The best sleep schedule is baked: how long is it, how to sleep, from a child to the old man?

“I must get up early tomorrow!”

How many people scream in my heart every night, vowed to Due?

It is a pity that it is true that people are often in violation of, and people who can “harm” and develop early habits.

According to “2019 China Sleep Technology White Paper”, about 1/4 of the world has sleep problems,

and China reached 38.2% , the average sleep time of Chinese people from 2013 8.8 Hour, shortening to 6.5 hours in 2018.

Source: Global Network

and recent studies have shown that people may be born in the “early rise”


First, get better early, being “engraved” into genetic tastes

Last year, the UK Exeter University Medical College published in “Nature – Communication” A paper, the study included two groups of people, A total of 697828 people

analyzed their genetic variation and the relationship between genes and morning sleep.

The results indicated that

genetic variation affects whether a person can become a morning , and will bring potential consequences to mental health. In the experiment, it confirmed that the sleep time of sleep is related to the sleep time, but it has nothing to do with sleep quality and sleep time, and the morning people are subject to the sense of happiness

, at the same time, Upper Depression and the risk of schizophrenia , there is also an improvement in learning memory and productivity.

Is it very envious? Don’t worry, tell you how to have a good sleep.

Second, early to get healthy, the human body has its own sleep cycle Early got up

” is relatively, if you get up early Originally

has a more healthy sleep state

, for example, sleep early in the evening, there is no sleep in the morning, then getting up early. Healthy sleep should comply with our body’s physiological cycle, usually at nightI fell asleep around 10 o’clock, and naturally wake up in the morning is the most informative human sleep cycle.

In addition, early get up is not necessarily healthy, causing reasons in addition to their own biological clocks, may also indicate insomnia or other sleep problems.

Third, compared to time, sleep quality is more important

is more than sleep time, sleep The quality is more important , our body repair requires sleep in different stages. In general, there is three stages of sleep:

· Light time

: is between awake and sleep, a relaxed state, slow breathing, muscle relaxation, heart rate reduction Slow; · Fast eye period : Similar to shallow sleep state, it is easily wokener;

· Deepening

: This The body is the least active and it is difficult to wake up.

These three phases, deep sleep is the most obvious effect on fatigue , and physiological repair function is also relatively powerful. Deep sleep is sufficient, you can see if you are refreshed from waking up, don’t feel sleepy, if so, think that you think is deep sleep!

Instead, if the sleep quality is not good, then we will also have some effects.

Related studies show that if the body cannot get sufficient deep sleep, then learning, memory ability will be inhibited, and the repair of cell regeneration and body function will also be negatively affected. We will also find that during the day, during the day, we can easily feel sleepy, learn, and the effectiveness is also corresponding to the decline.

Fourth, improve sleep quality, experts to support

To improve sleep quality, first guarantees sleep time .

The sleep time required for each age is different, The National Sleep Foundation has a list of sleep times for each age, as follows:

School age Former children (3 ~ 5 years old) sleep time is 10 ~ 13 hours / day;

School-age children (6 ~ 13 years old) sleep time is 9 ~ 11 hours / day;

Adolescents (14 ~ 17 years old) sleep time is 8 ~ 10 hours / day; young (18 ~ 25 years old) sleep time is 7 ~ 9 hours / day;

Adult (26 ~ 64 years old) sleep time is 7 ~ 9 hours / day;

Senior (65 More than 7 ~ 8 hours / day above the age of sleep.

Sleep time knows, how do you sleep? We can take some methods to help improve sleep quality.

1, create an ideal sleep environment

: This is important, indoor temperature, light, etc. will affect your sleep, and solve these problems, you may consider using earplugs, eye masks, humidifiers, etc. Wait to help improve.

2, reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol

: Many people will resist their sleepy days by drinking coffee, but long-term drinking coffee, especially espresso, difficult to fall sleep, sleepiness It should reduce caffeine’s intake! In addition, alcohol can not sleep, “drinking more beneficial to sleep” belongs to the illusion.

The quality of sleep in alcohol is declining

, and it is easy to be awake in the middle of the night, more affecting sleep quality.

3, comfortable bedding

: Comfortable mattress will make people sleep more comfortable, relax.

4, don’t eat too late : Too late diet is slow, there will be a certain impact on sleep, it is best not to eat 2 hours before going to bed, and minimize fat or spicy The intake of food!

There are more than one-third of the person’s life to spend in sleep. In order to live healthily, we should pay attention to sleep quality. Sleeping in the evening, the day people will be more spiritual, work, and learning will also be more efficient, and sleep well, good health is also good.

Whether you can get up early, pay more attention to your sleep quality!

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[2] Early getting up, do not necessarily fit you! The body has its own “Best Symposium”. Life Times .2019.6.11

Footness is not ill, odor is “life”! Usually pay attention to these 3 points, say goodbye to the embarrassment of feet

Summary, Nine Uncle saw a news: thief slippers into house, smoking house, was captured on the spot!

When I saw this news, I smiled and cryed. Because I had a roommate like playing football when I was uncle, after the roommate moved back to the dormitory,

The soul of “sour” taste is definitely the biochemical weapon of walking , let people suspect life! This taste endured four years!

The nine uncle that was recalled by the news, decided to quietly science, it is recommended to look down his nose.

, why is human feet, why can it be smells “earth-shattering”

In fact, the source of foot odor is


, one The liquid compound having a sour taste is unique, and the concentration is too high to make the odor are severe. But you certainly can’t imagine, isochloric acid after highly diluted , it will produce a unique fruit flavor. and the five bacteria caused by the foot odor

, it is the rod bacillus, microblica, propionate, B-deformorium and Bacillus, very much like in the foot of the human Anying Zhazhai.

The odor or concentrate on the feet, which has a large relationship with the leg

developed sweat glands . Furthermore, the sweat in other parts of the body can volatilize quickly,

and the sweat of the foot is not easy to volatilize , will only stay on the foot or contaminated into socks and shoes. The ingredient constituting such sweat is fatty acids and proteins, and the bacteria in the surface of the foot is just like to eat these clothes.

The smell is produced by these bacteria

when decomposing these materials. If there is a lot of bacteria on the feet, the more enzymes generated, the decomposition is increased, The smell is naturally more powerful. And if the foot is often moist , or the amount of breathable shoes will increase the number of bacteria, resulting in a more powerful feet.

sweat, shoes and socks do notQi,

If there is too much to add too much in the horny layer of the foot , it provides a great condition for bacteria. In addition, some people with foot diseases are like athletes, so the probability of foot odor will be larger.

Second, China where people are the most stinking?

Although foot odor has a big relationship with individual hygiene habits, the impact of external environments is the most common.

The weather is hot, the wet the climate, the greater the probability of foot odor, and it will be relatively small .
Chen Junxu is a scholar in Hong Kong, wrote this in 1944: Foot stink, Shanghai people call it “
Hong Kong foot

“, Hong Kong people call it “

Xijiapo (Singapore) feet “, Singapore (Singapore)” Manny (Malay Capital

) foot “.

Northerners feel that Hong Kong people are stinky, Hong Kong people think that Singapore people are stinky, Singaporeans feel that Malaysian feet are more smelling, so it is not difficult to see, the lower the dimension, the lower the . The more people go, people’s consensus is that foot smell is gradually increased . In 2013, some scholars have investigated four sorghum morbidity of different local partners, of which Sanya’s incidence is worthy of the highest position It is 1.5 times the three places in Beijing, Dalian and Ningbo. In contrast, in the high latitude area of ​​the weather relatively cold and dry,

The incidence of the foot is low, and the foot is naturally lower

. In 2011, Japan’s survey found that the incidence of footshan is 6.4%, while Korea’s foot incidence is only 5.2%, and the incidence in the two countries is not a quarter of my country.

Therefore, this situation is closely related to the external environment of people living. The Japanese likes to take off the shoes in the room, if the foot stink is numerous, it will not develop this habit.

Third, pay attention: the foot is odor, 3 symptoms should be paying attention

It is to be pointed out that athlete can cause foot stinking, However, patients with feet is not necessarily a footger . Foot odor is an ecological imbalance in the foot surface bacteria, and the bacterial secretion is decomposed to produce a large amount of protease and an odor. Although the feet is not good, the feet is not ill.

The athlete’s foot is a foot, it is a fungal infection caused by skin sputum, is a disease . The athlete’s foot will not only

is odor

, more importantly, bubbles with itching , serious patients are erosive, especially when they are in winter,

The foot of the foot will also dry and fractured

, resulting in bleeding and pain.

The foot gas is required for treatment. In addition to being applied to the drug, the severe cases should also perform oral drug treatment, The key is to kill the fungi, only the fungi is completely destroyed The athlete will be fine


Fourth, how to solve the feet?

, the foot is odor, usually as long as it is noted from wearing shoes and washing, then the symptom can be effectively relieved. First in wearing shoes, To select a breathable shoes and socks , this can effectively improve the humidity of the foot, try to keep the feet dry, dry the environment, then bacteria It will not be so much breeding. Second To wash your foot , every day washing this does not emphasize, which can be turned away from bacteria on the feet and reduce the survival of bacteria. If it is a footger problem, if you want to effect it, you may wish to add a little “season”, such as the light of the light, etc., the purpose is only one, and the bacterial fungi as possible.

After washing, many people have a problem that does not dry but dry, which is not right. After washing, it should be

with a dry towel to dry , keep the absolute dryness of the foot to effectively avoid the breeding of bacteria.

Say, is there such a “biochemical weapon” around you?


Why do nephropathy have more and more? Expert: 5 reasons, try not to touch, is “self-destructive”

“I stood here every day, watching students outside and down, if I can do so much like they, I don’t care about myself.” Standing in the window of the hospital ward, quiet (pseudonym) regret Said.

Guide expert: Meng Yishan, deputy director of the First Hospital of Peking University, Meng Yishan

* This article is for reference only. If you need to treat, please consult a doctor, do not use itself

At that time, she felt the most important thing for the same age

Quiet, Zhangzhou, 17-year-old, she should have studied in schools, strive to be admitted to the university and start their own wonderful life. 4 months ago, quietly feel weak, the right back is very painful, but she didn’t care, thinking that only a small problem.

At that time, it was already a “social trader” in the class. The students have been well achieved, the character is very cheerful, and the long-term body makes the peers envious. She wants to win more attention, so they have a high requirements for themselves. At the end of the year, they should be more thin.

Holding this idea, she is desperately studying, staying up late at the dormitory, just for a few questions. Every time I eat, she will pick up two, eat a few green vegetables, and drink water in the evening.

In this way, she buried a big illness.

02 “ What is the use of vanity

In this way, it is a year and a half, quietly rising high, but her body is getting better and better. Now, her body is better, but the blood is lost,
sometimes pulls an urine in two days, sometimes drinking water, want to go to the toilet

, and occasionally dizziness symptoms .

Until 2020, quiet waist hurts unable to stand, yet succeeded,

She felt disgusting, licking on the ground, vomiting

, finally being parentsForced to the hospital. After reading the quiet situation, the doctor said that it is not to objectively. The color ultrasound is displayed,

Quiet right kidney has multiple cysts, and has renal water, and functional failure has been started .

Further CT check suggests, quiet right kidney has a variety of problems: renal urinary tube movement The volume is shrunk and the cortex is thin, and the kidney cyst.

In the face of nephrotic patients, the doctor is very emotion: when you are young, you will not cherish the root, and you will only be more serious. I hope you must get a good disease now. . For 2 years, quietly crazy staying up late, crazy, the body is uncomfortable and also parents. Now, she is asked to treat hospitalization, and have been very good and vanity. What is it used at this time?

Every time I think of this, she has the urge to cry.

03 Drink water to the toilet and drinking water but there is no urine, which is the kidney? In the above case, there is a situation of drinking water to go to the toilet quietly, people will also go to the toilet, “

should not kidney Ok,


That fact is this? Regularly go to the toilet, is it really kidney?

First, normal people go to the toilet in the daytime, between 0-2 times, that is, The number of times to go to the toilet in the day will generally not exceed 8 times

. And people often say that “

is more than 8 times “, and has urinary contrapse.


is not The number of times to the toilet represents the kidney

. For normal people, it takes 30 to 45 minutes from drinking water to urine, and is affected by different factors. Water is too much food, it will have a high water content, and there will be frequent toilets.

is not large with kidney health

. In addition, frequent urination is alsoIt may be other diseases, such as diabetes, diabetes, urinary tract infections, prostate diseases, etc. will also affect urene.

In the clinic, it is really not urinary in the clinic, but the urine is less (24 hours of urine volume <400ml), and the urine is less than a ratio of kidney disease. 04 The five behaviors of the eyes are “hollow” your kidney

The burden data of the global disease is shown in 2017, 697.5 million Chronic nephropathy patients , There were 1/3 in China and India, with 132 million yuan to 11.5 billion

. For China, chronic kidney disease is 10.8%, so high incidence, we are more likely to endanger kidney health! 1, staying up late Professor of Rosinger, Pennsylvania State University Health Behavior and Professor Tangshan Kaixuan Hospital conducted a cross-cultural and Chinese crowd Background research, analysis of sleep times and urine hydration markers.

The study found that adults in sleep time is 6 hours, the urine concentration is significantly higher than the adult in sleep time, and the amount of water content in the body is high. 16% -59%. Previous studies have also found that the short sleep time is high, the risk of renipolar filter is high, the albumin-creatinine clearance is high,

Sleep time is too short to kidney health

. 2, not drinking water or drinking water

The most important task of the kidney is to adjust the balance of moisture and electrolyte in the human body, the waste generated by metabolic physiology During the urine, when these functions are carried out, it is necessary to support enough moisture, so the human body should ensure that drinking water per day, but can not drink too much from time to increase the burden on the kidney. 3, eat too much salt 95% of the salt in the body is required to pass the kidney metabolism, the more salt, then the burden of the kidney is also The heave it to. Moreover, the salt containing sodium ions affect the excretion of the body moisture, further aggravating the burden on the kidneys, increase the risk of reducing kidney function,So in the usual diet should be diet.

4, Sundon big fish big meat

, low salt diet, high protein diet to reduce big fish, is to prevent blood uric acid, protect kidney safety One of the important methods!

5, long urine

Many people will urinate for a long time when they are busy, but they need to pay attention Yes, Milotinus increases the risk of urinary tract infection and pyelonephritis , such infections can cause chronic infections if it is repeated, and it is difficult to cure, so it is best not to urinate.

05 kidney damage is irreversible, these symptoms should be vigilant

At least 850 million people with nephropathy (more than chronic kidney disease), This number is about 20 times that of cancer patients, equivalent to 11% of the world population. And terrible thing is that so many patients, most people are unatformed with their kidney disease! In fact, kidney disease is not quiet, it will also have symptom warnings.

Urine volume change

: Adult under normal conditions, 24 hours of urine volume is about 1500ml, the urine is less than 400ml called the urine, less than 100ml called no urine, and greater than 2500ml said that a lot of urine. Generally speaking, if there is a small urine, there is more humiliation, and there is more edema or even heart failure. : Edema

: Edema is one of the most common symptoms of patients to nephrequia, and is also a characteristic manifestation of kidney disease

, the most common part is facial and lower limbs. .

If it is a small leg bone plane refers to constant edema , it is indicated that there are excess 2.5 kg of water in the body. Heart failure, cirrhosis, poor malnutrition, thyroid dysfunction, lower extremities varicose veins, etc., need to be inspected, identified.


: The urine in patients with early nephropathy contained a small amount of protein, but there would be no discomfort, mostly when it was mostly medical examination. During proteinuria There will be a foam in urine , and severe foam is similar to hop.It is necessary to take the diaper as soon as possible, which is the early and exact evidence of kidney disease.


: In most cases, blood in urine is not seen in the naked eye, because only a small amount of red blood cells need to be seen by a microscope. There are fewer part of severe hematuria, and the naked eye can see the blood of the urine, and more serious, it will see blood clots.

In any case, hematuria should be medical treatment in time.

The above performance may be a warning that kidney disease is issued to you, it should be found in time, treatment.

In addition, healthy people should

once a year urine routine, renal function

. If it is a crowd with high blood pressure, diabetes or family history, the old man over 65 years old,

is best to check once every half year . Timely discovering, early treatment, can get better curative effect! References:

[1] Nephropathy is a hidden epidemic. People’s Daily. 2018.8.5

[2] The six most common symptoms and 4 easily neglected symptoms, you know? Medical tracker. 2018.7.15 [3] New year, drink more water and stay up all night | staying up late “hurting kidney” is true! Medicine sociology channel. 20119.1.1

In the month after death, if it does not work, what happens to the corpse?

Everyone has to face death, it is the process of life, starting from birth to it, we are getting closer and closer.

In Yu Guangzhong in “this life”, I miss his mother with a gentle stroke:

Two of my favorite cry,

Once, in my life,

once, the end of your life.

What is the world after death, we are unknown, but today, Xiaojiu wants to talk from the perspective of medicine, what changes in the body when people die, let us A better understanding of death.

First, what happens after death?

· Dead for a few seconds

Legend, the human beings quickly “play back” in the past few seconds before death. In fact, the brain is still active after a few seconds after death. When the oxygen in the body is exhausted, the brain will suddenly run quickly, and then rapidly, the neuron stops running, the brain stops secretion of body function hormones. After people die, the body temperature begins to gradually decline. In the season of dry weather, the temperature within 10 hours of adult degradation is about 1 ° C per hour, 10 hours, then 0.5 ° C per hour.

· After a few minutes

After death, the body function will not be exhausted immediately, and the energy savings in the body will also Last a few minutes. When the human body is not self-breathing, hormone is exhausted, and the cells will relax. This is why some people have passed away, but the farting will “fart” “peeing”, which is about the result of the muscles or intestinal



· In a few hours

The body lost blood and oxygen operation, and calcium ions were unable to participate in the biochemical reaction, and they will accumulate in muscles. Always listen to the “corpse stiffness”. But the body will not have been stiff, generally after 36 hours, musclesIt will relax, the moisture is gradually lost, and the skin of the human body begins to be wrinkled.

· Dead

About 1 trillion microorganisms in the body to assist in breaking down the dead body. During the past few days, anaerobic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract began to abduct the abdomen organ, which is the process of corpse corruption, since this body begins to thicken.

In addition to corpus, the body will also appear . This is because blood circulation is stopped after death, the blood in the cardiovascular blood lacks power and falls along the blood vessel

to the lower part of the body

. The color of the corpse is not a thousand articles. It depends on the color of the hemoglobin. If people die from being dead, forensic can speculate the cause of death through the corpse.

· Dead for a few months

Bacterial decomposes amino acid smelly gas It attracts insects such as mites, corrugate beetles and green head flies. These insects are eaten with rotten tissue, and then with the constant corruption of the body, each tissue organ will gradually soften, liquefied into a mud, and the final body will remain a pile of bones.

How long does it have to have after death? I can know that I have died

Many ICU doctors share, some patients have experienced “dying experience”, they have seen the flesh lying on the operating table, but they are floating over; Some will see the light from the other through the tunnel, the world brightens … This kind of scientific interpretation is unable to explain the medicine until now, there is no conclusion.

Dr. Sam Parnia, the University of Langge Medical College, New York University, launched the awareness of death, hoping to cracize one of them.

In medical sense, death means that the heart stops beating, and the blood is no longer delivered to the brain.

In 2 ~ 20 seconds after death, the cerebral cortex movement is slowed until the final EEG has a flat-line state, and the instrument cannot detect brain waves and announce the death of brain. The study found that

before death or after death, the patient’s EEG results are unique..

Doctors in a Canadian intensive care room also found the phenomenon of “active” brain, after closing the ventilator of 4 patients,

has a patient The brain continued to act for 10 minutes

. It means that after the doctor announced death, the patient’s brain waves still “live” for 10 minutes, they can even know that they have been “death”, only time is too short.

Life is very long, but it disappears between the heavens and the earth. There is also blood of meat, and finally turns into a dead, cherishing the day, there is no regret, maybe this is what we understand the meaning of death.


The doctor frank: the body is checked out of the four diseases, do not need to be treated, don’t scare yourself, spend money

Also faster, the front of the medical examination “Army”, they enter and exit from all major medical institutions or hospitals, open the intention of the medical examination report, is not asked in the same year.

Some people have “normal” indicators, but suddenly detect cancer; some people find various problems, began to fluster, and patients involve medical treatment …

In fact, the price of the medical examination package is likely to hide “mystery”, some diseases in the report, may not be treated at all!

First, the medical examination item is not reliable, please stay away from

1. Children check blood calcium

If the finger knows that the child is lacking in calcium, many parents of this medical examination have done it when she took the child to the medical examination. However, the industry is one of the physical examination items that children check blood calcium as “the most unreliable”.

It turns out that the calcium is measured by blood pressure, and the trace element is measured, and it is determined whether or not calcium deficiency. The doctor said that The detection of trace elements except for the pallet, there is no other valuable meaning

. Because only 1% of the human body is present in the blood, even if it is found to be calcium deficiency, only the blood level is representative, not the content of the body.

And the body has self-regulating energy, which keeps blood calcium value relatively constant, so it is difficult for calcium deficiency to be checked from blood.

2. Color Super Check Prostate

Men over 40 years old to medical examination, there will often have an medical examination project on the medical project “Premier color”, that is, the prostate color is super, the purpose is to screen for prostate cancer.

The truth of the facts is that cancer is the same as the color ultra-color ultrasound, Color ultravailable cannot distinguish nodules are benign or malignant , so there is no confirmed role, the meaning of inspection Not big. What truly needs to be PSA check (prostate specific antigen project) or nuclear magnetic resonance, can also do direct intestine inspectors, and some problems can also be found.

3. CervixWiring

Like the prostate color ultrasound, the cervical blade is a commonly used for women in the medical examination to eliminate cervical cancer projects.

The so-called cervical blade is to take a small amount of cell sample from the female subtrospace, and observe whether there is abnormal observation under the microscope. However, the survey shows that The satisfaction of the cervical blade is only 60%, that is, 40% cannot really check if there is an abnormality of the uterus .

Screening cervical cancer

The most reliable inspection item, should be TCT (cervical vaginal cytology smear examination), can detect cervical cancer cells, cervical cancer preoperative lesions and inflammatory cells.

4. Test check gastroctavara The stomach is not suitable for medical examination, usually will Blood tests to view red blood cell accumulation, hemoglobin, stool-tuberculous, gastric liquid situation, but these indicators can only play a auxiliary role to indicate the health of the stomach, but can not diagnose gastric cancer. Because even in the test, the tumor marker is found to rise, it does not mean cancer. Screening gastric cancer, the best way is to do gastroscopy , if there is abnormal, further biopsy is clear whether there is a tumor.

Second, check these diseases, do not treat, don’t be cheated! Shortly after the medical examination is finished, the medical examination results come out. There are very few people who have no problem, many people will have anemia, malnutrition, hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood fat, but the situation is not serious, only need to adjust the habit.

There are also small people, I have found that the body has disease, and I have to actively heal. However,

For the following diseases, do not need too much, because it may not be treated!

1. Pelvic Liquid

Pelvic fluid is divided into physiological and pathological, physiological pelvic fluids are mostly after ovulation, menstruation Before or early pregnancy, it can naturally disappear, and the general treatment is not required for 3cm less.

The pathological pelvic fluid may be inflammatory, internal bleeding or tumor, need to be timely visit, clear causes, the disease. Therefore, the medical examination discovers pelvic fluids, do not panic, it is to be physiological or pathological, and more treatically treated.

2. Brain atrophy

Some people see the physical examination results “ brain atrophy

” I am afraid that I can’t do it in my heart. I am afraid that I have been stupid and dementia.

In fact, our brain will gradually aging with age. Therefore, after

after a certain age, brain atrophy is a common phenomenon . However, pay attention to the brain atrophy is divided into physiological atrophy and pathological atrophy. It can follow up in the previous period. In life, the diet is light, moderately exercise, kidney, kidney, and self-regulation.

If there is any symptoms

, and affecting normal life, it is necessary to timely visit to avoid increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Breast hyperplasia

10 women may 9 women will be treated with breast proliferation. That is to say, breast hyperplasia is very common, belonging to a normal physiological structure. Chung Zeng is benign, most cancer changes, no need to treat

, just develop good habits, avoid bad emotions such as nervousness, anxiety, depression, and then review the breast ultrasound for half a year.

4. Liver calcification

The liver calcification is related to factors such as congenital development, calcium phosphorus metabolism, and it is possible to be calcium formed during the healing process after trauma. Salt deposition, This situation is more common in patients with liver disease, belonging to normal phenomena

. Although the liver calcification will not disappear itself, it will not continue to develop, usually will not cause physical discomfort, so you don’t have to worry too much.

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people began to realize the importance of regular medical examinations. However, in the physical examination, many projects are unnecessary, we must learn to distinguish.

Furthermore, if the physical examination situation is not optimistic, to be active, notTo escape, but how long is the heart, to avoid excessive treatment . In any case, the regular medical examination is very necessary for the health of the body and ensuring that the health is very necessary.


[1] Many medical examinations are dealing with things! These most don’t rely on the spectrum test, don’t be pitted again! Health Times. 2018-09-07

People who are bad in the heart, should you still have a lot of exercise? Doctor tells you the right practice

The transformation of modern lifestyle is destined to have a state in which people do not have to exercise in most cases: go out and take the car, go home, the unit circle is relying on …

Everyone knows that the exercise is good, does not exercise to harm , on the one hand, work life is busy, on the other hand, it is too lazy, so on this, I can drag it.

However, a recent study may make your eyes bright:

It takes only a short period of exercise to bring great benefits to the body. November 18th, the authoritative journal “Circulation” is issued

Harvard University A recent research results of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

The researchers found that even if only 12 minutes of strenuous exercise, the body’s metabolism will occur Dramatic changes,

and these significant changes and cardiac metabolism, and the long-term health of cardiovascular is directly related. After exercise, key metabolic glutamate associated with heart disease, diabetes, and life decreased by 29%; metabolites associated with increased diabetes and liver disease risk Dimethyluanidylguanoate (DMGV) decreased by 18%; a metabolite 1-methyl oxamide associated with lipolysis increased by 33%; fat brown increased by 26%.

First, the exercise to the benefits of the heart

In fact, the protection of the movement to the heart, my country’s researchers have new discoveries last year, and Published in the Cardiovascular Journal “ Circulation Research .

Cardiovascular disease is a huge hidden danger that threatens human health, myocardium is ischemia due to obstruction,

, if suddenly resumed blood supply, it will increase the injuries of heart muscle , This is called “myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury”. The study found that after reperfusion injury,

moderate movementDirect protective effects on damaged hearts can improve the survival rate at the time of attack again. Moreover, long-term aerobic motion can significantly improve myocardium and heart function.

The research team of China Air Force Military Medical University found that adheres to aerobic exercise, can stimulate a variety of tissue cell secretions Outer body


significantly improve myocardium Anti-ineral damage (. This study recruited 32 volunteers, 16 people in each group, a group of athletes, a group of athletes, a group of volunteers who had not trained. After the movement, the blood samples of the two groups were taken and the extracted body was separated. The results show that the foreign body of the training group can inhibit apoptosis of myocardial cells, reduce the release of deoxyase in lactate, and improve the survival rate of myocardial cells. This means that The exosomes produced after long-term exercise can protect the damaged myocardial cells


Second, heart disease patients, moving, better!

In most people’s awareness, patients with heart disease should be restored, can’t exercise, but in fact, if they are bedwelling or sitting, they will bring a lot of health hazards. Long-term non-moving, physical fitness and


Force gradually decrease, the joint will also have contracture. In addition, it is also easy to induce the lesions of the lungs, Reduce

loss of loss of dyspelling and constipation, may also cause venous embolism due to good blood circulation, severe may cause pulmonary embolism.

Li Rong Director , Director ,

Heart disease patients cannot Do not exercise, exercise can improve heart function, relieve angina symptoms, delay the process of arteriosclerosis. It is also possible to reduce blood pressure, improve lipid metabolism, reduce blood sugar and BMI. Sports rehabilitation can also improve the autonomic function of the heart and improve the function of arteries.

Third, heart disease patients, please do this exercise In patients with heart disease are not healthy groups, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertensive patients, need to be targeted after the physical examination and physical assessment of the hospital. Evaluate from the patient’s physical fitness, cardiac load, heart rate, pulmonary function and other aspects. Doctor can develop individualized exercise prescriptions, aerobic movement, resistance motion, balance motion, coordination movement, and flexibility movement, coordinated movement, and flexible movement. select. However, exercise needs to be gradually entered, but also stick to it.

And for health groups, there are many benefits, and now the body is not bad, you still don’t hurry!


[1] Cardiac patients can’t exercise? NO! Appropriate exercise is necessary, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2017.1.8

According to the regulations, the bone marrow donor cannot meet with the donor, why is it?

The medical documentary “Human World”, “Reunion”, talking about the story of the organ donation , one people often hear, but quite strange medical field .

In documentary, donors and donated people are specified that many viewers can’t understand why.

is successful in the vast sea of ​​people, why not meet?

Some people say:”

people who can donate It must be a person with quality cultivation, see if there is a problem?

In fact, this is quite complicated, and I listen to me one by one.

in the organ donation process, whether it is bone marrow donation, or important organ Donating, the most important task is the confidentiality of information, namely “double-blind principle”,

donors and donors do not know any information of each other .

Due to complex relationships such as law, morality and even social ethics, the double-blind principle can avoid unnecessary trouble, on the one hand, it is to eliminate organs. On the sale, on the other hand, protect donors and Donated people are unnecessary and harassment.

organ donate “double-blind principle” is internationally recognized What is the practice

, not only to be in China, it is necessary to keep abroad. After the British Diana, Wang Hao died in a car accident, donated multiple organs to save the lives of many patients, but the donor information has not been known to the present, and patients don’t know that their donation is not worn. Anna Wang Hao. Before Apple, CEO Jobs had received liver transplant, but he did not know who the donor was.

Second, why should I implement “Double-Blind Principles”?

Implementing the “Double Blind Principles” is an important means to protect donors and donors.

First, protect privacy and rights, inhibiting humanity.

Some people say that the sea, donors and donated parsives have been successful, let them know each other. However, this “good intention” is easy to make the privacy of both sides, bring unnecessary troubles and disputes.

my country has experienced a lot of cases, and the family members of the donors have been in the first transplant failure. I hope that the other party can once again donate

, which seriously affects the normal work of others. And life.

Similarly, some donors know that they have the appropriate formation, will ask the patient’s family to pay

. Therefore, no matter whether it is from the donor or a paid perspective, any information that will never know is the most effective way to protect both parties.

Second, eliminate the human organs. Behavior of sale.

The human heart is difficult to measure, especially involving the organ donation, the information related to ethics, the information of the confidentiality is to avoid illegal behavior. As we all know, the organ donation is free, but it is difficult for people to escape money. If any party is disclosed, it is very likely to change the nature of the organ donation, so that there is a compensation.

The organ transplant is inconvenient. For ordinary families, it is more difficult to bear, and it is a unfortunate thing to accept the right organ donation. If there is “organ pay” situation, The situation will become more embarrassed.

The third, alleviate the patient’s mental pressure.

If the subject knows that the donor’s information will have a certain psychological pressure, it is easy to have a variety of guess, doubt, and affect subsequent treatment.

Therefore, regardless of which point of view, protect the information of both parties, may wish to meet both parties, is the most suitable, safest. Third, is it absolutely unable to meet? See the situation

my country’s “Human Organ Transplant Regulations” clearly stipulates that individuals who have donated people, acceptors and applications for patients with patient transplant surgeryYes should be confidential. So, is it absolutely impossible to meet the “double-blind principle”, organ donor and donated person do not meet? Some experts believe that in a few cases, if both parties are voluntarily, they should meet their donors and donors, which is conducive to promoting the development of my country’s organ donation. Also because of this, my country is currently not “unrelenting”, can be determined by the situation

. If the donor and the demand for both sides, the relevant staff can serve as the contact between “donation” and “affected by”,

pass care and love

, and do a good job in publicity, encourage everyone to offer love.

With the changes in the concept, more and more people are no longer so resistant to organ donation, and some people also want themselves. After death, useful organs can donate to those needed, and actively sign the organ donation, this is a great step for my country’s promotion of organ donation.

What do you think about organ donation? Are you willing to be a member of the donor?


[1] What is “Double Blind Principle”? Huaxi Metropolis .2015-01-18

When you sleep, can your phone can’t put your bed? How big is the radiation hazard when charging? These questions are clear

“Ah!” In the early morning, Xiao Min was “wake up” by his mother.

“How to put the mobile phone to charge the bed? Radiation is easy to cause cancer! Charging is more dangerous, know?” Mom said while pulling the charging line. “Oh, I know, I played for a while last night, forgot …”

First, the phone puts the bed, radiation is really big?

Many people are easy to mix radiation concepts, and radiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. The ionization radiation frequency is high, the energy is large, and can destroy the cells when penetrating the human body, thereby increasing the probability of cancer

, nuclear weapons, X-rays, β rays, etc. are ionizing radiation.

rather than ionizing radiation frequency and low energy, does not change the structure of the substance molecule , the microwave, wireless network, computer, television, mobile phone, visible light, radar, etc. All are non-ionizing radiation, which will only generate thermal effects, essentially, like sun sun.

So, the mobile phone does have radiation, but the radiation value is small, and the heat generated is more than traditional incandescent bulbs, there is no way to compare with the sun.

As for the controversy of “

mobile radiation carcinogenic

“, it originates from the international cancer research institutions under the World Health Organization to include it

2b Category Cancer

. Many people don’t know, 2B-category carcinogens also have our daily consumption of pork, beef, lamb, bacon, bacon, etc., 2B-category carcinogens are “ may have causal relationship but evidence is not Full

Therefore, this statement of mobile radiation carcinogenesis is currently not standing. Second, these statements about radiation, are it reliable? Arrive around the mobile phone, some people say that the phone will be hot at low power or charging, the radiation value will rise, it is 1000 times the usual

First of all, the mobile phone As long as it is turned on, the electromagnetic wave signal is continuously transmitted to the nearby signal base station.It will affect the transmit frequency between the mobile phone and the base station. But regardless of the signal frequency is low,

The radiation value is in line with the national and international standards

. The only impact is that the mobile phone will increase when the mobile phone is increasing.

When the amount of low power or charging, the phone is fever, but the various electronic components are caused by continuous heat dissipation when the mobile phone operates. Electric is an energy,

go to touch the light bulb in the home, definitely be hot than the phone .

There is also a saying, playing mobile phone or computer time for a long time, wash your face to radiate, in fact, there is no basis.

The electronic product has been running for a long time, it will continue to heat dissipation, If you are too close, there may be more less to be “bake” to

. However, non-ionizing radiation of electronic products does not release microparticles, so your face will not be dirty. Cleaning the face is required, but there is no relationship with radiation.

Third, the hazard of the phone is …

I am worried that there are too many mobile phones, radiation causing cancer, but also pay attention to the night Other health problems of playing mobile phones.

A 51-year-old uncle, lie on mobile games every night, and finally burst into cerebral hemorrhage, people were saved, but the right limbs were permanently meticulous.

Playing the burst health risks generated by the mobile phone, such as cardiovascular disease, blindness, even from the bed, fracture, etc., really worth noting.

When you are lying on your mobile phone for a long time, you can easily appear some of the following situations.

1. Visual decline : Side lying on mobile phones, the pressure difference will make your eyes have a parallax, eventually leading to different degrees of vision, and lying down, playing mobile phones will result in Dry skin, headache, etc.

2. Interference Sleep

: “Blu-ray” issued by the mobile phone screen will interfere with the secretion of the human body, long-term influence, which is prone to sleep, leading to the decline in sleep quality, further insomnia and Sleep shallow problems. 3. Induced joint disease

: lying on mobile phonesWhether it is a cervical vertebra or a finger, chronic labor will occur, and the pain of cervical vertebrae and various discomfort may appear in the hand joints. 4. Damage skin : Skin damage is caused by many aspects. Lying in playing mobile phone, playing is a few hours, forgetting drinking water will cause dry, edema, and acne; and mobile phone interference sleep, sleep is not good, and form a malignant cycle.

Four, play the correct open mode of mobile phones before going to bed

Don’t play mobile phones before going to bed, I believe that most people can’t do it The only way can only be harmful to it as much as possible.

First, play mobile phones in the night should lower the screen brightness of the phone, or directly adjust the eye protection mode. Because too bright screen will not only affect vision, it will interfere with the secretion of melatonin in the body. Second, try to lie down on the phone, lying on the side, not only increase the pressure of the eye, but also due to the difference in angle and pressure, it will result in vision deviations.

The last thing to play mobile phones, of course, the shorter, but most people can’t control, try to remain in half an hour.

Anyway, lying on mobile phones After all, it is not good for the body, and can avoid this bad habit, or to avoid it as much as possible.

References: [1] Guan light-looking mobile phone hazard eye health [J]. Medical Diet Health, 2018, 000 (008): P.44-44.

Where did people think after people die? What will you see when you die? I will reveal another world

What is death?

With the advancement of modern medicine and technology, human beings have also evolved in the definition of death. Once, people were defined as “respiratory stop”; now, it is clinically announced that one person is dying, and it is necessary to combine brain death and cardiopulmonary death.

However, one of the top journal “Nature” (NNATURE), blurred life and death line, causing a fierce discussion of law and ethics …

First, research: let death A few hours of brain recovery function

Jerrewa Medical College

scientists have established a set of

in vitro perfusion systems, can simulate blood in normal body The flow pulse, named Brainex, and produced a cell-like-free inellotropiculilory. They took out the brain of the dead pig, connected to the Brainex system through the carotid, and perfused with a perfusion. The result is found that even “master” has died for 4 hours, after the access system

lasts for 6 hours Inside, 32 experiments have restored microcirculation of the aortic, small blood vessels and capillaries . After the addition of a drug promoted by a human brain flow in the original perfusion, these pig brain also have a corresponding reaction to the drug, and the blood vessel expansion, the flow rate of perfusion fluid is accelerated

. Moreover, with the support of this system, scientists observed that the cell death of brain cortex was reduced, and some cellular functions were restored, and neuron morphology and density were maintained . For a long time, people have always thought that the brain is very fragile. It is even died in a few minutes or even a few seconds. It will die due to hypoxia and energy consumption, but this experiment shows that brain cell recovery functions More than the previous cognition, Stopping the brain cell function degradation after blood supply may be a slow process


Because of the limited resources, only 6 hours per experiment. Although this is currently unable to know thisSome brains have resumed awareness and feel, but Nita Frahahan et al., Duke University believes that this study has been questioned for long-term

, “said the animal or human life and death

,” blurred the boundary of life and death. STUART Youngner and INSOO HYUN, two Biological Professors of Case, Case, believed that most of the organ transplantation from most organ transplants came from people who were announced their brain,

Generally, the donor stops the heart and lungs. After that, the organ transplant is struggling to win the seconds . If the scientific advancement in this area, the brain still has a recovery after a few hours. At that time, in the end, it is necessary to conduct brain recovery rescue, or leave a healthy organ to save others,

Become a problem that is difficult to avoid in biological ethics .

Second, can human beings? Expert answer doubts

See these research, many people can’t help but have questions, the Brainex system can restore brain cells, what is the use of ordinary people? Does it mean that human beings get eternal? The “Nature” journal team answered some questions.

1. What is the use of this study? Human beings may eternal?

“Humanity is likely to be eternal”, and it is also early . The Brainex system can restore part of the cell function, , it cannot delay the progress of aging and disease

, and due to insufficient experimental resources, it is not clear how long it can survive. In addition, the Brainex system can only be used after the brain is taken out, and can it be able to achieve the same effect on humans or unknown. But in a certain day of the future, The improved Brainex system may be able to “resurrect” patients with accidents, heart disease or stroke.

2. Is it aware of the body?

Currently unclear, in this study, researchers avoid pigs for

Brain Recovery Awareness However, it is possible for the varying brain recovery awareness. The researchers cut a part of the pig brain tissue and electrically stimulate this part of the brain tissue, found that pig brain neurons can still discharge under external stimulation

. But if you want to express whether the exit brain can sense the surroundings, you need to connect the brain and feel organs, and you can’t do it.

Third, after the death, where is the consciousness?

Where will people be went behind? Many people will think so after watching the research of “pig brain resurrection”. Many people will be hushed in theology, and some people have experienced the death experience and succeeded, telling you to your own experience. The researchers have studied

300 people with a sudden experience , they have experienced successful survival after the heartbeat stop, including more than 100 people experience special consciousness

. There are 20% of themselves appear unique calm, like to leave this world, about 35% of people say that they have “

feels particularly slow or especially fast .

A study of the United States found that when a person died, he knew that he had died, or his brain aware of himself died. When the heart stops, the body is unable to move, The brain is still awake, can realize what happened around , and can even hear the doctor announced their death. People still have a consciousness in a short time after death, but they will be “sleepy” in their own body.

Lancet (Willow Knife) has published an article on the dying experience in 2000. This article said that many patients were in the dying, although they were in the brain, but consciousness Experience all kinds of illusion and can clearly recall . This article questioned unsearmetibility of consciousness activities and brain activities.

So, the boundaries of life and death are bound by brain activity, or at a sense of consciousness.For the world, what is the relationship between the awareness and the brain, it is a big topic of the universe.


[1] “Nature” cover heavy: redefine life and death? Scientists let the brain restore cell function after a few hours after death. Academic latitude .2019-04-18

The old man can’t care, or insist on exercise? 5 years high intensity training, can extend the life of the old life

In the domestic health concept, middle age, especially the old age segment, paying attention to soothing, low intensity, rather than the violentity like young people. Whether it is Tai Chi, the five birds or other fitness gymnastics, the intensity of sports is not large.

However, the latest study shows that only violent movements are more beneficial to health.

JAMA Journal: Dramatic exercise is more conducive to health

JAMA academic journals published a study on sports and death risks. The researchers have conducted a 10-year follow-up for 403,681 adults. When the total amount of high-intensity exercise is the same, the higher the high intensity, the lower the risk of death.

All participating people, strenuous exercise account for 50% -75% of the total activity capacity, all due to death The rate is reduced by 17%. Compared with participants who do not perform medium or severe intensity, 120 to 299 minutes medium intensity exercise and 150 minutes or more vigorous exercise

, The lowest drop of death is 36%.

The conclusion of research shows that high-intensity movement is the greatest guarantee for health benefits. At the same amount of activity, the participants with more intense exercise and medium intensity movement, the mortality rate is low.

Another study further shows that not only young people, The elderly are also suitable for high-intensity sports. BMJ: 5 years of high-intensity intermittent training, extended the life of the old life

“British Medical Journal” (BMJ) latest published studies show that high The intensity exercise is good for the health of the elderly.

The researchers randomly divided 1500 participants into different three sports groups. The first group needs twice a week with high-intensity intermittent exercise

, the second group

In the past two days, 50 minutes of medium intensity movement , the third group is only exercised in conventional medical recommendations, and does not limit.

This study lasted for 5 years, and the results show that the high-strength sports group, whether it is a physical or spiritual level The state is significantly higher than the other two groups, which indicates that high-intensity intermittent training is more beneficial for the elderly’s body. In addition, the high-strength exercise group 5 years later, the number of deaths accounts for 3%, while the medium intensity group is 6%. This shows that high-intensity exercise is good for the health of the elderly. Researchers also said they would recommend to the country’s sports sector to encourage the elderly to carry out high-intensity exercises in the whole society.

Sports fitness, great benefits

Sports fitness seems to have no relationship with the elderly, but in fact, if the elderly can persist in the rules, the body will Have great benefits.

Preventing vascular disease:

Compared to young people, the older’s heart output is low, and increases through exercise Heart output can ensure the health of the body. Studies have shown that whether the elderly is still young, persistent, and the cardiopulmonary function can have obvious improvement and improvement.

Increased bone density,

Improve muscle function : With the growth of age, muscles fell by 3% -5% every 10 years, this decline in the elderly The trend is more obvious. Through scientific anti-resistive exercise, it can effectively reduce the loss of muscles and help the elderly to increase the density of the bones.

Missing Sensory Functional Aging:

The elderly is easy to fall because the sensory function is degraded, causing a decline in balance and coordination. Through sports such as doing yoga, you can exercise the sensory system, thereby helping to improve the balance and coordination of your body.

Increased memory: A study of Canada showed that the elderly participated in high-intensity intermittent exercise, and the short-term memory can increase by 30%. This shows that the movement and enhancement of memory are positively correlated, the higher the intensity, and the effect will be better.

嘱: The elderly, safety first

However, it should be noted that although the exercise is good for the body, the elderly cannot take 5 kilometers away. The elderly’s exercise should follow a principle, on the basis of benefiting, to ensure that the body will not be damaged due to exercise. Specifically,:

1. Assessing body health before exercise, if there is no training basis, you must have a professional instructor to scientifically detect and evaluate the body. . If the elderly have a history, you need to consult a doctor in advance and exercise as appropriate according to its own actual situation.

2. Choose sports items

Similar to marathon, long-distance swimming, unless there is a sports foundation, it is not recommended to try it easily. General elderly can choose a low impact aerobics, such as quick walk, jogging, etc.

3. Prepare for activities

Before exercising, you must prepare for activities, such as movable wrist, stretch muscles, deep breathing. Avoid motion damage. Different elderly people, physical condition is different, some have a cardiovascular basis, some may have a joint disease. In this case, the sport of the elderly cannot be simply cut. It should be based on its own actual situation, it is necessary to develop sports strategies in accordance with their own health. Health and security should be placed in the first. On this basis, through the exercise again, this is good for the body.

[1] High intensity exercise is more beneficial to the health of the elderly? Beijing Science and Technology Association, 2020.11.24

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