Very reminder: wet wipes are not a universal disinfectant

   At present, all wet wipes with various names and different uses on the market can be classified into two categories. One is ordinary wet wipes that are disinfected by themselves but cannot disinfect other items. They contain skin care ingredients and can only be used for skin. Moisturizing and maintenance. The other type is disinfection wipes that are not only disinfected themselves, but also other items. Generally, disinfection or sterilization ingredients are indicated on the package.

   Disinfecting wipes can be used to wipe hands, wipe tables and chairs, before and after meals or when there is no water and soap to clean hands, but its role is limited to this. Because the ingredients contained in some disinfection wipes also have an impact on the human body, such as chlorine, bleaching powder, alcohol, etc., these ingredients will not be marked on the package, but they will irritate the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, and destroy the sebum membrane that protects the skin. Frequent use can dry out the skin. Therefore, it cannot be used to directly wipe eyes, wounds, and private parts.

   Most of the feminine care wipes are added with anti-bacterial medicinal ingredients, claiming that they “can clean private parts, avoid bacterial growth, refreshing and avoiding odors.” However, women are not recommended to wipe their private parts frequently. Although it can inhibit bacteria to a certain extent, it can’t kill bacteria. On the contrary, it will break the original acid-base balance in women’s body and cause various gynecological diseases.

Brightly colored bags may exceed the lead limit and buy with caution

   The Environmental Health Center of Oakland, California, USA, tested the lead content of 300 types of backpacks and wallets and found that the lead content of 43 types exceeded the standard requirement of 300ppm. Among them, there are many high-end brands, such as Guess, Nine West, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren, Rainbow, etc. The lead content of Tory Burch handbags is as high as 58,700 ppm, which is 195 times the required lead.

  Environmental Health Center head Charles Margulis pointed out that there are excessive lead problems in artificial leather, vinyl materials and many different plastic products. Major medical and public health organizations around the world agree that lead not only harms children’s neurodevelopment, but also deposits in the bones and fat tissues of adults, leading to many serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney failure. . In addition, excessive lead can increase the risk of women’s mood disorders, infertility and memory loss.

Be wary of the toilet becoming a “time bomb”

  Millions of problematic toilets have been recalled

   According to a recent report by the New York Daily News, the country’s Consumer Product Safety Commission Since 2011, 304 toilet explosion complaints have been received, among which 14 consumers were injured, some were injured in their fingers, and some were injured in their face and chest. The toilets in question all use the third-generation pressurized flushing system 503 produced by SloanFlushmate in the United States. The toilet products produced by well-known American toilet brands such as Kohler, American Standard, Gobo, and Yajia from 1997 to 2008 may have safety hazards of explosion and injury due to the use of defective accessories.

   It is understood that this problematic accessory is more widely used in the United States. Since June this year, Flaschmet has recalled millions of defective parts in the United States. In Canada, about 9,000 toilets are “implicated.”

  Frashmet’s Beijing office staff said that the Chinese market uses the company’s fourth-generation product 504 series. The technical indicators of the two series of products are different, and the fourth generation does not need to be recalled. In addition, the toilet brand company involved also launched a self-examination. Both American Standard and Kohler recently issued a statement saying that the toilet products in the Chinese market did not use this batch of defective parts.

  There was also a toilet burst in our country

  Frashmet said that when the recalled toilet flushing system releases air pressure, it may cause the water tank cover to be damaged. Rush open or even burst the water tank. According to reports, the pressurized flushing system is a pneumatic flushing device that uses the elevated water surface to compress the air stored inside when the water tank is filled with water. Pneumatic flushing is like a “push” force, which has a higher flushing rate than traditional flushing devices and saves water. But if the weld of the water supply pipe cracks when the air pressure is released, the water tank will instantly become a powerful “bomb”. The device is likely to break through the water tank cover, or blow the toilet to pieces, threatening personal safety. .

  Xie Xin, secretary-general of the Sanitary Ware Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, pointed out that since July last year, the Sanitary Ware Committee has been investigating the toilet products of mainstream brands in the industry, and has not found the above-mentioned problematic accessories. The design concept of domestic water-saving toilets is mainly to use the siphon principle to save water through plumbing equipment, without external booster equipment, and such bursting problems generally do not occur.

   There have been too many toilet burst accidents in our country, the main reason is that the physical part of the toilet is not strong enough. Qualified toilet products should be fired at a high temperature of 1200°C for about 20 hours. Some inferior products have a short firing time, and the surface looks very smooth, but in fact it does not achieve sufficient strength at all. Once the water pressure flushing the toilet is high, it may burst.

  In addition to the Frashmet brand, domestic companies also manufacture and sell pneumatic flushing devices, most of which are used in toilets in hotels and restaurants. Zhao Gang, director of the plumbing inspection department of the National Building Materials Hardware Plumbing Inspection Center, said that in 2011, my country promulgated the national standard “Pressure flushing device for sanitary ware toilets”, which involves relevant testing standards for pneumatic flushing devices. Therefore, the products produced after that have passed the inspection and generally do not have the problem of bursting.

  Users can self-examine or overhaul

   If you are still worried about the safety of the toilet at home, you can check it yourself or ask a professional to overhaul it. Generally speaking, the toilet tank that uses the air-pressure flushing device is a closed container, and the entire toilet is one-piece. When flushing, an air pressure will form from top to bottom to flush away the dirt, and then the inner pool wall will spray a Small shares of clear water.

   Choose products with heavier sound and crisp sound. High-quality toilets meet the requirements of full porcelain due to the high temperature during firing, and the weight is heavier. The firing temperature of the middle and low-grade toilets is lower, the firing time is short, and the weight is lighter. Tap the toilet. If the sound is hoarse and not crisp, it means that the product is not cooked and there may be a safety hazard.

What to consider when buying a yoga mat

  The issues that friends should pay attention to when buying yoga mats are as follows:

  1. Is it easy to clean.

   2. When it is flat on the ground, is it easy to flatten without wrinkles.

  3. Whether it is sticky.

  4. Will it slip after sweating?

   5. Is it easy to carry.

  6. Is the “use period” marked.

  7. Whether the material is environmentally friendly and whether it will cause harm to the environment and the body.

Be wary of the hidden health hazards of fashionable shoes

  Experts’ reminder: 50% of “feet disease” comes from unfit shoes

   28-year-old fashion lady Zhao Li (pseudonym) wears a reputation The “weight loss” shaking shoes slipped and fell, resulting in ankle avulsion fractures and ligament strains. Yesterday, Xie Ming, director of the Foot and Ankle Surgery Department of Puai Hospital, reminded female friends: Wearing shoes is first and foremost to be comfortable. Wearing shoes that are worn for a long time will accumulate health damage.

  ”Shaking shoes” claims to lose weight

  The center of gravity is unstable and easy to fall.

  在 Zhao Li, who works for a foreign trade company in Qiaokou District, bought the “swing shoes” online. The sole of this shoe is very thick, and the thickness gradually decreases from the sole of the foot to the front to the heel, and the entire sole is curved. The online shoe store introduces: “This kind of shoes can increase height and weight loss, because the curved sole keeps the wearer in an unstable state. The muscles of the feet are effectively exercised and the excess fat is consumed.”    Zhao Li bought the shoes and tried them. She felt that the shoes were quite light. Although walking was a little unstable, she could clearly feel the calf muscles exerting force. “Long-term wear may really be able to lose weight.”

   At noon the day before yesterday, Zhao Li had dinner with her friends. When she walked to the carpet in the hotel lobby, she suddenly slipped and fell to the ground with her right foot. She felt a sharp pain in her right ankle and couldn’t stand. A friend rushed her to Puai Hospital. After diagnosis, Zhao Li’s right foot had an “external malleolus avulsion fracture”, strained the ligament, needed plaster fixation, and was lying in bed.

   “swing shoes” sold hot

   long-term wear is not necessary

   Yesterday, reporter A search on Taobao found that “swing shoes” can be described as one of the hottest shoes sold this summer. The online store with the most popular sales volume has reached more than 3,000 pairs in a month, which has received rave reviews.

   Regarding “swing shoes”, Xie Ming said bluntly: “Wearing these shoes has no benefit at all. The so-called weight loss and fitness are all commercial gimmicks!” Xie Ming introduced that he has treated several cases this year. Patients suffering from falls or sprains caused by wearing rocking shoes. The vast majority of patients are fashionable women. Although they find that they can’t walk steadily wearing rocking shoes, they still believe in their weight loss effects and even wear them every day.

   Shaking shoes are inherently unstable, and the soles are thick, which does not meet the physiological needs of the human body. The wearer is easy to sprain ankles or fall. Adolescents in the developmental stage, such as wearing such shoes for a long time, may also change the structure of the arch of the foot and affect bone development.

   shoes are comfortable to wear

   feet will not be hurt

   Yesterday, the reporter was in The shoe sales counters of 3 large shopping malls randomly interviewed 10 female customers, and all of them said that they “wore shoes with kicks”. 25-year-old Ms. Li thinks: “It’s normal to wear high-heeled shoes for a while, just wear it out.”

   Xie Ming said that half of the outpatients who came to him were sick because of long-term wearing of unfit shoes. He emphasized: “If you wear shoes that don’t fit your feet, it will definitely cause disease if it accumulates for a long time.” For example, the heel is too high, the toe cap is too sharp, the sole is too flat, or the shoes are not breathable, etc., which may cause ankle sprain, thumb valgus, big foot bone, athlete’s foot and many other diseases. In particularly severe cases, other problems such as spinal deformation and knee joint pain may also occur.

Cool breeze 4 tips to teach you to wear stockings healthily

  The silk stockings don’t have to be broken.

   Many people think that as long as there are no holes in the stockings, there is no need to buy them. In fact, in addition to dressing up the legs, a pair of high-quality stockings should also consider health and have excellent performance.

   High-quality stockings are first of all breathable, which can discharge the sultry moisture even in summer, so you no longer have to worry about sweat and sticky skin, and let your skin and air freely contact; while inferior stockings are The sweat pores cannot relax and affect the discharge of sweat. The skin metabolites in sweat can stimulate the skin to itch and cause skin inflammation.

  Secondly, high-quality stockings should be elastic, tighten the fat on the legs, make the legs more beautiful, and can effectively prevent varicose veins, especially the abdomen should be more elastic to help tighten Lower abdomen, shape the perfect body shape; while ordinary stockings will not have such a function.

   There are also high-quality stockings that should have strong adhesion and fit closely to the skin. There is no wrinkle even on the knees and poppets, just like the second layer of skin, and the color of the stockings is transparent. Uniformity, strong covering power, make the skin look more delicate and shiny; but inferior stockings will feel uncomfortable when worn on the body.

   High-quality stockings should be thermally extended to make them stronger and more wear-resistant and not easy to spin. The heated silk is more anti-static, and it can avoid the embarrassment of adsorbing skirts without vacuuming dust. ; Ordinary stockings are easy to hook bad, and absorb dust and skirts, which affects the appearance and is not conducive to protecting the skin.

   But when choosing, you should also do according to your own economic strength. Stockings also have the function of maintaining normal body temperature and keeping the body clean. After wearing socks for a long time, the accumulated dirt is easy to decompose and emit a strong stench. Wash and change frequently to keep your feet comfortable and clean.

  How to choose silk stockings

  1. Choose a good texture

   Socks are like underwear, socks made of different textures are worn on the body The feeling is also different, and the price varies greatly. Generally speaking, 100% Japanese goose down are high-end stockings, which are smooth and soft, and have excellent elasticity. Whether it is thick or ultra-thin, it is very durable. The stockings made of core-spun silk material are mid-range stockings, which have super elasticity and are not easy to snag. Ordinary 15D stockings, although the tightness and smoothness are not as good as the first two, but the price is affordable, so they are also very popular.

  2. Choose the color tone

   Because of the popularity of short skirts, the visual weight of socks has become larger and larger. It can be said that the color tone of socks reflects a feminine temperament. Skin color is an eternal color, which can be matched with various fashions; gray is natural and generous, and plain clothes are better. Women with graceful postures may wish to choose high-end electronic jacquard socks, which not only show the fashionable atmosphere, but also better set off the graceful posture.

  3. Look at the luster

   can see the skin is the good stockings: good stockings, even thick stockings worn in autumn and winter, should be shiny, so that the beautiful legs are looming and revealing Hazy complexion. Otherwise, the legs will be like wood, stiff and motionless.

  4. Choose the thickness

  The thickness of the stockings is based on the “Denier” standard, and the packaging of each pair of stockings is marked with how many “D” or how many “Denier” stockings , Chinese: Daniel; Abbreviation: Dan. “D” or “Denier” refers to the unit of fiber denier. Weigh “D” as much as the weight of the fiber that weaves the stockings per 9000 meters. Therefore, the higher the “D” number, the higher the relative weight of the fiber and the increase in thickness. The smaller the “D” number, the thinner and more transparent the stockings.

   You can choose 50D, 60D, 70D, 80D, 120D when it is cold in early spring, 20D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 70D in warm spring, and 15D, 20D, 40D in early summer and 8D in summer , 10D, 12D, and then choose 5D and 6D thinner for hot spots. You can choose 20D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 70D when it is warm in early autumn, and choose 60D, 70D, 80D, 120D, 150D when it is cold in late autumn. 80D is enough. For those who are afraid of cold, choose 120D, 150D, 200D, 300D or a larger D number. For example, 1600D is almost as thick as cotton trousers.

  Of course, good stockings should also fit the legs highly. It should also be noted that if women with a history of allergies on the leg skin, they should appropriately choose pure cotton or breathable socks. At the same time, they should also consider factors such as strong sunlight in summer and excessive sweating. At the same time, when women buy stockings, they should also pay attention to the color of the stockings in the packaging bag, which is darker than the color when they are worn on the legs. Therefore, when choosing, choose a color that is slightly darker than your favorite.

  How to wash and maintain stockings

   1. Wash with neutral detergent in warm water, do not wring out, use a dry towel to absorb excess water. When washing the stockings, use mild soap and water to soak the stockings for a while. Use mild neutral soap or shampoo to gently scrub with your hands in warm water (not exceeding 30 degrees). Use a towel to absorb excess water when drying. It is most avoiding sunlight. As long as it is directly exposed to the sun to make the fiber elastic and fatigued, it will be greatly reduced, and then hang the socks with clothespins to dry.

  2. Dry naturally in the shade.

How to clean and maintain the new school uniform in the new semester

  When the new semester arrives, students will wear new school uniforms. How should parents clean the school uniforms to ensure the health of their children?

  School uniform washing and maintenance knowledge

   Generally speaking, school uniforms are all conventional fabrics, so in washing and maintenance The following points should be paid attention to:

  1) Cotton knitwear, the normal shrinkage rate after washing is ≥6%, and the trousers are polyester-cotton knitwear, and the normal shrinkage rate after washing is ≥3%.

  2) The national standard for clothing size deviation is ≥5%. If you buy two sets of the same school uniform, but the size is deviation, it does not mean that the school uniform is unqualified and you can use it with confidence.

  3) School uniforms should be washed first after purchase, and dark and light school uniforms should be washed separately to avoid mutual staining. Do not wash colored school uniforms with bleaching powder, do not soak in bleach, and do not clean with hot water above 30°C.

  4) Cotton school uniforms are easy to wrinkle and deform, so do not wring them dry after washing. When they are half dry, you should pull them with your hands on key parts such as collars and fronts. After drying, Pull it with your hand again, the school uniform will be very smooth and make the child more refreshed.

   teaches you four ways to help you prevent school uniforms from washing and fading

   Dark school uniforms usually have floating colors the first time they are launched, mainly after the fabric is dyed The remaining unfixed dyes are unavoidable for all clothes. As long as they are not large-scale or particularly serious, they are generally not a quality problem. This kind of floating color will generally disappear after a few washes as long as the washing method is correct. The severity of fading has a lot to do with the washing method. Most of the dyes of colored clothing are easy to dissolve in water; the dyes are also easy to fade under the action of sunlight in a humid state; the dyes and fiber textures are not firmly combined, and they will fade during washing. Therefore, in order to keep the clothes from fading, care should be taken not to soak them in hot water, soapy water, or alkaline water for a long time when washing, and do not use a washboard or brush to scrub.

  The first measure to prevent fading: pickling method. Raw materials needed: edible vinegar

   This trick is mainly aimed at red or purple and other brightly colored cotton school uniforms. The method is to add some ordinary vinegar to the water and soak for a while before washing the school uniforms! The amount of vinegar should not be too much, otherwise light-colored clothes will be stained easily. If you can wash your school uniforms frequently in this way, you can ensure that the colors of the school uniforms are as clean as new!

  The second method to prevent fading: toilet water cleaning method. Raw material needed: toilet water

   The second trick is more suitable for cotton school uniforms. The method is to clean the school uniforms according to the conventional method. After rinsing, add a few drops of toilet water in clean water, and then soak the cleaned school uniforms in Ten minutes in this water. The school uniforms washed in this way can also play a role in disinfecting and removing sweat.

  The third method to prevent fading: salt water immersion method. Raw material needed: table salt

  This trick is most suitable to deal with the fading problem of color school uniforms. In order to prevent fading of the newly bought school uniform, it can be soaked in concentrated salt water for half an hour before being put into the water for the first time, and then washed according to the usual method. If there is still a slight fading, you can soak it in light salt water for ten minutes before each washing. If you stick to it for a long time, the school uniform will never fade again!

Misunderstanding of toothpaste: squeezing too much can cause cancer

   One: Too much toothpaste may induce oral cancer.

There are several active ingredients in    toothpaste that are worrying. The chemical substance “sodium lauryl sulfate” widely used in toothpaste is thought to cause gastrointestinal diseases and liver poisoning, and make the oral cavity more prone to ulcers and oral cancer. The abrasives in toothpaste are also believed to damage the gums and make them more susceptible to damage, so do not squeeze too much when using toothpaste.

  2: Improper use of fluoride toothpaste can lead to dental fluorosis.

   Nowadays, fluoride toothpaste has long been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. When it comes to oral health care, the first thing that comes to mind is fluoride toothpaste. However, experts pointed out that although fluoride toothpaste can effectively prevent dental caries, it also has side effects. Improper use can lead to dental fluorosis. The limit between the anti-caries effect of fluorine and its toxicity is very small. Excessive intake of fluoride will cause spots on the teeth. This is dental fluorosis, and the patients are mostly children. This is because children’s swallowing control ability is not perfect, and there are many chances of accidentally swallowing fluoride toothpaste when brushing their teeth, resulting in increased fluoride intake. Because toothpaste generally has no instructions for use, suitable people and dosage, adults and children share a kind of toothpaste, and there is a phenomenon that toothpaste is filled with toothbrushes as demonstrated in TV commercials.

  Experts remind consumers that it is best not to exceed 1 cm each time when using fluoride toothpaste. It is best not to use fluoride toothpaste for children, or use it carefully under the guidance of parents. At the same time, fluorine is a highly toxic substance. If the body absorbs too much, it will cause fluorosis. The state stipulates that the free fluorine in fluoride toothpaste should be between 400 and 1200 ppm. It is especially important to note that children before the age of 3 to 4 should not use fluoride toothpaste, because 1/8 to 1/4 of the toothpaste may be swallowed by them.

  3: Children should not use multi-foam toothpaste.

  Children should not use multi-foam toothpaste. Toothpaste is divided into three types: more foam, medium foam, and less foam. The amount of foam depends on the amount of soap. Multi-foam toothpaste has a high soap content, which can easily irritate the oral mucosa in the oral cavity.

  4: Using a single toothpaste in the morning and evening is bad for oral health.

  Dental experts suggest that toothpaste products should be used alternately according to the seasons and physical conditions, and products of the same brand or the same effect should not be used all the time. In advanced countries in Europe and America, more than 80% of consumers have separated their morning and evening toothpaste, and they have the habit of checking their teeth regularly. Studies have shown that most oral problems are caused by bacteria. The saliva secreted by the human mouth itself has a bactericidal function; however, the amount of saliva secreted during the day is 3 to 4 times that of the night, which is easy to inhibit the production of bacteria; and when the person is sleeping, the salivary gland Insufficient secretion and dry mouth can lead to acidification of the mouth, unable to inhibit the growth of bacteria, leading to various oral problems.

  5: Medicated toothpaste is not suitable for long-term use.

   At present, a large number of drug toothpastes such as desensitization, anti-inflammatory toothpaste, deodorant hemostatic, etc. have emerged, and their advertisements are overwhelming. Many people use drug toothpaste as a prevention and treatment of oral diseases. The panacea, the use of medicated toothpaste regardless of whether there is dental disease, this approach is not appropriate. Bacteria in the oral cavity are divided into two types: pathogenic bacteria and non-pathogenic bacteria. They restrict each other and maintain the “ecological balance” in the oral cavity.

Chair is the number one killer of health

   “Get up from the chair!” This is the advice given by the psychology professor to the “sitting generation”. Most of the workers in modern society sit in the office, while driving back and forth to work, and sitting at home no matter whether they are eating dinner or watching TV…

We live a life that is inseparable from the chair all day long, and people who “stick” on the chair for a long time may face a higher risk of suffering from high blood pressure, slowed metabolism and weight gain.

  Why does an honest chair become a health killer?

   The passiveness of “sitting” is second only to “lying”, and sitting human body consumes the least calories, which easily leads to metabolic imbalance. Many people are surprised that even eating an apple consumes more calories than sticking to a chair. On the other hand, “people mistakenly think that’sedentary’ is equivalent to’not exercising’. In fact, if someone exercises in the gym for 30 to 45 minutes a day and sits for the rest of the time, their lifestyle is still considered to be’sedentary’. “

  The sitting posture changes the natural shape of the human spine, making the muscles and bones more and more uncomfortable. The spine of a healthy person is in a natural S shape, but the sitting posture pushes the waist back into a “C” shape, and the back and abdominal muscles that should support the body lose their function. Over time, the back muscles become weak, unable to support the spine strongly, and pain inevitably hits; people in a sitting posture have their knees bent at 90 degrees, tendons and hip flexors have been compressed, buttock muscles have been stretched, and body movements will change No longer free and stretch, pain and injury are more frequent than before.

   The waist circumference of a long-term “sitting person” will gradually increase inadvertently over time. “Standing up” can only consume a few calories at a time, but as long as you insist on doing it a few times a day, it can play a significant role. It is not difficult to consume 30 to 50 calories a day, but it is enough to prevent weight gain of 2 to 3 pounds per year. And if you spend a lot of time in the “sitting” state, your weight will quietly fall on you.

Wear contact lenses and wash them with cold water

  Wearing contact lenses to swim causes blindness? That’s right, it was such an unintentional negligence that brought serious consequences for Jenny’s blindness. Ni Yan, Department of Ophthalmology, Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, said, “This type of Acanthamoeba keratitis is not uncommon. To prevent infection, it is best to rinse contact lenses with cold water to clean them thoroughly.

  Chasing the roots: The source of infection is mostly found in tap water. The “Acanthamoeba keratitis” that Jane contracted comes from a kind of amoeba protozoa, and this small worm is common in water Ni Yan said that if you wash contact lenses with tap water or wear contact lenses to swim, you may be infected with amoeba, causing corneal ulcers, chronic uveitis, and blindness in severe cases.

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