Expert Weapon: How to maintain the spleen and stomach in the scorching summer

  In the hot summer, people often feel tired and do not think about food. In addition to eating cold and sedentary air-conditioned room lack of exercise, it is easy to injure the spleen and stomach and affect the digestive function. “The human spleen and stomach’s transport and chemical functions in summer are extremely vulnerable to the influence of summer dampness, leading to spleen and stomach disorders, resulting in loss of appetite, fatigue, and even indigestion.” Pan Yang, chief physician of the Heilongjiang Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded the public that the spleen and stomach should be nursed in summer. Very important.

   Then, how to effectively solve the digestive problems caused by the spleen and stomach disorders in summer, how to regulate the spleen and stomach in daily life, and what lifestyle habits should people with weak spleen and stomach pay attention to? Pan Yang made a move from many aspects. She suggested that everyone choose a reasonable meal and eat more yellow food. “Yellow food enters the spleen. Choosing corn, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, soybeans, millet and other foods can help strengthen the spleen and stomach. There are many fruits and vegetables in summer. It is easier to regulate the spleen and stomach by choosing fruits and vegetables that are good for the body.”

   At the same time, avoid eating raw, cold, or irritating foods. In particular, a sudden cold can damage the spleen and stomach and cause a decrease in appetite, or cause gastrointestinal disorders, abdominal pain and diarrhea. This is the reason why gastrointestinal diseases are especially common in summer.

  In addition to dietary conditioning, Pan Yang reminded everyone that the summer weather is hot and the mood is easy to be irritable, which not only affects interpersonal relationships, but also seriously affects the normal functioning of the spleen and stomach functions. You must control your emotions and ensure a calm mind. At the same time, traditional Chinese medicine has the concept of “invigorating the spleen”. Resting for at least 10 minutes after a meal and walking slowly can help strengthen the function of the spleen and stomach and promote digestion. In addition, Zusanli is one of the main acupoints of the “Fooyangming Stomach Meridian”. It can be rubbed 50-100 times a day, which can effectively invigorate the spleen and stomach, regulate the middle and regulate qi, and lead stagnation and collaterals.

   When the spleen and stomach are weak and there are symptoms such as loss of appetite, abdominal distension after eating, general fatigue, indigestion, etc., Pan Yang recommends that everyone take stomach-invigorating and digestive medicines to help the spleen and stomach restore power. “For example, the commonly used oral liquid for Jianweixiaoshi, which is composed of five traditional Chinese medicines including yam, tangerine peel, fried malt, hawthorn, and ginseng, has the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, assisting digestion, supplementing and eliminating, and promoting elimination. The medicinal materials are both medicinal and edible, with good safety. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the drug can promote the secretion of digestive enzymes and digestive juices, and can also enhance the body’s immunity. It is often recommended for patients with spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion, and loss of appetite. , Patients with symptoms such as abdominal distension after eating.”

   Pan Yang reminded the public that summer is a season of high incidence of digestive diseases, everyone should pay attention to it, pay attention to diet coordination, exercise rationally, maintain a good mood, scientifically regulate the spleen and stomach, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and enhance immunity.

A new upgrade of footwear products for the elderly, new travel shoes bring a new comfortable and lightweight experience

   Central Broadcasting Network, Beijing, August 10th. Recently, the footwear series of footwear for the elderly has added new members. The newly upgraded tourist shoes are quietly listed, so that the elderly will have more comfortable, lighter, and more comfortable shoes when traveling. A more fashionable option.

  When old people travel, they are afraid of tired feet from climbing mountains and sore feet on long journeys. Especially when the shoes don’t fit, no matter how beautiful the scenery is during the journey, they are not in the mood to appreciate, and the pleasure of the whole journey is greatly reduced. In order to enable older people to wear more comfortable and lighter professional shoes for the elderly when they play, the footwear for the elderly has developed and upgraded new footwear for the elderly, specially designed for the feet of the elderly, by the world-class top Chinese designer Shi Xiao Xi Dadao, as the designer of basketball shoes for the 72nd anniversary of the NBA, he designed a “fashion” shoe for the elderly in China, expressing the pragmatic aesthetics of the elderly in China to the fullest, and the designer also obtained a Chinese appearance design. patent.

   Foot Life’s new travel shoes use full soles of energy-absorbing soles, the design of energy-absorbing cushions on the heel and forefoot, and a soft elastic EVA midsole, which enhances the elasticity of the sole and can cushion the impact of the feet when they land. , So that the elderly in the process of walking, shock absorption and cushioning not tired feet, effectively relieve the pressure on the feet, and walk more easily.

   Foot Life Fitness’s new travel shoes, as another star product launched by the company this summer, have many highlights.

   is young

  As a hand-picked designer of the NBA, Shi Xiaoxi’s new travel shoes meticulously designed for the elderly are also full of fashion, full of “fashion” taste, the upper is made of frosted reflective material, and the sole combines the hottest of the past two years The classic elements of old shoes are dedicated to creating a new fashion exclusively for the elderly. Choose a pair of elegant gray-red for mom, and dad with a pair of high-end and textured gray-blue. The new footwear shoes can be easily matched with different dress styles and worn on the feet to make parents younger and more stylish. When traveling, you can step on Life Fitness’s new sneakers. In the picturesque scenery, you can also take pictures beautifully, recording the happy and relaxing moments of parents.


   Foot Life’s new travel shoe upper is made of fluorine-free waterproof yarn imported from the United Kingdom, which ensures the upper breathability while taking into account the waterproofness of the upper. It will automatically fall when exposed to water. If you accidentally splash water droplets, lift your foot , Water droplets fall naturally, and the shoes are dry and not wet, so that the old people can deal with it calmly when they go out to travel in the mountains and play in the water or occasionally rain, and ensure that the shoes are dry and comfortable.

   easy to put on and take off

   Parents are getting older. It is self-evident that reducing the frequency of bending and squatting is important to the health of the elderly. The new footwear shoes are based on the actual needs of the elderly. The heel of the shoes adopts a thoughtful imitation shoehorn design. The 45° slightly tilted tongue design works together to create a convenient and easy to put on and take off the shoe opening, allowing the elderly to lift their feet and step on it easily. At the same time, the imitation shoehorn design on the heel allows the back of the ankle of the old man to fit well with the shoe. When walking, the back of the ankle is well wrapped. A small detail also reflects the brand. The pursuit of excellence in comfort.

  walk steadily

   The elderly can’t walk steadily and can easily get a foot if they are not careful. In order to make the elderly walk more steadily, the designer made a “triangular belt” for the shoe waist. The “triangular belt” connects the upper, the sole and the heel. Let the shoes always be straight and “waist” will not deform, so that the elderly can walk more “steadily” and “more stylish”.

   A pair of Foot Life’s new travel shoes will bring a more comfortable travel experience to parents who love life in the world. When the elderly go out to travel, they wear footwear for the elderly. Footwear for the elderly is willing to witness every moment of happiness and leisure of their parents. When the elderly are indulging in the landscape, they are always accompanied by footwear for the elderly.

Be wary of air-conditioning disease! How to use air conditioners scientifically during dog days?

  Editor’s note: After the dog days, the air conditioners in various places have already been turned on. However, the air-conditioning is not only accompanied by cool breeze, but also various “air-conditioning diseases”. So, how to use the air conditioner correctly and have a “cool summer”?

  Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggestion:

  1. The air conditioner should be cleaned before using it. The central air conditioner should be tested regularly, and professional disinfectants should be used to prevent respiratory infections caused by bacteria and mites accumulated in the air conditioner.

  2. Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately when entering the room from the outside in summer to avoid the rapid contraction of the diastolic blood vessels causing cardio-cerebrovascular accidents.

  3. Do not close doors and windows when the air conditioner is turned on, and close the doors and windows after a period of air circulation; when using central air conditioners, increase the fresh air rate and maintain a certain amount of air flow and natural ventilation.

  4. The air conditioner should be adjusted to about 26℃ to ensure that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will not be too large, which can save energy and avoid colds.

  5. Do not use the air conditioner for too long. Generally, it should be turned off for a period of time when it is opened for 3 hours, and the doors and windows should be opened for ventilation.

   6. Those who work and live in air-conditioned rooms for a long time should pay attention to increasing outdoor activities, exposure to sunlight, and breathing fresh air.

  7. The air conditioner should not be turned on when laying the mat to avoid “air conditioning disease” and cause frozen shoulder and recurrence of arthritis.

   8. The air-conditioning port should not blow directly to the human body, especially to infants, young children, the elderly and the infirm, to avoid discomfort or colds.

  Important reminder: The important parts of the air conditioner should be eliminated and the condensed water should be treated in time

  Pan Lijun, an associate researcher at the Environmental Institute of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emphasized: “Improper use of household air conditioners can have an adverse effect on health. Compared with when there is no epidemic, now use air conditioners to pay attention to two points.”

  Pan Lijun said: “The air conditioner should be cleaned before turning on. The key cleaning parts include the filter and radiator of the air conditioner indoor unit. The indoor unit can also be disinfected if possible. When cleaning, the power supply must be disconnected according to the instructions. Wipe the dust on the shell with a damp cloth with dripping water, open the cover and remove the filter, rinse the dust on the filter with tap water, and dry it or wipe it with a dry cloth. To avoid corrosion of the radiator during disinfection, it is recommended to prefer quaternary ammonium For salt disinfectant, please refer to the disinfectant manual. After disinfection, install the air conditioner and check whether it can operate normally.”

  Pan Lijun also reminded everyone to pay attention to four points during the use of air conditioners: “First, before using split air conditioners every day, you should open doors and windows for 20 to 30 minutes, and then adjust the air conditioner to the maximum air volume and run it for 5 to 10 minutes. Close the doors and windows for more than minutes; secondly, when the indoor population density is high, it is recommended to open the windows for 20 to 30 minutes after the air conditioner operates for 2 to 3 hours; again, from the perspective of energy saving and health protection, it is recommended that the indoor temperature in summer is not low At 26 degrees Celsius; finally, when there is water dripping from the indoor unit of the air conditioner, be aware that it is caused by a broken drain or water leakage.”

   Regarding the air conditioning and ventilation systems operating in office and public places, Pan Lijun said: “The air conditioning and ventilation system is an important facility to ensure the normal operation of office and public places. Under the situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, we should focus on two things. First of all, before the system is turned on, it is necessary not only to understand the type and operating parameters of the system, check whether the equipment is normal, but also to keep the fresh air outlet clean, to remove the garbage and debris near the fresh air outlet, and to control the cooling tower and condensation. Disinfection of some important parts such as the water tray and the air conditioning processing unit.”

  ”Secondly during operation. Different management measures should be taken according to the type of air conditioner. The full-air air conditioning ventilation system is recommended to operate at the maximum fresh air volume and turn off the return air as much as possible; the hygiene monitoring of the cooling water should be strengthened in summer. It is the season for Legionnaires’ disease with high incidence. Special attention should be paid to the contamination of Legionella pneumophila in the cooling water and the distance from the new air outlet and exhaust outlet; the air supply outlet and other equipment and components should be cleaned, disinfected and replaced regularly; confirmed cases occur on the spot At the time, the air conditioning system and fresh air system must be disinfected, and can only be used after hygienic evaluation. Finally, pay attention to the condensate generated by the air handling unit and the fan coil surface cooler. You can refer to the newly released “New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic During the period, the operation and management of air conditioning and ventilation systems in office places and public places will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.” Pan Lijun said.

Is the secret of Futian health and dampness removal reliable? Experts remind: Don’t trust Moments

  Citizen Ms. Liu: Although it is beginning to fall, it is still in the “Fat”, the weather is still very hot and unbearable. I think many people in the circle of friends are spreading some so-called Futian health secrets, which especially emphasize the need to remove dampness and provide I have a lot of “secrets” for removing dampness. Are these contents reliable?

   “Summer Life Tips Service” column reporter: Shi Yu, a health care expert from the Municipal Health Management Association, reminded that some “tips for removing dampness” in the circle of friends are not reliable.

   I want to get rid of dampness and eat spicy food.

   There are many so-called summer health “secrets” in   , many of them mention the concept of “eliminating dampness”, and especially emphasize that eating spicy food can eliminate dampness. Experts say that eating hot peppers can indeed dehumidify sweat. However, Chinese medicine believes that moisture is mostly related to the spleen’s transportation and chemistry function, and has little to do with sweating. Therefore, Chinese medicine emphasizes the strengthening of the spleen and dampness.

   People can eat Poria, tangerine peel, red dates and other warm foods daily; for patients with Qi deficiency who usually sweats and recurrent colds, they can eat yam and jujube; people with poor appetite can eat hawthorn and other appetizing foods. If you have the conditions, you can also eat some bitter foods. This kind of food also has the function of eliminating heat and dampness and purging fire and storing yin.

  Deep can print does not mean heavy moisture

According to experts from   , some so-called “secrets” for health preservation emphasize that “cupping can eliminate dampness and detoxification.” In fact, the main effects of cupping are to clear the meridian, activate collaterals, promote qi and blood circulation, reduce swelling and relieve pain, and relieve fire. Therefore, cupping is often used for neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.

   There is no scientific basis for the so-called “deep can print represents heavy moisture”. After cupping, the skin color varies from dark to light, red to purple. In fact, these are related to the negative pressure of cupping. The negative pressure of cupping is high, and the color of imprints on the skin after cupping is darker, while the negative pressure of bamboo pots and household air suction cans is relatively small, and the color of imprints on the skin after cupping is naturally lighter. These have nothing to do with the severity of moisture.

   Exercise is the best for removing dampness

   Experts suggest that people with heavy moisture should exercise more daily. The less exercise they are, the more moisture will accumulate in the body. Persistent exercise can effectively speed up blood circulation and metabolism, and promote the excretion of moisture. Running, cycling, swimming, and Tai Chi are all good exercise methods. In addition, do not stay in a humid and cold environment for a long time, and go out more to bask in the sun. At the same time, pay attention to a light diet and eat less greasy and indigestible food. (Reporter Hu Zhiwei)

Sui County and Zu Li Jian work together to achieve high-quality development and jointly create a benign development ecosystem

Since    Foot Life Fitness Industrial Park settled in Suixian County, the company has continuously improved its core competitiveness and market influence with the strong support of the local government, combined with its own actual business development strategy, and continued to achieve its own development New breakthrough.

   At the beginning of 2019, Zhang Jingkang, the founder of Footwear for the Elderly, released the company’s first global industrial chain layout development plan at the “2019 Footwear for the Elderly Global Industry Chain Conference” held in Sanya, Hainan. The layout has risen to the height of corporate strategy. At present, Footwear for the elderly has reached strategic cooperation with a number of international companies from 7 countries and regions around the world, integrating advanced production equipment, molds, technology, etc., and giving full play to the advantages of the global industrial chain, in terms of raw materials, automation, product design, and users. The overall upgrade in many aspects including experience has achieved a comprehensive improvement in product quality. Footwear has cooperated with Robert, an Italian international top shoe and apparel machinery design and manufacturer, to innovate and create a world-class production line for the footwear industry. After it is put into operation, the intelligent workshop will be fully automated from raw material processing, marking, sorting to packing , Realized the upgrading and transformation of the shoe industry from “manufacturing” to “intelligent” industry.

   In the past two years since its establishment in Sui County, the healthy, steady and rapid development of Foot Fitness has benefited from Sui County’s fine tradition of “respecting business, pro-business, safe business, and wealthy business”. Sui County has always been adhering to the “small business of the enterprise”. It is the concept of Suixian’s “Great Events”, strive to create a first-class business environment, help the rapid development of the shoe industry, and strive to promote the “Central Plains Shoes Capital” to the “Chinese Shoes Capital”. Sui County adheres to the “top leader” project. The principals at all levels and departments take the lead in attracting investment, personally plan, personally receive important businessmen, personally participate in major project negotiations, and personally coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the implementation of the project. For the recruited enterprises, Sui County implements the service model of “one county-level leader takes the lead for one project, one unit is responsible, a set of team advances, one-stop office, and one-stop service”. Gou Haitao, formerly the deputy director of the Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development, became the company’s “chief service officer” after landing in Sui County. He was responsible for all matters such as land acquisition, demolition, and licensing. And functional departments have “zero contact”, and there will be no replacement within 3 years. Now, as the deputy director of the industrial cluster, he still has to serve Foot Life Fitness, and a new employee from the Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development will replace him as the chief service officer.

   Nearly a hundred well-known domestic and foreign brands including Foot Life Fitness can develop in Sui County without worry. It is inseparable from Sui County’s insistence on “Focusing on a pair of shoes, choosing the right path, keeping one mind, and making it bigger and more compulsory. The development concept of “shoe industry”. Sui County speeds up the construction of a comprehensive carrier platform through the use of business investment, resident investment, and family investment, and adopts government-led, market operation, and bank follow-up methods to accelerate the construction of a comprehensive carrier platform to ensure that enterprises “settle in”.

   The smooth transition of Life Fitness during the epidemic is inseparable from Suixian’s various support measures for enterprises. The business of the enterprise is the major event of Suixian, this is the service concept that Suixian has always upheld. During the epidemic period, in order to better serve enterprises, Suixian County introduced 15 support measures to help enterprises recruit more than 7,000 people, finance 120 million yuan for enterprises, reduce taxes and fees of more than 50 million yuan, and actively solve the “pain points” of supporting raw materials for enterprises. By opening up freight logistics and market “blocking points”, various supporting measures for enterprises will be truly implemented.

   Sui County has now grown into a “China Shoemaking Industry Base” with a total of 217 shoe and shoe material companies and a production capacity of 300 million pairs. Wu Haiyan, secretary of the county party committee, set a clear goal for the development of the shoe industry in Suixian. By 2025, the county’s shoe production capacity will exceed 500 million pairs, with a total output value of more than 50 billion yuan, realizing the vision of the Central Plains shoe capital to become the shoe capital of China. Foot Fitness will continue to work together with Suixian to achieve development goals together.

Don’t be fooled by the “flowers” of shampoo

  In the scorching summer, hair care has become a problem for many women. Why do I wash my hair every day and my hair gets oilier? I have used anti-dandruff shampoo, why is the scalp still itchy and dandruff? Can anti-dandruff shampoo be used for a long time? Does traditional shampoo containing silicone oil really irritate the skin, cause allergies and even cause cancer? Is silicone-free shampoo suitable for everyone? Is it necessary for us to wash our hair every day?……

  Experts pointed out that when itching and excessive dandruff are caused by physiology or pathology, the symptomatic treatment can be performed; when there are no symptoms, do not use anti-dandruff shampoo for the time being, let alone long-term use. It is normal for adults to lose 70-100 hairs a day. In modern society, people working overtime and staying up late, emotional stress, endocrine disorders, irritating diet, dieting, etc. are all causes of hair loss. Hair loss has nothing to do with shampoo containing silicone oil. Frequent shampooing will make the scalp stratum corneum metabolize too fast, and also cause hair loss, even if it is oily hair, just wash it every other day.

  Experts also suggest that women should raise their awareness of scalp health care, develop good habits such as not staying up late, eating less spicy and greasy food, and learning to reduce stress. Only when the scalp is in a healthy state can dandruff disappear and hair Not greasy. When choosing shampoo, don’t blindly follow the trend of advertisements, online celebrity live broadcasts, etc. You should choose a suitable shampoo according to each person’s hair quality. Each shampoo has its own advantages, and only the one that suits you is the best.

Liver cancer is the second leading cause of death from tumors in China! Are you a high-risk group?

   Chinanews client, Beijing, August 17th (Reporter Zhang Ni) According to data released by the National Cancer Center in 2019, liver cancer is the fourth most common malignant tumor in China, and its mortality rate has been Ranked second. In contrast to the data, China has not yet universalized early diagnosis and screening of liver cancer.

  Why does liver cancer have such a high incidence and mortality rate in China? Which groups are at high risk?

  Liver cancer is the second leading cause of death from tumors in China

   A few days ago, the Cloud Forum on Early Diagnosis and Screening of Liver Cancer was held in Beijing. The reporter learned from the meeting that according to data released by the National Cancer Center in 2019, liver cancer is the fourth most common malignant tumor in China, and its mortality rate has ranked second.

  Under the current level of diagnosis and treatment, the 5-year overall survival rate of Chinese liver cancer patients is less than 20%.

   Data from the China Cancer Registry Annual Report 2019 show that in 2015, the incidence of malignant tumors nationwide was approximately 3.929 million. On average, about 10,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, and 7.5 people are diagnosed with cancer every minute. (The data from the National Cancer Registry generally lags behind 3 years)

  ”Compared with historical data, the burden of cancer has continued to rise. In the past 10 years, the incidence of malignant tumors has maintained an annual increase of about 3.9%, and the mortality rate has maintained an annual increase of 2.5%.” Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Liver Cancer Wang Hongyang, director of the Science Center, said at the forum.

   data also show that in 2015, there were about 365,000 new cases of liver cancer in the country, accounting for 50% of new cases worldwide.

   Liver cancer is the second leading cause of death from tumors in China. Among people under 60 years of age, liver cancer is still the most common tumor with the highest fatality rate.

  Why is the incidence of liver cancer in China so high?

   Wang Hongyang introduced that in China, more than half of the tumors with a high fatality rate are tumors of the digestive system.

   According to reports, China’s cancer spectrum is different from some developed countries in Europe and America. This is related to a variety of factors, including genetic differences, lifestyle differences, and environmental differences.

   In addition, in the opinion of experts, the high incidence of liver cancer in China is closely related to the large number of hepatitis patients.

  ”After many experts’ research, we found that the high incidence of gastrointestinal tumors in China, such as liver cancer, gastric cancer, and colorectal cancer, are closely related to inflammation.”

   Wang Hongyang explained that many hepatitis patients may become liver cancer patients after a long and complicated process.

   She emphasized that more than 80% of liver cancer patients in China have a history of hepatitis B virus infection. In China, nearly 100 million hepatitis B virus carriers and part of hepatitis B patients are high-risk groups for liver cancer and require special attention.

  The condition of early diagnosis and early screening is not ideal

  In contrast to the high incidence, the current situation of early diagnosis and screening of liver cancer in China is not ideal.

  Hou Jinlin, director of the Department of Infectious Medicine, Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, cited the clinical data of the hospital as an example. Through analyzing the characteristics of more than 1,300 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma, only 40% of the very early and early stages of liver cancer accounted for. Many patients are in the middle and late stages when they are found to see a doctor.

   Hou Jinlin emphasized that the average survival time of patients with early/very early liver cancer is more than 5 years. On the contrary, the average survival time of patients with advanced liver cancer is less than 1 year.

  ”So far, China has not universalized early diagnosis and screening for liver cancer.” Wang Hongyang emphasized.

   She cited Japan as an example and said that Japan has vigorously promoted the screening of high-risk groups since the 1990s, especially the early diagnosis rate for liver cancer has increased significantly. Comparing the data from China and Japan, we can see that more than 70% of liver cancer patients admitted to domestic hospitals are advanced patients, while more than 70% of those admitted to Japanese hospitals are early stage patients.

   “If we compare the fatality rates of the two countries in this way, then our fatality rate must be very high, so this is the problem of early diagnosis, and early diagnosis will bring great advantages to treatment.” Wang Hongyang said .

  If you are among these types of people, please pay attention!

  Through research, experts have found that liver cancer is the most heterogeneous malignant tumor. This is mainly because its etiology is very complex, with multiple risk factors, such as hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, alcohol, and some metabolic factors. At the same time, oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes are also important factors.

   In addition, scientists have also discovered that diabetes is also closely related to liver cancer, and these complex causes will increase its heterogeneity.

  In the opinion of experts, some high-risk groups especially need to pay attention to their health conditions.

  In China, people at high risk of liver cancer mainly include: infection with hepatitis B virus and/or hepatitis C virus, long-term alcoholism, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, eating food contaminated with aflatoxin, and various causes People with liver cirrhosis and a family history of liver cancer, especially men over 40 years of age, are at greater risk.

  Experts said that serum alpha-fetoprotein and liver ultrasonography are the main methods of early screening, and it is recommended that high-risk groups have at least one check every 6 months.

   In addition, according to experts, with the development of technology, genetic testing technology, as an effective supplement to existing clinical testing technology, is also expected to open up new ideas for solving the old problems of early warning and screening of tumors. (End)

Social first aid supplies are becoming professional

   Yangguang Net Beijing, August 19 (Reporter Guo Jun) August 19, 2020, Beijing Emergency Technology Development Company and Beijing Shangyi Bohui Hospital Management The press conference for the signing ceremony of the company was held at the Beijing Emergency Center.

  The signing of this cooperation agreement marks Peugeot’s professionalization of social first-aid supplies and speeds up the process of first-aid services for all citizens. In the future, the two parties will adopt technical cooperation The development method is to open up the rapid transformation of first aid technology and products, and realize the process of professional first aid technology and product design and development facing social development. Provide professional first aid supplies for comprehensively improving the self-rescue ability of enterprises and people.

Sign a cooperation agreement (photo courtesy of the organizer for the central broadcasting network)

   Beijing First Aid Center Director Zhang Wenzhong, Beijing First Aid Center Deputy Director Shao Shiyu, Beijing First Aid Center Technology Development Company legal person Luan Yafei, Beijing First Aid Center Technology Development Company General Manager Chang Lijun , Li Zhe, founder and CEO of Beijing Shangyi Bohui Hospital Management Co., Ltd. and other guests attended the signing ceremony.

   Beijing Emergency Technology Development Company General Manager Chang Lijun introduced that as a national enterprise invested by Beijing Emergency Center directly under the Health Commission, it has been a central hospital since its establishment. The former first aid research and development of professional first aid products. Among them, the “one-button first aid” pager developed for rapid first aid, won the third prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award in 1995. As one of the national standard setters of “emergency pager”. Now it has become the life of the elderly Part of .

  Beijing First Aid Technology Development Co., Ltd., as a Beijing first aid center enterprise, designs products specifically for the center’s own development. On the basis of national advocacy of national health, it cooperates with Beijing Shangyi Bohui Hospital Management Co., Ltd. conducts technology development cooperation, and uses their respective advantages to accelerate the speed of new product market transformation.

At the signing ceremony, Shao Shiyu, deputy director of the Beijing Emergency Center, said, “With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s health awareness also increases, and the scope of activities It is also getting wider. However, the occurrence of some accidents will seriously affect people’s lives. Simple self-help common sense, equipped with practical first-aid items will reduce the pain and greater injury caused by accidents, and keep the vital signs waiting for rescue, which will play a great role. “

Zhang Wenzhong, Director of Beijing Emergency Center (photo courtesy of the organizer Yang Guang Online)

  Beijing First Aid Center Director Zhang Wenzhong said, “National First Aid requires more people to master first aid common sense and learn how to save themselves. Only more people master simple first aid items” Use it to help reduce injuries and pain in emergencies. Increase the publicity of first aid common sense and correct self-rescue methods in various injuries, so that you can rescue yourself or help others at critical moments. Speed ​​up the design, development, and conversion of professional first-aid supplies. Better improve the first aid level of the whole people.

Founder and CEO of Beijing Shangyi Bohui Hospital Management Co., Ltd. Li Zhe(Photo courtesy of the organizer and posted by CCTV)

   Beijing Shangyi Bohui Hospital Management Co., Ltd. founder and CEO Li Zhe introduced at the signing ceremony, The biggest highlight is that all the customized design and service methods are adopted, and the six first-aid modules are flexibly combined, covering eight application scenarios such as construction, military and police duty, traffic accidents, and hospital operations. At present, the on-board first aid series of Yisheng Zhipin has been Covering 30 provinces and cities across the country, its infectious disease prevention and control series was delivered to first-line hospitals in various provinces and cities in China as epidemic prevention materials during the raging period of the new crown pneumonia virus, and exported to nearly 20 countries around the world. As a Beijing emergency technology development company The only official authorized cooperation unit, this cooperation is an innovative breakthrough cooperation.

   Chang Lijun said that in the future, Beijing Emergency Technology Development Company and Shanghai Medical Bohui will cooperate to develop first-aid products that meet the needs of society, enterprises, and individuals. The products have become professional. Let people use multi-functional, simple and safe items. In the event of accidental injury, they can help themselves and others in time, create a good social environment, and make more contributions to society.

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