How to build a healthy bathroom

   bathroom is playing an increasingly important role in the home. It is closest to us. Its “health” directly affects our health, and its “temperament” reflects our taste.

   bathroom magic perfume: fresheners are available on the market. However, the easiest way is to put a cup of balsamic vinegar or a box of cooling oil in the bathroom, and the smell will disappear naturally.

   Tile Live Color Foundation: The walls of the bathroom are mostly paved with tiles. To keep it clean and beautiful, you can use a multi-functional decontamination paste to clean it. As for the crevices of the tiles, first use a toothbrush with a little decontamination cream to remove the dirt, and then brush a water-repellent agent on the crevices. This will not only prevent seepage, but also prevent mold growth.

   Youthful glass without trace: The smooth mirror surface and windows are watermarked and dull due to long-term close contact with water. You can spray a large X shape on a whole piece of glass with a spray-type glass cleaner, then fold the wrung out rag and wipe it in one direction. When the glass is half dry, use it again. Wipe it with the cloth. If there are still water marks, you can wipe it with old newspaper. The ink on the paper can make the glass as bright as ever and wipe away the stubborn dirt.

  The faucet is perfectly unloaded: The faucet (shower) is often stained with various shower gels, shampoos, and detergent. These detergents make the chrome-plated surface of the faucet dull. In fact, you can also take a neutral detergent and wipe it with a soft cloth once a week. Do not use acidic or abrasive cleaners or wire brushes to “torture” the faucet (shower).

  Toilet whitening mask: first put an appropriate amount of water in the toilet, take the toilet brush to clean it, and then pour about 5-10ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid solution and apply it evenly with a brush and then scrub, if the dirt is heavy , You can pour a little detergent to soak and scrub until it is clean, then rinse it off with clean water.

The dirt in the washing machine tank cannot be ignored

   International data found that 75% of women were infected with mold at the first time, while the rate of second infections with mold in women after treatment was still as high as 40%. Mold is a great threat to women’s health. For example, fungal vaginitis is difficult to cure. If a woman is infected with mold during pregnancy, it can easily lead to miscarriage, premature delivery or even stillbirth. Many aspects of daily life may lead to mold infections, such as cross-infection in public places, the use of unqualified female products, and self-mechanism disorders.


  Do you know that the washing machine, which is essential in our daily life, is also the fatal killer of white-collar women’s health?


   Ms. Li (35 years old) recently felt lower body discomfort. She went to the hospital for examination and found that she had fungal vaginitis. After telling the doctor about her living habits, the doctor advised her to go home and check the washing machine. Ms. Li’s family of 4 has only one washing machine. It has been in use for nearly 3 years and has never been cleaned in between. Because she is busy at work, all the clothes, shoes and socks of the adults and children in the family are thrown in and washed together, but she pays attention to the usual laundry. When adding a disinfectant to disinfect. After listening to the doctor’s advice, Ms. Li asked the washing machine repair worker to go home for an inspection. The moment the washing machine tank was taken out, Ms. Li was really scared. There was a lot of dirt attached to the wall and bottom of the washing machine tank, which was dark and sticky. It is no wonder that I was sick when washing clothes with such a washing machine.

  The dirt in the washing machine tank cannot be ignored


  According to the survey of professional health institutions, the rate of excess bacteria in household washing machines is as high as 81.3%, of which the mold detection rate is 60.2%. Mold, also known as Candida albicans, is a parasitic fungus of rot. It usually lives in the skin, mucous membranes, digestive tract and other organs of the human body. When the body’s resistance is reduced, Candida albicans will multiply and reach a certain amount. , The human body will get sick.

  The mold growing in the washing machine tank contaminates clothes and contacts the human body to cause diseases, such as fungal vaginal inflammation. Ms. Li was infected with mold because she wore clothes that were secondarily contaminated by the washing machine.

  The washing machine can hide dirt, which is related to its structure. Fully automatic washing machines generally have two inner and outer drums. What we usually see is the inner drum. The washing machine tank between the inner and outer drums is a place to hide dirt.

   Washing water flows between the washing machine tank and the inner tub. As it accumulates over time, impurities such as scale, washing powder free matter, clothing fibers and dirt, and human organic matter will adhere to the inner tank wall and continue to ferment at room temperature. A layer of black and sticky dirt and stubborn dirt is accumulated, and a large number of germs are breeding. The longer the washing machine is used, the more dirt and germs will accumulate, and the more serious the secondary pollution to the clothes will be.

   Washing machine tank full of dirt and germs


Don’t want to be eaten away by bacteria, be careful when washing dishes

   Many people think that there is often running water and detergent, so the kitchen sink should be very clean. But experts gave different answers.

Don't want to be eaten by bacteria, pay attention to washing dishes

   “If you think that the dishwashing water can ensure that the kitchen sink does not breed bacteria, you are wrong. The sink has all the conveniences for the breeding of bacteria,” said Powell, a microbiologist at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

   “After washing the dishes, wash the kitchen sink with clean hot water.” Powell reminded me that when washing pet dishes and other utensils in the kitchen sink, it is especially necessary to rinse with clean hot water. The glass fish tank was cleaned in the kitchen sink, resulting in a family infected with Salmonella.”

  The kitchen smells like pour some vinegar into the sink

   There are often peculiar smells in several places in the room, such as the kitchen, the entrance hallway, and the living room. Japan’s “Refreshing Home” magazine recently published an article that introduced the tips of Japanese housewives to solve these problems: let’s talk about the kitchen first.

   Leftovers are often stored in the kitchen, as well as some food waste, so it is the most prone to odor in summer. Because the protein in food residues will be decomposed by bacteria and give off a peculiar smell, the most direct way is to dump the garbage frequently and let it be exposed to the air as little as possible, but it still cannot completely eliminate the smell in the kitchen. Before going to bed, Japanese housewives usually dilute some vinegar with water and pour it in the corner of the sink. The air in the kitchen will become fresh the next morning.

  The microwave oven is also a place where peculiar smells are hidden. Japanese housewives usually put a little citrus peel or lemon zest in the microwave and heat it for one minute to completely remove the peculiar smell in the microwave. Before using the cutting board, rinse it with water, there will be a water film on the surface of the cutting board, which is not easy to be stained with the taste of food, and it will not emit a strange smell after cutting the vegetables.

   The peculiar smell at the entrance is mostly from the shoes that are taken off. Because the ventilation at the entrance is generally not good, the sweat from the feet and the dirt on the shoes can easily give off an odor. At this time, put the waste tea foam or boiled coffee bean dregs in a small plate and put it in the corner of the door to absorb the peculiar smell.

Improper selection of shoes can cause foot problems

   In the foot and ankle clinic of Beijing Tongren Hospital, doctors will tell patients the precautions for choosing shoes, because most foot diseases are directly related to shoes. Director Zhang Jianzhong has served in the Foot and Ankle Clinic of Beijing Tongren Hospital for many years. Most of the professional doctor’s shoe cabinets are casual shoes, mainly made of cowhide, while the shoe style prefers shoes with loose toe caps, slightly harder soles, and a little heel.


   Director Zhang has many “exclusive tips” on how to choose a pair of comfortable and fit shoes.

   Suitable shoes do not need a “run-in” period

   Many people mistakenly believe that new shoes have a “run-in” period, and after a period of wear, they will “heel”. In fact, good quality and suitable new shoes will be very comfortable when put on. Generally speaking, a well-fitting shoe does not press the instep. There is about a thumb space in front of the shoe. The forefoot must have a certain swing while the heel cannot swing. There is no friction between the heel and the upper. Moreover, everyone’s feet are not the same size. When trying shoes, you should focus on the comfort of the larger feet. You must stand up and take a few steps to see if both shoes are on the same foot.

  Special foot shape with special insole

   It’s easier to buy shoes with general foot shapes, but some people have flat feet or high arches. Such feet are more exquisite when buying shoes and matching insoles. How do you know the shape of your feet? Here is a simple test method: get the soles of your feet wet and print them on tissue paper. For people with flat feet, the arch of the inside of the sole of the foot is small, and the entire foot is almost close to the ground when standing.

  The opposite is true for those with high arches, whose arches are too high to be close to the ground. People with flat feet should choose shoes with arch pads and hard heels, otherwise they are likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis; people with high arches should choose softer insoles or air cushions to reduce the impact of shock on the feet.

  The old man’s shoes should be soft and have a little heel

   The elderly are also very particular about choosing shoes. It is best to wear soft shoes with a little heel. The height of the heel should be about 2 cm higher than the forefoot of the sole. In addition to paying attention to the height of the heel, the soles of the elderly can be slightly larger. Generally speaking, leather shoes with tendon soles are a good choice.

   sneakers are not suitable for all sports


Cushions exceeding 19 cm are dangerous!

   With the popularization of mechanization and office computers, people who work in a sitting position are becoming more and more common. Some sedentary people often put a cushion on a car chair, sofa, or stool in order to prevent back pain. The doctor reminded, The use of cushions to prevent back pain must also pay attention to methods. Don’t be too thick or too thin, 19 cm is suitable.


Teach you to use a towel to relieve fatigue and restore your spirit

   greasy forehead and large pores make the skin no longer as smooth as jade; swollen eyes and bulging eye bags make people look listless; and the face and arms that are red and hot from the sun. In fact, it is quite simple to solve these skin problems. An ice towel can play a very good role.


   Dr. Ran Liwei, Department of Dermatology, Jingxi District, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that when you need to use it, you can wrap a clean and moist towel in a fresh-keeping bag, put it in the freezer of the refrigerator for about 20 minutes, and then take it out. Apply a cold compress to the face.

   ice towel on the face has the effects of shrinking capillaries, reducing skin burning and itching, reducing irritation, and alleviating skin allergic reactions. Using an ice towel with some materials for cold compresses can eliminate eye puffiness, shrink pores, and relieve skin sunburn.

   ice towel + tea bag.

   Due to poor rest at night, my eyes are prone to swelling in the morning. At this time, you can wrap the used tea bag with an ice towel and put it on your eyes for about 10 minutes to help relieve eye puffiness. Because the tannins contained in tea are a good astringent, ice towels can shrink the capillaries around the eyes and help reduce swelling of the skin around the eyes. Tired eyes can quickly restore their looks.

   ice towel + lotion.

   For people with excessive oil secretion and large pores, the first thing you need to do is to wash your face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing products, then apply some astringent lotion, and then apply an ice towel to cold compress. This will help. It shrinks pores and makes the skin feel very refreshed.

Say byebye with dry skin

   Moisturizing Coup 1: Drink enough water, at least 8 large glasses of water a day, in addition to drinking water, don’t forget to eat more fruits.

say byebye with dry skin

   Moisturizing Coup 2: Pay attention to sunscreen. After the weather turns cold, many MMs like to go out in the sun, but the Meteorological Department said that the sun is quite “insidious” now, and the UV index is above level 3, and it can sunburn in 30-60 minutes.

   Moisturizing Coup 3: Don’t wash your face with overheated water. After washing your face, be sure to use toner to add moisture.

  Moisturizing Coup 4: Choose moisturizing skin care products with high moisturizing effect to directly help the skin retain moisture.

Reject the germ bomb of sanitary napkins

  Introduction: A woman needs about 15,000 sanitary napkins in her life. This small personal thing, if used improperly, may cause health hazards. Sanitary napkins are sometimes simply a germ bomb carried by women, which can cause a mild or serious disease at any time.

  An official from the World Health Organization once stated that 50% of patients with gynecological diseases in the world have used unclean sanitary products. According to statistics from authoritative departments, there are about 340 million women in the age group who need to use sanitary napkins in my country. So, how can so many women avoid the “attack” of the “germ bomb” when using sanitary napkins? How should women care for the health of their delicate private parts?

   Menstrual period is called “extraordinary period” by many women. Women in this period have poor resistance. If you don’t pay attention to nursing, it will cause various discomforts. It is understood that my country’s statistics as early as 1996 show that 38% of people who use unqualified sanitary napkins suffer from serious gynecological diseases, and 73% of women will feel local skin itching, burning, and burning during menstruation. , After using unclean sanitary napkins, about 80% of women will experience symptoms such as high fever, headache, and abdominal pain during menstruation.

  The female pelvic cavity, uterus, cervix, vagina and the external environment are all connected. This structure makes the female reproductive system vulnerable to the invasion of external pathogens. Especially during menstruation, the resistance of the reproductive organs decreases and becomes more fragile than usual. If you use substandard sanitary napkins, you are prone to infection. In addition, menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, and therefore becomes a “medium” for the proliferation of bacteria. An experiment showed that after 2 hours of continuous use of ordinary sanitary napkins, the total number of surface bacteria can reach 107 per square centimeter.

   Not only that, at present, the national quality standards for sanitary napkins are still incomplete, and only stipulate the production environment and product sanitary quality standards of sanitary napkins. Raw materials and auxiliary materials used in the production of sanitary napkins, such as the packaging plastic bags , The paper printed matter in the bag, etc., do not have strict hygiene requirements.

   Because most women use improper methods, it is easy to cause “secondary pollution” of sanitary napkins and threaten their health.

Clever use of household condiments to cure diseases

   cooking oil is a mild soothing agent. When a certain part of the body is burned by fire, apply cooking oil to the affected area to relieve the pain. If it is stabbed by Huangfeng or other insects, applying warm oil to the wound can also relieve the pain. When the soup is scalded and burned, rinse it with vinegar, which can relieve pain and swelling, prevent blistering, and leave no spots on the wound. When a certain part of the body is burned, it can be applied with soy sauce, which can relieve pain and detoxification; fingers swelling and pain, after soy sauce and honey are warmed, the fingers can be immersed to relieve pain and swelling.

   cooking oil

   It is a mild soothing agent. When a part of the body is burned by fire, apply cooking oil to the affected area to relieve the pain. If it is stabbed by Huangfeng or other insects, apply warm oil to the wound to relieve the pain. If you have a stomach ulcer, you can drink two small mouthfuls of peanut oil every morning and evening, which has a certain effect. It can also cure constipation. If a small bug gets into the ear and drops a few drops of oil into the ear, the bug can come out.

   table salt

  Cold cold can cause abdominal pain or acute bladder palsy, making it difficult to urinate. Heat salt in a cloth bag and compress the abdomen, which has a miraculous effect. Acute localized dermatitis and itching can be relieved by washing with salt water and painting. Insist on washing the eyes with light salt water every day, which can get a good effect on the treatment of trachoma; washing hair with salt water can reduce hair loss. Drinking a glass of salted water after getting up early in the morning can cure bowel problems. Gargle with salt and boiled water or hold it for a while, it can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.


   When influenza occurs, vinegar and fumigation can be used indoors to prevent it; when you have a high fever, soak a towel with diluted vinegar and apply it to the skin to cool the body; gargle with vinegar water can be cured. Degree of pharyngitis. When the soup is scalded and burned, rinse it with vinegar, which can relieve pain and swelling, prevent blistering, and leave no spots on the wound.


When    has a fever, brewing sugar water can reduce the fever of the patient. Sugar water can also stimulate the intestines and stomach and help digestion.

  Soy sauce

   When a certain part of the body is burned, it can be applied with soy sauce, which can relieve pain and detoxification; fingers swelling and pain, soy sauce and honey are warmed, and the fingers are immersed to relieve pain and swelling.

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