Knee don’t wait for the old people! The doctor teaches you a small action, exercising at any time, not spending money

All said that “people are old”, saying is the knee, because the knee muscles and fat covers are very small, that is, the knee is more easily injured than other parts.

Many middle-aged and elderly people may even have problems with knee pain because of various reasons. Once the knee is damaged, then daily actions will be limited. Most knee conditions take a long time to recover, and even many people need to bear the pain of knee pain in the rest of life, so we must know how the knee is hurt. How to prevent usually.

There are many behaviors in daily damage to the knee, and see if you have this situation.

One, 4 behaviors are “executive” in the knee!

1, often climbing stairs, climbing

The process of climbing stairs and climbing is required to change the speed and action, sometimes these movements will exceed the knee With the ability, especially when the stairs and down the mountain, the body needs to withstand the three to four times the pressure of the weight, and the damage to the knee is very large.

It is recommended that if you want to exercise, you can choose to walk, jog, swim, especially swim, because the water has buoyant, it is not easy to make your knees when you exercise.

2, there is no warmth

The knee is almost no muscles and fat, so if the temperature suddenly decreases in the autumn and winter season, he did not keep warm. Work, knees are easy to generate joint pain due to blood vessels. It is recommended that the small friends still have to keep warm, especially the knee, when winter is in the autumn trousers, thickened pantyhose.

3, sudden vigorous exercise

Sudden strenuous exercise is most likely to hurt the half-month board in the knee, this is an important part of the knee joint, if it occurs To do surgery, the cost is large and the patient has to bear huge pain. It is recommended to do more warm-up exercises before exercise, so that blood flows to limbs, which can reduce damage.

4, long time, standing

Many people have occupational diseases, such as teachers, because they stand or kneel, let the knees bear great pressure, if their own body Big, the pressure of the knee is larger. It is recommended that everyone is really a professional needs, then try to change the posture for a while, let your knees rest and rest, and try not to stand as soon as possible after work.

Many behaviors in daily behavior are very harmful to the knees, such as frequent skipping or often lifting the heavy objects, especially the elderly, if ordinary knees will have a painful feeling, then I pay attention to it in time.

Second, one action helps you maintain knees

First, old age People should pay more

to avoid the above damage to the knees

, and everyday doing some knee health movements, such as the foot tip, this action is very simple, the basic method is to lift the foot and feel the thigh and feel the thigh and The calf feels in force, and the leg muscle stretching. Second, Select the right sports item, Most of the land movement is damaged by the knee. If the knee has been pain, don’t do too many land sports, you can Swimming, swimming can improve cardiopulmonary function, and can reduce the burden of knee cover.

In addition, whether you have a knee uncomfortable,

The following exercise can be practiced at home, help maintenance knee.


1) Look for a backrest chair, sit down in the back of the chair. The hip is as good as possible, and the hands behind the chair.

2) One thick towel under the thigh is sufficient, and the purpose is to take the knee pad high. 3) Sitting at the side, the back is straight, the two feet are hanging, and the previous one will naturally shake. The swing is not required to be too big, and you can easily sway.

When you are six or seventeen or foot, you want to go, how good it is, in order to achieve thisThe status of the style, from now on, you have to be older, you must protect our knees and let it try as much as possible. References:

Nearly 10 years of yeast poisoning has caused 37 deaths, and food poisoning is not small!

At noon on the 19th, the last injured of the “sour soup” poisoning incident in Heilongjiang Jess West was invalid, and he was unfortunate. At this point, nine poisoned people have passed away. According to statistics, so far in 2010, there have been 14 poisoned people in the country, 84 people are poisoned, and 37 people die. To this end, the National Health Jiterary Committee issued an urgent reminder to cautiously eaten a silver-noodle food.

In daily life, food poisoning has many cases, and there is even a case where many food poisoned deaths have emerged. Some food cooking or indisputable can lead to food poisoning, today we talk.

These three foods may cause food poisoning

In daily life, the bean angle is the ingredients that many people are willing to choose, and they eat delicious nutrition. However, eating a bean corner causes the poisoning event to occur frequently.

Why do you eat beans easy food poisoning? Because of the saponin and beans of the beans, red blood cells of the beans will have strong stimulation of the human gastrointestinal tract. The saponin itself is a toxic protein, both ends of the beans, the viberate, and the old lentils contain a lot of toxins. When cooking a bean angle, only the beans are completely cooked to destroy the toxins in the beans. If the beans are not ripe, they may be poisoned. It is recommended to cook the beans, first clutch the two beans and cook, and then cook according to the specific needs, be sure to ensure that the beans are completely ripe with eaten.

Generally, white fruit refers to ginkgo fruit, sweet and delicious, cooked or fried, and many people love. However, it is not recommended to eat raw food.

Because the white fruit contains hydrocyanate, especially the green germ portion. Hydrocyanoate is very poisonous, and the toxicity is reduced after preheating. Eating more cooked, it is necessary to cook again, not excessive edible, may result in poisoning, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc., may even trigger a serious poisoning reaction to endanger life.



Regular mouth dry? You may be sick!

Xerostomia refers to the dry mouth, in the incidence of 5.5% ~ 46%, more common in the elderly, more women. When the salivary function is abnormal, the salsa is insufficient, called “trueity” dry; the salivary gland function is normal but is called “fake” dry when it is still orally dry.

The mouth of the mouth can have a manifestation of swallowing, chewing and speaking, even if the oral hygiene is good, but there is still oral burning, bad breath, taste change, buccal mucosa dry, lip, lips Dry cracked and peeling, oral colors of algoria and dental caries.

Systemic diseases are important incentives, endocrine, autoimmune, infection and granuloma, etc., can cause oral drying through different mechanisms.

Endocrine disease

Diabetes is caused by insufficient insulin generation. The dry mouth is a common symptom when blood sugar is significantly increased, which may be due to the decrease in saliva due to dehydration and polyuria. The incidence of the mouth of a diabetes patient was 38% -53%, and 2 diabetes were 14% -62%.

▍ ▍ 本 thyroiditis

Bridgeburn thyroiditis is autoimmune thyroid disease, characterized by serum antibody of thyroid hormone receptor, thyroopenoplasm and other serum antigens.

Many thyroid disease patients also have dry syndrome, which is manifested, suggesting that there may be similar pathogenesis in two diseases.

Autoimmune disease

Dry syndrome is a representative disease that is insufficient saliva secretion leads to the dryness. The patient’s immune system targeted the attack of salivary glands, so that the latter was infiltrated by macrophages, mast cells, B cells, T cells and slurry cells. Slurry cells produce anti-RO and anti-LA autoantibodies, targeted to macarinic 3 receptors, resulting in atrophy of salivary gland. Tissue pathological examination showed the inflammatory chronic lymphocyte hydrocytes of dry syndrome

▍ systemic lupus erythematosus

Systemic lupus (SLE ) Is a serious connective tissue disease. More than 75% of patients have a dry symptom. the studyIt was found that the non-stimulated salivary flow rate decreased between SLE. About 1/3 of lupus patients meet the diagnostic criteria for dry syndrome.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that involves connective tissue. Compared with non-accompanied Dried RA patients, the peroxidase activity is lowered, saliva and protein reduction, and the specificity of secretion type immunoglobulin A (SiGA) and peroxidase are low. . Drying syndrome often occurs simultaneously with RA.


Hard leather is carried out to perform systemic sclerosis, which is a connective tissue disease characterized by chronic fibrosis of skin and connective tissue. The common oral manifestations of this disease are excretion tubes, lacrimal gland and salivary gland adenpropries and dry vascular fibrosis.

▍ Primary bile cirrhosis

is a carcase sedimentation disease characterized by bile duct destruction. Clinical manifestations include dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, fatigue, jaundice. About 47% -73% of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis were consistent with dry syndrome.

Infectious disease

Bacterial and viral infections are related to the mouth. A variant is a Gram-positive anaerobic infection, a patentine and a maxillary adenocyte, which can form abscess. Virus infections associated with dry mouth include HIV, human hepammphocytic virus 1 (HTLV-I), hepatitis C virus (HCV), giant cytological virus (CMV) and EB virus (EBV).


1.2% -40% of HIV patients have a mouth dry, which is related to salivary gland CD8 + cell infiltration. In addition, anti-reverse transcription viral drugs (such as dehydroxyosis and protease inhibitors) can also cause mouth dry.

▍HTLV-I Like HIV, HTLV-I caused autoimmune diseases by infecting immunoactive cells. An anti-HTLV-I antibody can be found in peripheral blood of 3.8% -36.7% of patients with dry syndrome.


In HCV infection, 5% -55% of patients may have a dry mouth. HCV is also associated with dry syndrome. Commonly usedCV treatment interferon and ribavirin treatment can induce mouth.


Immune disruption of saliva and lacrimal catalyst cells in giant cytometry infection caused the dry mouth.


EB virus is related to many autoimmune diseases (including dry syndrome), is considered to be induced by dry syndrome. EBV’s inflammation of EBV perfection gland may be the result of the common effects of autoimmunity and viral infection.

Bulminum disease

Tuberculosis is a granulomatic disease caused by mycobacterial infection. Tuberculosis infiltrated lung tissue, may also affect salivary glands. Sistial hematoma formation can occur in patients with incidental patients, leading to the edema of the gland, followed by dry.

Tunction disease

node disease is a granulomatic disease that is mainly involved in lungs and lymph nodes. There is the same histological and clinical features between nodular disease and dry syndrome. Patients with nodular disease may have a large gland and a mandibular edema.

▍ graft anti-host disease

Chronic graft anti-host disease is a disease that occurs after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation occurs. . Hematic symptoms of dry symptoms have occurred in patients. It may be due to the immune response caused by antigen differences between donor and receptors lead to salivary gland tissue fibrosis, lymphocyte infiltration and destruction.

Terminal nephropathy

Dialysis or kidney transplantation is required due to irreversible renal dysfunction. 28% -59% of patients with end-stage nephropathy have a mouth dry, which cannot be associated with neutralization of Na + and dehydrated.

▍ ▍ 沉 沉 干 干 干 干 干 是 是

Temperature is a chronic iron load excessive disease. Since the intestinal iron absorption increases, excessive iron is stored in each organ. Trouble is caused by salivary fluid deposition due to saliva flow rates.

Amanent degeneration is a variety of diseases deposited by amyloid. Due to the damage of salivary gland due to amyloidInvaving, amyloidosis, oral starch-like nodules and giant tongues.

Children’s congenital octoderma development adverse syndrome

Children’s congenital octoderma development is a congenital disorder of an octodiliary developmental defect, typical manifestation means (toe) There is a poor development, the sweat gland and the sebaceous gland are small, and the hair is scarce, the hair is rare, and the lacrimal gland is mixed. The patient has a decrease in saliva flow due to poor development of salivary gland.

Without these diseases, there will be a mouth!

The physiological mouth that throws too little drinking water, and the age growth will also cause the mouth.

The decrease in saliva flow rate caused by saliva secretion is very common in the elderly. The elderly gland siascell cells are substituted by fibers and adipose tissue. Formation of saliva, lactoferrin, immunoglobulin A, sodium, potassium, and proline-rich protein levels change. The above factors make the saliva production.


Saliva is critical to maintaining oral health, and saliva flow can cause oral cavity. Semolius occurred when the saliva flow rate was 40% -50%. Especially common in the mouth, it will affect our daily functions such as chewing, swallowing, speaking.

Many non-drug intervention methods of the dry mouth, including increased drinking water, edible citrus fruit, use a sugar-free chewing gum or containing sheet to stimulate saliva secretion. Cerected stems may need to use saliva substitute preparations.


Carramolino-Cuéllar E, Lauritano D, Silvestre FJ, Carinci F, Lucchene A, Silvestre-Rangil J.Salivary Flow and Xerostomia In Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.j Oral Pathol Med.2018 May; 47 (5): 526-530.

2. Millsop JW, WANG EA, Fazel N.etiology, EvaluaTION, And Management of Xerostomia.clin Dermatol.2017 Sep-Oct; 35 (5): 468-476.

Some diseases are angry! TCM professor: Keep four music, you can live 5 to 10 years

“How can I not get sick? My conclusion is: not angry, it is not sick!” This is from the mouth of Hao Wanshan.

Hao Wanshan is a professor of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and he has been a doctor for more than 50 years from the age of 76. He taught the health and disease experience in many public situations. Today, Xiaoxin summarizes it to everyone. I don’t get angry, I don’t get sick

Hao, recalling many cases of career, and some patients make him remember.

That is more than 40 years ago, the patient cannot endure the hospital due to the pain after the sternum, and after the diagnosis of the gastroenterology of a large hospital

cardia, the cardia is interlaced . And this patient is only 14 years old, it is a very strong little girl. Pursuing the cause, because she didn’t have her first batch in the group, she concluded that the class teacher said bad things, led to the eating and pharyngeal, the food reflux, and later developed into digestive disease.

After 30 years later, this patient was 44 years old, she was at home for their lives. Leading the condition and recurrence again. Patients found Professor Hao asked how to eradication, Professor Hao asked her: Know the first time, the second sick is because of being angry, this is the emotion of you, if you want to avoid the root, you can control your own negative Sexual emotions? “Don’t get angry,” This is the summary of Professor Hao 50 years from medical experience. At Professor Hao, “The disease is caused by the heart, the magic is born.”

Emotion is a human instinct, any emotional fluctuation, will make the visceral, muscle, blood vessels, cells, endocrine, etc. The parameters change, making the human immune system quickly adjusted. Especially negative emotions, naturally affect the negative effects of the body. Second, handle health to doctors, is a misunderstanding

“I have been thinking about a question for more than 40 years: ‘Do you can do what?”

Thousands of patients who have been diagnosed by Hao teach, but many times

He can only help people feel painful and extend the patient’s life as much as possible

. When the patient is really ill, the doctor is still helpless. Many people only know how to give health to doctors, and don’t pay attention to health care, this is a misunderstanding. Body’s own body knows, learn more health knowledge, pay more attention to the abnormal signal sent by his body, any disease wants to prognosis, only the six words:

early found, early treatment

. When you find that your body is not suitable, seek your doctor’s help in a timely manner is the policy.

Third, the disease is all self-made, no disease is not ill,

mention health Professor Hao often said: “Don’t be sick.”

The beginning of life is the start of aging,

Health anti-aging is something to do in a lifetime . What is “making”? Professor Hao believes that the long-term stay in the day and night, the diet is unable, and the exercise and the habit are the destruction of their own body, all in “doing disease.”

“Heart is quiet, body movement”, Professor Hao believes that Health is not only paying attention to food, care, meditation, cultivation, regulating and consciousness , It is a health common sense, but unfortunately people know too little. If you don’t pay attention to the “health” of emotions, there will be “causing stomach disease”, “said pharyngitis accompanying life”.

In addition to care, keep the body’s appropriate amount of motion. Dynamic energy, can promote blood and blood, full of muscle, and bones. I am silent, my body is physically, my heart is healthy. Four, keep 4 music, you can live 5 to 10 years

“I often keep the ‘4 happy” in life, help others, contentment often Self-satisfaction, no music. “

In today’s competitive living environment, mental stress is enough to kill the heart of a fragile population, which affects people’s health. The World Health Organization statistics, more than 90% of diseases are related to emotions, and Professor Hao shared his emotions, it is to maintain “ 4 music “. GuaranteeHold a sense of inner balance, this is a mentality of a healthy person.

Hao Professor Hao teaches us in its more than 50 years of medical experience: healthy and most enemy is not someone else, It is your own desires and abnormal emotions, distractions, and is the greedy in human nature. I hope that today’s share can let us pay attention to their own negative emotions, master a most precious health of health – not angry, not getting sick!


Do you stick to walking exercise every day? Congratulations, 3 diseases are blocked!

Speaking of exercise, the easiest and relaxing method should be to walk, for many white-collar workers, you have to get the body and mind every day, you still have to exercise, it is the rhythm of “changing the work”, and walking I happened to solve this trouble.

While the walking exercise does have a lot of benefits to people, many people find the effect and not as wishing. I have never had a body abnormality in the old week, and the body weight is exceeded, and the doctor recommends that he will exercise.

In the old week, he took a bird cage every day. He walked away in the nearby park. He joined the acquaintance, he sat down to drink a cup of tea. Seeing more than 2 months, the cholesterol of the old week is high, the trigly trialan is still “stable such as Taishan”, it seems to be no different from before.

First, walking wants to achieve the effect, do these five aspects

Many middle-aged and elderly people will choose walking to achieve the role of exercise, in fact, take a step to achieve a strong fitness, otherwise it is useless .

Generally, it is recommended that 90-120 meters per minute is the most suitable walking speed

, and the healthy people can also speed up to promote metabolism.

When many people exercise in the gym, the coaches will advocate more than 40 minutes, in fact, this is scientific basis. The person consumed in the first thirty minutes in the exercise is the body glycogen, and more than 40 minutes will consume the fat effect in the body.

For some people who want to use walk to promote health, is also needed for more than 40 minutes, and the walking time can be reduced blood fat and blood glucose effect .

In fact, it is also one of the ways of moving, but its magnitude is much smaller than other exercises, but its details are very particular, such as walking. There is also a frequency.

Ordinary people go to the gym exercise needs to comply with one weekThree to four times frequency, walking also requires

to reach four times a week to reduce the body fat, regulate metabolism, promote blood circulation, otherwise it will effect.

Walking although it is a small movement, it also requires a certain strength to stimulate the body.

General recommendation to walk ways to walk and the glory , too steep pavements or ladders are not suitable for long-term as motion projects. Because more steps in steps or more rugged roads can cause knee joint, and this wear is irreversible.

Walking also requires the correct posture, otherwise the damage to the body is extremely large, in addition to the knee is sciatic nerve, so don’t “go.” Remember when walking pelvic to keep horizontal line

, don’t be too inclined, this will increase the burden on the body side, resulting in an abnormal situation in the body.

In addition, the knee should be raised properly, which can increase the leg muscle activity, which can also promote the correct force of the leg muscles to avoid unborated abnormalities caused by the muscles of some parts.

1, no hand:

Some people think that walking is Very stupid behavior, in fact, walking, the first will cause more and more decadent, the second will cause a slight imbalance of the body. The correct walking posture should be

arms hanging, followed by the pace of rhythm gently swinging the arms

, this can increase the amount of exercise.

2, love takes asphalt road: Some people will feel that asphalt road is flat, suitable for walk. In fact,


road is harder, the impact of the knees is very impact, will increase the body load, especially those with large weight, more uncomfortable asphalt Road. In fact, the plastic runway and grass in the school are the best choice for walking , they all have a certain buffer, which can reduce the body load.

3 Hard injury. It is recommended Take the best in soft shoe, especially sneakers and running shoes , and they all have the feet of sole feet and the characteristics of knees and muscles have good comfort. Third, every day to persist in walking exercise, the body will harvest “surprise”

1, prevent diabetes

Diabetes is an abnormal situation after the body energy burst, so how to eliminate the glycogen to the body’s weight loss is the key. Walk is to eliminate the most comfortable sport in the body, which is relatively relaxed in the venue and time, as long as a pair of flat shoes, it can control blood sugar increase in one hour. 2, prevent brain atrophy

The atrophy of the brain is derived from the link between the cerebellum and the brain, so it needs to evoke the interior of the brain, in order Let the brain maintain a certain vitality.

Generally, it is recommended that walks over 3 kilometers per day can maintain brain activity and prevent Alzheimer’s dementia. This is also why more institutions will launch a walking activities to prevent the decline of middle-aged human brain.

3, prevention constipation Due to most of the living habits of modern people, most of them are static, so that the stomach can’t get good creeps, constipation is normal. The constipation time is long, and the body metabolism will have problems, and inflammation comes, and inflammation will cause cell abnormal cancer.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain health, walking is a good aerobic movement, promoting blood-blood operation, can also increase intestinal peristalsis and accelerate the defecation.

Modern people’s lives are relatively busy, but they also need to pay attention to healthy living habits. In addition to good eating habits, sports habits need to stick. Walking is one of the most time-saving movements, as long as you have a walk more than 40 minutes a day, and keep the correct walking posture, the disease rarely finds the door.

[1] “ Can walking” exercise “? You are absolutely wrong! “I know. 2018.04.11

Is there a 10,000-step exercise method? Is it a fitness or injury? “China Youth Daily .2019.07.12

Mrs. Curi will also radiate in 1500 years, “radioactivity” is really not simple!

Recently, the Nobi Award officially introduced “Mrs. Curia, the notes still have radioactive”. The notebooks used in the laboratory in the laboratory were still radioactive from 1899 to 1902 and will last for 1500 years.

The Note official website also said that some of the books of Nhari is too radioactive, and it needs to be stored in the lead box. If you want to read these historical information, you need not only wearing protective clothing, but also need to sign a disclaimer.

1500? so long? What happened to “Radiation 1500” here? This issue of Netease Health “Health Concerns” column takes everyone to explore the answer.

“Inexpected” radioactivity and radiation

In people’s impression, radioactivity and radiation these two words are almost shadowed, in fact, between them The relationship is indeed very “intimate”. The radioactivity refers to the decay to form another isotope (decay product) from the radioisotope of an element from the unstable nuclear nucleus to form another isotope (decay product), this The phenomenon is called radioactivity. We also say that some elements have radioactivity, and if all the isotopes of a element have radioactivity, the element is called a radioactive element.

Radiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non-electropranched radiation. Ionospheric radiation includes cosmic rays, X-rays, radiation from radioactive materials (such as α-rays, β-rays, gamma rays); non-ionizing radiation includes ultraviolet rays, thermal radiation, radio waves, and microwaves.

In short, radioactivity refers to an ability of element (or isotope), and radiation refers to wave. It can be understood that the radioactive element (or isotope) is like a flashlight, then a part of the radiation is like a light beam called the flashlight.

The reason why Nhali’s note will also “radiate 1500 years” should mean that the notebook is contaminated with the study material of the study material of Juri, the most stable isotope of the radioactive element is radium-226, its The half-life is approximately 1600 years.

Killer in invisible, “hit” radiation

Breil deal with radioactive elements, but lacks full defenseProtecting, its health is also damaged, and the surrounding items are contaminated with these radioactive experimental materials. In 1934, Mary was died in regenerative obstacles anemia (leukemia), which is also caused by radiation exposure.

While scientists have been constantly studying radioactivity, people are still very limited, and they will look at several hit historical radiation events together.

Goyanian nuclear accident

Goyanian nuclear accident is one of the world’s top ten terrorist nuclear accidents. In September 1987, two garbage farms came to a waste-free hospital in Brazil, they opened an abandoned radioactive treatment, and dismantled a small high radioactive chloride, and put it Sold to the waste acquisition store. The disaster came to this city, and more than 240 people were subject to nuclear radiation.

Many employees in waste acquisition shop died of direct exposure to radiation, two garbage workers were surprised after amputation. Since the bright green of the radioactive material is deceived, the children use hands to contact and apply it on the skin, leading to sever pollution, the Brazilian government has to conduct a large-scale radioactive cleaning in this area.

Evil test

From 1948 to 1954, 582 third-grade students in Baltimore School District participated in a test, funded by the US government. In the test, researchers from John Hopkins University inserted metal rods containing 50 mg of radium-226 into the nasal cavity of children.

The researchers told the children’s parents, the purpose of this test is to reduce their tonsil gland and lymphatic tissue to achieve the purpose of treating some diseases without opening. In this period of time, some doctors use this nasal radiation therapy to treat various diseases, including common colds and allergies.

However, it is shocking that the radium-226 dose used to children in the trial is greatly amazing. Many years later, many students who participated in this trial suffered a variety of cancers, with nasal cancer, tongue cancer and thyroid cancer, only one deaf girl named Rengina Siefa was fortunately resumed after participating in the test. hearing.

“Angel and Devil”, the two-sided nature of radioactive substances

In the experiment, the Rare found that radium radiation alpha and γ rays, where γ-rays expanded into cells, the reproductive cells were quickly destroyed, and it was not so big for normal cell destructiveness. This is the application of radioactive treatment of tumors, which was born in chemotherapy (called Curie therapy at the time). However, as the radioactive element, radium and the extreme toxic elements, radium can replace calcium in the human body and concentrate in bones, and acute poisoning, it will cause bone marrow damage and severe damage to hematopoietic tissue. Chronic poisoning can cause osteoma and leukemia.

The toxicity of 钋 ratio is larger, compared with the same weight of cyanide, the toxicity is more than about 250 million times (0.1 grams of sodium cyanide, can be died). After entering the human body, it can stay in bone, lung, kidney and liver for a long time, long-term radiation human body, and the symptoms of advanced highlight are kidney atrophy and renal sclerosis. As a silent murder weapon, I have taken away the lives of Russian agent Alexander Liti-Germany.

“Talking into the color change” is really unnecessary

Radiation is everywhere, you want to completely avoid it, it is almost impossible. From the release of non-ionizing radiation, computer, microwave, to the release of a banana that is ionized radiation, even your own body has radiation.

According to radiation, it can be divided into two types of non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation. An ionizing radiation with high energy is harmful to humans, such as X-rays, cosmic rays, high-energy ultraviolet rays, nuclear radiation, and the like. Non-ionizing radiation such as sunshine, mobile phone radiation, microwave for microwave, is innocent. In this case, how should it be deal with the part of the radiation harmful to the human body?

We must understand that the departure of the dose is hooligan. The harm of ionizing radiation is closely related to the size of the radiation dose. You may take an X-ray medical examination every year, but it is still good. So, if you don’t touch a large-dose of radiation sources in your daily work and life, you may not have to worry.

In addition, the distance is beautiful. Almost all radiation is far from the source, the lower the energy. For example, the radiation of nuclear power plants has a safe distance. According to national standards, the non-residential area should be set around the nuclear power plant, and the non-residential area is not less than 0.5km. The radius of the restriction area and the restricted area should be set around the non-residential area.No less than 5km. The radius of this is centered on nuclear reactor.

In short, we have to have awe of the radiation, but there is no need to “grass and wood”. After all, it is more healthy living habits such as low-dose radiation in daily life, smoking, staying up late, sedentary, overeating, etc.


Desbiolles A, Roudier C, Goria S.ET Al.cance Incidence In Adults Living In The Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants in France, Based on Data from The French NetWork of Cancer J Cancer. 2017 Oct 21. DOI: 10.1002 / IJC.31116.

Those girls who have changed the “zombie face” in the hypertarate?

What is the common risk of micro-shaping?

The common risks of micro-shaping are fascinating, stiffness. Face, more common in the injection of botulinum, especially during the removal of wrinkles, the amount of injection is too large, and it will be very stiff. Face, more people with too much injection of hyaluronic acid. In general, the doctor will suggest that the patient will communicate with it. The next doctor can reduce the dose of the injection to solve the problem of face, face.
Most importantly, we must go to regular institutions to find regular personnel to do it minimize these risks.

What do you need to pay attention to after doing micro?

The latest European research confirmed: the old man who loves workout is longer! But these 3 points should pay special attention

After the person has been a certain age, it is good to exercise, or still still?

Every evening, there will always be a group of mom on the community square, and they just represent sports people, and there is also a group next to them. People, but they are not moving, just when playing chess, chatting, they represent the rest of the crowd.

Hold two views of the people to hold the words, always want to convince each other.

actually, still care It still depends on your body, and it is better to exercise more healthy. Life is in sports or static?

October 7th, “British Medical Journal (BMJ) “The results of the study were published from 2012

, Norwegian researchers invited 1567 Bit 70 The old man participated in the study, and the researchers divided them into three groups and training in different strengths in five years.

· High-intensity intermittation group twice a week “ 4 × 4 Intermittent Act, ie 4 The high intensity movement of the minute is a set, together 4 group, In the middle, the heart rate has reached the maximum heart rate 90%

· The moderate intensity training is carried out twice a week, each time 50 Minute, the heart rate reached the maximum heart rate ; · There is also a set of control groups, do not It is necessary to regularly check the body. in 5 After the year, the old man attended the high-intensity intermittent group, Whether it is a psychological or physical condition is better than the remaining groups, the physical fitness is also better . After participating in the study

After the year, there were 3% of the high-intensity intermittent group, the moderate exercise group was 6% , the control group was only 4.5% .

Why is the survival rate of the control group higher than the moderate exercise group? This is because even if no one urges to urge it, the old people in the control group also have active exercise. According to statistics, 1/5 of

took the initiative to adhere to the regular high-intensity exercise

Some old people’s exercise is still larger than the moderate exercise group. ” Regular medical examination ” This thing is incentive to exercise.

The researchers also emphasized, In general, 70 The physical fitness of the old man over the age will be less than one year, in 70 Year – The physical fitness of the elderly will decline 20% , All subjects participated in this study, in


The year can maintain no decline , sufficient to confirm the importance of exercise. Older people workout, focus on this 3

The elderly exercise is good for the body, but it is necessary to focus on the problems, do not set good things.


: Target of motion When exercising, it is important to clear the goal. For the elderly, The bone density and muscle level gradually decreases with age, , followed by hunchback, muscle soreness, osteoporosis, weakness, etc. Boxing, the square dance is for the low strength aerobic movement of Cardiopulmonary function . And the resistance power training , can better promote the increase in bone density and muscle in the elderly. Key : Motion selection

In the choice of exercise, resistance power training ≠ Dumbbells, there are many more suitable for the elderly, such as a small dumbbell, freehand small muscle training, can make the muscles of the elderly to be stimulated and promote bone density. When the elderly started for strength training, To start from very low intensity, the system is scientifically moving , the resulting benefits will be smaller than simple There is a more obvious walking of oxygen-pulmonary exercise and no exercise intensity. The elderly who have just started exercising can start from the freelance, and the push-ups of the push-ups are slowly improved.

3 : Cautions

Of course, everyone is different in the physical quality, not all elderly are suitable for resistance power training. Before training, you must understand your history and injuries, avoid danger during exercise. If there is no professional guidance, the old man who has no history of illness is more appropriate from the zero basis.

Old people move Avoid Mrror When the elderly exercise, will always enter some common Misunderstanding, this should be aware of it. Morning practice premature

Many people feel suitable for exercise in the morning, because the air is good. In fact, before the sun comes, the carbon dioxide content in the air is relatively high, and the air quality belongs to a relatively poor state, so

The morning practice should not be too early, can be

1 , avoiding the flow of traffic, the trees dense carbon dioxide Many places in the morning practice.

And it is not suitable for the morning exercise when there is a smog, and the fasting exercise may hypoglycemia, nor is it recommended.

2. 10,000 step a day

is not a 10,000 step per day is correct, in the country The “National Fitness Guide” released by the Sports General Administration, For general adults, 6000

Steps to be healthy

. Of course, this

will refer to the number of effective movements, need to reach medium intensity , is not a mobile phone count

6000 step.

In fact, the elderly sports early should get rid of the shot, kicking the inherent concept of kicking, and strength training is more important for the elderly. I hope that these examples will be encouraged!

This 61 The uncle, once is a swimmer, is now a very well-known fitness uncle.

Xu Zhilin, who has been commercial, because of the physical reasons 40 I started fitness, this year 63 He is a muscle.

This 74

Zheng Xinglu, once is a military person, insisting on exercise every day,

100 The push-ups are very simple to him. When many of the same age people use the cane, he still goes to the hospital.

This year 76

Zhang Quantong, the favorite winter swimming, there is more cold in winter, he has more passion, many people Look at him. See the domestic fitness uncle, you still don’t exercise Do you get up? References:

11.19 World Toilet Day: Let’s talk about the things of the toilet

November 19th is the world toilet day, the festival is mainly established to highlight the environmental health crisis faced by the poor to promote the construction of safety drinking water and basic health facilities, advocating people with clean, comfortable and hygiene surroundings. To the toilet is what we have to do every day, although the residence time in the toilet is limited, but the toilet is a high place of death and various diseases. According to statistics, there are more than 230,000 people in the United States to die in the toilet. What are the tricks of going to the toilet, how much we have to prevent it?

1. Read the newspaper, Play mobile phone

Since the ideology of the toilet is concentrated on the book newspaper or mobile phone, it will suppress the sense of bowel movements, and it will interfere with the command of the brain on the nerve of the bowel movement, and extend the time of defecation. Moreover, the tensile time will make the pelvic venous blood return blocked, vascular dilatation, easy to induce hemorrhoids, and even lose the sensitivity of rectal to feces stimuli. In addition, long-term constipation, fecal oppression causes the male prostate blood to be blocked, aggravating the symptoms of prostatitis.

Send the toilet will also make the brain temporarily blood supply, and when standing, it is easy to fainting, falling, especially for a long time, body weak, aged, and more prone to occur when standing. So, the book is a biggest tabogen on the side of the book, and the mobile phone is called the toilet.

Modern people’s life pace is fast, and even the toilet is rushing, and the speed is too fast, and the toilet will be strong. It is possible to blow the anal canal, causing the skin crack of the anal tube. In addition, it will increase the risk of sudden death. When using force screen, the abdominal wall muscle and the diaphragm are strongly contracted, which increases the abdominal pressure, and the blood pressure can cause cerebral hemorrhage, and the increase in myocardial oxygen can induce angina, myocardial infarction and severe arrhythmia, both may cause sudden death.

So, constipation, difficulty in defending, don’t be desperate, so it is not only not conducive to bowel movements, but may add pressure on cardiovascular blood vessels, many heart disease patients suddenly on the toilet, that is, because improper strength, no row Down, the blood vessels exploded first. UsuallyEat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, exercise more to keep the stool.

3. If the toilet is too fast

If the cardiovascular patients, if the toilet is too long, the fast standing is easy to induce a short cerebral expression after the end of the bowel movement. , Halo, eyes, fall, and the more older, the more you get hurt. In addition, patients with hypertension will have higher blood pressure in the morning, and many people have habits that are defeated after bed, so it is easy to accident. You can set a safety guardrail next to the toilet, such as toilet, you need to get slowly.

4. After urination, then urinate

Suddenly, you suddenly urinate, it is easy to cause excessive distortion of the vagus nerve. If the urine in the bladder is emptied, it is easy to cause blood pressure, slow rate, easy to urinate, if it is not timely treatment, it is very likely to happen. . 5. The toilet places large home appliances

Washing machine, hair dryer and other home appliances placement toilet, hidden dangers. Washing machine seepage, electric water heater aging can cause leakage, electric shock, etc., gas water heaters are easily induced by carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, the appliance is best not to place it in the toilet.

6. Ground is slippery

The toilet is the most slippest place in the home, taking a bath, the water splashing after washing makes people will wrestle. Therefore, the toilet should maintain a relatively dry, wear anti-slip bottom slippers.

25-year-old girl breasts grow 9 tumors! Call: “Cancer” is destroying many women

Wuhan 25-year-old girl Xiao Zhang did not intend to touch his breasts, after going to the hospital, found that there were several tumors in the bilateral breast, and the number is nine, so these tumors are benign fibro adenoma. Doctors have been cut out.

After the doctor inquired, it was found that Xiao Zhang was suffering from sick, with his character,

Personality does not like to tell, everything is in the heart It is the reason why the breast disease is caused.

Properties really determine your health

Peking University Psychology Professor Shen Zheng, Professor Shen Zheng, introduced that according to the characteristics of different people, the medicine will be divided into three personality types, each type has its own unique personality characteristics. A type is stronger, temper

This personality likes competition, usually strong energy, high requirements. The American “Herfinton Post” also pointed out that such people do things to do with good beauty, encounter things, always like to solve as soon as possible, it is easy to receive leadership in the business, but it is easy to get a cardiovascular disease. .

B-type adaptation, strongness

Type B personality is slow, like to follow, the rhythm of life, you can treat usually Setup and happiness in life, social adaptability is better, easy to content, feel happiness,

is a longevity character . A survey in Shanghai showed that in the old man over the age of ninety, more than 80%.

C-type is easily anxious, love sulking

C-type personality is called cancer In order to avoid various problems in order to do a good job in interpersonal relationships, they are used to suppressing their emotions, rarely express their true thoughts, but I like sulking.

Beijing Stary Hospital Psychological Crisis Intervention and Pressure Management Center Director Xiying said: C-type character

It is easy to have endocrine dysfunction, and organ function activity is easily disabled, which will lead to obstacles in immune system recognition, and increase the probability of cancer.

The study shows that the probability of C-type human cancer is three times higher than normal, because if there is a bad emotion and is not released, it is easy to cause skin allergy symptoms, it is easy Causes cholecystitis, gallstones and other conditions.

Many female breast problems are emotional disease

Xie Xiaohong, Director of the Breast Disease Treatment Center of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital, said: “Adverse emotions are easy to affect endocrine, will lead to breast diseases It can be said that breast disease is a psychological disease. There are many patients with tension and anxiety. “

Breast is an emotional official, if long-term pressure is low, the tumor cells in the body will” break free ” The control of the immune system causes viral bacterial invasion, induces breast cancer and mastitis.

How to make yourself not “sulking”?

Since the bad situation hurts the health, then how to control your emotions is especially important. In daily life, you must be calm, reasonable; to learn to expand your heart; Of course, when you are unhappy, you must learn to vent your bad emotions, you can exercise, tell, etc., these Things have help to reduce the damage caused by bad emotions.

The bad emotions are very harmful to the body. For health, you must learn to be relieved, you can also find a way to vent it. References:

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