Don’t use the tissue in your trouser pocket for too long!

  Women often put some toilet paper in their pockets in case of emergency. However, this habit is best to get rid of, because putting the toilet paper directly in your pocket is easy to contaminate bacteria and may cause vaginitis after use.

   Putting toilet paper in the pocket for a few days is one of the risk factors for unmarried girls to get gynecological inflammation.

  When adolescent women first came to menstruation, because of the shyness of the girl and the dim understanding of menstruation, they often did not understand or pay attention to menstrual hygiene. They abused unclean toilet paper in a panic, causing the perineum to be contaminated with unclean toilet paper and germs. Taking the opportunity to breed and attack, cause vaginitis.

   If you leave toilet paper in your trouser pocket or bag, and “ears and temples” with cash, keys and other items all day long, the bacteria on toilet paper is unimaginable. Pay special attention to the toilet paper used by women, or take it when you use it. If you want to put it in a bag or pocket, you must use a bag of paper towels to protect it.

Unexpired medicines may also expire?

   In fact, medicines stored for a long time will also become “sick.” Many citizens do not know the common sense of keeping medicines or improper storage methods, usually because the medicines have expired and deteriorated and are still being used.


   The recycling of expired drugs is not encouraged to be carried out in pharmacies. The promotion of recycling expired drugs in pharmacies can easily cause the common people to buy more drugs, which is likely to cause a new round of unsafe risks. A unified drug collection box is set up in the community, and the government collects expired drugs in the hands of the masses.

  If the preservation method is incorrect, or we don’t pay attention to identifying whether the medicine has deteriorated, many medicines that are still within the shelf life will also pose a threat to our health.

  As long as the drug is found to have passed the expiration date, no matter whether the drug package has been opened or not, it can no longer be taken. But everyone should pay more attention to the fact that the expiration date on the drug packaging box should not be regarded as the only “insurance”. Even within the validity period, once the tablet is found to be cracked or the color of the tablet has changed, the drug cannot be used. Used again. If the medicines within the shelf life are not stored in accordance with the conditions required by the storage instructions, the medicines will also become invalid. For example, insulin used by diabetic patients must be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 8°C. Nitroglycerin used by patients with heart disease is usually placed in a brown vial, and the mouth of the bottle should be sealed very well.

Installing a mirror on the wall seriously affects health

  For large outdoor light pollution such as glass curtain walls, we may not be able to change it ourselves, but indoor light pollution caused by improper decoration and local environmental pollution such as books and paper, computers, televisions, etc., we can take the initiative to attack. Experts suggest that the following methods can eliminate the hazards of light pollution.

  Indoor lighting is very particular: colorful rotating lights should be avoided as much as possible. In terms of color, in the living room, study room, and kitchen, it is best to choose a cool color for the main lighting headlights, that is, a lamp that can emit white light; and the bedroom, bathroom, and balcony should use a warm yellow light source. For local lighting, use desk lamps with good shading properties to block more infrared radiation contained in such light sources. Minimize decorations such as mirrors and glass on the wall. Regardless of the office or the home, try to use incandescent lamps instead of fluorescent lamps. The latter’s ultraviolet and blue light can cause damage to the skin and retina.

  It is advisable to use matt tiles for decoration: If polished tiles are used on the floors of offices and homes, the light reflection coefficient will rise to 90%, causing light pollution, but not if matt tiles are used. If you have already used polished tiles, don’t use a lamp with an excessive degree to directly illuminate the ground, and try to turn on a small lamp. In home study and children’s room, floor should be used instead of tiles as much as possible. Regardless of whether it is a room or an office, the wall paint is best to be mainly light colors such as beige, light blue, etc., too dazzling white reflection is strong, it is best not to use it.

Don’t let washing machine bacteria swallow skin health

  Washing machine is a good helper to help people do good home hygiene. However, Japanese researchers found that washing machines are actually a bit dirty. In recent years, the increase in skin inflammation and skin allergies has a great relationship with washing machines.

   Nobuo Hamada, the director of the Osaka Municipal Environmental Science Research Institute in Japan, visited many dermatologists and at the same time investigated the amount of mold contained in washing machines used by more than 150 ordinary households. The results showed that almost all of these washing machines had mold spores. The sewage discharged from the automatic washing machine contains an average of 61 mold spores per milliliter; the sewage discharged from the two-tank washing machine contains an average of 24 mold spores per milliliter.

  The inside of the washing machine is relatively humid, and it is easy to breed saprophytic mold. This kind of mold is very heat-resistant and will die in hot water at about 45°C. However, in order to save energy, ordinary households rarely use hot water to wash clothes, causing the mold to multiply inside the washing tank.

   When the mold touches the water, the spores are released and attached to the clothes. The more times you wash, the more mold spores on your clothes. Keiichiro Hiyama of the Japanese Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal conducted an experiment. He put the used bath towels, adult men’s socks that only lasted for a day, and children’s underwear that only lasted for a day into the washing machine, and washed them with a completely non-bacterial detergent. These clothes are then dried indoors.

Expert advice: don’t wait for the towel to break before changing

  The towel becomes hard and uncomfortable after being used for a long time. The most important thing is the large number of bacteria that are contaminated, which is harmful to the human body. The towel is made of pure cotton yarn. The cotton fiber has a tubular structure and contains a hollow cell that can store water; its main chemical component, cellulose, contains a large number of hydrophilic genes, which can absorb water. The moisture absorption and water storage properties of cotton yarn make the towel feel comfortable and have strong decontamination ability, which is suitable for face washing and cleaning.

   But it is precisely because of this characteristic that provides convenient conditions for the growth of bacteria. Bacteria like warm and humid environments most. The towel is kept in a warm and humid state for a long time. After a certain period of time, it becomes a paradise for bacteria breeding. In addition, the oil, dust, impurities in the water, bacteria in the air, etc. on the human skin are deposited on the towel, and then wipe with such a towel Not only does the skin fail to cleanse, it will stain the skin and clog pores. Ladies who like makeup and children with fast metabolism have a lot of oil in their skin, and towels are more susceptible to infection, which is particularly harmful.

  The expert analyzes that the towel shouldn’t be changed after it’s broken

  Professionals say that the use period of towels should be three months; three men and four women should be encouraged

   “Get used to it” hides hidden dangers behind. For example, use towels. In the hot summer, especially in Guangdong, unscientific use of towels will affect your health. The reporter learned from an interview with relevant experts from the Towel Professional Committee of the China Home Textile Industry Association that there are many bad habits in the use of towels. Experts suggest that, especially in summer, it is advisable to have multiple towels per person.

Can rubbing oil proficient in nasal congestion be fatal?

   has reached the season of spring and winter, and the number of patients with cold and nasal congestion and seasonal allergic rhinitis has increased. Many people are used to using peppermint ointment and expelling wind oil to clear their nasal congestion. Experts warn that products such as peppermint ointment, wind repellent oil, and wind oil essence contain camphor and salicylic acid, which are fatal to patients with fava bean disease and Reye’s syndrome.


When patients with fava bean disease and Reye’s syndrome come into contact with items containing camphor and salicylic acid, they may cause hemolysis. If they are not treated, they may even cause death. The instructions of peppermint ointment and anti-wind oil used for nasal congestion and alleviation of nasal allergies do not explain this, which will cause patients with fava bean disease and Reye’s syndrome to misuse this medicine.

   Recently, the Hong Kong media reported the omission of this kind of product manual. The drugs used for nasal congestion in Hong Kong are like this. Will patients with nasal congestion and rhinitis in Guangzhou use these drugs?

   The contents of “camphor” and “salicylic acid” are clearly written on the package, but there is no description of “prohibited for fava bean disease and Reye’s syndrome” in the manual.

   Physicians do not prescribe medicines, “non-governmental” uses more


  Professor Chen Xihui from the Department of Otolaryngology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, said that there is a difference between the medicine used in Guangzhou and the medicine used in Hong Kong.

   Chen Limin, deputy chief physician of the Department of Pediatrics of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, has the same view. He said that even if the “mint water” used to prevent nasal dryness, its main ingredient is glycerin and does not contain camphor. The same is true in pharmacies. The reporter saw that the medicines professionally used to treat allergic rhinitis do not contain camphor or salicylic acid.

  The personal relief of nasal discomfort is very different. In addition to medication, they will also think of some convenient ways to relieve nasal discomfort. Mr. Wang is an old allergic rhinitis patient for more than ten years. In addition to the spray prescribed by the doctor, the medicine he usually carries with him is a peppermint water, which is used when the nose is dry. “If there is no peppermint water around, I will use it. Alternatives such as wind oil, cooling oil, and wind-driving oil,” he said.

   In addition to allergic rhinitis, there are more cases of “ventilation” with Fengyoujing and peppermint ointment for common colds and nasal congestion. Believe you and I have this kind of life experience, the nose is uncomfortable, apply it to the middle of the person, take a few breaths, and the nose will pass.

Toothbrush dipped in water to brush your teeth, white brushed

   Aiya is a must-have work that must be carried out seriously every day. Therefore, the daily homework of brushing teeth needs to be taken seriously. After understanding, I discovered that there is so much knowledge in brushing. To this end, we specifically consulted Zhang Yunkui, the deputy dean of Jinan Stomatological Hospital.

  Choose toothbrush instead of soft hair

   Dean Zhang said that at present, there is a misunderstanding when people choose toothbrushes. They think that the softer the toothbrush, the better, so that it is not easy to damage the gums. In fact, it is not the case. When brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush, the strength is not easy to grasp. If the brush is too light, the food residue and bacteria in the oral cavity will not be easily removed; too much force will damage the gums and shorten the service life of the toothbrush. Most of the gum injuries are due to the toothbrush being used for a long time, the shape becomes irregular, and it is easy to puncture the gums. The soft toothbrush is more prone to deformation, so it is recommended that you should not choose a soft toothbrush.

   Our gums are not that delicate. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to choose a toothbrush with medium bristles softness and small head. The toothbrush head should be wide and narrow: generally no more than 4 rows of bristles for adults and no more than 3 rows of bristles for children; moderate length: generally covering 2-3 teeth It’s easy to cover everything when brushing your teeth. In addition, the treatment of toothbrush brushing is also very important. After the bristles are cut, if the bristles are not smoothed, they are likely to be too sharp and damage the oral cavity.  



  Squeeze toothpaste and brush slowly without dipping in water

   Dean Zhang pointed out very carefully that most people habitually moisten the toothbrush before squeezing toothpaste when brushing their teeth. This is how reporters usually brush their teeth. In fact, if the toothbrush is wet, it is easy to foam after squeezing the toothpaste. If there is too much foam in the mouth, people will feel that they have been brushing for a long time and think it can be over. At this time, the teeth have not really been brushed, so it is not correct.

  Toothpaste is not originally used to clean the teeth with foam, but instead depends on the cleaning ingredients inside and the friction between the toothbrush and the teeth. The finer the friction and the longer the time, the cleaner the brush.

   Dean Zhang told reporters that the toothbrush should not be dipped in water. Squeeze the toothpaste and brush slowly, and then gradually produce some fine foam, so that the cleaning ingredients of the toothpaste can be maximized, and then rinse the mouth to finish brushing the teeth.   

Drinking water from glass is easy to be poisoned

   Early lead poisoning is often difficult to detect, especially when drinking acidic beverages with lead-containing glassware for a long time, and even causing long-term chronic poisoning, it is misdiagnosed because there is no obvious lead exposure history. People need to avoid containing acidic beverages or food when using leaded glassware in daily life, and it is best to use ordinary glassware.

   According to Professor Zhu Qishang, director of the Poisoning Department of West China Fourth Hospital of Sichuan University, many of the lead poisoning patients admitted to the Poisoning Department of the hospital used crystal glass containers to drink acidic beverages.

   There are two types of crystal glass containers circulating in the market: lead-free crystal glass and lead-containing crystal glass. The former generally contains potassium, mostly high-end handicrafts and marked on the outer packaging; the latter contains lead, that is, crystal glassware commonly found in some supermarkets and street stalls, the content of lead oxide can reach 24%.

Choosing a towel is not careful, it hurts your eyes

  So how to get rid of these bad habits, scientifically choose and use towels?


   Towel selection is exquisite:

  (1) Purchase. Try to buy from large shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores, and choose products from regular manufacturers.

  (2) logo. Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo, and indicate the manufacturer, place of origin, telephone number, trademark, implementation standards, and washing methods.

  (3) Hand feeling. High-quality towels are generally soft, fluffy and elastic.

  (4) Appearance. Good towels have bright colors, clear patterns, uniform loops, and neat seams.

  (5) Towel products with qualified odor should have no peculiar smell.


   In addition, families can also do some quality identification when using towels. If the water droplets on a new towel can be quickly absorbed, it means that the towel has good water absorption. High-quality towels have elasticity and friction when used, and will not fade in the water. Inferior towels have poor water absorption, are loose, inelastic, and feel slippery when used. They will fade more seriously when entering the water and cause greater irritation and damage to the skin and eyes.

   small towels should also be used scientifically

  (1) Exclusively for people, exclusive for special towels

40 tips for you to relax and live happily

   Modern life is full of pressure, how can I live more easily? The latest article published in the American Men’s Health, based on a number of research results, summarized 40 ways to relieve stress.

   1. Drink more orange juice: The latest research has found that supplementing enough vitamin C every day can help reduce the body’s stress hormone levels. Researchers suggest that drinking two cups of about 250 ml of orange juice a day not only meets the body’s demand for vitamin C, but also reduces stress.

  2. Take a deep breath before answering the phone: Make a mark on the phone, such as using a sticker to cut a beautiful green dot and paste it, reminding yourself to take a deep breath before answering the phone. This is a relaxation secret that can reduce stress and make your voice sound more confident.

  3. Pinch the earlobe and make a circle: Pull the earlobe lightly with both hands, draw a circle in the opposite direction, and count from 1 to 10. This action is beneficial to activate the cerebral cortex and relieve stress.

  4. Smile quietly for 2 seconds before speaking: Afraid of speaking? Look at the audience with a smile and stay quiet for 2 seconds to slow down, make the audience more comfortable, and relieve tension.

  5. Ironing clothes: The repetitive action of ironing clothes puts you into a trance state, puts the brain in a “self-running” mode, and relieves stress thoughts.

  6. Drinking coffee with many people: Many people like to drink coffee to relieve stress, but British researchers have found that drinking coffee alone is difficult to eliminate tension, anxiety or nervousness, while drinking with a group of people will make the stress relieved.

  7. 33 minutes of high-intensity exercise: A study by the University of Missouri found that 33 minutes of high-intensity exercise is most helpful for stress reduction. Running fast, pedaling the bicycle hard, and punching the sandbag are all good choices.

   8. Memorizing lyrics: Memorizing the lyrics of your favorite songs is a challenge to memory. This method is moderately difficult, with clear results, and helps reduce stress.

  9. Hypothesis: Faced with a screaming child or other extremely stressful situations, imagine “If someone gives you 100,000 yuan, how long can you stand it?” Suddenly, you will be surprised Found that I feel much better.

  10. Watering the plants: Water the plants when they are troubled. Studies have shown that being in the plant world for 10 seconds can produce tremendous psychological relaxation.

  11. Choose a green road for commuting to and from get off work: The road has a beautiful green landscape, which is beneficial to pedestrians and relieves stress.

  12. Apologize in time: Frankly speaking about your mistakes or hurting others, and apologizing in time will help ease tension and reduce stress.

   13. Change the cool-colored curtains: For those who love to lose their temper, it is best to choose cool-colored curtains such as green or blue at home. Cool colors are more comforting and calming.

  14. Polish shoes: Walking can help reduce frustration, but you must polish your shoes before going out. The brighter the shoes, the stronger your confidence.

   15. Do things you are afraid to do in advance: For things you don’t want to do, such as medical examinations and meeting people you hate, it’s better to do it late than early to avoid more stress. 16. Say “Relax now”: Close the door, turn up the volume of your computer or audio, and say to yourself “Relax now” for 6 minutes while taking a deep breath.

  17. Traveling: If you feel the pressure of being reprimanded by your boss, you might as well take a long trip. The scenery along the way will help you relieve your worries.

   18. Put the tennis ball into a hole and squeeze it hard: the pressure on your hands increases, and the pressure on other parts of the body will decrease, which will help relax the body and mind.

  19. Sex: When sex reaches its climax, the human body will release β-endorphin, which has analgesic, decompression and relaxation effects.

   20. Playing with plasticine: Use plasticine to make something that symbolizes “failure”, and then throw it away. This action can help people get out of the shadow of past failures, grasp the present, and look to the future.

  21. Call a friend: When work is too busy, you should slow down the pace of work. Call a friend and take a short break to help reduce work pressure and make yourself feel that you can fully control your work.

   22. 10 minutes early: When you go to work or go to an appointment, you must leave 10 minutes early. Once there is a traffic jam on the road, it will cause tremendous pressure.

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