Is alcohol-based mouthwash causing cancer? Should mouthwash be used?

   Alcohol in mouthwashescancerrisk increased

   according to the United Kingdom “Daily Mail” recently reported that Seymour, a professor of dentistry at Newcastle University, said that many mouthwashes contain alcohol, some containing as much as 25%. This is mainly to allow the menthol, eucalyptol and other ingredients in the mouthwash to work, and to penetrate and decompose dental plaque. At the same time, alcohol can also cause dry mouth, destroy the mucus protective layer that keeps the mouth moist, and cause bad breath. Good, and cause tingling sensation. Some mouthwashes can also cause teeth to turn yellow.

   In addition, a research report published in the Australian Journal of Dentistry in 2009 showed that alcohol in mouthwashes can make nicotine and other carcinogens easier to penetrate the protective layer of the oral cavity, increasing the risk of cancer.

Professor    Seymour suggested that which mouthwash should be used should follow the doctor’s advice. For example, the doctor may recommend that patients with gingivitis use high-fluoride mouthwash. If you don’t have any dental disease, you can use a non-alcoholic mouthwash. Also note that the plaque-removing ingredients contained in the mouthwash can take effect within 10 days, and long-term use is not recommended.

  ”GlucoseChlorhexidine acid” component affects taste

  Mouthwash sold in the market There are many formulas, such as thymol, triclosan, chlorhexidine gluconate and so on. Among them, chlorhexidine gluconate proved to be effective in inhibiting the growth of dental plaque and preventing periodontal disease, but at the same time, it was found that long-term use will cause dental stains to deposit on the surface of the teeth and affect the sense of taste. Generally, mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine gluconate formula are given to patients with periodontal disease, oral ulcers or those who have undergone oral surgery, but they should not be used for a long time to avoid deposits of tooth stains.

   The Hong Kong Department of Health said that most people do not need to use mouthwash frequently, as long as they brush their teeth in the morning and evening, and use dental floss to clean is enough. Some people who use alcohol-containing mouthwash may feel dry and uncomfortable in their mouth and lips, and even temporarily lose their sense of taste. People who often feel dry mouth should not use it.

9 misunderstandings about men using razors, shave more and more before bathing

  9 major misunderstandings of using a razor

   1. Never shave before taking a shower. Your skin is unprepared for this, and you are likely to experience a burning sensation after shaving and cause ingrown beards.

  2. Do not shave before playing sports. Because sweat can irritate the skin you just scratched and form an infection.

  3. Do not shave the hair particles. Although shaving particles will make the beard more clean, but it is easy to irritate the skin to form barbs.

  4. Don’t borrow razors from others, and don’t lend your own razors to others. Contaminated blades can spread serious skin diseases.

  The razor must be disinfected with alcohol

   An amazing report confirms that the razor contains 125 times more bacteria than the toilet lid . If the razor is not cleaned carefully, it is easy for bacteria and other dirt to be adsorbed on the blade. If the skin on the face is damaged, it may cause infection after use. Experts remind that razors should be disinfected with alcohol regularly.

   Clean it after each use. After 2-3 times of use, soak the blade in alcohol and then dry it with cotton for use. After each use of the blade-type razor, take out the blade and remove the residue on it with a brush. When cleaning the electric shaver, you need to clean the blade holder with a small brush, and then use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to gently wipe off the grease on the blade.

  5. When shaving with a razor blade, don’t be too tight on the facial muscles. It is easy to shave the roots of the skin.

   6. Do not shave the beard in the same place from different directions. In this way, you may shave your beard too short to form a shaved beard.

  7. Do not use blades that are too old or even rusty. When the blade is not sharp enough, it should be replaced in time.

   8. When shaving with a razor, do not use it on a dry beard. If you don’t keep your beard moist, those scratched knife marks and bloody pustules will take at least three or four days to heal.

   9. Emollient perfume after shaving is not medically necessary. Although the ingredients do make the shaved skin look more radiant, although you are willing to add some fragrance after shaving, it is recommended that you do not use perfumes containing ethanol and witch hazel tincture, as this will cause infection. Check the ingredients of the moisturizing perfume you put on after shaving, and you have to see if these perfume products are exclusively for use after shaving.

How to choose underwear straps in summer

  The main function of the shoulder strap is to lift the breasts, followed by the breasts and body shape. Regardless of whether it is fixed or shaped, making the breasts straight and straight is the most basic. In order to pull up the breasts, use tightly woven ribbons with a certain thickness for the shoulder straps. But too tightly, it will make the shoulder muscles uncomfortable. Therefore, the shoulder straps must have a certain degree of flexibility to make our activities easier.

In the design of    bra, the shoulder strap is a very important part. In terms of form, the shoulder strap styles designed to match different outerwear bring us a lot of convenience in wearing bras. More fundamentally, buying a bra for daily wear often depends on the difference in shoulder straps for a comfortable fit. If the shoulder straps often fall off, it will make you very embarrassed in public.


  The shoulder arc is moderate, the shoulder muscles are not thick; the clavicle and scapula are obvious. Generally girls have this kind of shoulder. When choosing a bra, you can choose a design with the shoulder straps slightly on the outside, and the width of the shoulder straps can be narrower, which is commensurate with the shoulders of a single book. You can also choose the shoulder strap design in the middle position to stabilize the breast lifting force. It should be noted that for the thin shoulder body shape, the shoulder strap should be close to the upper chest. When trying on, check whether there is any gap between the shoulder strap and the body.

   The shoulder arc is moderate, the shoulder muscles are thick, and the collarbone and scapula are not visible. Not all fat people have this kind of shoulder. Girls with large skeletons have thicker shoulders accordingly. Choose a bra with a wider shoulder strap, enough tension, and comfortable shoulders. The shoulder strap position is best to choose the middle or the inner side, it is too easy to slip off the outside, and for girls with plump breasts, the shape will appear looser. In addition, girls with thick shoulders should pay attention to the fabric density when looking at the shoulder straps. The one with no elastic front part of the shoulder strap can pull up the breast better, and will not lose the strong pulling force due to the looseness of the shoulder strap after being worn several times. It should be noted that girls with thick shoulders are generally plump, and bras with 3/4 or full cups and wide straps are better.

  Finally, for girls with dry slanted shoulders, choose a shoulder strap with a U-shaped back design. Compared with a shoulder strap with a vertical design, it is not only difficult to slip off, but also more comfortable due to the combined force. Of course, if you need a bra with detachable shoulder straps, there are only vertical straps.

   flat shoulder, commonly known as general shoulder

How to choose survival equipment during rainy season?

  As the heavy rains in the north continue to cause serious disasters, how to travel safely in heavy rains and how to ensure health during travel has become the focus of attention. On Weibo, many netizens posted comics about “Standard Equipment for Survival in the Rainy Season of the Imperial Capital 2012”. Although the comics are a large collection of items that people need in this torrential rain disaster, we don’t usually use such exaggerated equipment. , But umbrellas, raincoats, rain boots, etc. are very necessary, how to choose good rainy season equipment?

  How to buy an umbrella

   Umbrella is One of the essential rain gear for everyone. From a simple solid color to the present rich patterns. How to choose the right umbrella for yourself

  1. The choice of use is the umbrella used to hide from the rain, from ultraviolet rays, or as props.

  2. If it is an umbrella that avoids ultraviolet rays, it is recommended to choose a silver-colored fabric on the surface or the inner surface, which can effectively reflect ultraviolet rays. Choose the color that suits your age to match.

  weight and volume

   choose an umbrella that suits your needs for going out. It’s best to be compact, just big enough, so you won’t hold it Too tired. Generally, a diameter of less than 60 cm is sufficient, unless you are a big man.

  Fabric selection

   There are many fabrics for umbrellas, but it is best to choose umbrellas containing Teflon fabrics, which can be waterproof. Good, and it dries fast.

Selection of   Frame

Everyone knows the fabric of   , the rest is the internal skeleton, which is very important. Many umbrellas are turned over when there is a strong wind. The reason is that the frame is not strong enough. It is recommended to choose a thick and strong stainless steel frame.

The choice of    structure

   Umbrellas can be opened manually or automatically, so you must be clear about what structure umbrella you are used to.

  According to common sense analysis, most people like umbrellas that are used to open automatically. But the manual life is often longer than the automatic one.

   has an upright calcaneal type. The retractable type is convenient, foldable, and small in size.

Nose clip for swimming is easy to damage the nasal mucosa

  SwimmingWearing a nose clip can easily damage the nasal mucosa and cause infectious diseases

Li Tianying, director of the Department of Otolaryngology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, believes that the main purpose of wearing a nose clip when swimming is to prevent water from pouring into the nasal cavity, causing choking and nasal discomfort. Therefore, if you are diving for a short time or for beginners, you can consider wearing it in moderation. Nose clip. But if you wear it all the time during swimming, the nose clip will not help people, but may damage the nasal mucosa inside the nasal cavity. Once a wound occurs in the nasal cavity, bacteria and germs in the swimming pool can easily invade the human body from the wound, which may cause inflammation such as rhinitis and sinusitis. Therefore, in the process of swimming, you can not wear a nose clip without wearing a nose clip.

  Good cleansing of the nasal cavity after swimming helps prevent disease

   The most important process after swimming is a good cleansing. As news of the unqualified water quality of swimming pools in major cities continues to be exposed, the damage to human health caused by the water quality of the swimming pool has also been exposed. If people must go swimming, the cleaning process after swimming is very important. Good cleaning is attached to the body. The bacteria and germs can effectively prevent diseases. Director Li believes that when cleaning, everyone should not only clean the surface of the body, but also pay attention to washing the inside of the nasal cavity with clean warm water to reduce the possibility of bacteria and germs attaching to the inside of the nasal cavity, especially if there are wounds in the nasal cavity or suffering from nasal inflammation. Patients should pay more attention to clean the nasal cavity after swimming.

  The “beautiful nose clip” on the Internet can make the nose firm and unreliable

   there is a “beautiful nose clip” that sells well online, the product claims By correcting the cartilage shape, the collapsed cartilage of the nose can become slender and firm, making many women who are inferior or pursuing perfection due to nasal defects feel excited and have a try. Plastic surgery expert Professor Qian Yunliang believes that theoretically speaking, after the age of 16 years of adulthood, the nose is fully developed and fixed, and it is impossible to increase the height of the bridge of the nose through a beautiful nose clip. Unless it is worn 24 hours a day, it may cause soft tissue deformation. But if you just wear it and stop, basically it will not be effective.

  From a professional point of view, this kind of beautiful nose clip has three major hazards to the nose:

   First of all, the skin of the nose contains more sweat glands and sebaceous glands. The wing of the nose contains the most sebaceous glands, which are the most common sites for acne, acne, boils and rosacea. The beautiful nose clamp compresses the skin of the nose, and if the time is too long or the local resistance is low, it is easy to cause lesions in these parts. After some girls use the beautiful nose clip, the nose becomes red and big, and there are still marks.

  Secondly, the nose of adolescent girls is developing, and the beautiful nose clip compresses the bone of the nose bridge or tip, which will affect blood circulation, leading to nasal bone and cartilage dysplasia, and even deformity.

Intimate care The curved cushion is the best waist protection

The    cushion has two functions. One is to remind the body to maintain a correct sitting posture, and the other is to support the lumbar spine. The chronic low back pain often seen by sedentary office workers is caused by hunched over and other improper sitting postures among 80 adults. According to statistics from the Institute of Labor Safety and Health, Taiwan’s Executive Yuan, the lumbar spine can withstand twice as much when sitting as when standing. If the body leans forward 20 degrees, the pressure is three times the original. Gu Mingzhou, an orthopedic surgeon and dean of Taiwan’s Changhua Xiu Chuan Hospital, pointed out that cushions can reduce this destructive force and reduce the burden on the lumbar spine.

   There are many kinds of cushions on the market, how to choose? Lin Yingzhou, a physician at the rehabilitation department of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, said that materials, shapes, and methods of use are the most basic elements.

   choose a curved cushion. A curved cushion is much better than a non-curved cushion, and it has enough strength to support the waist. It is best to choose a cushion with a lordosis, the size of which varies from person to person. The correct placement is from below the shoulder blades to the hips. Choose the style that best fits your waist curve. Some cushions also have protruding arcs on the left and right sides. Lin Songkai, a rehabilitation physician at Lixin Hospital in Taiwan, believes that most people do not need it. If you often drive, you can choose this type of cushion, which is more protective.

  Choose a cushion made of memory foam or plastic sheet material. The materials of cushions on the market are divided into four types: mesh, stretch cotton, memory foam, and plastic board. Generally speaking, memory foam and plastic sheet have the strongest support. There are also many people who use plush toys as back cushions, and feel that the stuffing cotton used inside is softer and very comfortable, but this material can disperse less pressure and cannot be used by middle-aged and elderly people and people who are already suffering from pain.

Family blood pressure monitoring preferably upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer

   At present, many consumers have many misunderstandings about home blood pressure measurement, such as not paying attention to posture when measuring, never calibrating the sphygmomanometer after purchase, and there are many doubts about the fluctuation of sphygmomanometer data. Therefore, Professor Wang Jiguang, director of the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Hypertension Alliance, and director of the International Society of Hypertension, introduced that human blood pressure is always changing, and no living individual has the same blood pressure within two minutes. For example, there are rhythmic changes during the day and night, usually with higher blood pressure during the day and lower blood pressure at night. Affected by many factors such as emotions, body position changes, noise, temperature, etc., if the conditions for measuring blood pressure are not stable enough, even several consecutive blood pressure measurements may have large fluctuations, even reaching more than 10 mmHg, in addition to smoking, etc. Habits may also cause changes in blood pressure of 20 mmHg.


   Picture 1: Professor Wang Jiguang preached hypertension and other related knowledge to the audience and media reporters

   Pay attention to the method of family blood pressure monitoring in the morning and evening

 Learn how to use the blood pressure monitor: Be sure to follow the instructions carefully after purchasing the blood pressure monitor Operational use. Make sure that the general conditions for measuring blood pressure are roughly similar to those in the hospital. If you use an upper-arm electronic blood pressure monitor, you should rest for at least 5 minutes in a chair with a backrest. Place the upper arm with the cuff on the table, level with your heart, and relax your legs on the floor.

  Preparation before measurement: Before measuring blood pressure, you must sit in a quiet environment and rest for 5-10 minutes. After exercise, you must rest for 30 minutes to relax the body and mind. The heart rate is stable, and then start the measurement. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid emotional tension and mental anxiety during the measurement. Smoking, drinking, and showering are strictly prohibited before blood pressure measurement.

  Position, posture and operation: The measurer shall lie supine or sit. During the measurement, the elbow joint is at the same level as the heart, and the upper arm is straightened and slightly abducted. The air bag of the cuff is close to the skin, and the lower edge is 2 to 3 cm away from the elbow bend. Don’t be too tight or too loose.

Demystifying “Sanitary Napkin Allergy” Teach you to choose the sanitary napkin that suits you

  What causes sanitary napkins?Allergies?

  Gynecological experts said that there may be two reasons for the use of sanitary napkins. One is that the patient’s own skin is sensitive. Many sanitary napkins now have dry mesh surfaces. The net surface is made of fiber, and some people may be allergic; the other is that the sanitary napkin itself does not meet the standard and does not meet the hygiene requirements. In addition, with regard to sanitary napkins that are quite popular in the market, Dr. Du said that some women may also be allergic to these drugs, so the choice should be based on their own conditions.

  How can I choose a sanitary napkin that suits me?

Hole shoes flip flops are dangerous as rain boots

   What many people don’t know is that hole shoes are not only dangerous on elevators, but also unsafe in the rain. A heavy rain has turned many places into cities where you can “see the sea”. The reporter saw that many of the men and women who “tread waves” wear holes in their feet! In addition to the hole shoes that have just been “condemned”, girls wear more flip-flops. So, what are the harms of these two kinds of shoes as rain boots? The reporter conducted an interview.

  Reporter encounters

  ”hole shoes” when rain boots fall on all fours

   What shoes do you wear to work on a rainy day? Like many women, the reporter also thinks that “hole shoes” are the best-flat bottom is easy to walk, you don’t worry about deformation or deterioration if you get wet by rain, and you can wash your feet in the office with water. Nothing is more convenient than these shoes. Of it.

   It rained yesterday, and the reporter stepped on a pair of newly bought “hole shoes” to go out. But it didn’t take long to discover that these shoes were not powerful.

   “Hole shoes” do not accumulate water but are not waterproof. The water passes through the “holes”, but the dust particles are left in the shoes. It is uncomfortable to creak and creak when walking. —This is not the biggest problem; when “hole shoes” are rain boots, the most worrying thing is slipping. Because the soles of the “hole shoes” are smooth, the feet will be more slippery when wet, so you have to “stretch” your toes all the way and “grab” the soles hard.

   The reporter was cautious all the way, the ordinary asphalt road was fine, but I didn’t expect that there was still a problem with the unit soon: it hit the marble floor, just like the soles of the feet were greased, and fell all at once. !

  citizen’s statement

  Flip-flops are put back when the rain boots are too dirty

  In the interview, The reporter met Miss Li at Xinjiekou. Ms. Li works in Jiangning. The company does not have strict dress code requirements. In rainy days, she likes “short hits” with flip flops the most. Yesterday I went out to do errands, but I was worried near the housekeeper bridge: “Think about how dirty this is, I can’t get my feet down.”

   My colleague, Ms. Lin, who was with Ms. Li, was because of her age. Some people pay great attention to health preservation. The most uncomfortable thing is that young people wear flip flops “wading”. She told reporters, “Chinese medicine starts with the cold from the feet. What’s the difference between wearing flip flops and stepping in the water with bare feet?” Ms. Lin thinks it is more convenient to use high heels on rainy days. It is best to add a thick sole to keep your feet free from water. But when she was walking on the road yesterday, she almost got her feet slippery.

   Ladies are worried, and men are not easy. In the face of heavy rain, many men also play in sandals, and the problems encountered are no different from those of ladies. “It’s useless to wear leather shoes. In such a deep water, the shoes and socks are all wet! I think it is convenient for girls to wear sandals.” Mr. Min Ning said helplessly.

  ●Expert Suggestions

  It is not advisable to wear narrow heels on rainy days

The most pitted “foot” of platform shoes harms women’s health

   The more uneven the road, the more you wear thick-soled shoes.Easy to fall

   feet are used to walk. So you can walk steadily because your feet have a solid “iron triangle”: the fifth bones of the heel, big toe, and small toe. These three points form a triangle, perceive road information, adjust gait, and make the pace steady.

   But when you put on thick-soled shoes, your heels are separated by a thick insole on the ground, and the original three-point load becomes an entire sole plane load. Everyone knows that the triangle is the most stable, and the stable type of one point becomes worse, and the ability to perceive the path becomes slow. Therefore, once the road is uneven, or when running, people wearing thick-soled shoes are more likely to fall than people wearing other shoes, and the “injuries” of falling are more serious than ordinary people.

   Many women choose platform shoes between platform shoes and high heels, because platform shoes can increase the height and look more stable. In fact, both make you “struggle”. In comparison, high-heeled shoes are indeed easier to get on your feet than platform shoes. Because when a person wears high heels, the toes point down and the foot is stretched, the ankle joint is unstable and it is easy to twist the ankle joint. However, thick-soled shoes also do not rule out this danger.

  1, first check if your feet are “sick”

   stand barefoot on the ground, if the three fingers can just fit into the arch of the foot , Indicating that the feet are normal. If the fingers cannot be put in or there is too much space after putting them in, there is a problem. At this time, it is recommended to go to the hospital and listen to the doctor’s advice and guidance.

  2, don’t believe “just wear it”

   It is recommended to buy shoes after the feet are fully active in the afternoon or evening, because the feet There will be swelling in the afternoon, and the size you can buy with this foot shape will be suitable. When trying on, don’t go barefoot and wear shoes on both feet. Be sure to pull the zippers or tie your shoelaces. Don’t be sloppy. Stand up and walk around, and feel the comfort of your feet when walking. You can’t walk two or three steps and you’re done. It’s best to walk 50 steps. If it’s not suitable, you will already have a very obvious feeling. If it doesn’t fit your feet, there is nothing to be attached to, no matter how beautiful it is. Don’t be fooled by the salesperson’s “just wear it” lie.

  3. High heels should not exceed 4.6 cm

  When women buy high heels, do not blindly seek heights. Excessive height not only makes the feet uncomfortable, but also causes various problems. Kind of gynecological diseases.

  4. Wearing thick-soled shoes must first be equipped with double cushions

   Thick-soled shoes in summer are cooler and more breathable, and your feet are more comfortable. Nowadays, the sole materials of platform shoes on the market are different, and the hardness and softness are also different. From the perspective of comfort, you can choose a softer and thinner sole. Because if the feet are stepped on, the soft sole will be deformed, which will change the way the feet receive force, which can alleviate a variety of discomforts caused by thick heels. On the contrary, thick and hard soles will aggravate the above-mentioned injuries.

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