Inventory the advantages and disadvantages of six types of winter quilt to help you warm the cold winter

   Cheap and environmentally friendly cotton quilt

  Cotton fiber has certain strength and elasticity, good heat preservation effect, moisture regain rate of 7%, moisture absorption and ventilation, mothproof and light fastness, non-toxic and tasteless, it is one of the traditional popular bedding products in my country. 1. It can be degraded naturally after being discarded. When the quilt is used for a long time, it is easy to harden, so it should be dried regularly, but do not pat, otherwise the cotton fibers in the quilt will break and affect the warmth retention. It should be noted that quilts that are too low in price are suspected of “black heart cotton”.

   moisture-absorbing and breathable wool quilt

  The main component of wool is protein, and its hygroscopicity, elasticity, breathability, flame retardancy and heat preservation are better than cotton fiber. The microclimate in the quilt can maintain the temperature and humidity around the skin suitable for the human body, and does not absorb dust. It does not generate static electricity and is also known as “air conditioning quilt”. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, as well as those who are afraid of cold, frail, and sweaty. When washing, it is best to dry clean.

   Elegant and gorgeous silk quilt

  Silk is composed of a variety of amino acids and is a pure natural animal protein fiber. It combines lightness, softness, smoothness, and fineness. It is known as the “fiber queen”. It is also moisture-absorbing, antistatic, and non-pruritic. Human skin has certain health benefits. Among them, tussah silk is thicker in fineness than mulberry silk, has a yellower color, is acid-resistant, and has better fluffy properties. Silk is suitable for the elderly, women, children and families with better economic conditions.

   Good quality silk quilts sell at a higher price. Pay attention to the trademark and description when buying. If you can open it on the spot, you should focus on checking whether the inner and outer qualities of the silk quilt are consistent. Silk is not subject to heavy pressure, sun exposure, and washing with alkaline soap, and it cannot coexist with camphor and other chemicals.

   soft, smooth and warm porous quilt

  Porous hollow fiber is one of the new varieties of differentiated fiber. The cross section of the fiber is similar to honeycomb, and the number of holes is divided into 5 holes, 7 holes, 9 holes, etc. The number of holes is large and the amount of voids is large, which can block the flow of air, so the heat preservation effect is better. This type of fiber has higher strength and elasticity, good fluffy, slippery hand feel, and lighter weight, similar to duvets, but at a moderate price.

  The small porous cotton quilt can be washed directly in the washing machine, and it is not afraid of pressure and easy to keep. The disadvantage of this type of quilt is that it has poor hygroscopicity and is not suitable for people who are allergic to chemical fibers. It is more suitable for young people to make single quilt or double quilt.

   light and warm fluffy duvet

   Down itself has a multi-dimensional triangular skeleton structure, which has a large amount of air storage and is not easy to flow. It does not stick to each other due to the fat content of the suede. It is lighter in weight, high in bulk, good insulation performance, moisture absorption and sweat wicking. Better quality products. It has no oppressive feeling on human organs, and is especially suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, and children.

   When buying, choose products with high velvet content. It is best to choose high-count, high-density, non-drilled velvet fabrics for the quilt, especially the quilting area should not be mixed with velvet. Those who are allergic to down powder should use it with caution, preferably dry clean.

Use plastic wrap to resist cold and cause skin problems

   wearing too much, bloated, wearing less and cold

   Xiao Wu is 25 years old this year. After graduating from university, he joined an advertising company in Jiangbei as a customer service manager. From the day he went to work, it has become a compulsory course for Xiao Wu to dress himself up every day.

   “A windbreaker, shorts or a short skirt are my favorite outfits.” Xiao Wu said that it was raining two days ago and she felt a bit cold, so she wore a winter cotton coat. As a result, as soon as she arrived at the office , My colleague Xiaofang came over and said, “Oh, why are you bloated like a ball?”

   “At that time, I must have been depressed and miserable. I don’t know what to say.” Now that the temperature is lowering day by day, Xiao Wu is starting to worry. “My colleague said that I am like a ball if I wear too much. What should I do if I wear less and cold?”

  The secret weapon for keeping warm is plastic wrap

   Last month, Xiao Wu saw a video on the Internet called “How to keep warm with plastic wrap”. The rate of reposting on the Internet is extremely high. Many netizens who love beauty have started discussions and concluded a warmth “The trick” is to use plastic wrap to keep warm.

   “I only heard that wrapping in plastic wrap can help lose weight, but I didn’t expect it to have the effect of keeping warm. It really serves multiple purposes!” Xiao Wu, who learned of this good solution, suddenly felt that he had found a savior. From that day on, Xiao Wu got up early every morning and wrapped a few layers of thin plastic wrap on his belly, thighs and knees, and then put on thicker pantyhose. Not only did he move freely, but he couldn’t see it at all.

   “Since I wrapped the cling film, I felt that the temperature of the’heat preservation’ part of the body increased significantly. It is much easier to use than warm babies and fleece pantyhose.” With this “secret weapon”, Xiao Wu Start wearing short skirts and tights every day again! However, the good times did not last long. After a week, Xiao Wu’s waist, abdomen and legs were covered with dense small red rashes, and it was itchy and swollen. Xiao Wu was terrified…

   wrapped in plastic wrap causes allergiesdermatitis

Hao Fei, director of the Department of Dermatology, Southwest Hospital, said that it is extremely undesirable to use plastic wrap to keep warm, and Xiao Wu’s rash is caused by allergic dermatitis caused by wrapping plastic wrap.

  ”Cling film is a kind of toxic chemicals, which can easily cause contact dermatitis, especially for allergic skin.” Director Hao said that people’s skin is prone to lack of water and dryness in winter, and care is not taken. Dry itching often occurs. For example, Xiao Wu still wraps a completely airtight cling film on the outside and uses it to wrap his body for a long time. Since the cling film is not breathable, sweat cannot be volatilized through the evaporation effect, which will inevitably cause urea, salt and other ingredients to adhere to the human body. The skin is irritating to the skin. After a long period of time, it is easy to induce skin diseases, such as itching and allergies.

   Director Hao suggested that girls should not use this kind of heat preservation method without scientific basis. In winter, it is best to choose cotton underpants or warm pants with good air permeability and soft texture, so as to keep warm and healthy.

  The scientific method of winter protection for women

   Soak your feet before going to bed, exercise moderately, and eat tonic.

   What methods should women take to keep out the cold in winter?

Drinking fountains have many hidden sanitary hazards, clean dead corners and become a hotbed for bacteria

   Open the back cover of an 80% new water dispenser, take out the pot-shaped heating vessel with a diameter of about 10 cm and a height of about 20 cm, and you can see the liner with the off-white paste material in front of you.

   This white layer of material is “scale”, which will breed a large number of bacteria, residues and even bloodworms. Drinking this “scale gallbladder” boiled water will cause digestion, Nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases. The domestic use of similar drinking fountains is as high as 99.3%, which means that 99.3% of the drinking fountains are toxic.

  The inner tank of the water dispenser is made of stainless steel or aluminum. If the inner tank is heated for a long time, it will produce carcinogenic nitrite. If ordinary water is repeatedly heated and boiled for a long time, it will become “thousand boiling water”.

   Clean the water dispenser at home, especially the outlet port, the bottom of the bucket and the inner tank. There are two commonly used methods. One is to use a disinfectant for cleaning, which is sold in some professional markets or online. For example, you can choose an acid detergent to deal with scale; the other is to use concentrated lemon water for cleaning. Regardless of the cleaning agent used, rinse the drinking fountain with clean barreled water after use until the residue of the disinfectant solution is washed away.

  The steps of cleaning the water dispenser are divided into: cut off the power of the water dispenser; drain the remaining water from the water outlet; clean the exterior of the water dispenser and the base interface; pour the special cleaning and disinfectant into the water storage tank; after 10 minutes, Turn on the red and green drain taps until the disinfectant is drained; turn on the drain valve on the back or bottom of the machine to drain the disinfectant in the dispenser; rinse with boiling or pure water several times until it is completely tasteless; tighten the drain valve to disinfect The bacteria operation procedure is completed.

   It is best not to drink the opened bottled water for more than 15 days, because long-term exposure can also cause impurities and bacteria to grow.

  First: When the water dispenser is in use, air continuously enters the barrel, and bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms enter the barrel water with the air. The carbon monoxide, dust, pests and mold in the air itself are emitted from the horizontal materials. Harmful gases such as formaldehyde also enter the drinking fountain with the exchange of water and gas, becoming a “hotbed” for the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms.

  Second: There are structural dead corners in the contact between the smart seat of the drinking fountain and the barrel. These structural dead corners are inherently difficult to clean. If they are not washed frequently, they will become the best breeding ground for bacteria and viruses;

Good sleep must know: the pillow is not selected, the more tired you sleep

   When buying bedding, most people pay attention to colorful, comfortable and soft sheets, quilt covers and other kits, thinking that these can add luster to home life, and ignore the purchase of pillows. In fact, choosing the right pillow not only guarantees our high-quality sleep, but also determines the quality of work and life for the remaining two-thirds of our time.

   Nowadays, pillows have many patterns, materials and functions. How to choose a pillow that suits them makes it difficult for many consumers. You have to consider your own sleeping habits, as well as the efficacy and characteristics of the pillow, and choose your favorite style and color. It can be said to be a small pillow.

   Pillow also pursues green, healthy and practical

   There are many types of pillows on the market, and the functional styles are dazzling. Some of the green pillows are very functional. In many home textile shops on Lianjiang Road, the reporter saw that the pillow cores of these pillows are mostly made of natural materials, such as buckwheat husk, lavender, cassia, cockscomb, wild chrysanthemum, Sanssouci, vine, silkworm sand, bamboo charcoal , Tea, kapok, etc.

  According to the salesperson, the green pillow uses the medical principles of non-traumatic drug therapy. On the one hand, a pillow with a scientific shape and height design can protect and correct the cervical spine; on the other hand, people’s pressure on the pillow and head The heat emitted from the pillow can volatilize the specific material in the pillow core material, which is gradually absorbed by the blood vessels and skin, thereby playing the role of “aromatherapy”.

  Comfort pillows are the prerequisite for quality sleep

  The pace of modern life is accelerating, and people are under pressure from busy work. Therefore, the quality of sleep is particularly important. According to research by relevant experts, the function of a pillow is to ensure that the physiological curvature of the human neck is not deformed during sleep. It is the most important sleep tool and an indispensable household item. A comfortable pillow is the prerequisite for enjoying quality sleep.

   Pillows cannot be bought casually, you should choose the most suitable pillow according to your actual situation. Ms. Lin, who has been suffering from cervical spondylosis for many years, said that she has used many pillows specifically for patients with cervical spondylosis. Initially, they have a certain effect, but after a long time, they will not feel any effect. She said that she is currently using traditional pillows. The buckwheat husk pillow, the buckwheat husk is cool to remove the fire, the pillow is hard with soft but not rusty, warm in winter and cool in summer, especially comfortable.

  A good pillow needs a good filling material

Teach you how to store sanitary napkins after unpacking

  Sanitary napkins cannot be placed in the bathroom

   The restrooms of most families are dark guards. There is no sunlight all day long and it is so humid. It is easy to breed mold and contaminate sanitary napkins. Many female friends, for reasons of laziness or convenience, are accustomed to putting sanitary napkins in the bathroom. They do not realize that this is a taboo for using sanitary napkins. This wrong approach is worthy of warning.

  Sanitary napkins must be used up in the month after opening

  Sanitary napkins must be stored cleanly. It is best to use up the opened package in time in the current month. Do not use sanitary napkins and pads that may have been contaminated. In the past, everyone thought that wearing wet underwear on rainy days could easily cause vaginitis. In fact, using contaminated hygiene products that have been opened during this period can also easily cause the disease.

How to store sanitary napkins after unpacking

Don’t use toilet paper as a napkin

  Toilet paper has become an indispensable product in daily life. However, few people pay attention to the hidden dangers of this daily necessities in close contact with our bodies due to quality problems. It is understood that poor quality toilet paper not only exceeds the standard of bacteria, long-term use of toilet paper containing excessive fluorescent bleach may also cause cancer.

   toilet paper is mostly recycled paper. The raw materials are various and the source is complicated. It is used in the early stage, thrown into the garbage bin and then into the garbage station, then recycled, soaked and re-pulped, then deoiled, deinked, bleached, and then added Talc, fluorescent agent, brightener, softener, then dried, rolled, cut, packaged, and then transported and sold.

   The above series of processes make toilet paper inevitably contain or remain in the toilet paper some harmful substances, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, asbestos, etc.

   Recently, a random inspection issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine showed that 50 of the 588 types of toilet paper products across the country did not meet the standards. However, most of the unqualified paper products of about 10% are caused by excessive bacteria, excessive fluorescent bleaching agent, or insufficient softness. According to the report, excessive use of fluorescent bleach can cause cancer, and excessive bacteria can cause infection.

  Four Principles for Choosing Toilet Paper

   recommends that consumers must choose large supermarkets and stores to buy well-known brands of toilet paper, which is guaranteed to a certain extent. When selecting, the following 4 principles should be followed:

   First, the seal is complete and the appearance is neat. The packaging and sealing of qualified products should be complete and firm, and the paper surface should be clean and not rough. There should be no obvious damage, hard blocks, grass tendons, pulp mass and other impurities and residual printing ink, otherwise it is a product with excessive bacteria.

  Secondly, the information is complete. According to the national regulations, the packaging of qualified toilet paper should be printed with the name of the manufacturer, date of production, product grade (superior product, first-class product, qualified product), adopted standard number, implemented sanitary standard number and other information.

   There will be no dust. Shake the toilet paper gently, no dust will fall from qualified products. If the dust is removed, it means that the fluorescent bleaching agent is used excessively.

   Finally, the paper is soft. Qualified toilet paper should be soft and comfortable. It is best to buy toilet paper that is marked with all wood pulp and no fluorescent substances. Do not buy products that are too white or gray-black, because fluorescent whitening agents may be added to those that are too white, and recycled paper may be added to gray-black ones. .

  Don’t use toilet paper as napkins

   has bought qualified paper products, we have to pay attention to some details of use in order to benefit our health.

   For example, don’t use toilet paper as a napkin. Napkins are disposable, while toilet paper is mostly made of renewable paper. Using toilet paper as a napkin may be infected by bacteria. Especially when you wipe your mouth with toilet paper, it will increase the chance of getting the disease through the mouth.

   It is possible that inhalation of harmful dust, fungi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli, etc., will irritate the respiratory tract, cause enteritis, typhoid, dysentery and other diseases, and may even carry hepatitis virus.

5 kinds of daily necessities hidden toxins hurt skin

   Japan’s latest healthcare medical concept states: “Be careful with your skin! Every day, you are absorbing chemicals that are harmful to your health, that is, transdermal toxicity!” Indeed, the skin is the largest organ of the human body, not only the “protection” of the internal organs of the body. “Barrier” is the “channel” for many chemicals to enter the body.

  Some harmful chemicals can enter the body through the skin, causing cell mutations, and even cancer in severe cases. This is the so-called transdermal toxicity.

  ◎Humectant in toothpaste

   transdermal toxicity: sodium lauryl sulfate, polyethylene glycol

  Of course, you know that brushing your teeth in the morning and evening is not only good for oral health, but also good for preventing gastric cancer. For this reason, you brush your teeth at least 3 times a day, thinking that this is the best care for your health. However, the humectant in certain toothpastes contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which can enter the body through the oral mucosa. When a large amount of toxins in the body is stored, it may cause scalp developmental disorders, low vision, and cataracts.

   For this reason, after carefully brushing your teeth with toothpaste, please wash your teeth thoroughly with water again to reduce the total amount of this transdermal poison into the body.

  ◎Fungicide in hand sanitizer

   transdermal toxicity: ammonium laurate, polyoxyethylene ammonium lauryl sulfate

The bactericidal effect of    hand sanitizer is indeed excellent, but some brands of hand sanitizer may contain bactericidal ingredients such as ammonium laurate and polyoxyethylene lauryl ammonium sulfate, which can help the chemical substance EDTA in the hand sanitizer to ” It penetrates the skin of the hands and enters the body, thereby increasing our chances of suffering from asthma, renal dysfunction, and calcium deficiency.

   Therefore, you should pay attention to the appropriate amount of hand sanitizer, and it is best not to massage your hands vigorously to prevent some ingredients in the hand sanitizer from penetrating the surface of the skin into the inside of the skin, just rub it gently to achieve cleansing and sterilization purposes.

  ◎ Conditioner in shampoo

   Transdermal Toxicity: Polyquaternium

   The various plant extracts in the shampoo make your hair feel “slick”, but some brands of products contain a lot of transdermal poisons, including polyquaternium-10 and polyquaternium. When the concentration of hair moisturizers such as salt-7 is too high, it will cause great irritation to the mucous membrane of the body.

   The scalp’s stratum corneum is very thin, so the “self-protection awareness” is very weak. If you often receive the “baptism” of percutaneous poison, its barrier function will be severely damaged, resulting in a decrease in the permeability of the hair cells of the epidermal layer, making the scalp and Hair roots lose nourishment, scalp itching, and colorless hair appears.

  ◎The emollient in shower gel

   Transdermal Toxicity: Lauramidopropyl Betaine

  You like the fragrance of a certain shower gel the most, but its emollient lauramidopropyl betaine may stimulate the chemical substance EDT-3Na to penetrate into the skin quickly. When these chemicals are excessively absorbed by the body, they will combine with calcium and iron to produce chelate (a toxic chemical substance). If they remain in the subcutaneous tissue for a long time, the barrier function of the skin will decrease. , And the increase in external radiation increases the chance of allergic dermatitis, which can also cause skin cancer in severe cases.

  ◎The bleaching agent in low-quality jeans

   transdermal toxicity: formaldehyde

  As a jeans expert, you will change different styles at work every day to show your unparalleled love for denim. However, when inferior products are accidentally bought, transdermal poisons will also come “quietly.”

  Because low-quality jeans will use a higher content of formaldehyde in the process of bleaching, dyeing and washing, after wearing it, formaldehyde will be released with the body temperature of the human body, and invade the “private places” of women through the human skin. At this time, more harmful chemicals will play a role here, disrupt the women’s menstrual cycle, and cause endocrine disorders, which can lead to endometritis and uterine fibroids, and may even cause female infertility.

   Therefore, in order to ensure safety and health, do not wear the jeans you just bought. Let them dry in the sun for two days to let the formaldehyde gas volatilize, so as to be prepared.

  ◎Cleaning agent in detergent

Pillows are about health, high-quality pillows protect the cervical spine and help sleep

  A good pillow and a good bed are not only related to your sleep, but also to your health. Experts tell you how to choose. On Monday morning, I finally got up from the warm bed, stretched my waist, shook my head, “Oh,” my neck was stiff and unable to turn, and my waist was sore. I clearly remember that I slept all day yesterday, why do I still feel tired as I sleep?

  Choose bedding carefully in order to sleep vigorously.

What is   stiff neck

   occurs during sleep, because the neck deviates from the pillow or poor sleeping posture, causing acute inflammation of the arthritic tissue around the cervical spine and abnormal tension of the neck muscles.

  Symptoms are stiff neck, difficult to turn on one side, and a slight deflection of the neck, which means pain, and even nausea and vomiting. In treatment, anti-inflammatory analgesics and muscle relaxants, or physical therapy such as ultrasound and hot compresses are usually given. Acupuncture can also be used to solve the problem.

  Emergency treatment: Put ice cubes in a plastic bag, slowly massage the painful or stiff area, or apply ice for a while to relieve the symptoms of stiff neck. If it persists for more than two days and does not improve, please consult a doctor.

   Give it a try, are your pillows qualified?

   When lying flat, the forehead and chin should be level, the neck should be close to the pillow, and the upper back should not be suspended. When sleeping on the side, the height of the pillow should be the same as the width of the shoulders, the sides should be in a horizontal line, the neck should be straight, and the shoulders should be flat against the bed.

The choice of    pillow

  The key to choosing a pillow is to maintain the normal physiologic curvature of the neck regardless of whether you sleep on your back or on your side.

  1. The pillows have proper thickness on both sides, and the cervical spine will have good support when you turn to sleep on your side.

  2. Generally, the height of the cervical spine is 6 cm, and the recommended height of the adult pillow is about 6 cm; the height of the child pillow increases with age, and the height of the pillow for eight or nine-year-old children is 3 cm.

  3. Pillow width is proportional to shoulder width

  4. Good flexibility. Does not deform due to squeezing, and can naturally bear the weight of the head and neck

  5. The design has a wavy arc, the head can be fixed on the pillow

  6. Various materials have different characteristics, so ventilation should be considered. Down pillows are comfortable, but not suitable for allergy sufferers; synthetic fibers have no allergies, but they have a poor sleep feeling.

  The following is an analysis of common pillow materials

  ■DuPont cotton: chemical fiber raw material, easy to maintain, soft and compressible. The more fiber holes you choose, the more breathable it is

  ■PE pillow: a commonly used one. Chemical fiber is cheap and easy to replace and clean, but it has a poor sleep feeling.

The hot water bottle not only keeps warm, has a variety of health benefits

   Apply back to relieve cough

   Fill a hot water bottle with hot water, and wrap it with a thin towel or cloth on the back. It can dilate blood vessels in the respiratory tract, trachea, lungs and other parts and accelerate blood circulation. This is mainly because the bladder meridian that runs on the back is on the surface of the body. The external evil invades the body, which causes aversion to cold, fever, and nasal congestion; while the Yang of the Governor Meridian, once invaded, the Yang Qi will weaken and the resistance will become low; The lung acupoints on the spine have the function of treating unreported lung qi. Therefore, hot water bottles are often used to apply the back, not only to make the bladder meridian and the governor channel operate normally, but also to actively stand guard at the lung acupoints, which is good for relieving cough, curing colds and improving resistance.


   There is Anmian acupoint on the neck, which is mainly used for insomnia and dizziness. Put the hot water bottle on the back of your neck before going to bed, you will feel gentle and comfortable. First, your hands will heat up, and then your feet will feel warm. In addition, applying a hot water bottle to the neck can also affect the Dazhui point, so it has a good effect on the treatment of cervical spondylosis.


   24 hours after the injury, when the swelling begins to get better, apply a hot water bottle for about 20 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day, which can effectively promote blood circulation and accelerate the absorption of congestion and exudate. It has the effect of warming meridian, dispelling cold, activating blood and dredging collaterals, and relieves local swelling and pain.

It is best to add distilled water in the humidifier

   With the start of heating in winter in Beijing, many people have begun to complain about the dry air in their homes and plan to buy a humidifier to increase the humidity in the house.

   If the humidifier is used for a long time, and the water is not changed and cleaned frequently, the inner wall of the humidifier is likely to grow fungi or bacteria, which can cause allergic reactions, fever, and pneumonia in the patient .

  ”Humidifiers can improve indoor humidity very well, but I don’t recommend adding any chemicals to the humidifier.” Professor Wang Guangfa, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Peking University First Hospital, said that it is best to use distilled water with less impurities. It can reduce damage to the lungs and respiratory system.

  The first choice for humidifier water is distilled water

   When using a humidifier at home, Professor Wang Guangfa suggested that it is best to use distilled water with less impurities.

  ”If you have to use a kind of water, use ultrasonic atomization to make them enter the lungs, preferably water without impurities. Relatively speaking, distilled water is the ideal water. However, when indoor humidification, it is not easy to overdo it. Too long.” Professor Wang Guangfa reminded.

   Many people also want to add some fragrance or essential oils to the humidifier. Professor Wang thinks this is also very unsuitable. Because these chemicals containing fragrances and preservatives are designed to contact human skin, rather than direct contact with human organs, it is best not to risk using them.

   humidifier “nourishing” bacteria cleaner is difficult to clean

  Professor Wang Guangfa believes that the concept of a humidifier is very good, as long as the water used is clean, with less impurities, and a small amount of inhalation is no problem.

   However, if the humidifier is used for a long time, and the water is not changed and cleaned frequently, the inner wall of the humidifier is likely to breed fungi or bacteria. There may be pathogenic bacteria in it. They enter the respiratory tract and lungs of the human body through small water droplets, which may cause allergic reactions, fever, and pneumonia in patients. This type of pneumonia is collectively referred to as “humidifier pneumonia.”

   Many people think that as long as the humidifier is cleaned with disinfectant water and disinfectant, even after repeated washing, it is difficult to ensure that the disinfectant does not remain.

  ”If bacteria enter the lungs through water droplets and can cause humidifier pneumonia, then the fungicide enters the lungs through the water droplets and can cause aseptic inflammation, because these daily chemical products are not designed and approved for Entering and contacting human organs without laboratory verification and research is unknowable. “Professor Wang Guangfa said, this can also explain the deaths caused by the use of humidifier fungicides in South Korea, the earliest It is the cause of death due to the occurrence of functional damage to the lungs, and then the occurrence of pulmonary fibrosis.

  Do not exceed 60% indoor humidity in winter

  ”The climate is dry in winter. Using a humidifier can keep the air moist, but there are also certain standards for the humidity of the air. If the humidity is too high, it is not good for the human body.” Professor Wang Guangfa said.

  The most suitable air relative humidity for the human body in winter is 40%-60%, which is not suitable for excessive dryness or excessive humidity. Too dry can cause dry throat and get angry, while too wet can cause diseases such as pneumonia.

  Professor Wang emphasized that once the air humidity is lower than 20%, the indoor inhalable particulate matter increases, and it is easy for people to catch a cold. Under normal circumstances, when the air humidity is 55%, germs are more difficult to spread, but if the air humidity is too high, such as over 90%, it will cause discomfort to the human respiratory system and mucous membranes and reduce immunity.

   hospital nebulizer for special patients

Professor Wang Guangfa introduced that in clinical practice, there are special hospital nebulizer inhalers, which are aimed at patients with lung diseases. They use medical normal saline or special medicines to deliver medicines to patients through fine aerosols. The lower respiratory tract and lungs dilate the bronchus or increase airway moisture for the patient. This is completely different from the humidifier used at home.

   For example, some patients with excessive sputum need to go to the hospital to use a nebulizer, and the inhaled ingredient is medical saline. “Don’t underestimate the physiological saline, it must be sterile, multi-processed impurity-free water, high-purity sodium chloride.” Professor Wang Guangfa said, do not think that adding saline to the humidifier at home can be inhaled for treatment.


  Asthma allergy, use humidifier with caution

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