What is the effect of eating calcium tablets at night? Teach you how to eat calcium tablets

Why do we have calcium?

Calcium is the main component constituting the bone, teeth, and children adolescents are prone to highlights, and adults can cause osteoporosis if adults can cause osteoporosis if adults can cause osteoporosis. Further,

Calcium is maintained in a certain proportion of magnesium, potassium, sodium plasma, so that the nerve, muscle maintains normal reaction; calcium can regulate the heart beat, keep the heart to contract continuously alternately And diastolic; calcium can maintain muscle contraction and nerve impulses; calcium can stimulate blood sides to promote blood condense on the wound; in the body, there are many enzymes require calcium activation to show their activity. It can be said that our life activities are inseparable from calcium.

When do you eat calcium tablets?

Fixed calcium In addition to more calcium-rich foods, people with large calcium demand should also take correctly. Eat calcium tablets should also pay attention to time, when do you eat calcium tablets?

Take calcium tablets at different time periods, and the absorption rate also has a large difference, the doctor and dietitian’s recommendations for taking calcium tablets are often taking calcium tablets at night.

Why is it recommended to eat calcium tablets before going to bed? Calcium in the blood is in a balanced state, and the calcium intake from the food during the day will also be excreted from urine. After sleep at night, the body is no longer eating. If you are more in the middle of the night, go to the toilet, with the calcium excreted with the urine, in fact, the calcium that is departed from the skeleton.

When I woke up in the morning, the calcium in the urine was also calcium in the blood in the bones. If the calcium mobilized in the bone is mobilized, it will cause the calcium deficiency. Therefore, when it is supplemented, it is necessary to supplement calcium in time before you sleep.

The level of blood calcium is generally high during the day, low in the evening. This situation also stimulates the secretion of parathyroidne, further accelerates the decomposition of binding calcium in bones. Taking a calcium tablets before going to bed at night, it will increase the calcium content in the blood. Blood calcium level is improved, it is not temporarilyWill use calcium in the bones. How to choose good calcium tablets?

1. Select a regular manufacturer

There are a lot of manufacturers of calcium tablets. It is recommended that elderly friends choose a formal manufacturer when purchasing calcium tablets. If there is a guarantee, the safety will be higher, and the after-sales service is relatively better.

When purchasing calcium tablets, you must see the ingredients of the product because of calcium tablets. Not only only calcium, there are other components. For example, some calcium tablets contain some bone flour, if heavy metal exceeds the standard, it will endanger health. For example, the sodium elements, potassium elements, sugar substances contained in calcium tablets, then patients with hypertensive patients, nephropathy, and diabetes, patients cannot take such calcium tablets. 3. See the amount of calcium

In winter, I remember to put these places.

For some people who are afraid of cold, the temperature drop, if not paying attention to protection, the body is very prone to some adverse reactions. Therefore, pay attention to keep warm in winter to prevent infection.

Winter these places should be tied

1. The neck is frozen and easy to cold

The backbrain is distributed with rich nerves and capillaies, after cool It is easy to have a cold, causing the neck vascular contraction, which is not conducive to the brain blood supply. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the wind from invading the neck, such as the wind, can put the collar, wear a collar.

Some women don’t pay attention to the navel. Although they don’t feel cold during the day, but when they arrive, the coldness of the cold is easy to attack the body inside the body, the first Stimulated is the intestine, causing cold diarrhea. Some people have the habits of the quilt at night, the abdomen is very easy to get cold. So it is recommended that these people are best to put on pajamas to sleep.

3. Knee joint is frozen and easy to inflammation

Many people are cold in the winter, especially uncomfortable. However, many girls also like to wear stockings in this season, causing knee joints to be frozen, leading to cold injections, arthritis symptoms.

When the joint is afraid of cold, there is a tingling, then your legs have been injured. After the winter, the legs are very important. I don’t want to get cold in the neck of the neck, I must wear it in the day!

4. The shoulders are frozen.

Nowadays, many office workers will feel the pain in the shoulders, and they have to get shoulder inflammation. In general, patients with frozen shoulder are 50 years old, so there is a “fifty shoulder” statement. But the winter is cold, the shoulders are cold and easy to be invaded by wind and cold, and there is pain. So, autumn and winter shoulders should pay special attention to keep warm.

5. The feet are frozen in the feet

Bifurples are very sensitive, and there are many acupoints, directly reacting the health of the five organs, and the feet are cold, the whole body will also With the cold, when the foot is warm, the body resistance will also increase, not easy to get sick. This season, don’t open your feet, it is best to make the hot water foot before going to bed, you can expel the cold, ensure the flow of blood, and reduce the cold.

6. Rear, after the refrigeration, easy cough

Many people will expose the back of the back, which is easy to damage the yang of the director of the back patrol. For those who are bad in respiratory, they are easy to induce cough, bronchitis, especially cough, may develop into a dry cough.

In addition, the waist is a ride, especially the back waist in both sides of the spine is the position of the kidney. The kidney is warm and empty, and the back waist is overwhelmed by the wind, and the gas is also lost.

1. Mutton

Winter often eats lamb, not only can increase the human body heat, resist cold, cough, abdominal cold, body deficiency In terms of cold, waist and knees, etc. have the effect and supplement effect.

2. Chicken

I often drink yogurt, the more you drink, the more fat is intestinal health? These doctors are generally rarely mentioned

If you often add code

In addition to the mood outside the aunt

all day, smashing

Or eating 啥 啥

Or the resistance is poor

three days of runners

This may be intestinal The disaster of the bacteria

90% of the bacteria in the human body

are living in the intestine

They use the commander of the signal as a letter

Once the commander has a chaos

The whole body will be implicated

Nine uncles talk to you today


Let’s understand

What is the intestinal flora

Plastic bacteria, neutral bacteria, harmful bacteria

Three major forces are all-made

Planless representative

I can make you normally defeated

After me Treatment “

90.3% of patients with chronic diarrhea

The number of stools, the shape returned to normal

I can also produce lactic acid, acetic acid

to improve the pH of the human body

to promote the human body to

vitamin D, phosphorus, iron and calcium absorption

Of course, I can also inhibit pathogenesis

such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella

Do not let them release itself

As a “resident person”

as a large intestine

Most of the time I stand in human beings

I can inhibit harmless bacteria

can also be synthesized Vitamin B complex and vitamin K

maintain normal human body Metabolism and blood solidification

If the human body resistance is weak

, bacteria will be invaded. I am in the territory

At this time, I must launch a war self-policy

It is easy to cause intestinal infection

If the enemy is too much to fight I can only find better territory

This may cause urethral infection

arthritis, meningitis and sepsis

unlike them two as good

I am a very common

Bacterial food around the worldToxicity

There is a half of my “credit”

unqualified meat products, egg products

all help my spread

I can make people disgusting, vomiting, diarrhea

there are

Headache, muscle soreness, vision Blur and so on

But if you

eat something, drug abuse, too much pressure

The work is irregular, the exercise is insufficient The intestinal flora will imbalance

Bring the following consequences

How the intestinal flora makes the human body to collapse

1. Let the brain “collapse”


It is a good thing that makes us feel happy
Most of the human body is from the intestinal wall

Intestinal microbes are through such gyroids molecules

When the flora balance is damaged Those flops similar to E. coli and Salmonella will stimulate the brain

Secreted a phylogeneity called


makes people fall into bad In the emotion

This emotion will in turn in turn of the aggravation group time, People may suffer from depression

2. Let the cardiovascular “collapse”

Intestinal flora

The main participants of fat metabolism

After the imbalance between intestinal flora

can result in raising blood cholesterol and triglyceride level Risk of atherosclerosis


a study of high blood pressure Indicates that

vascular endothelial function is also damaged

3. Make the visceral “collapse”

Pearl River Hospital in Southern Medical University, in contrast

Type diabetes patients, diabetic nephropathy patients

After the intestinal flora in the health group

The number of flora in the production of short chain fatty acids was significantly decreased

Cell Reports

” Magazine Previous Study

Intestinal Flora The resulting metabolite 4-cresol

can stimulate the pancreatic

to restore normal operation

4. Let the gastrointestinal “collapse”

will cause the intestinal peristalsis to be too fast or too slow

The most direct performance is diarrhea, constipation

, especially

易 激 syndrome

patient It is not good to eat


intestinal bacteriaThe role of the group is not to be underestimated

Everyone should maintain the intestinal flora balance

So, what can we do?

How to improve the intestinal flora?

is the influence of Nobel Prize winners


He proposed

Drink lactobacillus, the theory of longevity

He accidentally found

Bulgarian old people were quite longevity

and local habits of drinking yoghurt

This discovery was quite advanced

as it was the global red

But the fact is

The old theory is not completely correct

Yogurt has limited complementary

under gastric acid erosion

It is difficult to live in the intestines for a long time

, once stopped

The intestines will immediately return to the original level

Plus the sugar content of yogurt

Eat too much instead of sugar intake exceeding the standard

There is a risk of obesity

The method of truly improving the intestinal flora is

Supplementary probiotics and improved diet

Intestinal flora creates a good stable survival environment

It sounds a bit of mystery

actually most Good probiotics is around us

– Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber can provide nutrients for probiotics

“Chinese Dietary Guide” recommended

3G dietary fiber should be ingested daily

Adjusting the food can be seen in the short term

But everyone must adhere to

Otherwise, it will make the improved intestinal flora

Go back to liberation

Tens of millions of small guys in our body

will accompany us to death can make us health

can also let us get the disease

and decision

is in the hands of you ~

– complete –


[1] AMY I. Yu et al, GUT Microbiota Moduate CD8 T Cell Resociated Tumorigenesis, Cell Reports (2020). Doi: 10.1016 / j.celrep.2020.03.035

[2] M Hasan Mohajeri, Giorgio La Fata, Robert E Steinert,Peter Weber, Relationship Between The GUT Microbiome and Brain Function, Nutrition Reviews, Volume 76, Issue 7, July 2018, Pages 481-496

Personality not only decides to destiny, the character also determines health

In the previous high school, NA sister often saw such a slogan “behavior to develop habits, habitual formation character, character decided to fate”, from a health perspective, “Character decided to fate” It is to say that personality will have a lot of affected people’s life. For example, some character is more impatient, the temper is hot, and people who are angry. They often happen, in the usual life, we are often advised to be angry, the body is not good.

If you are not good, you will be sick. If you have these five personality people don’t want

: , Fight for a better victory, ambitious, and everything pursue perfect, which leads to its character, and the emotions are difficult to restrain in some cases. This personality type of person is prone to coronary heart disease. If there is a high blood pressure or high blood fat such as hypertension, it is even more harmful to the heart.

In addition, people who are impatient will prone to neurosali, because some people are easy to grab or rub some parts of the body when they are emotional, and then lead to some pimples in the forefage and forehead part, good When it is bad, sometimes itch is itchy. If severe, there will also be hail inflammation, resilial hair loss, facial febrille infection, and anal itching.

In addition to controlling emotions, in addition to controlling emotions, we must wear loose breathable Clothes, avoid eating chili, etc. It is easy to cause irritability. Try to keep your mindset and avoid the attack of the disease.

Characters are poor, because long-term sleep quality is not good, the endocrine disorder and metabolism, women are easy to have menstruation, and will have a chloasma And freckles. With insufficient secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, the process of aging skin will speed up. In addition, the depression is extremely easy to appear, and everything is too pursuit of perfection, but there are uncomfortable situations in life, and it is not far from the sense of frustration, and it is not far from the real depression.

People with melancholy sex should learn to transfer their attention, learn to hugLife, don’t do everything, you will pursue 100% perfect.

Love is bored

People who are often sulking, it is easy to be troubled by various trivial things in life, and then find a reasonable venting path, and eventually these negative emotions will accumulate. Tumor disease is easily induced when stimulation reaches a certain degree.

The British researchers found that those women suffering from breast cancer, compared to other healthy women, when they were angry, they were more willing to choose to suppress anger, do not know how to vent, eventually leading to cancer Look for the door.

So this kind of personality, usually keep the feelings of comfort, don’t put all the negative emotions in your heart, you have to vent it when appropriate.

Doubtful sensitive

people in life always doubt that they have to encounter bad things today, or It is suspected that it is not smooth, and this sensitive and suspicious person, likes to fantasy, and the character is relatively lonely and introvert, if any of its development, it is easy to suffer from schizophrenia.

The study found that 50% to 60% of patients with schizophrenia were in line with this personality. So there is a person who has this character, and there should be more real life in daily life, involve social interaction, avoid excessive Lenovo and I don’t want to be.

Easy anxiety

Anxiety character is often easier to think, and unrealistic imagination will exacerbate the outbreak of negative emotions. This personality will result in an irregular sleep of sleep, and the risk of gastrointestinal digestion is increased. In addition, anxiety character is too nervous and emotional, and it will also increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, migraine pain. These personality will live longer

Compared to comparality, positive active emotions is easier to keep health.

Optimistic: This mentality is the premise of physical health, that is, the heart is wide and wide, even if it is sick, this personality can play potential to fight disease.

Passionate: The enthusiasm is like fire, it is easy to accept fresh things, like social, psychology will not have a negative emotional accumulation, all easier to see. And personally passionate people treat lifeThe attitude is more active, whether it is life or work, can maintain strong energy, good health, and more stable, then immunity improves the disease.

Strictly: people who are rigorous people treat life and work more sensible, they know bad living habits to harmful Therefore, they can rely on their own rigorous personality to maintain the health and reasonable life. From diet to exercise, from the work to work, all aspects are maintained in a healthy state, do not smoke alcohol abuse, will not take spiritual drugs such as sleeping pills. Usually eat incense, self-control makes their lives into a benign loop.

Character will affect a person’s judgment and will affect its attitude towards life. A emotional person faces work failure, may drink altogether, and an optimistic and rigorous person face the same situation, maybe it will go to sleep through exercise. So in life, maintain a positive positive mentality, avoid excessive accumulation of bad emotions is the basis and prerequisite for ensuring health.

Reference information

[1] “If you are not good, you will be sick! These personality people are most prone to ill! Too many people in the middle of the guns “Health Times 2017.2.11

Warm baby uses so, can cause low temperature iron injuries

Winter is coming, many regions in the country have given people to do not, hate can’t put all the clothes in the wardrobe. In addition to wearing more clothes, some people will still think of other ways to make themselves warm, such as a warm baby, with heater, hot water bags, etc. Some people playing outdoors will choose a warm package to get warm.

However, many people don’t know if the warm baby is used properly, it may cause low temperature burn. Today, I will introduce you to the low temperature iron.

What is a low temperature iron?

For burns, I believe everyone will not be strange, but the low temperature iron is very small, but few people know.

Low temperature burns refers to chronic burns caused by a low thermal object that is more than 45 ° C for a long time. Winter is the main season of low temperature iron, you need to pay extra. How to avoid low temperature iron?

Do not take a long time to touch the heating equipment

Do not take a long time to contact the temperature exceeding the body temperature, do not directly contact the skin directly from the heat source, and use time Should not be too long. Use a variety of heating equipment must be operated in accordance with the instructions. For example, if you use a warm baby to warm, you should not put the warm baby directly on the skin, and should not be attached to a thin layer of clothes, it is recommended to stick it with a few layers. Don’t be too long for a long time, follow the instructions.

In addition, three people need to pay extra attention to low temperature iron. Next, let’s take a look.

Low temperature burns, these three people need additional attention

Infant’s expression ability is not good, low temperature It is likely to be ignored after burns, resulting in further harm.

Due to the increase in age, the skin’s sensing ability is lowered, and the elderly will slowly react with low temperature stimulation, which is easy to cause low temperature burns.

Women smoke harmful, smoking is harder! But there are three habits more terrible than smoking.

Netizen submission:

“I have always had a question in my heart, I don’t know if you can answer it. From 18, I started smoking, I have been for decades now, now I am It is also 60 years old. According to the public, the smoking is harmful to health. So under normal circumstances, smoking should bring harm to my body, but I seem to have no difference between ordinary people.

Moreover, my grandfather It is also an old smoker, and their age is still inferior, but he still lives to 102 years old, much more than his peers, how is this explained? “

I, Is it a short life?

Many people say that smoking has a fatal impact on life and health, but what is the association? In fact, as early as 20 years ago, the American Disease Control and Prevention Center was studied between cigarettes and life:

Smoke will shorten the 13.8 minutes of life
, although this time is very short for life, but

people who pumped 20 cigarettes per day for ten years longer than those who don’t smoke

, and The patient’s harm is greater and will shorten the life of 23 years. This data became quite intuitive, that is, the number of people who pumped 20 cigarettes per day, the average death age is about 68 years old, even less. While smoking affects the health of people, the reduction in life is not only because of this reason, Most of the complex factors are caused, such as irregular work, unhealthy diet, mood

and many more.

Some living habits often have more influence than smoking, and the same person has a lot of bad habits, will result in a lot of life.

Second, these three habits are more terrible than smoking

1, long-standing

Yes, the hazard of the sedentary is larger than smoking, because the sedentary damage is relatively straightforward and quickly. Keep a posture for a long time, especially incorrect postureThe potential is not only easy to cause

blood circulation blocked, which will also cause cervical nerve pressure to affect the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

, so sedentary is absolutely healthy killer. There is a study showing that sedentary for an hour is equivalent to the body’s harm equivalent to the 21-minute life

, which is serious than smoking.

2, love to eat meat

Meat animals are stronger than eating animal body However, it is only ingestion of animal protein, only will cause the kidney burden over . Because the kidney is an important organ of decomposing protein, if the amount of intake is too large, it will cause the kidney that cannot be excreted normal, affecting the renal repair. It is recommended that people who love to eat meat appropriate amounts of plant proteins to substituting animal proteins, which can balance physical metabolism.

3, love to drink carbonated drinks

The carbonated beverage is the wrong invented in the last century, although it can meet some of the human body, but it is The harm is bigger than the imagination. Carbonated beverages
can cause immune cell aging while causing the body’s saccharification
, it is not only easy to face, but also causes metabolism, and affects good health.

Third, supplement reading: Women smoke more harmful, smoking is more difficult

Women and male physiological texture differences Very large, the metabolism and hormones are different. Female is negative in traditional Chinese medicine, and its metabolic function will be slower than men , so the same toxin is different in men and women, and the male is more easily discharged, while women need For longer metabolism and repair.

Nicotine in the cigarette is not only a strong impact on emphysema and bronchitis, but also has great destructive dilapidation. Studies have shown that

The chances of arteriosclerosis in women smoking is 1 fold higher than men, and the probability of coronary heart disease, aortic aneurysm, and stroke are also much higher.

And women’s mental stress is higher than men, easier to suckThe way to mitigate the pressure, once addiction, it is difficult to quit, even if you quit smoking is more easily repeated, it is not easy to completely quit. Therefore, women should quit smoking should pay more attention to psychological quit smoking, but not just that I will be as simple as the gangnantine.
It is recommended that women quit smoking is looking for professional smoking cessation institutions, formulating professional quitting programs, using drug treatment and psychological ductility, faster effectiveness, more steady. Second therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether women’s lives are full of smoking and quit smoking.

Female itself needs to adjust the relationship between himself and the family, and the family around the woman needs more attention, and two-way emotional exchanges can effectively promote family harmony.

In summary, the harm of smoking to the human body is sufficient to affect life, it is recommended to quit smoking early, to the internal organs and The harm of metabolism will be much less. Second, it is necessary to note that nicotine’s hazard is fatal, but there are other bad habits to harm the body.

In addition to quitting smoking, it should be noted that maintaining good habits. Wan change does not leave its belongings, green eating habits and health, is the key to maintaining health and prolonging life, all fatal hazards come from their own health choice.

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The more “small sun” on the nails? Chinese medicine said

Everyone’s fingernails are more or less there are several small sun, and they are well known as “Mid-Month”, which refers to the white curved area of ​​the roots, which is a new nails, some exposed, partially exposed. Part is covered by it.

We always heard that the greater the “small sun” on the nails, the healthre, the people are more, and if the “small sun” on the nails is very small, It means that this person’s physique is weak, not healthy. But in fact, there is no relationship with the size of “small sun” on the nails. Don’t compare “small sun” more than others, there is nothing on behalf of health, and there is nothing to have a disease. “Little Sun” is not necessarily related to health. Everyone’s nails have individual differences. Some people may see “small sun” in some people.

Chinese medicine believes that “liver blood, in the body-intensified, its Hua in the claw”, the claw is a nail, that is , Growing speed, etc., can see a person’s health.

From Chinese medicine, if the cadre of a person’s fingernails is large, the radosome is good, it shows that this person is rich in blood; if the crescent is small or gradually disappeared, the human body’s blood recession, body The situation is not as good as before.

If the small sun suddenly dull, narrates, disappears, often suggests that there is a consumable disease, such as bleeding, hyperthyroidism, etc. Without a small sun, although it is not necessarily a disease, it may be that the body is in sub-health. State warning. To be accurately judged, you need to do a comprehensive physical examination.

So many people are together, why is mosquitoes biting you? Really reasons found, not related to blood type

What happened in summer?

What is the favorite in winter?

No matter how others think, for “mosquito necrops”,

The most cool thing in winter is no mosquito! ” Go to the mountain with friends, the mosquitoes only bite someone;

sleep at night, one turn “” “” …

I am really too difficult! “

First, winter, mosquitoes hide where?” Snoving you … Mosquito’s highlight, or the most cool moment of mosquitoes, is a period of 28 to 30 ° C

, so summer and autumn The season is the cool point of mosquitoes. However, mosquitoes are unsteady. As the temperature is lowered, its activity will follow down, this is the most fierce in the autumn mosquito, because the weather is cold, mosquito is tryable Store heat in winter. Once the temperature is reduced to 16 ° C or less,
The activity of mosquitoes is basically paused

, which is slow and the sensitivity is reduced, and it is easy to kill it. When the temperature is reduced to a bit number or below the zero level, the mosquitoes completely “

Shang Xi Tian “.

Do you think this is it? wrong! Mosquitoes are not idiots, those who are lucky and still don’t walk, because the temperature in winter is generally suitable for mosquitoes, even if the sensitivity is low, it can not be able to kill all mosquitoes. Those mosquitoes who are lucky,

is hiding in the rack of the house in the house ” cat winter ” . Of course, these live mosquitoes are a small number, most of the mosquitoes that can’t escape, produce eggs before the cold comes. Where is it? Where is the dead water, where the environment is humid, where is the mosquito

is excellent

spawning. Their eggs will not die in winter. Wait until the year temperature rises, it will develop it, that is, with the headworm, the new mosquitoes will come out to bite everywhere.

And it has evolved for so many years, and the larvae of mosquitoes can even accommodate salty water. In short, people want to completely eliminate it, there is no.

Second, why do mosquitoes don’t bite others, just love to bite you? Mosquito preference is close to you or bite you, that is because mosquitoes have a sharp odor receiving device , and can detect humans. But no matter which smell of mosquitoes, the bite is always the mother, because the mother can rely on blood to obtain nutrition, then produce eggs. In general, it is mainly three kinds of flavors of attracting mosquitoes.

1. Lactic acid : human activities or a particular food, in vivo and skin secretion lactic acid, and for mosquitoes, this taste is very good, completely Block, always think about it to take a bite. So after you move, you can use soap to clean, thereby reducing the content of epidermal lactic acid. 2. Carbon dioxide : This is also very attractive to mosquitoes, with carbon dioxide exhaled, there is lactic acid, ocenol, uric acid and fatty acids, and

carbon dioxide emissions, the more The easier of our “eyes” in mosquitoes

. The larger the body, the more the exhaled carbon dioxide is more, the easier it is to provoke the mosquito. In addition, pregnant women exhaled the carbon dioxide ratio is also high, so it is also easy to try.

3. Secreates

: The ABH blood type antigen of the human body is not only manifested on the red blood cell, but also in the body fluid. 80% of the human fluid contained an ABH antigen, which is called a secreted person; the remaining 20% ​​of the human fluid contains no ABH antigen, referred to as a non-secreted person. Not ingenious, mosquitoes like the 80% group, so most people are bitten that they are destined.

In addition to the above 3 points, many people also believe that “mosquitoes” are related to blood type, skin tones, hair, but unfortunately, the relevant experimental research found that mosquito bite and ABO blood type is not necessarily related, skin color and body hair There is no impact.

Third, why do the lights can hear the mosquito called, I can’t hear it?

Mosquito buzz is not called, that is, it is in flight,

wings in 594 times / sec vibration

, Issued a “嗡” sound. So you hear the mosquito sound, that is flying, not called. The mosquito has a “chemical sensor” and “mechanical stimulus receptors”, and the target is locked by temperature and odor.

When you turn the light, the light will have a heat generation, which interferes with the judgment of mosquitoes to a certain extent, so it does not dare to act without flying, so he can’t hear the sound. When you turn the light, the heat source of the entire room has only your own body, and the head and neck are places with high human body temperature, but it is also revealing , so mosquitoes fly to you.

When the light is turned down, take off when the light is turned off, that is, such a torture.

Four, mosquito repellent, to look for effective components

Want to drive mosquitoes, mosquito repellent water is effective, but to look for effective ingredients. The general mosquito repellent water contains mosquosocilomostener (DEET) and ingredients such as mosquitorate ester , which is a pesticide, so when choosing Should be cautious. Skin damage, pregnant women, and infants, try not to choose mosquito repellent water in mosquito-mosquito ingredients, and select the relative safety of mosquitorate. However, as long as it is a formal merchant’s product, it will not use health hazards.

Even if it is effective, still safe, The best way is still hanging mosquito account

. Although this is a trouble, it is very effective, compared to other methods, the physics of mosquito nets, so that the mosquitoes can smell your body, but can not eat it. References:

[1] Alderma. Why mosquitoes are old in people’s ear [M] Nanhai Publishing Company, 2012.

“Death of the water” is the grass, can you drink? Rumor: This method is 60% cure rate

“Life is not a child, the veraffle is really too poisonous, stay away from it!” At the end of life, Awomen ( pseudonym ) sent such a friend circle.

A Yan, twenty-four, has a 2-year-old daughter, because there is a bit contradictory and homes, and then I want to commit suicide, I found a pesticide at home.

2 bottle cap .

Fortunately, the family found in time, hurry to send a doctor, the doctor conducted a first aid to her, and then I suggested that she went to the big hospital to continue to treat.

A Yan and his family did not think of it, I feel that I have washed the stomach, and I have not serious unwell, so I will go home. After 2 days, the doctor came to discovery this, and persuaded them to go to the city center hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately, although a series of first aid measures such as blood perfusion, it will eventually be rescued. First, drink too much, the second is to delay the best treatment time. In this way, the young mother left the people.

Many people in paraquat have been listened, and they are commonly used herbicides, and they are called “Water Death”. A Yan just drank two bottles, and also washed the stomach in the local hospital. How can I still save? Today, take you to understand this “deadly” veraffin.

“Bumi”, a rapidly destroyed herbicide that farmers often use Very strong tribute effects and certain internal suction, can be quickly absorbed by plant green tissue to death. It is very poisonous for people, nor special effects detoxification drugs,

Oral poisoning mortality can reach more than 90%

, and the difficulty of rescue is extremely difficult. Related experiments show that oral 10 ml of paraquat is enough to make an adult lost their lives.

Since the toxicity is too sharp, from July 2016, my country has banned the sale of veraffin.

But even if it is for sale, many people in life still do not lead to its toxicity, because it is not too the same as the general poison, the symptoms may not Too obvious,It is easy to make people feel more slow.

Second, what changes in the body will have?

Parafades as a water-soluble compound, the permeability is very strong, and the 70% of our human body is composed of water, and its toxic ingredient can be transmitted to the whole body through the blood. Wherein,

The lung is most likely to be damaged, and it is also harmful.

Hundreds of grass is poisoned early, can cause respiratory distress syndrome, leading to pulmonary fibrosis,

final respiratory embarrassment , that is, it will slowly breathe, live “

“Death. In addition, most patients will also have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and blood, and then liver kidney function will also be damaged,

Symptoms such as liver dying and kidney failure .

“To block toxicity, successful treatment, have 2 adjustments: First, the dose should be less , the amount of taking is within 100ml; Second, to send medical treatment , 6 hours to wash the stomach as soon as possible, only at the same time meet these two conditions, there is a large treatment opportunity. “Zhejiang University School of Medicine Emergency Medicine Director said. Zhang Director

also said: Even if it satisfies the conditions for treatment, it is not necessary to practice, because from the long-term observation effect, most patients are taking this After the drug, the lung function has been damaged by different degrees , which affects the quality of life in the later stage.

So, drink this medicine, is it only waiting for death? Is there a medicine? I believe many people see this, there is this idea in my heart. can only say that you still don’t know – Qilu Plan.

Third, the healing rate of paraquab poisoning is as high as 61.8%! Know Qilu program

The source of Qilu program is dating back to 1996. When a doctor was treated with AIDS patients who took Baishu Suicide, found that the patient’s lungs did not have fibrosis

, and pulmonary fibrosis is a grass.The sullen culprit. This has caused the doctor’s concern, and similar cases have emerged in succession. Therefore,

They proposed the use of immunosuppresses to treat parasitic poisoning


In 2000,

Zilu Hospital, Shandong University, began to conduct related research, in 2005, “Qilu Plan” prototype, ie “ The pharmaceutical integrated treatment plan such as methylpred nunuslong + cyclophosphamide “, which can be cured by mild poisoning.

From 2006 to 2011, “Sugar Corticine + cyclophosphamide + cytokine antagonism” is started, and it has a good efficacy for light and medium poisoning.

From 2011 to now, “”

is gradually evolved “ Gastricular + glucocorticoid + anticoagulant + antioxidant therapy + cyclophosphamide ” synthetic plan. Today, Qilu Program has successfully saved the lives of many paraquat poisoned

, including severe poisoning, and even have delayed poisoned people. As of 2017, the department has been admitted to more than 2,666 paraquat poisoned,

1834 of them were cured, the cure rate was as high as 61.8%.

However, it is necessary to emphasize that the treatment rate of paraquel is still only 60%, everyone still wants Try to stay away from it.

Extended reading: I found to be misunderstood, how to first first aid?

After discovering a patient who was mistaken with paraquat, the soil and water should be immediately stirred, allowed the patient to swallow, passivate, adsorb some veraffin, and reduce toxic absorption, then to carry out the patient Stimulate the inspiring, and timely delivery to the hospital for the treatment of gastricity and blood perfusion, remove the poison as soon as possible. Life is invaluable, must cherish, it is necessary to be calm, don’t impulsive, not only solve it, it is likely that it is not too late.

[1] Liu Zhihui, Jiang Xi Mei, Tao Yi Ming.Developed 1 case of successful treatment of hyperlying dose paraquat poisoning [J]. Modern Medicine Hygiene, 2020 ( 18).

People who often “pull the hair” may have to bear 2 consequences, advise you to stop the hair

“Now I am a monster!”

Blue Ms. (a pseudonym) is a profession female anchor, the previous time

spent more than 100,000 to shaping The hospital is plastic surgery, but after being complete, she is very dissatisfied with her nose. It is understood that she wants the nose type “ nose is round, the nose is tall “, but the shaped nose is “nose , the nostrils are facing “. Boyfriend also said: “

Her nose now looks nasal hair, like witch

“. Ms. Blue wants to make repairs, blind people feel uncomfortable, but there is no result with the hospital for several times, and finally decided to take legal way to solve.

Figure source network

01 Don’t give up your nose

Many people are disadvantaged, and the effect is really small.

Nasal cavity is the gate of the respiratory tract, Nose hair can block

dust and bacteria

, let filtration clean

air is pulmonary Inhalation, some bacteria can also pass nose hair, follow the mucus to enter the stomach after being killed by gastric acid. Nose hair is also capable of maintaining the temperature of the nasal mucosa and the moist degree , preventing dry or too cold air from entering the trachea, stimulating nasal mucosa bleeding. In addition, the nasal hair can also prevent olfactory nectus from being damaged , so that the nose can smell all kinds of smell, pass the smell to the brain.

Some people have a nasal feather, which means that the nose is growing. There are many reasons why nose hair growth is much. When the arsenin secretion is strong, the growth rate of hair will accelerate, so most of the nose is very distressed is male, because male secretion has more androgens more . There is also an external stimulus, such as those with smoking habits, nose hair is affected by tobacco smoke, the nasal will absorb it.Harmful substances, stimulate nose hair growth.

02 Nose hair is too long, can you unable?

Xiao Wu (pseudonym) usually digs the nostrils, pulls the habit of pulling the hair, he felt a little pain in his nose, wiped some alcohol and did not put it in your heart. But in recent days, Xiao Wu’s nose is itchy, and there is a stabbling in a touch of nose.

Dare to scratch, he chose

to the hospital.

After the examination, the doctor found that

Xiao Wu’s nostril appeared, and the skin of the upper lip was swollen

. The doctor said that it is very likely that Xiao Wu is finished, and the intranasal pores are invaded by bacteria, with

nasal mucosa.

Many people think that nasal hair has aesthetics, will repair nose hair, and even some people will remove nose with wax.

Hair removal Wax is a hot product, online buyers evaluation, most indicated that the effect is very satisfied, the effect of pulling the nose is very good, I feel that after using Clean and beautiful. However, there are many people opposed, indicating that

is tear after using the nasal mucosa, affecting nasal health

. Using wax to remove nasal hair, There is actually a healthy hidden danger . Nose hair is the first defense barrier of the respiratory system, prevent dust and bacteria from entering the respiratory tract,

to reduce the probability of the upper respiratory tract infection . Unplug the nose, which is equivalent to destroying this line of defense, allowing dust and bacteria to enter the respiratory tract, causing upper respiratory problems.

Moreover, the force of the eliminated hair removal is fierce, and the operation may be

to damage the nasal hair bag

, which causes nasal tricks or nose. If the wax is placed too deep, it may also damage the nasal mucosa and let the pathogenic can be multiplied.

03 teaches you how to correctly repair the nose hair

Put the nose hair is definite, the nose is too long, how to do it? ? Very simple, it’s good to trim:

1, it is not recommended to use ordinaryScissors, avoid accidentally scratching the nose, you can use special nasal hair repair tool ;

2, before using the tool to do a good job in disinfection , alcohol cotton Wiping, avoiding nasal infection during trimming nasal;

3, when repairing nose hair, it is best to choose outdoor or other where the light is sufficient , which carefully trimmed the mirror;

4, when repairing nose hair,

Do not cut too short

, Repair the nose hair is not exposed, because

Nasal Mao

short Lost the effect of filtering air, and may also stab the nasal mucosa;

5, when there is a wound or cold, do not trim the nose.

The exposed nose hair does affect the appearance. At this time, it can be properly trimmed. Don’t pull out the violence with your hand or wax, don’t get fit, put the nose hair It is too short or simply all. Do you have a habit of pulling nose hair?


[1] female anchor spent more than ten thousand plastic, “Nose hair can see”, hospital: Requires too high! Strait Consumption News. 2020-11-03

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