Experts explain the three standards for masks in detail

  Affected by heavy fog in some areas and reduced air quality, masks have begun to sell well. To choose a suitable mask, you need to understand three criteria: high dust blocking efficiency can block fine particles; it can be close to the face to prevent dust or pathogenic microorganisms from entering from the non-closed place; breathing resistance is small and light, and it is comfortable to wear.

   Masks should be pressedFunctionThe choice varies from person to person

   According to the person in charge of the Taobao data platform, protective masks have sold 7,751,475 items in the last 30 days, and searched 1,813,608 times. Henan ranks 14th in the country in terms of transaction value.

  ”Masks can filter the air. When respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent, or when working in a polluted environment such as dust, wearing masks can play a good protective role.” Wang Dongmei, director of the Department of Infection Management, Zhengzhou Third People’s Hospital I think that the use of masks should still be selected according to personal needs and the functions of the masks.

   According to reports, most medical masks are now disposable, which is not suitable for ordinary people to use. Commonly used masks are usually folded and sewn into several layers of absorbent cotton gauze. A three-layer gauze mask can block 70% to 80% of bacteria, and a six-layer gauze mask can block almost 100% of bacteria. In order not to be too stuffy after wearing a mask, usually 6~8 layers are appropriate. In the choice of baby masks, comfortable and breathable pure cotton materials are better.

  Exquisite masks often contain too much fiber and low cotton content, which is prone to static electricity. In addition, the isolation gauze used in exquisite masks has only 3 to 5 layers, and the filtering function is limited.

The filtering effect of    masks is focused on the nose, and masks of different sizes should be selected according to personal circumstances. If the mask is too small, germs, dust, and pollution will easily enter from the edge of the mask or the gap on both sides of the nose, which will affect the filtering effect. There are three criteria for judging the quality of a mask: high dust blocking efficiency, capable of blocking fine particles below 2.5 microns; able to closely adhere to the human face to prevent dust or pathogenic microorganisms from entering from non-closed places; low respiratory resistance, light, and wearing Comfortable.

  Do not hang the mask directly on the ear

  When wearing a mask, you should use the correct method. The lower two straps are tied to the back of your neck, and the upper two straps are tied to your head. Avoid hanging them on your ears.

   At the same time, when wearing a mask, you should not expose your nose to the outside of the mask. This will lose the role of protecting the respiratory tract. The outer layer of the worn mask will accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the two sides of the mask should not be used alternately.

   When not wearing the mask, fold it and put it in a clean envelope or pocket, and fold it with the side close to the nose facing inward. Don’t just stuff it into the bag. It is best to prepare a few more masks, which can be replaced.

Contact lens family’s personal secrets to solve 4 situations without hurting the eyes

  Wearing contact lenses for girls can get rid of the dull feeling of ordinary glasses. Contact lenses with special effects can also be placed in the eyes to make girls more beautiful. However, there are many disadvantages of wearing contact lenses. Do you know what to do to be safe in some situations?

  Case1 How to apply eye makeup when wearing contact lenses?

  Rescue suggestion:

  Basically, it is best not to wear eye makeup when wearing contact lenses. However, if it is necessary, first of all, you must pay attention to your contact lenses not to be contaminated. If they are contaminated, they must be sent back to the factory or contact lens company for disposal and thoroughly cleaned, so this is also related to your contact lens company’s follow-up services Quality.

  Before you put on makeup, please wear contact lenses, especially don’t touch your eyes when applying mascara. When you want to remove makeup, you must first remove the contact lens before proceeding. Do not let the fine eye makeup remover flow into the eyes.

  Case2 foreign objects fly into the eyesinsideThe trouble!

  Rescue suggestion:

   When you are choosing a helmet, you should choose a protective cover so that foreign objects have no chance to get close to your eyes. Even if you are not riding a bicycle, you can wear sunglasses or flat glasses to protect your eyes. In case a foreign body flies into your eyes, you should immediately remove the contact lens, wash it with normal saline, make sure that the mosquitoes or wind sand are not stuck to the contact lens, and the eye no longer feels irritation before wearing the contact lens. .

  If you don’t have a contact lens case, saline solution, and your hands are dirty, don’t worry too much. When your eyes are strongly stimulated, they will automatically secrete tears to relieve pain. Therefore, as a last resort, you can blink and close your eyes to make the tears secrete by themselves to bring out the mosquitoes and let the eyes solve the problem by themselves. But if it is still very painful, it must be removed and cleaned so as not to hurt the eyes.

  Case3 stays up all night and the eyes are especially dry the next day!

  Rescue suggestion:

   When working overtime or staying up all night, it’s best to switch to frame-style glasses, especially, no matter how tired you are, remember not to take off your contact lenses because of laziness before going to bed. If you are asleep and closed your eyes tightly, your eyes cannot secrete tears. Contact lenses do not have enough moisture, which will make your eyes more dry. Therefore, you must not sleep while wearing contact lenses, otherwise your eyes will be severely dehydrated.

   If you must wear contact lenses, don’t forget to add artificial tears or saline to avoid too dry eyes. If you still feel dry after waking up the next day, you can use a few drops of artificial tears or saline to soothe dry eyes.

  Case4 sweat is in the eyes! it hurts!

  Rescue suggestion:

Australia announced: the top ten toxic substances in life

   There is also a mother in Australia, because her son suffers from “antagonistic defiant disorder” and is extremely sensitive to many chemical components. Out of love for children, she carefully studied the potential dangers in various daily necessities and foods around us, tried little by little, and unearthed the “top ten poisons” hidden in daily life, and wrote ” The truth one-the hidden dangers in food and daily necessities” book.

   1. Alcohol in mouthwash.

   Mouthwash can help clean teeth and mouth, bringing fresh breath. But one of the essential raw materials, alcohol, may make the body more susceptible to carcinogens. A research report published by the National Cancer Institute of Australia in 2009 showed that the alcohol content of mouthwash is 25% or higher, which is associated with cancer of the mouth, tongue and throat.

   2. Preservatives in bread.

  The bread is soft and delicious, which is considered a healthy breakfast by many people. But did you know that besides wheat, milk and sugar, bread also has a preservative called calcium propionate (E282). This preservative was quietly introduced into bread more than 20 years ago. It is a colorless and tasteless white powder that people cannot tell by appearance, smell and taste. Its harm to the human body gradually accumulates little by little. Studies have shown that it is related to upper intestinal disorders and migraines, and can also cause learning difficulties and persistent fatigue in children.

  3. Diethanolamine (DEA) in care products.

   shower gel and lotion can cleanse the skin, but they will harm your health unknowingly. It contains a substance called diethanolamine, which is used as a solvent, emulsifier, detergent, and humectant. Canadian author Sabina DeVita introduced in the book “Save Face: Spices for Wrinkle-Free Skin” published in 2002, in skin care lotions, diethanolamine is used as a softener, but it will interact with the nitric acid in the product. The salt chemically reacts to form a potential carcinogen—nitrosamines. In addition, diethanolamine may also irritate the skin and mucous membranes.

   4. Fluoride in toothpaste.

Improper use of electric blankets in winter can cause infertility

   sperm is particularly sensitive to high temperature environment. Under normal physiological conditions and general environment, the temperature of the scrotum should be more than 3℃ lower than body temperature, that is, around 34℃. Our body temperature is 37°C, and the temperature of the testes and epididymis located in the scrotum is also significantly lower than body temperature. This is one of the important conditions to ensure spermatogenesis and maturation, and all factors that increase the temperature of the scrotum, testis and epididymis may hinder the occurrence and maturation of sperm.

   If you stay in a high temperature environment for a long time, such as excessive use of electric blankets, saunas, wearing denim tights, etc., the temperature of the scrotum, testicles, and epididymis can increase, which affects sperm production and mature. Therefore, men who are planning to give birth and want to have good birth and good childbirth should not use electric blankets for a long time.

  To learn to use electric blankets properly

   One is that the power-on time should not be too long. Generally, it is heated before going to bed. Turn off the power when you go to bed and fall asleep. Never use it overnight;

  Second, people with allergic reactions should not use electric blankets;

Electric heater is often cleaned to prevent headaches

   There are two reasons for headaches caused by electric heaters. First, the use of electric heating for a long time will inevitably accumulate dust and dirt. When the electric heater is heated, the internal dust and dirt will evaporate and pollute the surrounding air. When people breathe in, they get headaches. A similar situation can occur when some oil-based electric heaters leak oil.

   Another reason is that electric heaters are heated locally, which will increase the speed of air circulation in a small area around them. In this small area, the hot air is denser, while the surrounding environment is still dominated by cold air. When there is convection between cold and hot, it will produce certain irritation to the human body and may also cause headaches.

   Using electric heaters correctly, headaches can be avoided.

Teach you to choose a toothbrush with good health effects

  When buying a toothbrush, first look at the size of the brush head. The brush head is generally a little smaller to ensure that it can rotate flexibly in the mouth. For children with small mouths, the brush head needs to be smaller. In general, the size of the brush head should be determined according to each individual’s situation, and factors such as the size of the mouth, the degree of mouth opening, and personal habits should be considered comprehensively. There is no uniform standard. “The American Dental Association recommends that adult toothbrushes should be: brush heads about 2.54-3.18 cm long and 0.79-0.95 cm wide; 2-4 rows of bristles, 5-12 bundles per row. However, adults can also choose a brush head of 2.3 cm A children’s toothbrush with a length and a width of 0.8 cm.

  Secondly, it depends on the softness of the bristles. The bristles should be moderately soft or slightly soft. But be careful, too soft bristles are easy to brush dirty. The bristles in the past are made of pig bristles, which are very hard and easily damage the teeth and gums. They have been basically eliminated; the current bristles are mostly made of nylon filaments. Specifically, it can be divided into two types-ordinary silk and DuPont silk. DuPont silk has good elasticity and is not easy to fall.

   Third, sanding is also very important. After the bristles are cut, if they are not rounded, they are likely to be too sharp and cause damage. A brushed toothbrush with rounded bristles can prevent this kind of damage and has a stronger protective effect on the gums.

   At the same time, the doctor reminds everyone that it is best to replace the toothbrush every 3 months. If it is used for too long, bacteria will accumulate in the bristles, which is harmful to oral health. Those who use DuPont wire bristles should not replace the toothbrush because the bristles are not down.

   In addition, whether the brush head is square or diamond-shaped, the upper edge of the bristles is flush or wavy, and the handle is curved or straight, it has no effect on the brushing effect. The most common straight-handled toothbrush is fine for brushing your teeth.

  Electric toothbrush is suitable for special people

   Since its launch in the Chinese market,    electric toothbrushes have gradually been favored by people for their convenience and labor-saving features.

   There are two types of electric toothbrushes, namely ordinary electric toothbrushes and sonic toothbrushes. For the elderly, children or people with physical inconvenience, it is recommended to use ordinary electric toothbrushes. But you should not be too superstitious about the efficacy of this type of toothbrush. As long as the method of brushing your teeth is correct, manual toothbrushes are as easy to use as ordinary electric toothbrushes. Relatively speaking, the sonic vibration toothbrush has a stronger health care effect. It can flush out the food remaining between the teeth through sound waves. This kind of effect is massage type, cyclone type, precursor type… Facing the dazzling array of toothbrushes on supermarket shelves, many people There is a question: “The slogan of each toothbrush says that it has unique effects. Which toothbrush is best for you?” In this regard, the dentist said: the brush head is small, the bristles are moderately hard, and the bristles have been polished. Toothbrush has the best health effect.

   Brush between teeth with interdental brush

Humidifiers should not be used for 24 hours. Patients with arthritis and diabetes should use it with caution

  The indoor air is dry in winter. In order to increase the indoor air humidity, humidifiers have become an essential small appliance for many citizens to spend the winter healthy. The reporter recently visited several home appliance stores and found that there are many types of humidifiers on the market, and the functions are even more refurbished. The prices of humidifiers of various brands of high, middle and low grades range from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. Dazzled, do not know how to choose.

  Inferior humidifier becomes a “health killer”

   Citizen Ms. Zhang bought a humidifier at the wholesale market for 40 yuan. When I tried it out, it felt very good. I didn’t expect that the noise would become loud after two days when I went home, and I couldn’t use it at night. During the interview, the reporter learned that there are many quality problems and safety hazards in the inferior brand humidifiers currently on the market:

  1. The noise is loud. Inferior humidifiers will produce loud noises when they are in operation.

  2, most of them do not have national testing or certification. Xiao Liu, a shopping guide for humidifier counters in a shopping mall, told reporters that inferior humidifiers blindly seek to reduce costs. The quality of water tanks, plastic parts, and electrical accessories are not good enough, and most of them do not have national testing or certification.

  3. After-sales service is not guaranteed. It is difficult to get after-sales maintenance service when there is quality problem with other-brand humidifiers.

  Improper use of humidifier endangers health

If the    air humidifier is not used correctly, it will also endanger health. Therefore, please pay attention to the following points when using it:

  1. The humidifier is not suitable for 24-hour use. This is because if the humidifier is used for a long time, various bacteria are easy to grow and multiply in the humid environment in the room, and these bacteria may cause many respiratory diseases.

  2. Tap water cannot be directly added to the humidifier. Because the tap water contains a variety of minerals and alkalis, it will damage the evaporator of the humidifier and affect the service life of the humidifier. Chlorine atoms, calcium and magnesium ions in tap water may be blown into the air with water mist and cause pollution, so it is best to use pure water or boiled water.

  3. The humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly. If it is not cleaned up regularly, the mold and other microorganisms in the humidifier enter the air with the mist, and then enter the respiratory tract, which may easily cause “humidifying pneumonia”. Therefore, the humidifier is best to change the water every day, and it is best to clean it once a week.

Old antibacterial toothpaste is prone to allergies

   A new study published in the Journal of Environmental and Health Outlook found that triclosan, a common antibacterial chemical in toothpaste, may interfere with the human immune system and induce allergies.

   The University of Michigan School of Public Health has found that triclosan interferes with the human endocrine system. Its role in the human body is similar to estrogen and may have a certain impact on the immune system. Researchers conducted an in-depth analysis of relevant data from the 2003-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey completed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the results showed that triclosan is extremely associated with allergies. This study once again confirms that the increasing incidence of allergic diseases is related to modern lifestyles. The cleaner the home or the environment, the weaker the human immune system’s defense against allergies and pollen, and early microbial exposure may be harmful The onset of asthma plays a protective role.

Beware of personal bodyguards to cause diseases, answer ten myths about underwear cleaning

  Q1: The increase in secretions is caused by insidethe pants are not washed clean?

   With the changes of the menstrual cycle, secretions will appear in the private parts. When ovulation is about to occur, female hormones will peak, and vaginal discharge will be as much as nasal mucus. During ovulation, secretion Objects will look like transparent egg whites, before menstrual cramps, they will become white with a small amount. Therefore, secretions are actually a normal physiological phenomenon and have little to do with underwear.

   But this does not mean that the cleanliness of the underwear is not important.

  The secretions on the bottoms are mostly protein, and protein itself is a good petri dish. If it is not properly cleaned, it can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Wearing such underwear may cause inflammation.

  Q2: Hand-washing underwear is the cleanest?

   Underwear is really clean by hand washing, but the disadvantage of hand washing is that the detergent is often not clean, and it can’t be squeezed dry after washing. If it is wet for too long, it is easy to mold, so washing underwear in a washing machine is actually beneficial.

The cleaning of    underwear actually only needs to follow a simple principle: “wash and rinse”. As for how you wash it or which detergent you use, it doesn’t really matter. Be careful before throwing underwear into the washing machine. If girls have secretions, or boys have protein molecules from dreams, they should simply scrub with detergent first, otherwise a layer of biofilm will easily attach to them and cause bacteria to grow.

   If you throw your personal clothes into the washing machine, it’s best to wash them with light-colored clothes. Avoid mixing them with pants and socks. It’s best to put them in a laundry bag to avoid damage due to friction. If you are worried about not being washed clean, you can Put a few laundry balls in the laundry bag to increase the friction of washing.

  Q3: The news says that the washing machine is dirty than the toilet. Is it okay to throw personal clothes into the washing machine?

  If you throw your underwear out of the washing machine, it may become dirty. The body has a barrier, so the chance of infection is actually low.

   Most of the bacteria in the washing machine are what we usually come into contact with. There are not many pathogenic bacteria, and the washing machine should be cleaned regularly.

   Even if someone in the home is infected with a sexually transmitted disease, it’s not a problem to wash the clothes together, because the virus of sexually transmitted diseases is very delicate and will die when it touches the chemical detergent, but if someone in the home is infected with scabies, the clothes are Wash separately.

  Q4: How to choose a cleaning agent?

  Generally, the hand-washing detergents for personal clothes on the market are relatively mild neutral detergents. The advantage of neutral detergents is that they do not damage the clothing materials and are less irritating to the skin. Therefore, even if the detergent remains on the clothes, it will be harmful to the body. The harm is also low.

   usually foaming detergent can destroy the protein, but the detergent that can really clean thoroughly must be relatively alkaline or acidic, so the prerequisite for use is that it must be rinsed.

   As for the underpants stained with blood during the menstrual period, how should I wash them? Rinse it with cold water when it first touches it. Most of it can be washed off, but if the blood stain has dried up, you can use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the wound on it. Usually the blood stain can be effectively decomposed.

   If the adhesive of the sanitary napkin sticks to the underpants and does not tear cleanly, you can use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive, and then separate it from the underpants. It must be clean.

Keep one foot away from the heater

Daddy    had a “red net” on his legs. He was worried that he would have a blood disease. He went to Wuhan Pu’ai Hospital to find out after an examination. It turned out that he was getting too close while heating, and he had “baked” his skin.

   Daddy Yuan, who lives on Hanzheng Street, suffers from pain in his legs in winter. After the winter, his daughter bought him an oil heater. Daddy Yuan had to put You Ting less than a punch from the side of his leg after dinner to watch TV with peace of mind. For this reason, his wife has repeatedly reminded him “Don’t get hot.” But he just didn’t listen.

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