The secrets of summer sanitary maintenance are open

   every weekflowerssprinkle the faucet”make-up remover

   showers are often stained with various shower gels, shampoos, detergents, etc. These detergents will make the chrome-plated surface of the faucet dull. Spray a neutral detergent on a soft cotton cloth, and then gently wipe the faucet, once a week, you can perfectly remove the “makeup” of the faucet. However, do not use acidic or abrasive cleaners or wire brushes to “torture” the faucet. Scale cleaning is an inevitable task of maintaining the shower. According to the different functions of the shower, it can be washed by hand, that is, remove the net cover or other parts that absorb scale from the shower head, clean it with a brush, and put it back in place. Some brands of showers are equipped with special shower head opening tools when they are sold, which is easy to use.

  Some shower outlets are designed with rubber granules. The rubber material feels soft and comfortable, and is not easy to scale. It is easy to clean. Just use your fingers to gently rub the rubber granules to easily crush and pop out the scale. Even if some showers have an automatic cleaning function, it is best to open the shower head after a long period of use for a thorough manual cleaning.

   Bathtub maintenance can use soda powder

   Generally, it is better to use a neutral detergent or soap and water to clean the bathtub. Avoid using detergents used on tile or enamel surfaces. It is best to clean it once a week to ensure that the bathtub remains dry after each use. To clean the bathtub, you can use a neutral liquid detergent and use a flexible cloth or sponge. The corrosive detergent staying on the acrylic surface will cause damage. Clean the acrylic surface thoroughly after each use. Do not let the detergent enter the circulation system; do not place the container of liquid detergent on the surface of the bathtub for a long time, and do not use spray Agent or concentrate or other similar cleaning products. Do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, they will rust the bathtub and stain the surface. In addition, using baking soda to remove dirt is also good.

   If you use hot spring water for bathing, there are a few points to pay special attention to. It is best to buy disinfectant water, Dettol, etc. in a pharmacy, and drop it in the bathtub to disinfect the water. You can also buy another water softener yourself, so that the hot spring water flows into the bathtub after passing through the water softener to remove minerals and impurities in the water.

  Faucet recommends regular waxing

  The faucet will become dirty and lose its luster after being used for a long time. When cleaning, avoid using cleaners and wiping supplies that can damage the polished metal surface. It is best to use special cleaning agents provided by various brands and companies, and immediately rinse off the remaining cleaning agents with clean water, and then use a soft damp cloth to remove the remaining water droplets on the surface.

   As for wiping tools, most green fiber cushions or sponges contain mineral particles, which will scratch the surface of the faucet when used. Please note that the acrylic resin must be qualified. The hard water marks on the faucet can be wiped gently with 50/50 white vinegar and water solution. It is recommended to wax regularly and choose car wax or furniture wax.

   bathroom basins should not be washed with hot water

  When cleaning, the appearance of bathroom porcelain basins should be cleaned with soft bristles or sponges dipped in neutral detergent, but do not pour hot water directly into it to avoid cracking of the basin. Once the surface of the basin forms small scratches and becomes rough, it is easy to deposit dirt. In addition, the water storage elbow under the basin can be removed for maintenance at ordinary times to remove the accumulated stains and keep the drainage unobstructed.

The safety of mosquito repellent products cannot be underestimated

  Among many products, mosquito repellent toilet water has a high sales volume because of its fragrant smell and good anti-mosquito effect when walking around.

   When observing the mosquito repellent products on the market, it is found that various mosquito repellent products are labeled with different ingredient names and even the content of ingredients. So, which one is the safest and most effective? How much do we know about the safety of mosquito repellent ingredients? This is especially important for ordinary people who have been confused by various “additives” and can no longer “cannot hurt”.

   mosquito repellent labeling stumps consumers

   On the shelves of supermarket mosquito repellent products, the author saw that the outer packaging of “Liu Shen Mosquito Repellent Toilet Water” was marked with “Mosquito Repellent Content 4.5%”, Johnson & Johnson Baby Mosquito Repellent Lotion was marked “Mosquito Repellent Content 11.5%” The outer packaging of “Longrich Mosquito Repellent Toilet Water” is marked with “5% DEET”, “Ouhu Mosquito Repellent Liquid” is marked with “7% DEET”, and Pechoin Mosquito Repellent Toilette has ” “8% DEET”, these similar but dissimilar chemical names, really make consumers picky. Is there any difference between DEET and mosquito repellent?

   A search on Wikipedia can find a very detailed introduction. It turns out that DEET and DEET are both repellents. DEET, abbreviated as DEET, is a widely used insecticide. Insect repellent is a broad-spectrum and highly effective insect repellent. Compared with DEET, it has the characteristics of higher safety and less irritation.

   Recently, there have been reports on parenting web posts that the ingredients of DEET (DEET) have strong doubts about whether infants and young children can use it. It turns out that a careful mother discovered that DEET has had bad reports in recent years and questioned its safety. It even lists the relevant foreign standards supporting the neurotoxicity, encephalopathy, skin irritation, and environmental hazards of DEET to the human body. In fact, this controversy is not new. Many years ago, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries have explicitly banned the use of DEET in products for young children. The good news is that there are no restrictions on the prohibition of mosquito repellent ingredients. It seems that the safety of mosquito repellent is better than DEET. It is just because of the lack of publicity that many citizens are not clear about this.

   mosquito repellent effect is important but safety should not be underestimated

   When buying mosquito repellent products, consumers are most concerned about the effect of mosquito repellent. Although many mosquito repellent products say on their packaging that they guarantee mosquito repellency for a few hours, the effectiveness of the product is affected by many factors such as sweat washing, air circulation, mosquito species, and mosquito hunger, so there is no objective and accurate time. Moreover, the effectiveness of the mosquito repellent ingredients and the length of time do not directly depend on the mosquito repellent ingredients and the percentage of content. If the mosquito repellent ingredients are added with a strong adhesive compound, it may be more effective than similar products with a higher percentage. Strong.

   In addition, the safety of mosquito repellent products is also very important. The endless emergence of food additive safety issues has attracted great attention from all walks of life, and the safety of mosquito repellent products should also be paid attention to. The criterion for choosing a good mosquito repellent product is not only about effectiveness, but also safety. For example, Liushen mosquito repellent toilet water, which has been popular for many years, has become the first choice of many citizens in summer due to its various fragrance options, various packaging specifications and good reputation.

The “good or bad” of washing products depends on standards and habits

  Different clothes should choose different detergents

   There are various kinds of detergents on the market. Environmental experts pointed out that when consumers wash clothes, they should choose different detergents for different dirt, different fabric types, washing methods, and additional functions.

   In addition to choosing according to the characteristics of the clothes, when purchasing washing powder products, you should also pay attention to what standards are indicated on the label. Washing powder has national recommended standards (the standard number starts with GB, which represents the national standard). If the national recommended standard is not implemented, the corporate standard will be implemented. If the corporate standard is lower than the national recommended standard, it indicates that the product quality does not meet the national recommended standard and the quality is low. Experts advise consumers not to buy.

  Expired product special effect function will be invalid

   When purchasing detergents, pay attention to the shelf life, because the surfactants and builders (except enzyme preparations and bleaching agents) contained in the washing powder (liquid) will not deteriorate due to time during storage, so they will expire It does not affect the use, and even the moisture absorption and agglomeration of the washing powder do not affect the use.

   However, additives with special effects, such as enzyme preparations, gradually deactivate with the prolonged storage time. The higher the temperature, the faster the deactivation. However, even if the enzyme preparation is completely ineffective, the other ingredients are still effective, so there is still a certain decontamination effect.

   bleaching laundry detergent containing sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate and bleaching laundry detergent containing hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite, such as improper storage conditions, will also cause the release of active oxygen and lose the bleaching function. If the plastic bag is bulging (due to the release of active oxygen), it indicates that the bleaching agent may be ineffective and will not be able to bleach.

   It doesn’t matter if you leave some foam on your laundry

  Washing clothes after rinsing several times, there will still be some foam residues. Many people think that the clothes at this time have not been cleaned, and all the foam must be washed.

  This expert pointed out that it does not matter if a small amount of foam remains, and it is within a safe range. When the amount of washing powder is roughly appropriate, the normal washing mode set by the fully automatic washing machine can completely rinse the clothes. If it is hand washing, it is enough to rinse thoroughly two or three times.

   In addition, experts also emphasized the importance of soaking during washing. The soaking process is also a decontamination process. Practice has shown that soaking is the process of transferring dirt to the aqueous solution. Only soaking without any mechanical force, it can be seen that the water is dirty, indicating that the soaking is a process required for decontamination.

   In addition, many people are accustomed to storing dirty clothes in the washing machine, and then put water and washing powder into the washing machine. Doing so will cause a lot of local adhesion of washing powder and high concentration on the clothes, which may cause the clothes to be gray and different in color after washing. It is recommended that when washing clothes, put the washing powder in first, add water and stir, wait until the washing powder is fully dissolved, then put in the clothes, soak for 10-20 minutes, and then start washing.

  Excessive detergent hurts clothes

   Many people think that the more washing powder (detergent) added, the cleaner the clothes, but this is not the case.

  Experts said that after washing powder reaches a certain amount, the detergency will no longer increase with the added amount. It is understood that when the concentration of ordinary washing powder is 2g/L~5g/L, the washing and decontamination ability is the strongest. That is to say, it is enough to add 10g-20g washing powder to a basin of clean water; if you use concentrated powder, you can Reduce the dosage by half.

   Excessive washing powder will increase the alkalinity of the solution, which will damage the fibers of the clothes, and the excessive amount of washing powder will remain on the clothes, and rinsing is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

   In addition to controlling the amount of detergent when washing, the water temperature should also be controlled well. Under normal circumstances, the water temperature of the laundry is higher and the decontamination is better, but not the higher the better. Commonly used laundry detergent with enzymes contains alkaline protease and alkaline lipase. The activity of these two enzymes is related to the temperature. The enzyme can exert its best effect at about 40℃. Too high or too low temperature will reduce the enzyme activity.

Don’t be superstitious about sun protection index, sunscreen is dangerous

  1. Sunscreen is also dangerous. A number of studies have found that the oxybenzone component in certain sunscreens can easily lead to allergic contact dermatitis and light contact dermatitis, and disrupt hormone levels in the body. It is best to choose a sunscreen that does not contain such substances.

  2. Sunscreen has an expiration date. Most sunscreens have a lifespan of 3 years, but after opening or long-term high temperature environment will shorten the validity period, so it is best to store in a cool place.

  3. Certain medicines increase the risk of sunburn. Tetracycline, diuretics, ibuprofen, etc. increase the risk of sunburn on the skin. While taking such drugs, you should choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that prevents UVA and UVB when you go out.

  4. Certain foods help sunscreen. Fruits and vegetables rich in lycopene, such as watermelon, guava, grapefruit and tomatoes, all contribute to sun protection. Tomatoes are eaten cooked, and the intake of lycopene is greater. Of course, sunscreen must be applied when going out.

  5. Waterproof sunscreen is not reliable. “Waterproof sunscreen” claims to be able to protect throughout the day, but in fact it still needs to be applied every 2 hours. Every time you get out of the water, you should also apply sunscreen.

14 tips for taking care of your glasses

  Walking on the street, it is not difficult to see that many teenagers in school uniforms have thick glasses on the bridge of their noses. In recent years, more and more people wear glasses, and non-mainstream, colorful frames are emerging one after another.

   If wearing glasses is a common phenomenon, then learning the care of frame glasses is a “compulsory course” for everyone. In this regard, experts gave 14 suggestions.

  1, rotation method

   If you are temporarily placing the glasses, please place the convex side of the glasses upward. If you place the glasses with the convex surface facing down, the lenses will be frayed.

  2, the way to wipe the lens

  Use a clean special lens cleaning cloth. Be sure to hold the edge wire on the side of the wiping lens with your hand and gently wipe the lens. Avoid excessive force causing damage to the frame or lens.

  3. Taking off and putting on glasses

   Please use both hands to hold the temples and take them off in parallel directions on both sides of your cheeks. If you take it off with one hand, it will damage the left and right balance of the frame and cause deformation.

  4. The folding frame should start from the left

   Most of the frames are designed to fold from the left temple, so if you fold the right temple first, it is easy to cause distortion of the frame.

  5. When the lens is dusty or dirty

  Dry wiping is easy to grind the lens. It is recommended to rinse with clean water and then use a paper towel to absorb the water, and then dry it with a special glasses cloth. When the lens is very dirty, it is recommended to clean it with a low-concentration neutral detergent, and then rinse it with water and dry it.

  6. Please use a glasses case

Pay attention to 6 points when choosing pillows to reduce cervical spondylosis

The most important function of the    pillow is to provide good support for the cervical spine when the human body falls asleep, maintain it in a normal arc, and relax and rest the neck and shoulder muscles.

  A good pillow not only helps to fall asleep and restores energy from the fatigue of day work, but also has a very important effect on physical health. Experts say that because the human cervical spine has a certain natural curvature, it is used to support the weight of the head, ease the shock to the head during activities, and protect the head and spinal nerves. Therefore, if the curvature is insufficient or too large, it is easy to cause the cervical spine Dislocation, which presses on the many nerve tissues in the cervical spine, and eventually causes headaches, weakness in the hands and other problems. At the same time, it can also make the shoulder muscles on both sides tense and sore.

   should be moderately soft and hard

  The height of the pillow must allow the cervical spine to be properly supported. For example, the forehead can be level with the chin when lying on the back, and the cervical spine can be maintained straight when lying on the side. If the pillow is too high or too short, the cervical spine will be displaced and the neck and shoulder muscles will be strained when sleeping on your back or on your side, which will affect the quality of sleep. The pillow position where the head and neck are in contact with the pillow should also be shaped as similar to the head as possible. In order to distribute the pressure and weight.

In terms of material selection for the pillow, it should be soft, breathable, light and flexible, but do not use too soft materials to avoid lack of support for the head and neck. Among the commonly used pillow materials in the market, sponges and latex are easy to clean and take care of, so they are used by more people. However, for people with obesity and heavier heads, use water pillows, bean pillows or buckwheat shell pillows to facilitate the weight of the head. The parts are scattered on both sides, but it should be noted that the quality of the design of the water pillow varies, and the doctor’s opinion should be consulted before choosing.

   purchase and application tips

  1. Some pillows on the market will add magnets, herbs, etc. to the pillows, claiming to help fall asleep, but it should be noted that some people may be sensitive to plants, and placing magnets in the pillows also need to be careful when falling asleep Will you touch these hard objects?

  2. When some people use pillows, they mistakenly place them in a high position. They only support the head and ignore the support for the neck. In fact, the most important function of the pillow is to protect the cervical spine and maintain it. radian.

  3. When choosing a pillow, you should first press it down with your hands to test its softness and hardness to avoid being too hard. A moderately hard pillow can reduce the pressure between the head and the pillow when the head is on the pillow, and make the blood circulation between the neck and the head smoother.

  4. When sleeping, some people feel that it is more comfortable without using a pillow. This may indicate that their cervical spine has been diseased or displaced. Therefore, it is more difficult to support when using a pillow. It is recommended that you should Seek medical attention immediately.

  5. When sleeping on the back, the cervical spine is easy to maintain a natural curvature, which is the best sleeping position. When sleeping on the side, the burden on the cervical spine will increase, so it is the second choice. Dislocation of the cervical spine and strain of the shoulder muscles.

  6. Avoid raising your arm over your head when you fall asleep, because this action will stretch the nerve network of the arm, and also press on the muscles and blood vessels of the arm and shoulder, affecting the normal operation of nerves and blood circulation. .

  In addition, please avoid the following points:

  I am used to sleeping at the desk, which makes my head and neck sore and sore.

   If the cervical spine is misaligned, the nerves in the intervertebral disc may be damaged due to pressure.

Four kinds of daily necessities are the best acupoint massagers

   Acupoint Massager: Chopsticks

   I took two pairs of chopsticks with square ribs and used chopsticks to wash. Repeatedly rubbing both hands. In addition to the palm of the hand, you should also rub the thenar area at the base of the thumb. Rub it for 5 minutes, 2 times a day. Rubbing chopsticks can massage acupuncture points on both hands, promote blood circulation, stimulate internal organs, and enhance the body’s immunity.

   There are many reflex areas and treatment points on the hands, which are the gathering points of nerves. Clinical practice has proved that acupuncture points on both hands can treat a variety of diseases, such as upper limb numbness, colds, and indigestion. As long as the acupoints of the hands are stimulated and massaged accurately and continuously, and persisted for a long time, the internal organs can be continuously benignly stimulated and their functions will be gradually strengthened.

   Acupoint Massager: Toothpicks

   The 5 toothpicks are tied together with rubber bands. The head is plum-shaped, so it is called “plum-shaped pile”. Holding plum blossom piles with thumb and index finger to stimulate acupuncture points of the human body can treat a variety of pains. Acute pain can be stimulated with the pointed tip of a toothpick, and blunt tip for chronic pain. The hand plum blossom pile has the characteristics of rapid pain relief, simple tools, no side effects, and easy to learn. It is suitable for self-massage or treatment for family members.

   Repeatedly stimulate the heart acupoints of the hand (the palm side of the middle finger, the midpoint of the horizontal stripes of the first knuckle) and the Daling acupoint (the midpoint of the horizontal stripes of the palm) with plum blossom piles. Slowly penetrate into the acupoints, 2 minutes per acupoint, once a day. Generally, the headache is significantly relieved after two days of stimulation.

   Acupoint Massager: Drink Bottle

  Take a plastic beverage bottle without edges and fill it with water at room temperature, which can be used as a massage tool. According to different needs, you can also put ice or hot water in the bottle for cold or hot compress treatment.

   Method 1: Sit on a chair, place the bottle on the bottom of your left foot and roll it back and forth, then change your right foot after 2 minutes.

   Method 2: Use the bottle body on the inside of the /J leg from the ankle to below the knee, alternate the legs, and massage for 3 minutes. Then use the bottle to pat gently along the outside of the calf from the ankle to the knee, alternating with both legs, and pat for 3 minutes.

   Method 3: Place the bottle horizontally on the back of the knee, and use the force of the knee to stimulate the acupuncture points in the rouge socket. The legs alternate for 2 minutes each time, once a day.

  Through the stimulation of acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, it can nourish kidney water and reduce the deficiency of fire, so as to prevent high blood pressure, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, etc.; massage and pat on the calves and knees can dredge the meridians, run qi and blood, and treat varicose veins of the lower extremities , Edema, muscle atrophy, numbness of legs and feet, knee joint pain, etc.

   Acupoint Massager: Clothespin

Choose the right pillow and say goodbye to stiff neck

   One quarter to one third of a person’s life is spent in bed. If you do not pay attention to pillow health care, as you age, the ligaments, joint capsules, and fascia of the cervical spine will relax, and when the chronic neck strain reaches a certain level, the “stiff neck” phenomenon will occur earlier than those who pay attention to pillow health care.

  Where can I not stumble in life

  Stiff neck is usually caused by improper head position during sleep, or the pillow is too high, or the shoulders are affected by wind and other factors. The clinical symptoms of stiff neck are mainly manifested by people who get up early in the morning and feel neck pain and cannot rotate. , There is pain with acupressure.

   There are many factors that cause stiff neck, such as improper head and neck posture during sleep; pillows that are too high, improperly soft, or uneven; neck trauma or neck cold and so on may cause stiff neck. In severe cases, cervical spondylosis may cause repeated “stiff neck”.

  Small coup for treating stiff neck

   Stiff neck is a problem that we unexpectedly encounter in our daily lives. So, is there any small coup that can effectively treat stiff neck? The following editor recommends several small methods to relieve pain:

  1. Massage: behind the stiff neck, gently press the neck with one finger to find the most painful point, and then use one thumb to start from the top of the side of the neck to the back of the shoulder, massage in sequence, and massage the most painful point vigorously , Until the feeling of soreness is obvious, it means that the strength is enough. Repeat this massage 2 to 3 times, and then tap the massaged part with a hollow fist, repeat 2 to 3 times. Repeating the above massage and tapping can quickly relax the spasm neck muscles and relieve the pain.

  2. Rotating toe method: Lift the foot on the side of the stiff neck, separate the big toe, massage and rotate slowly in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, about once every second, there is a feeling of pain Stiff neck can be relieved. The massage rotation takes about 10 minutes to feel the relief of neck pain.

  3. Hot compress method: Hot water bottle, electric heating stove, hot towel and infrared light bulb can be used to relieve pain. Care must be taken to prevent burns.

  4. Oil rubbing method: Choose safflower oil, Gancunshan rheumatism oil, cloud essence, etc., rub the painful area 2 to 3 times a day, and have a certain effect.

  5. Pasting analgesic ointment: Wet wet analgesic ointment, swelling analgesic sound, and externally applied to the neck pain. Replace once a day. The pain relief effect is ideal. However, the patient feels that the neck movement is restricted after the ointment is applied. Pregnant women are not allowed to use it. .

  6. Adjust sleeping posture: You might as well try to change your sleeping posture, adjust the height of the pillow, and twist your neck yourself.

   In addition, if it is caused by cervical spondylosis, under the guidance of a physical therapist, conduct family self-traction therapy for cervical spine; if it is serious, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

   Editor Tips: Choose the right pillow and say goodbye to the stiff neck

   Stiff neck is not a serious illness, but it is really overwhelming if you really want to fall back. One of the best ways to prevent “stiff neck” is to choose a suitable pillow for yourself——

   First, it meets the physiological requirements: When lying on your back, the pillow can maintain the curvature of the neck, and the edge of the pillow should be curved, not sloped; the height of the pillow should be in line with the width of the individual’s shoulders, and the height of the pillow should be about a punch when lying on the back. When lying on the side, the pillow height should be one punch and two fingers.

Experts suggest that improper use of sanitary products is harmful to health

   Taking a bath is also very particular. Do you think it must be the best to lie in a bathtub with lots of foam? It is better to take less bubble baths and use shower gels as much as possible. Vegetable oil soaps are a good choice. Also, toothpaste is very particular about using toothpaste in life. It is not advisable to squeeze too much toothpaste every time you brush your teeth, and the frequency is not good.

   Various brands of bath lotion, toothpaste and other hygiene products are available. But just between our intentions, we unknowingly made some intellectual errors. The result may leave us with potential safety hazards. The following little knowledge, I hope that through learning, we will be able to correctly view the use of toiletries in the future.

   foaming agent in bubble bath

  Many young women don’t like soaping in the shower, and prefer to take a bubble bath while lying in the bathtub. Most of the substances in soap are taken from natural products. But the foaming agent used in bubble baths is not the case. It is very fragrant, but this fragrance may cause skin irritation and dizziness. Lying in the bathtub for a long time makes the body contact with the foaming agent, which contains harmful chemical ingredients “foam stabilizer” Will penetrate into the skin and breathe into the lungs.

  Expert tips: try to minimize the use of bubble baths and shower gels. Vegetable oil soaps are a good choice.

  don’t squeeze too much toothpaste

   Gum disease can cause heart disease, which is more harmful to heart health than smoking and high cholesterol. In addition, gum disease can also increase the risk of stroke, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, diabetes, etc. There are several active ingredients in toothpaste that are worrying. The chemical substance “sodium lauryl sulfate” widely used in toothpaste is thought to cause gastrointestinal diseases and liver poisoning; it will make the oral cavity more prone to ulcers and oral cancer. The abrasives in toothpaste are also believed to damage the gums, making them more susceptible.

   Expert reminder: When brushing your teeth, don’t think that the more toothpaste, the better, don’t squeeze too much; don’t brush your teeth frequently, control three times a day.

  To confirm the content of detergent ingredients in shampoo

  Whether it is cheap or expensive shampoo, it is a mixture of detergent and other ingredients without exception. Like the foaming agent used in a bubble bath, once the shampoo is opened and stored for a long time, the formaldehyde in the shampoo will chemically react with the emulsifying ingredients used in the shampoo to form a kind of “N-nitrosodiethanolamine” “The carcinogen.” Shampoo is a kind of daily necessities that we often use in our lives, so this health problem it brings is also worthy of attention.

   Expert’s reminder: When buying shampoo, you must carefully read the content of the detergent ingredients indicated on the label, and choose the one with the least content; do not wash your hair frequently and expose the scalp to the detergent; from now on The amount of shampoo used for shampooing is halved compared to the previous amount; when shampooing, be careful not to let the shampoo get into your eyes.

   contains chemicals that disrupt the normal secretion of human hormones

Household disinfectants should be used scientifically

  Experts reminded that when using disinfection products for preventive home disinfection, the types of disinfection products should be carefully selected and cannot be used blindly. Household disinfection products should meet the following requirements: the disinfection effect is reliable, with a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency sterilization effect; irritation It is weak in nature and corrosive, and has no major irritation or damage to people, home environment and articles; low toxicity, good safety performance, long-term use of this kind of disinfection products should not cause teratogenic, carcinogenic and other toxic side effects; easy to prepare; Easy to remove.

   There are dozens of common disinfection products suitable for household applications on the market. Some are chlorine-containing disinfection products, which can be dissolved in water to form hypochlorous acid, thereby producing sterilization; some are peroxide disinfection products, which contain peroxy groups that can sterilize, such as peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide; and some are aldehyde disinfection products. Rely on aldehyde-based sterilization, such as formalin; some are alcohol disinfection products, such as alcohol; some are phenolic disinfection products, such as Lysu. Consumers must read the product description carefully when purchasing, and purchase the corresponding disinfection products according to their needs. In addition, you must also see the production date and expiration date of the disinfection product, the name and address of the disinfection manufacturer, and whether there is an approval document number from the health administrative department, etc., and do not buy “three no” products.

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