses inferior dyes.

   Inferior dyes are produced from waste raw materials and inferior chemical dyes. The cost is only one-tenth of that of regular dyes. It also contains carcinogens such as aromatic amines. When the human body is in contact with towels containing aromatic amines for a long time, the aromatic amines are easily absorbed by the skin, causing cancer or allergies, and the aromatic amines can be latent in the human body for up to 20 years. Therefore, washing your face with towels dyed with inferior dyes is the same as washing your face with industrial wastewater, which will seriously damage your skin and endanger your health.

   Most of the “antibacterial” towels are not antibacterial

   In addition to the colorful and colorful varieties, now there are many functional towels on the market, such as “antibacterial “towel. The price of this “antibacterial” towel is several times more expensive than ordinary towels.

  Ms. Zhang recently spent dozens of dollars in the supermarket to buy a so-called “antibacterial” towel, but when used, she feels similar to a normal towel. After using it for a long time, the towel will turn yellow and there will be a strange smell on it. “What does the bacteria look like? No one can tell without a microscope. I think the so-called’antibacterial’ towel is just a gimmick for the merchant’s promotion.” Ms. Zhang felt that she was fooled.

   Expert comment: If the towel fiber itself has an antibacterial function, then the towel really has an antibacterial effect, but currently there are few such fibers, so most of the so-called “antibacterial” towels on the market Not antibacterial.

   If you want the towel to be sterilized, you must have a dedicated person and a dedicated towel. High-temperature disinfection of towels every week, heating in the microwave for a few minutes, and it is best to change a new towel three months.

  The softer the towel, the more absorbent

   Aunt Liang bought a super soft towel, pinched it up like cotton, but soaked the towel in water , The water beads all floated on the towels, and the water and towels were simply “incompatible with fire and water.”

   Later, Aunt Liang filled the basin with water, pushed the whole towel into the water hard, and then kept rubbing it, the water slowly penetrated into the towel.

   Expert comment: The quality of towels mainly depends on the yarn and fiber composition. Some towels have added softeners, which are very soft and slippery to the touch, but have poor water absorption. Towels sold on the market are generally divided into three types, and the water absorption is also different. The public can distinguish by the small label on the side of the towel.

   The first type is cut pile towels, which are very soft and more comfortable to use. They have stronger moisture absorption and softness than ordinary towels.

Is the public toilet contagious?

   The American Popular Medical News website recently published an article stating that the term “public toilet contagious disease” is impossible because a solid surface like a toilet is not conducive to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However, when the reporter interviewed Li Yuanwen, director of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, he found that this issue has always been controversial in the academic world, because cases of sexually transmitted diseases transmitted through toilets are not uncommon in clinical practice. 85% of the transmission of STDs is through close sexual contact, and the others are transmitted through blood, mother-to-child or media. Media transmission is a very important way. There have been cases of syphilis transmitted through baths or toilets in medical textbooks.

   In fact, we often find similar phenomena in our lives: If a public toilet has both a squatting toilet and a toilet, there will always be people waiting persistently in line for the squatting type. of. Others were shocked when they saw the toilet in a shopping mall or restaurant, wondering how to relieve their internal urgency without having “close contact” with the seat cushion, but found that two black footprints had been stepped on by the predecessor-General Seat The style is changed to squat style.

The use of mobile phone beauty film should be cautious

   It is precisely because some people are keen to make beauty for mobile phones, some businesses are optimistic about the mobile phone film market, and then some “diamond film, metal film, privacy film, high-definition film, matte film, gorgeous film” and so on. The mobile phone film is popular in the market, and the price ranges from a few yuan, tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. As long as you walk on the street or walk into major stores, you can see the mobile phone film.

   Although the mobile phone film can beautify the mobile phone and protect the phone, as everyone knows, because there is no unified standard for mobile phone film, the market lacks supervision, not only the price is uneven The difference is huge, and the quality is also very different. At present, there are four main types of materials: PP, PVC, PET, and ARM. The PP film has a soft texture and poor light transmittance, which has been basically eliminated; the PVC film is soft and easy to stick, thicker, and has a normal light transmittance. This kind of film is randomly given to promotional mobile phones; the PET and ARM film have light transmittance Good, it is not easy to produce bubbles, especially the ARM material film, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high in light transmission, and non-reflective.

Is there a cancer-causing hazard in office printers?

   Is there a cancer-causing hazard in office printers?

   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warned that ozone emitted by printers and photocopiers can cause chest pain, cough, and throat irritation. Laser printers also emit ozone, and also produce toner dust, which enters the lungs and blood, increasing the risk of cancer and heart disease. Therefore, it is best to separate a well-ventilated printing room.

  The printer is one of the essential things for white-collar workers, and their jobs are inseparable from the printer. However, the printers that ensure their jobs are potentially carcinogenic, which is really a dilemma. So, in the daily office, what other habits will have cancer-causing risks? How do white-collar workers prevent cancer?

  Carcinogenic hazards in the office also include:

  1. Normally open the air conditioner without opening the window

   According to the World Health Organization, 30% The above buildings have been complained of poor air quality. The design of many office buildings is not conducive to ventilation and only depends on air conditioning control. However, surveys have shown that most air conditioners, especially central air conditioners, are 100 times dirty than outdoor air, resulting in an increasing number of bacteria in indoor air. If there is a parking lot under the office building, the situation is even worse, and car exhaust can harm the lungs. In addition, buildings more than ten years old are often damp and dark, and Aspergillus niger is prone to grow. It can cause coughing, memory loss, and even infertility. Scientists and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency call these phenomena “office syndrome.” Experts suggest that if the office has this kind of mildew, it should be scrubbed in time, and windows should be opened for ventilation.

  2. Turn on the lights on a sunny day

   If you walk into the office, your eyes will blink a few times more unconsciously, which means that the indoor light is more dazzling than the outside sunlight. Excessive lighting can cause headaches, fatigue, anxiety, etc., and flashing lights can also induce heart disease and disrupt the sleep cycle. Under normal circumstances, if the weather is clear, no additional lighting is needed during the day.

  3. Do nothing

   If you work lightly, you will feel comfortable and your heart rate will be stable, but when you encounter work that cannot be completed, the risk of heart disease will increase. Heart rate needs some changes during work, and every few hours, you should cheer yourself up.

  4. Sitting for a long time

  The wrong posture may cause back pain, headache, heart disease, and cancer. Stand up and exercise every 20 minutes. Not only can you stretch your muscles and bones, but your muscles will also produce various substances to help metabolize fat and cholesterol.

  How do white-collar workers prevent cancer?

   Given that white-collar workers, a special group of people, have a lot of mental pressure and irregular living habits, they are more likely to develop cancer than ordinary people.

   Cancer prevention is more important than cancer treatment. It is necessary to reduce the cause of cancer by changing bad living habits and self-decompression.

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