Tip: How to dress the most skin-friendly

   We often hear people say: “How to eat healthy”, but seldom hear people say “How to wear healthy”. In fact, skin health is closely related to clothing. This article will tell you what kind of clothing is more suitable for our skin.

  Cotton clothes: sweat-absorbent, breathable and inexpensive

  The biggest advantage of    cotton clothes is that they are cheap and easy to wash. The only disadvantage is that they are easy to wrinkle. The texture is related to the price. It can be said to be a good thing for everyone from nobles to ordinary people.

   Rayon: Combines the advantages of the above two

   rayon has a refreshing and comfortable texture. It is easy to clean. When it is wrinkled, it can be hung up by spraying with water. When you get up early, it will recover well and you can wear it to work. This material is also common in high-end clothes.

   gauze clothes: elegant and comfortable

   is suitable for women who love beauty. It is elegant and comfortable. Some people may ask, if there is no ingredient label in the clothes, how to judge? In fact, it is very simple. If there is no ingredient label or the label does not match, it will not be considered. There are few good products, so why take the risk. On the contrary, the more detailed the label, the better the quality.

   Dressing is like listening to music. Imagine wearing a tulle to listen to the piano and harp to ensure coolness and heat. Chopin’s piano sketches are an excellent choice.

  Silk clothes: the most friendly to the skin

   Generally speaking, high-end clothes like to use silk, which is also comfortable and beautiful. If you don’t believe me, try to wear a pure silk dress on a hot summer day to ensure that the whole body is cool and comfortable. The only fly in the ointment is that it can only be dry-cleaned, otherwise it will easily fade and deform. This is the first choice for the affluent.

  Four kinds of people must dress well

Six kinds of supplies are more “toxic” than lead

   As long as parents are concerned about their children’s health, I’m afraid they will be three-pointers of lead poisoning. But according to US media reports, in fact, there are many daily necessities in life that are more dangerous than lead paint.


  1. Amalgam fillings

  Do not use amalgam fillings (also known as mercury fillings) to fill your child’s teeth, otherwise once the child inhales mercury vapor or even swallows it, it may cause mercury poisoning.

  2. Antibacterial soap

Why is    antibacterial soap antibacterial? Because it contains a small amount of toxic substances. This is also harmful to the human body, especially for children whose nervous system is developing. Therefore, to avoid all products that claim to be “antibacterial”, it is best to use natural soap to let the child’s immune system work and kill common bacteria.

  3. Sports drinks

   Just because of the word “exercise”, some parents think this drink is healthy, and they think it can supplement potassium. In fact, the chemical sweeteners contained therein are harmful. Drinking water is a smarter way.

  4. Over-the-counter drugs

  Almost all medicines have certain toxicity. Many children’s medicines are more toxic than adult medicines because they increase the content of chemical sweeteners and artificial colors.

  5. Sunscreen in sunscreen oil

  The sunscreens in many sunscreen oils can cause skin cancer because they contain a variety of toxic substances. What’s more serious is that the sunscreen blocks ultraviolet rays, which prevents the skin from producing vitamin D normally and affects bone growth.

Daily hair combing to help sleep and prevent diseases

   Hair combing can not only dispel rheumatism on the head, but also reduce gray hair and prevent hair loss.

   Most people think that combing hair is a woman’s business, and it is one of the indispensable daily dressings to maintain the hair. As everyone knows, combing hair frequently can actually help maintain health. Regardless of men and women, or even old men with thinning hair, getting up early and combing their hair can effectively stimulate the head’s many meridians and help to relax the yang and improve the hair. Modern medicine has also proved that this practice can improve the blood circulation of the brain and give a moderate stimulation to the scalp to promote blood circulation and make people more refreshed.

   combing hair, a daily essential health class

  In March of Spring, I comb my hair one or two hundred times each time, and I am proud of my life. ——Jin-Jikang “Theory of Health”

   Combing hair in the morning of spring, raising Yang Qi and smoothing Qi and blood

   Jin Dynasty Ji Kang combed his hair frequently in the spring morning in his book “On Health”, is there any reason? Spring is the season of rising yang and recovery of all things, and the yang in our body begins to rise in accordance with nature. hair. “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic-Suwenmai Essentials” states: “The head is the home of the shrewd”. Not only is it rich in acupuncture points, it is also an important part of the body’s meridian collection. “The essence of the five internal organs and six futons are all on the head and face.” Therefore, get up early in the spring and take advantage of the natural yang qi in the day and when the yang qi in the body begins to rise, comb your hair properly, stimulate the many meridians of the head, so that the yang qi in the body will rise and relax, and the qi and blood will circulate, and it will make people sacred. Refreshing.

   daily combing hair to help sleep and prevent diseases

  The ancients advocated combing their hair, not just in the early spring. Song Dynasty man Guo Shangxian praised in his book Qing Yi Lu: “Comb your hair and wash your feet for a long time, and you will be peaceful when you are lying down.” People who often suffer from insomnia, might as well try combing their hair to help sleep.

  In addition to improving sleep, the ancients also discovered that combing hair has many benefits. Combing hair not only helps to dispel rheumatism in the head, promotes blood circulation on the head, nourishes hair, reduces gray hair and prevents hair loss, and has special effects on vertigo caused by hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Because often combing the hair to stimulate the Baihui, Temple and Fengchi acupoints has the effect of lowering blood pressure, the blood pressure is stable, and the dizziness will be reduced accordingly.

The selection of    comb is particulary


   First, choose an appropriate comb. It is better to use horn combs and wooden combs that do not generate static electricity. Nylon and plastic combs are prone to static electricity, which can damage hair and skin. They are not suitable for use. The comb teeth are moderately dense. The tooth end should not be too sharp, and keep the comb clean from time to time.

  Before shampooing or in windy weather, when combing loose hair, it is best to use a brush made of coarse-grained animal hair, which will not harm the hair, but also can massage the scalp epidermis.

  How to comb your hair the healthiest?

   is to comb the hair all the way, regardless of the middle or both sides of the head, it should be combed from the hairline of the forehead to the root of the hair behind the neck.

   First, start by combing out the scattered hair tips, lightly touch the scalp with the brush hair tips, and slowly rotate and comb them. The force should be even, if the force is too strong, it will stab the scalp. First comb the hairline of the forehead back, in the opposite direction, and then comb the hairline from back to front.

Electric toothbrush cleaning is more prone to bacteria

  Dr. Dong said that the electric toothbrush rotates quickly to generate high-frequency vibrations in the brush head, which instantly decomposes toothpaste into fine foam to clean the teeth.

  This kind of operation makes the electric toothbrush uncontrollable, that is, the direction and strength are set in advance and cannot be operated manually.

   For example, for people with irregular teeth, an electric toothbrush cannot focus on a certain area. It always rotates on the surface of the tooth in one direction to clean, and some gaps between the teeth cannot be brushed.

  The brush head of the electric toothbrush is hard, and long-term use may damage the gums. Some weaker teeth cannot withstand the rotating force of the electric toothbrush. For those with fragile gums, consult a doctor before using it.

Don’t wash tea cups often

   “If you drink tea without washing the cup, the king urges his fate.” What is said is that although tea is good for health, wrong tea drinking habit will bring about the opposite result. “Not washing tea cups frequently” is the most common one.

I don’t wash tea cups frequently, Hell is here to urge my life

   China is the hometown of tea, and the history of tea planting, tea making, and tea drinking has a long history. There has always been a proverb in our country: “A cup of tea in the morning will starve the drug seller to death”, which shows that the health benefits of tea are extraordinary.

   At the same time, there is a saying in our country, “If you drink tea without washing the cup, the king will remind you of your life.” What is said is that although tea is good for health, wrong tea drinking habit will bring about the opposite result. “Not washing tea cups frequently” is the most common one.

  If the tea water is not finished or left for a long time exposed to the air, the tea polyphenols in the tea and the metal elements in the tea rust will be oxidized to form tea scale, which adheres to the inner wall of the cup. “It is the chief culprit that endangers human health. Because tea stain contains toxic substances such as cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, and carcinogens such as nitrite.

Don’t keep the water heater farther away from the socket

  Professor Zhao Yufeng of the Chinese Institute of Electronics reminds everyone that you must pay attention to safety when using electric water heaters. The water heater socket should not be too close to the nozzle, and a waterproof cover should be installed to prevent water splashing into the socket, short circuit or electric leakage. If you encounter electrical leakage, you must cut off the power as soon as possible.

  Professor Zhao said that the safety performance of electric water heaters is basically reliable after continuous technological transformation. Under normal circumstances, an electric water heater will only have an accident when the grounding protection, overheating protection device fails, and the internal short circuit of the water heater occurs at the same time.

   But for consumers, they should take care of the “purchase” level, and be sure to choose an electric water heater with the following properties:

  First, there is a leakage protector on the power plug. Once a leakage occurs, the safety device will instantly cut off the power supply.

  Second, overheat protection device. Once the water temperature is overheated, cut off the power immediately.

   Third, anti-dry burning device. If the water heater suddenly loses water or there is water shortage in the water tank, the device will also cut off the power immediately.

   Finally, Professor Zhao reminded everyone that there are several points to note when using electric water heaters: It is best not to use a roulette valve for the tap water valve, but a wrench type valve to prevent someone from closing the water valve by mistake and causing the water tank Lack of water caused an accident.

Seven ways to get along with radiation

   It is generally believed that computer screens have high radiation, but in fact, the most radiation is the keyboard, followed by the mouse, followed by the screen, and the smallest is the host, so it is best not to sleep in front of the computer. And in the office, computers should not be placed too much. Don’t stay in Internet cafes for a long time.

   One, computer radiation should be avoided

   It is generally believed that computer screens have high radiation, but in fact, the most radiation is the keyboard, followed by the mouse, followed by the screen, and the smallest is the host, so it is best not to sleep in front of the computer. And in the office, computers should not be placed too much. Don’t stay in Internet cafes for a long time.

   2. The radio can measure microwave oven radiation

   Adjust the frequency of the radio to the mid-range (that is, the frequency is not particularly high or particularly low), first turn off all electrical appliances in the home, and test whether the radio is working well. Then move the radio close to the working microwave oven. If the radio is disturbed and makes a “hissing” sound, it means that the microwave oven may be leaking electromagnetic waves. But it should be mentioned that even if the microwave oven leaks electromagnetic waves, it does not necessarily mean that it has reached a dose harmful to the human body.

   Three, there are ways to reduce microwave radiation

   After turning on the microwave, it is best to leave for about one meter without looking at the door of the furnace or standing in front of the furnace for a long time. After the microwave oven has finished working, wait for a while before turning it on; after taking the food out of the oven, it is best to leave it for a few minutes before eating. It is best to use a microwave oven shield, often use it to cook food, you need to wear a shielding apron, shielding gown. After a period of use, always check whether the furnace door is mechanically operated.

   Fourth, use the hair dryer correctly

   When we use a hair dryer, its rear motor part is very close to the head. It is easy to cause dizziness and fatigue due to electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, when using the hair dryer, we should adopt the correct method, such as turning on and off Keep the hair dryer as far away as possible from the head; when using it, it is best to keep the hair dryer perpendicular to the head; do not use it continuously for a long time, it is best to stop.

  5. Wipe electrical appliances to prevent radiation

Toothpaste contains abrasives that damage teeth

  Toothpaste usually uses the friction agent contained in it to achieve the effect of brushing teeth, but dental experts remind: the friction agent will destroy the smoothness of the tooth surface, causing tooth discoloration and corrosion. It is recommended to choose toothpaste with smaller friction agent particles when brushing your teeth. Don’t use too much force.

   Dr. Yao Jun, member of the Pediatric Dentistry Committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association and Director of Pediatric Dentistry, Fujian Medical University Affiliated Stomatological Hospital, told reporters that toothpaste is a necessary auxiliary material for brushing teeth. The role of toothpaste to clean teeth is through the granular form contained in it. After the friction material is repeatedly rubbed on the tooth surface, the food residue on the tooth surface is removed. At present, almost all toothpastes contain friction agents.

  Yao Jun reminded that these abrasives are rubbed on the tooth surface two or three times a day. Long-term rubbing will destroy the smoothness of the tooth surface and make it easier for some food residues and pigments to adhere to the tooth surface. Discoloration and erosion of teeth are formed, which is why some people feel that the more they are brushed, the easier they get dirty.

A good pair of chopsticks gives you a good appetite

   chopsticks have almost become a must-have daily necessities for the Chinese, but did you know? A pair of good quality chopsticks can bring a lot of benefits to your health. From now on, check whether your chopsticks are safe. .


   a pair of good chopsticks   good appetite

  Chopsticks are the most common items in life, but many people still have many misunderstandings in their use. They do not know that the chopsticks at home are covered with bacteria. Recently, a survey conducted by Life Times in conjunction with Sohu Health Channel and Xinhua Health Channel showed that among the 5654 people who participated in the vote, nearly 40% said that chopsticks should only be replaced if they are worn out, and 22.33% would use at least two or three. Years, and some even longer, especially for some elderly people, a pair of chopsticks can last a lifetime. Lu Jinxing, deputy director of the Institute of Infectious Disease Control of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, pointed out that chopsticks are closely related to health and must be selected and used correctly.

   Nowadays, there are many kinds of chopsticks, including wooden, bamboo, stainless steel and plastic chopsticks. This survey shows that in the question of “chopstick material selection”, 43.25% of people choose wooden chopsticks, 48.5% of people choose bamboo chopsticks, and some people still choose plastic chopsticks. Heat releases chemical components that are harmful to the human body, and the texture is fragile and easy to deform; the best choice is bamboo chopsticks, natural wooden chopsticks are also good, such as chopsticks made of fir, which are non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly.” Lu Jinxing said .

  The people who choose bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks are obviously the majority, but chopsticks of these two textures are not easy to clean. Improper cleaning and placement methods can easily be contaminated by bacteria and microorganisms. Lu Jinxing emphasized: “Chopsticks should be placed in a hollow chopstick holder, and placed in a dry and ventilated place.” In this survey, 18% of people still put chopsticks in a sealed chopstick holder or drawer. People who casually put on the bowl also accounted for 8%.


  ”These places are airtight and humid, and many people do not drain the chopsticks after washing them. Over time, bamboo and wooden chopsticks are prone to mildew and produce peculiar smell, even if the naked eye cannot detect it. , But the chopsticks are already covered with bacteria. If they are not replaced frequently, they will be harmful to health when they enter the human body with food.” Lu Jinxing explained. There are also data showing that nearly 50% of the human body contains Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach problems. However, most of these bacteria are transmitted by families, and chopsticks are one of the important channels of transmission.

Health Tips: Pay attention to healthy shoes

   Many people may not pay much attention to shoes when they wear shoes everyday, so they buy the ones they like. What are the stresses of healthy wearing shoes? What harm will there be if you fail to do so.

  Wearing inappropriate shoes can also harm your health and even cause many diseases. According to experts from the Health 863 website, many clinical symptoms, such as corns, cysts, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, etc., are caused by wearing inappropriate shoes. Patients often wear small or tight shoes. The friction between the feet and the shoes is intensified, causing red and swollen feet, plantar pain, and serious ankle, knee, hip and back problems. When walking with shoes that are too small or too tight to fit the feet, the feet will tire quickly, and the neurons that innervate the feet-the corresponding parts of the waist will also fatigue, and will pass through the spinal cord to the brain. Because there are many acupuncture points on the feet, the disease on the feet will inevitably affect the internal organs.

  Three Points to Pay Attention to Healthy Wearing Shoes

   First of all, the heel height of the shoe should be appropriate. The heel of 2~3cm can make the arch of the foot more reasonable, so that the buttocks are retracted, the abdomen is tightened, and the chest is straightened, making the person look tall and energetic. Flat shoes make people’s center of gravity too far back, and when walking, the heel hits the ground, and the vibration can be transmitted to the brain. An excessively high heel makes the toes and metatarsals more difficult and squeezed, which increases the stress on the ankles and knees. The waist and abdomen must be stretched forward to maintain balance, which may easily lead to strain on the waist and hip muscles and ligaments. Over time, the toes are deformed, often resulting in hallux valgus and bunions. In real life, short people often wear high heels to increase their height. In fact, the height of the heel should be proportional to the height, and it is more harmful to wear high heels if you are short.

  Secondly, the elasticity of the shoes should be appropriate. Shoes that are too tight can squeeze the feet, causing hallux valgus, and corns and calluses appear on the soles of the feet. Loose shoes, feet wandering in the shoes, the shoes do not follow the feet, and the soles are too hard, worn and painful. Because the thickness of the socks worn in the four seasons is different, the shoes will become loose and larger after wearing for a long time, and even the size of the feet will be different in the daytime, so it is more appropriate to adjust with shoe straps. Elderly people who have difficulty bending over can wear shoes that can be opened as soon as they are pulled. It is worth noting that parents must not allow children to wear tight shoes, otherwise the children’s feet will grow deformities. Leave a little space when buying shoes, and change shoes as soon as your feet grow up.

  The material of the shoes should be breathable. The breathable material not only does not cover the feet and is comfortable, but it is also not easy to get athlete’s foot. Some shoes have poor air permeability, especially the soles. Although they are strong, the feet are like a sauna inside. Cloth shoes are the most breathable, but they are not elegant and not as strong as leather shoes. A good pair of shoes is far more important to a rider than a BMW. For people who have to stand for more than 9 hours a day, the feet are the hardest, and a pair of comfortable shoes shouldn’t be better.

  Healthy shoes must prevent the “three evils”

   one evil: large shoes

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