9 kinds of daily necessities are as harmful as lead paint

  Antibacterial soap

Why is    antibacterial soap antibacterial? Mainly because it contains a small amount of toxic substances. This is also harmful to the human body, especially for children whose nervous system is developing. Therefore, to avoid all products that claim to be “antibacterial”, it is best to use natural soap to let the child’s immune system work and kill common bacteria.

  sports drink

   Just because of the word “exercise”, some parents think that this drink is healthy and that it can supplement potassium. In fact, the chemical sweeteners contained in beverages are harmful. Drinking water is a smarter way.

  Sunscreen oil

   Sunscreens in sunscreens Many sunscreens in sunscreens can cause skin cancer because they contain a variety of toxic substances. What’s more serious is that the sunscreen blocks ultraviolet rays, which prevents the skin from producing vitamin D normally and affects bone growth.

  Processed milk

  Children under the age of 10 suffer from heart disease, partly due to the processed milk they drink. Because of these processed milk, some will contain pesticides and other chemicals.

  Fast food

  Fast food is extremely unhealthy, not only because these foods are often fried, but also because they contain additives, monosodium glutamate, pigments and other substances. It is worth reminding that many parents reward their children for good performance by buying unhealthy fast food for them.

   laundry detergent

   There are many toxic substances in laundry detergents, among which fragrances are carcinogens. They are harmful to the environment and equally harmful to the health of children.

   flame retardant

  In the new children’s mattresses, flame retardants are often sprayed. They can be easily absorbed by the children’s skin and damage their immune system and nervous system. In addition, many clothing, carpets, blankets and other products also contain flame retardants.

   carbonated drinks

   carbonated drinks may cause diabetes and obesity. They also contain phosphoric acid, which can damage teeth and cause osteoporosis. Children who often drink carbonated beverages are even more dangerous, because they contain chemical sweeteners that may lead to poor learning ability and neurological disorders.

Daily household items also have a shelf life

   As we all know, everything has its shelf life. Once the expiration date has passed, the thing can no longer be used (edible). Do you know the expiry date of some common household items? Below, the editor of imei.com will tell you how often some daily household items are changed to be healthy!

  1, toothbrush

  Service life: 3 months

  The study pointed out that the total working time of each toothbrush should not exceed 6 hours. If you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, the service life of the toothbrush is about 3 months. It is best to replace it in time within 3 months, otherwise it will be covered with bacteria.

  2, wipes

   Service life: 2 weeks

   There are tens of thousands of bacteria on kitchen rags, and they must be replaced every one or two weeks. After each use, it should be washed thoroughly with hot water, dried in the sun, and sterilized in a microwave oven every other day.

  3. Pillow core

  Service life: 1-2 years

  The pillow core is used for too long, not only will the supporting effect on the head and neck be weakened, but also the oil from the hair and scalp will penetrate into the pillow core, breeding bacteria, and easily cause allergies and respiratory diseases.

  4. Mattress

   Service life: 5-10 years

   Although a good mattress can be used for 9-10 years, no matter how good a mattress is, after a long period of wear and tear, the supporting force will decrease, which will affect the quality of sleep. In addition, there will be a lot of stains that cannot be cleaned on the mattress, which makes us sleep in the same bed with bacteria. It is recommended to change the mattress once every 5 years, especially for people with poor sleep.

  5. Filter water dispenser

  Service life: 6 years

  Household filter water dispenser uses the principle of filtration and penetration to remove microorganisms in tap water. But after long time use, the filtering function of the filter will decrease and it will not play a cleaning role.

  6. Air conditioning filter

   Service life: 6 weeks

  The service life of the air conditioner is closely related to the maintenance of the filter. During the peak period of air conditioning, it is best to clean the filter every 6 weeks, especially in humid weather.

  7. Razor blade

   Service life: 4-6 weeks

  Research shows that razor blades carry more bacteria than toilet lids. After each use, the blade should be taken out and the residue adsorbed on it should be brushed off with a brush; after two or three uses, the blade should be soaked in alcohol and then wiped dry with cotton for use.

  8. Towel

  Service life: 3 months

  Towels are fiber fabrics. After a long time of use, it is difficult to remove the bacteria deep into the fiber gaps. Methods such as washing, drying, and high-temperature cooking can only control the number of bacteria in a short period of time, but cannot remove them permanently. Towels that have been used for a long time are dirty and hard, which will become a new source of pollution, which will seriously affect the health of the skin and the comfort of use. Therefore, it is best to change to a new towel in about three months, and don’t wait for it to be damaged.

  9. Chopsticks

  Service life: half a year

  After using a pair of chopsticks for half a year, many bacteria and detergents will remain in the tiny grooves on them. In this case, the chance of causing illness is greatly increased. The doctor suggested that in addition to frequent disinfection of chopsticks, they should be replaced at least once every six months.

  10, toilet brush

10 alternative uses of tea can actually cure bad breath

   my country is the hometown of tea. The efficacy of tea has been mentioned in the medical books of “Materia Medica” in the past dynasties, saying that it has quenching thirst, refreshing mind, diuresis, curing cough, expectorant, improving eyesight, improving thinking, and eliminating troubles. It has the effects of removing greasiness, driving away sleepiness and lightening the body, reducing inflammation and detoxification. In addition, tea leaves are also very useful, do you know? Below, the editor tells you, the ten major uses of tea, hurry up and collect it!

  1. Treatment of beriberi: sterilization and treatment of beriberi. The tea contains a large amount of tannins, which has a strong bactericidal effect, and is especially effective for the filamentous bacteria that cause beriberi. Therefore, people suffering from beriberi, boil tea into thick juice every night to wash their feet, and it will heal over time. However, it is necessary to persevere in making tea to wash your feet, and it will not have a significant effect in a short period of time.

  2. Eliminate bad breath: Tea has a strong astringent effect. If you keep tea leaves in your mouth from time to time, you can eliminate bad breath. Using strong tea to gargle often has the same effect. The efficacy of Tieguanyin. If you are not good at drinking tea, you can soak the tea and then hold it in your mouth to reduce the bitter taste and have a certain effect.

  3. Hair care: Tea can remove dirt and greasy, so after washing the hair, wash it with tea to make the hair black, soft and shiny. Moreover, the tea does not contain chemical agents and will not damage the hair and skin.

  4. Washing silk clothes: Silk clothes are most afraid of chemical cleaners. If the soaked tea leaves are used to boil water to wash silk clothes, the original color and luster of the clothes can be kept as bright as new. Washing clothes made of nylon fibers has the same effect.

  5. Relief of cold symptoms: laryngitis, hoarse voice, it may be a cold, but before going to the doctor, drink a few large cups of strong tea with rock sugar, you will immediately feel refreshed in the mouth and less painful. In the past, it was used as a remedy in rural areas.

  6. Boiled tea eggs: Boiled tea eggs is a delicious food. Some use brewed tea leaves to cook, and some use tea leaves. But the best is to use oolong tea. Because the price of ordinary oolong tea is cheap, the boiled tea eggs are ruddy in color and delicious in taste. The key to boiling tea eggs is to boil the eggs first, break the egg shells lightly, and then put the tea leaves in the water, and then continue to boil them to make the tea more delicious.

  7. Tea pillow: Do not discard the used tea, spread it on a wooden board and dry it for thousands of years. It will accumulate over the years and be used as the core of a pillow. It is said that tea pillows can refresh your mind and improve your thinking ability. According to the tea type, it is not unreasonable to say that it is refreshing.

   8. Repel mosquitoes: Dry the used tea leaves and ignite them at dusk in summer to repel mosquitoes, and it is absolutely harmless to the human body and has the same effect as mosquito coils.

Mobile phone is an invisible “killer” and 11 crimes of endangering health

   1. Walking and hitting, there are many car accidents

   It’s the easiest to get distracted while talking on the mobile phone while walking, resulting in a 20% drop in the chance of people looking left and right when crossing the street, and a 43% increase in the risk of traffic accidents.

  2. Loud voice, hurting ears

   Many people’s mobile phone microphones are set to louder, and the sound exceeds 80 decibels, which will damage their hearing. While normal conversation is 60 decibels, mobile headsets usually reach 100 decibels.

  3. Frequent keystrokes, sore thumbs

   Excessive use of mobile phones and frequent text messages can cause discomfort such as sore thumbs, numbness or swelling.

  4. Mobile phone causes allergies

   Some people have skin allergies inexplicably just after using their mobile phones for a long time. After investigation, I found out that some metals such as nickel on the mobile phone were to blame.

  5. It’s easy to be distracted when driving with a mobile phone

   Research has found that using a mobile phone while driving, even just answering a call, will reduce the brain activity focused on driving by 37%, and hands-free phone calls are no exception.

  6. “Mobile phone phantom movement syndrome” is disturbing

   Many mobile phone users said that even if the phone does not ring, they always feel that the phone is ringing. Experts say that this psychological problem is one of the manifestations of mobile phone dependence caused by frequent use of mobile phones.

  7.DoctorsMobile phone has the most germs

   A study found that the mobile phones of 200 hospital medical staff found that 94.5% of the mobile phones were contaminated with some harmful bacteria, and some were even dangerous “super bacteria”.

   8. Mobile phone radiation damages the brain

  When receiving or making a call, the mobile phone emits more radiation to receive the signal, especially when the battery is low and during the time period when the call is made but not connected, the radiation is the largest, and the mobile phone is close to the brain when receiving or making a call , Causing huge invisible damage to the brain, increasing the potential risk of brain tumors.

  9. Cell phone sperm killing leads to menInfertility

   spermicide is the most cruel and rude direct harm of mobile phones to men. Studies have found that radio frequency electromagnetic waves (RF-EMW) emitted from mobile phones can directly or indirectly harm male sperm. Most men like to put their mobile phones in their trouser pockets close to the testicles. Radiation penetrates the trouser pockets to radiate the testicles, changing the most suitable environment for spermatogenesis in the testicles, causing poor sperm quality and reducing the number of sperm, leading to male infertility.

  10. Frequent phone calls are susceptible to problemsCataracts

  Experiments have confirmed that even if the mobile phone is within the international radiation safety standards, long-term use can still damage the eyes and other parts of the human body. The electromagnetic microwave generated by the mobile phone can damage the lens of the eyeball and destroy the function of cell communication and connection. “Continuous phone calls for two hours will definitely damage the eye lens.

Xiaobian Weapon! A guide to using sanitary napkins

  Sanitary napkins are absorbent materials. The main material is cotton-like pulp and polymer absorbents, which are used to absorb menstrual blood that flows out of the vagina when women are menstruating. The sanitary napkin is hailed as “one of the top ten inventions affecting mankind in the twentieth century”. This is because the invention of sanitary napkins is undoubtedly great, and its significance is even more transcendent.

  What should I pay attention to when choosing sanitary napkins?

  一. When buying sanitary napkins, first look at the “hygiene index”

  When women choose sanitary napkins, they must follow the principle of aseptic hygiene, read carefully the production and use instructions of the sanitary napkins they buy, and understand the control of their sanitary indicators for safety and cleanliness. Don’t stick to a certain brand and ignore the hygiene index. In addition, it is necessary to have a “use qualified” mark, so that such sanitary napkins can be purchased with confidence.

   2. Take a closer look at the shelf life of sanitary napkins

  In fact, sanitary napkins have very strict hygiene requirements. The closer to the production date, the better the quality. Sanitary napkins are sterilized by using high-temperature disinfection methods. After all, the validity period of one-time disinfection and sterilization is limited. If the sanitary napkins are stored for too long, they will deteriorate and contaminate even if they are not opened. . Therefore, when using sanitary napkins, you must pay attention to the expiration date, do not buy too much at one time, and it is not suitable for the family to keep them for a long time.

  3. Avoid buying promotional items, new products and gifts

   Generally speaking, promotional items and gifts are likely to be unsold products handled by merchants, and product quality is difficult to guarantee. When choosing new products, try to choose products from well-known manufacturers with good reputation, and don’t blindly chase new ones.

  4. Don’t blindly pursue sanitary napkins with large absorption capacity

Is only inferior tableware harmful to health?

   copper tableware:

   The appearance is gorgeous, the color is like gold, and it is very stylish, like a copper hot pot. The small amount of copper that is dissolved when cooking food in a copper pot is also beneficial to the human body. However, after the copper rusts, it can produce two toxic substances: “copper green” (ie basic copper carbonate) and blue vitriol (ie copper sulfate pentahydrate), which can cause nausea, vomiting and even poisoning. Therefore, do not use any copper tableware that has been used for a long time and has patina.

  Glass tableware:

   is clean and hygienic, it does not contain toxic substances, but sometimes it will “mould”. This is because the glass is corroded by water for a long time, and the sodium silicate in the glass reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air to form white carbonic acid crystals, which are harmful to human health, so it can be removed with alkaline detergents during use.

  Stainless steel tableware:

12 taboos to use chopsticks correctly

   Chinese people cannot eat without chopsticks. Chopsticks are indispensable in our daily life. We use chopsticks every day when we eat. But do you know what to pay attention to when using chopsticks?

  Notes when using chopsticks 1: Three long and two short

   This means that chopsticks are placed on the table before or during the meal. This approach is very unlucky, usually we call it “three long and two short”. It means “death”. Because the Chinese used to think that a person would be put in a coffin after death. After the person was put in, before the coffin cover was placed, the coffin consisted of two short boards at the front and back, and a total of three long boards on both sides plus the bottom. The coffin made of pieces of wooden boards is exactly three long and two short, so this is extremely unlucky.

  Notes when using chopsticks 2: Fairy guides the way

   This practice is also extremely unacceptable. This method of holding chopsticks is to pinch the chopsticks with the thumb, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger, while the index finger is stretched out. In the eyes of Beijingers, this is called “swearing the street.” Because the index finger is stretched out during a meal, and it is always pointing at others. Beijingers generally point at the other person when they stretch out their index finger, most of which are accusing. Therefore, using one’s fingers when eating with chopsticks is tantamount to accusing others. This is the same as swearing, and it is not allowed. There is also a situation in which this is the meaning, which is to talk to others and point at them with chopsticks while eating.

  Notes on using chopsticks 3: Pin chopsticks phoning

   This method is also not acceptable. The method is to put one end of the chopsticks in your mouth and slap back and forth with your mouth, making sizzling noises from time to time. This behavior is regarded as a base practice. Because using your mouth to poke chopsticks during a meal is itself a rude behavior, coupled with sound, it is even more annoying. Therefore, this kind of practice is generally considered to be a lack of tutoring, and it is also not allowed.

  Notes when using chopsticks 4: Knock the cup and tap the cup

   This behavior is seen as a beggar begging for food, which is done by tapping dishes with chopsticks during the meal. Because in the past, only the beggar used the chopsticks to hit the rice bowl, and the sound of the beggar was accompanied by the whine in the mouth, which made pedestrians pay attention and give charity. This approach is regarded as an extremely sordid thing and is despised by others.

  Notes when using chopsticks 5: Chopsticks around the city

Comparative test of 24 types of tissues, 6 types of products containing fluorescent substances

The product form of    paper towels mainly includes paper face towels (box tissues), paper handkerchiefs, paper napkins, etc., which are widely used in restaurants, dining tables, homes and other places and personal carry-on.

   How is the quality of the tissue paper on the market? In June 2011, the staff of the China Consumers Association randomly purchased 24 brands of products in major shopping malls, supermarkets and wholesale markets in Beijing as ordinary consumers, including Vinda, Qingfeng, Xinxiangyin, Jieyun, Brand products with high market share, such as Shujie, Jierou, and Mayflower. The samples were entrusted to the National Paper Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for a comparative test. This comparative test is carried out in accordance with the standard of GB/T20808 “Paper tissue (including wet wipes)”, and the inspection items are the technical and microbiological indicators in the standard. The technical indicators include: quantitative, brightness (whiteness), horizontal liquid absorption height, horizontal tensile index, vertical wet tensile strength, softness, holes, dust, and internal deviation; microbial indicators include: the total number of bacterial colonies, The total number of colonies of coliforms, pathogenic bacteria, and fungi. At the same time, items such as fluorescent substances and fiber components in tissues that consumers are more concerned about, the convenience of tissue extraction, the convenience and identification of paper handkerchiefs are also carried out. Detection.

   Among the 24 samples in this comparative test, the test results of 18 samples met the quality requirements of the stated product standards, and the test results of 6 samples had quality problems. The qualified rate of this comparative test product was 75.0%. The results of this comparative test show that the quality of the major brands of tissue paper products on the market is reliable, but the quality of some small brands of tissue paper products still has certain problems.

   1. Tissue paper products are in good hygienic conditions

   In this comparative test, the total number of bacterial colonies, total fungal colonies, coliforms, and pathogenic bacteria (including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and Hemolytic streptococcus) and other microbial indicators were tested, and the test results of 24 samples were all qualified.

   2. The brightness (whiteness) indicators of tissue paper products all meet the standards, but some products contain fluorescent substances

  Brightness (whiteness) is one of the paper’s appearance indicators. The higher the brightness (whiteness) value, the whiter the paper. The brightness (whiteness) index specified in the tissue paper standard is (80.0~90.0)%. The 24 tissue paper products selected in this comparative test have the lowest brightness (whiteness) of 80.8% and the highest 89.6%. Inspection The results all meet the standard requirements. After inspection, six products were found to contain fluorescent substances.

   3. The water absorption properties of different brands of tissue paper products are quite different

  The horizontal liquid absorption height is a technical indicator that reflects the water absorption performance of paper towels. The larger the value of the horizontal liquid absorption height, the better the water absorption performance of the tissue paper. The paper towel paper standard stipulates that the horizontal liquid absorption height of qualified products is ≥30mm/100s. In this comparative test, the horizontal liquid absorption height of the three paper napkin products, “Xin Brand”, “Zhongkang” and “Paijieshi” Meet the standard requirements, the smallest inspection result is only 11mm/100s.

   Fourth, some products are not strong enough, and paper scraps and lint are easy to fall off when wiping and using

   paper towel strength index includes transverse tensile index and longitudinal wet tensile strength. The transverse tensile index is one of the strength indexes of paper towels. The larger the transverse tensile index, the stronger the paper towels are, and they are not easy to break during use. The paper towel paper standard stipulates that the transverse tensile index qualified product is ≥1.70N?m/g. In this comparative test, the horizontal tensile index of the products of the three brands of “Weishi”, “Zhongkang” and “Fuerya” did not meet the standard requirements. Among them, the smallest test result of Zhongkang’s products was only 0.74N?m/g , Far below the standard requirements.

  The longitudinal wet tensile strength is a measure of the wet strength of tissue paper. Paper towels are now mostly used instead of handkerchiefs for wiping purposes. They will come in contact with water or sweat when used. If the wet strength is unqualified, the wiping area will be covered with paper scraps and paper wool, which will affect the use. The paper towel paper standard stipulates that the minimum longitudinal wet tensile strength is ≥10.0N/m. The longitudinal wet tensile strength of the “Fuerya” brand products in this comparative test failed to meet the standard requirements, and the test result was 8.7N/m.

  5. Insufficient amount of paper in the two products

  Internal quantity deviation refers to the difference between the actual quantity inside the product and the quantity marked on the package as a percentage of the quantity marked on the package. The standard stipulates that the internal quantity deviation index is ≥-2.0%. In this comparative test, there are three products that are not marked with the product quantity and cannot be tested. The internal quantity deviation of the two brands of “Fuerya” and “Weishi” is lower than the standard According to the requirements, the number of products of the “Fuerya” brand is 200, but the measured value is only 168. The test result is -16.0%, which is far below the standard requirement.

  6. The paper napkin products purchased in the wholesale market are not standardized.

Eight “fatal” dangers of washing machines

   health hazard:

  1, one wash to the end

   Some people save water when they wash their clothes. They usually wash their underwear first, then wash their outer clothes, then wash socks and other sundries, and wash them to the end, which is dirty and dark. Although this ensures the cleanliness of part of the clothes, the final laundry is very polluted. Especially the mixed washing of socks and women’s underwear is more harmful and can cause female genital diseases.

  2, do not clean the washing machine for a long time

  Some people’s washing machines never wash, as long as they can move, they will keep washing. The inner wall of the drainage area is covered with cloth scraps and dirt, which breed many viruses and bacteria. During the laundry process, these dirt and bacteria will contaminate the clothes.

  3. Excessive use of detergent

  Many people think that clothes are too dirty, or that detergents are cheap, and they often use excessive amounts of detergent. However, the rinsing time is not enough, and detergents often remain on the clothes. Most of the detergents are alkylbenzene compounds, which are irritating to the skin and also affect the liver function.

  4. Wash all clothes together

   Some people put all the changed clothes in the washing machine together for convenience and convenience. During the washing and rubbing process of the washing machine, the bacteria, colors, and shed fibers on the clothes will inevitably contaminate each other. The laundry you get to the dry cleaners is more complicated. There are healthy people, sick people, and perhaps infectious disease patients.

  Safety Danger

  1,Electric ShockDanger:Do not pull the cord forcibly to unplug the power plug; do not plug/unplug the plug with wet hands p>

  2. Explosion hazard:Washing clothes containing solvents is prone to explosion hazard; if there is no special down jacket washing procedure, washing down jackets with a washing machine is very easy to explode.

Shower gel can cause obesity

   Studies have shown that chemical substances such as phthalates and bisphenol A in cosmetics and household detergents will affect the endocrine system and damage the secretion of hormones after being absorbed by the body, leading to obesity.

   Phthalates (plasticizers) and bisphenol A are chemicals that have become well-known recently. Because they are harmful to children’s health, phthalates are forbidden to be used in Among children’s toys and other products, BPA is banned from making baby bottles and tableware for children. However, these environmental hormones are also harmful to adults, and they need to arouse everyone’s attention.

   High levels of phthalates in overweight people

   A study by Mount Sinai Medical Center in the United States analyzed the phthalate content in a group of women’s urine samples and found that the phthalate content in the urine samples of overweight women higher.

   phthalate is a compound obtained by industrial distillation, which is mainly used as a plasticizer in the production of chemicals such as plastic products. In addition, bisphenol A, which is mainly used to produce plastics and its derivatives, can also generate similar “chemical heat.” After these substances are absorbed by the body, they will affect the endocrine system and impair hormone secretion.

   Previous studies have found that phthalates and bisphenols have the risk of affecting male reproductive organs and reproductive ability, and may be one of the reasons for the decrease in the number of sperm in adolescent males and precocious puberty in females. The latest research from Mount Sinai Medical Center shows that these two chemicals can also cause weight gain and obesity.

   Although this theory has yet to be confirmed by further studies, Mount Sinai Medical Center warns that people should avoid “chemical heat”, limit exposure to such substances, and choose not to contain phthalates and bisphenols. The product.

  BPA may increase type 2diabetesrisk

  The research of Mount Sinai Medical Center has a certain degree of representativeness. The related research on the effect of environmental endocrine disruptors on human endocrine has long been done, and it has attracted the attention of the medical community.

   At the second Zhongshan International Diabetes Forum held in Guangzhou a few days ago, Ning Guang, chairman of the Endocrinology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and director of the Shanghai Institute of Endocrinology, introduced that basic research in recent years has shown that the environmental endocrine disruptor bisphenol A will play a role Similar to the physiological effects of estrogen, long-term exposure can cause abnormal glucose metabolism in the body.

  In the survey of 3423 domestic populations conducted by the team led by Ning Guang, 87.7% of people over 40 could detect the level of BPA in urine. Excluding confounding factors, the BPA high-exposure group (urine Compared with the low-exposure group (BPA content in urine ≤ 0.47 ng/ml), the risk of type 2 diabetes was increased by 37%.

  Research suggests that when exposure to the environmental endocrine disruptor bisphenol A reaches a certain level, it may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, and obesity is common in patients with type 2 diabetes. Especially for people with high blood sugar levels, long-term exposure to BPA should be avoided as much as possible.

   Qicheng shampoo contains phthalates

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