“Sedi will increase early death risk” is confirmed! How to sit in health? Don’t make a mistake after reading it.

Today, the office worker is at least 8 hours more, and whether it is comfortable, sitting healthy, and the choice is critical to the seat.

The most important measurement indicators of the selection seat are three points: whether the height can be adjusted, the comfort of the backrest, the comfort of the cushion, etc. … However, let many people haven’t thought of The material of the seat should also be included in the measurement.

Recently, the State Market Supervision Administration recently released the latest office chair national supervisory spot check, in 90 batches of products in the spot check,

21 batches unqualified, unqualified office chair, except for quality In addition to the relationship, there is still a risk of formaldehyde, and even the risk of explosion.

Sampling found that the unqualified rate of office chairs is 23.3%

The detection found that the failure rate of the swivel chair was 23.3%. There are a lot of problems, and it is basically in the material and material.

The five-star feet of the swivel chair will break. The bottom carrier of the turning chair carries the weight of the person, once the material used is unqualified, the risk of breaking will occur. In order to save costs, many merchants use a material that intensity, or makes thinning of the loaded wall tube. But in this way, various problems will appear. In the actual detection process, some metastasis has just been applied, and the five-star feet are crimped. Such a product is to be used by consumers, which is very suspended.

Turning Chair Explosion Source: CCTV News screenshot

The air pressure bar is unqualified, Explosion risk

. The problem is not too big, many people have not thought that the swivel chair also has explosion risk. In 2009, the transition chair exploded, the 14-year-old boy killed the event, and the video was also exposed to the video of the sudden explosion of the swivel chair.

At present, there is a function of lifting the chair, and the control lifting is not a spring but the air pressure, the inert gas is compressed by high pressure in the air pressure rod, thereby controlling the lifting. But the mass level of the air pressure stick is not in the market.The cost of the air pressure rod is cheap as long as a few dollars. In order to save costs, many of many turning chair will adopt those low-cost pressure rods, so that the risk of explosion is greatly increased.

Source: CCTV News screenshot

Formaldehyde exceeds the standard, excess inhalation causes cancer.

More I can’t think of, the swivel chair also exists carcinogens. The materials of the swivel chair are chemical products, fabrics, fillers, and artificial boards. If the quality is not too customary, it will release formaldehyde, and formaldehyde’s hurt the body is very clear.

How to choose a suitable office chair?

Break, explosion, and carcinogenic risk, how do consumers buy office chairs in their daily lives? Many people will value prices and appearance, but in fact, this is precisely the most important factor. After all, the chair is used to sit , only the comfort is uncomfortable, is a key indicator.

However, there is a very good office chair to see it very well, and I don’t know how to sit on.

I have had a media to have experiment, I bought hundreds of pieces, thousands of pieces and thousands of three chairs, and then let people sit down and feel, and finally everyone feels the most expensive chair to sit. Comfortable. Then, the eyes are fascinated, and the last people feel that there are two chairs. This shows that

comfortable uncomfortable, price and appearance is not the most important, your feelings are important.

Second, some office chairs have just taken it, but this comfort is not lasting. After all, the office chair is long, so must not be greedy in a short time, it is not difficult to sit up for a long time.

Further, comfortable, this is a quite subjective feeling, so consumers can be different from people.

In addition to the feeling of sitting, the quality of the product should be a consideration of consumers. Don’t buy three products inexpensively, choose a good reputation

, so you can guarantee quality security as much as possible.

Summary, it is comfortable to last, do not buy three products, qualityPass.

Follow this principle to purchase a good chair relatively good.

There are 4% of people around the world to die! Send you a scientific sedentary guide

Today’s society, more and more And the hazard of the sedentary is naturally larger. Posted in a study on the Journal of Physical Activity & Health Journal showing that

sedentary will lead to diabetes, constipation or even rectal cancer.

British “Daily Mail” report,

6 hours or more daily will increase the chance of illness, and increased early death 25%. I have been sitting, which has led to 70,000 people in the UK.

Since the person sedentary is due to a long time, the muscles will be protected from absorbing glucose in the blood, and the resistance of insulin is increased. And some small sports can enhance the role of insulin. In addition, in a stationary state, the intestinal peristalsis ability is lowered, and the feces can be easily deprecated, and it can cause constipation. Moreover, clinical studies have also found that static sitting is more than 10 years, and the colon site of the end is more prone to tumors, and the probability of cancer is 44% higher than other populations.

In addition, for a long time, sitting position must be equal to the relative guarantee.

First, Infinity, the foot is flat , don’t be too bent, don’t hang up, and flat, you can ensure the leg foot.

Next, when sitting, sitting should be equal to

, the spine ensures that the time is standing, and it can avoid back pain.

In addition, when sitting,

don’t be handed or shrug , the arm must be supported, while the angle should be kept at 100 degrees, which can avoid the shoulders and wrists are not tired.

The last thing is when sitting

To ensure the left and right symmetry of the body The muscle skeleton is uniform, and there will be no physical pain. In short, the office is sitting, on the one hand, the quality of the chair must pass, on the other hand, to ensure the right position. . Do this, pay attention to the appropriate activities, such as sitting up an hour, you can get up for 10 minutes, so that you can avoid the hazards brought to the body.
“Explosion, fire, formaldehyde exceeds the standard … office chair’s extraction rate is nearly 1 \ 4” Guangming.com 2020.8.31

When people are in the death, I will “return to light back”? What is the performance of the body before the end?

In many film and television works, many of the end of death will have a strange phenomenon, commonly known as “return to light”, most people naturally believe that this is only in the film and television drama, is a fictional thing, in It is not true in reality.

So, in fact, people will not appear “back to light back” before dying?

In fact,

returning to the light is not a fictional thing, but the phenomenon of true existence . What people say is referred to, refers to a patient that I have “not”, and suddenly there is a sign of improvement.

The reason why it will appear back to light, because people are in the end,
Cardiopulmonary function will be in the state of failure

, at this time, the body will appear The case of hypoxia, and

body is subject to this stimulation , it will send a signal to the brain. When the rescue signal is received, the brain will stimulate hormones such as adrenal cortex hormone and glucocorticoids, these hormones will alleviate the patient’s weakened state, showing a good turn


However, this state can only last for a short period of time, and the appearance of backlight returning is often suggesting that the patient has not been long. So, there is no scientific basis for returning to the light? 1, how did you come back to the light?

Modern medical research believes that

The appearance of returning to the light is mainly related to triphosphate adenosine phosphate

. Usually, the function of triphosphate is mainly stored and supplied energy, but before the end of the end, triphosphate adenosine will become two phosphate , this material takes advantage of the energy,

provides each system Power, therefore the case where the backlight is returned

. However, the time to return to the light is not very long, when energy is consumed, life will come to the end. In general, Time to return to light will only last for hours, and individual people may be able to persist for two or three days .

The specific manifestation of the backlight is that the patient who is unconscious is suddenly awake, not only the appetite is better, but also exchanges, some people can go to bed to move, bringing the patient’s condition to improve the illusion.

However, this state will not last long, when a coma is aware of awareness, it is actually reminding the family, this is back to the light!

Some netizens said that their father is in bed in five years before the death. suddenly became very spirited in the world, not only got a bath, but also talked to the family a lot of past events and future Plan

, no one thought this was back to the light, and he did not wait until the next day.

And netizens mentioned that their grandfather is in the
to return to the light, ask for a drink, who knows that I just drank two bottles and shake

, my family quickly sent him to the hospital, two I didn’t come to him for an hour.

There are also some people who have a short time to return to the light. Some netizens mentioned their uncle,

will resume from consciousness to die, lasting for only half an hour

, and even people It is a bit unpredictable.

Some families can realize that the patient’s return to the light will cherish the wish of the patient, but

is not that every patient will return to the light before the end of the past

. However, people still have a relatively special manifestation before the end.

2, what is the performance of the body before?

Hand and feet is cold:

I believe that most people realize that the patient is not much, it is through judging the temperature of the body. When people are in the past,

The functions of the body will gradually decline, and the blood circulation will also have an abnormal

, at this time, the patient’s body temperature will gradually decline .

From the bottom of the beginning, it is gradually extended to the thigh, the belly, the palm, and the end of the whole body is cold, and it is not far from the world.

When the brain cell gradually died, the signal transmission in the brain failed, and the patient became unclear., Speaking, this is also the opposite of the backlight, and a small number of patients may appear before the end.

If you find that the patient’s throat appears, it sounds like a flood, or even

, sputum in the throat

, also It should be aware that there is not much time left in the patient. The neck does not stand up: Most patients will begin to be soft before The body will begin , There is no way to support the body

, especially The neck is already very difficult to stand, always pull it.

Excretion odor: Some patients will not control excretion before the end, and the taste of these excrement is also very stinky, last time It is still very long, and it is also aware that the patient is about to leave this world.

While returning to light, it will not last for a long time, but believe that family members have hope that before leaving this world, there is a chance to say their wish. And try to help them. However, not everyone will return to the light before the end, if the relatives appear, you must seize this opportunity, let them leave. Interaction: Do you think it really does it really exist?

Reference information

Can the wound touch water? Wound four questions, you should know the answer

Life is in the world, it is inevitable, and it is always difficult to hurt. Since it is injured, there will be wounds. What can I do if there is a wound? What can’t be done? Various questions about wounds, today we pick four more common questions to talk well.

Question 1: Can the wound touch water?

Yes. It is recommended to use clean water to wash wounds to reduce the risk of infection to some extent. The wounds that are not severely bleeding can be rinsed with clean water. Remember to use clean water to increase the risk of wound infection with unclean water.

Question 2: Can there be a wound, can you eat soy sauce?

Often some people say that if there is injury, don’t eat soy sauce, otherwise the wound will be black, and the scars will be left. In fact, there is no scientific basis for some trauma can’t eat soy sauce. Soy sauce is a common traditional seasoning, which is fermented by soybeans. It mainly an amino acid, salt, water, which does not increase light sensitivity, and does not promote the synthesis, transportation and decomposition of melanocytes. In addition, the wound is better, will not stay, mainly see the size of the wound, the degree of infection, and the treatment of wounds, the cleavage, the anti-infection is in place. Of course, there is also a relationship with daily nutrient intake.

Question 3: Can there be a wound?

In the case of a wound, it is not recommended to drink, mainly three points.

Chinese hematopoietic stem cell donation exceeds 10,000 cases, what is the use of hematopoietic stem cells?

On September 15th, from the Chinese Red Cross General Association, as of now, China Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donator Database (Chinese Bone Myeline) has more than 2.8 million, hematopoietic stem cell donation exceeded 10,000 cases . Hematopoietic stem cell donation is a public welfare undertaking of people’s lives and health, from 0 to 10,000 “this is a milestable number.”

Many people have heard of hematopoietic stem cells, but there is no concept of it. Today, let’s take a look at what is the main use of hematopoietic stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells.

What is hematopoietic stem cell?

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are adult stem cells in the blood system, which is a heterogeneous group with long-term self-renewal capabilities and the potential to differentiate into various mature blood cells. At present, hematopoietic stem cells are the deepest research, the first and most widely used stem cells.

Simple understanding of hematopoietic stem cells, next to us to see what is used in hematopoietic stem cells.

Hematopoietic stem cells can be used to treat these diseases

Since hematopoietic stem cells have long-term self-renewal capabilities and differentiation into various mature blood cells, they can be used to treat multiple disease. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation can treat nearly 100 serious lethal diseases such as malignant hematology, bone marrow function, some non-blood system malignant tumors, part hereditary diseases, including but not limited to leukemia, malignant lymphoma, Regenerative obstacles anemia, bone marrow proliferation abnormal syndrome, multiple myeloma, acute radiation disease, bone marrow fibrosis, paroxysmal sleep hemoglobin urine, autoimmune disease.

How to do hematopoietic stem cell transplantation?

9.20 National Love Tooth Day: Prevent oral disease, pay attention to balanced food limit sugar reduction

This year’s September 20th is the 32nd “National Love Tooth Day”, this year’s love tooth day theme is “oral health, whole body health”, deputy main question is “Balanced food limit sugar to reduce the white teeth bright smile” .

Status: national “oral condition” is not optimistic

according to the State health Planning Commission September 20, 2017 issued by the fourth national oral health survey: residents of 35-44 years old calculus detection rate of 96.7%, the detection rate of bleeding gums 87.4%, up 10.1% than a decade ago; children under 5 years old deciduous teeth caries was 70.1%, up 5.8% than a decade ago; children under 12 years of permanent teeth caries was 34.5%, an increase of more than a decade ago 7.8%.

Oral health and systematic health is closely related

Oral diseases have common risk factors with many chronic diseases, such as high-sugar, high fat, high salt food It is easy to cause obesity, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, etc. It is easy to cause digestive diseases such as chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers or even gastric cancer. In addition, periodontal disease may also induce cardiovascular disease and have a big impact on diabetes. In short, oral health is closely related to systemic health.

I know, food and The relationship between teeth is very close, and the dessert is extremely harmful to the teeth, often eat sweets, so it is very easy to cause dental caries, so you must pay less to eat less sugar in daily life, eat less sweet.

Coke, Schibi and other carbonated drinks will cause the oral cavity in an acidic environment, which will cause dehydration to the teeth, resulting in dental acid inventory, and the damage to the teeth is extremely harmful. Therefore, in daily life have to drink carbonated beverages,

drinking carbonated beverages

Next time you should mouth, pay attention to Do not immediately brush , because at this time, the enamel is very fragile, and the toothbrush will increase the teeth injury. In addition to the survival of sugar reduction, daily

also eat more vegetables

, especially crude fiber vegetables, because on one hand, vegetables are low-sugar food, on the other hand, we are chewing crude fiber vegetables. At the time, the teeth can be frivized to help rub the food residue adhesive on the teeth, and the action that is constantly chewing is also conducive to the development of teeth and the prevention of dental disease. Especially for children, chewing is more important.

Correct brushing should pay attention to these things

The brush teeth is to keep the oral cleaning, prevent the most basic method of preventing oral diseases, many people think that the brush is just brushing, In fact, there are many precautions to brush your teeth.

Don’t brush your teeth immediately after meals;

2. Brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes, time too short Thorough cleaning effect;

Pain is not to bear it, do you really understand the pain?

Speaking of pain, everyone should not be unfamiliar. Pain is the earliest experience in every life. Most people in the world feel pain, almost all diseases may lead to pain. The pain level is divided into 12 levels, the higher the pain, the higher the pain. Of course, the following confirmed that this classification is written by netizens, indirectly shows everyone’s understanding of pain.

For pain, many people first impression is to endure. Headache, I will bear it. Knee hurts, I will bear it. Chest pain, tolerance. Various pains do not have a pain. Pain, really if you think about it, don’t you endure? Today we have learned together.

Do you know what is pain?

Pain is a more complex physiological psychological activity, which is the most common symptom in clinical, including damage, stimulating, “pain” caused by the body, and the pain of the body’s hurt stimulation reaction. Pain is the “Human 5th Life Instrument” after breathing, pulse, body temperature and blood pressure.

World Health Organization (WHO) divides pain rating into: O degrees: no pain; I: I: I: II; II: Medicality: Medium pain, continuous pain, affect rest, Need painkillers; III degree: severe pain is a pain, no need to relieve pain; IV: severe pain is a continuous drama with blood pressure, pulse and other changes. Pain’s perception has a strong emotional color, and many people have passed. In fact, this idea is wrong. Practice pain is not good, and may even bring greater harm to the body.

Autumn mosquitoes! This book is quickly accepted!

As the saying goes, “Qihamei is fierce”, especially after a fall, the mosquitoes are more.

According to relevant studies, the most suitable production temperature of mosquitoes is between 25 ° C to 30 ° C, while the rain in the rain is more conducive to the proliferation of female mosquitoes, Therefore, the phenomenon of mosquitoes in the autumn rain is very common.

How do parents protect our children from mosquito? What should I pay attention to while mosquito repellent? Let us look at it.

First, mosquito (Shen Quan Mosquito mosquito: Life Take a small habit of avoiding mosquito mainly starting from living small habits: keeping indoor clean and refreshing; water-ram plant diligent water to prevent mosquito larvae growth; pay attention to keep personal hygiene, diligent Take a bath; go out to wear socks, wear a dark clothes.

Second, the mosquito repellent

(ten fragrant soft mosquito: chemical mosquito repellent)

Mosquito mainly based on carbon dioxide, and chemical smell Select “food”. Therefore, the spraying of the chemical reagent can be used to obstruct or inhibit the intrusion of these mosquitoes.

Commonly effective mosquito repellent chemical components include:

1. Swear-in-mosquito (DEET), classic mosquito repellent component, can be said to be “benchmark” in terms of effectiveness. 10% -30% concentration of mosquoschalon is directly applied to the skin, generally more than 6 months. However, parents have to remember that mosquoschalasts have certain irritation to the skin, so the damaged skin cannot be used. 2. Mosquitorate esters (Baape, IR3535), also called Imings, no significant stimulation or toxicity to the human skin, small impact on the human body, and currently contains this product containing this mosquito repellent component. many.

3. Ekatin (Party), another most effective mosquito repellent in addition to mosquosocilomosteramis, it is almost colorless and odorless, affecting the human body.

4. Lemon eucalyptus oil, beautyThe only plant ingredients recommended by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control Center (CDC) and pediatrician associations are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

5. Insects, and other mosquito repellent ingredients are different, it mainly exists in mosquito coil, and in the electrosurgical sheet, it can kill insects. Joithmi, phenyl ether and artificially synthetic osmesery is a family.

The spirit of the martial arts in the martial arts world will have a damage to heroes. Similarly, chemical mosquito repellent products will have some side effects, and parents can use it as appropriate.

1. Electric mosquito: products that can kill mosquitoes will contain a pyrethroid family, and many common mosquito coat contain tetrachlorometryroooate. The mosquito has a certain toxicity according to the concentration of the component, so when it works, the children should still evacuate the room.

2. Mosquito repellent: mosquito repellent in mosquosocilomosite is a relatively powerful mosquito repellent weapon, depending on the concentration, the effective protection time can be around 5-10 hours. Adult concentrations can range from 25% to 30%, and children are generally about 10%.

And our common mosquito repellent water contains more mosquito repellent, relatively gentle, safer, mosquitoetr ester varies depending on the concentration, general aging for 4-7 hours.

Third, anti-mosquito

(Golden Soft Mosquito)

Here, it is from the source and mosquito blocking For example, use mosquito nets, screens, and wear long-sleeved trousers … These methods are green, environmentally friendly, and pollution. However, the effect should also be specifically analyzed according to the rigidity of these physical “barriers”.

In addition, many seasonings are more seasonal, or minimize the dense planting, and more water is more.

Fourth, the mosquito

(mosquito eighteen palm: plant mosquito, technology)

Home planted a pig cage or It is the effect of reducing mosquitoes, and occasionally can be funny, and fun is endless.

How is the blood vessel “rubber band” is “playing bad”?

You may have heard, some parents tutoring the child’s operation will be air out of high blood pressure, and it is easy to have high blood pressure, but what is going on? The “Love Tour” is the principle of expressing high blood pressure for you.

What is hypertension?

The blood circulation system of the human body consists of blood, blood vessels and hearts. If the blood vessels in an adult body are connected together, they have 96,000 kilometers so long, and they can be more than two laps around the earth. The blood vessels of the human body carry a blood of 4 to 5 liters daily, always cycle, and transmit oxygen and nutrients to the various tissues of the body. These flowing blood adds a side pressure to the vessel wall, which is called blood pressure.

The heart keeps shrinks diastolic and transports blood to the whole body. When the heart shrinks, the blood is pumped from the heart, and the blood is rising to the blood vessel. This is your systolic pressure. It is also known as high pressure; when the heart is diacene, the blood flows back from the blood vessel, which is lowered. It is a diastolic pressure, commonly known as low pressure.

An ideal blood pressure of a healthy person is between 90 and 120 mm mercury, and there is a 60 to 80 mm mercury. If the systolic pressure is often maintained above 140 mm, the diastolic pressure is above 90 mm, and it means that high blood pressure is explained.

How did high blood pressure generate?

The three factors of heart transfusion, vascular inner diameter, and blood flow resistance will affect the pressure of the blood vessel wall.

If we imagine the blood circulation system into a water supply system, the heart is equivalent to the water pump, the blood vessel is a water pipe, and the blood is water flow. Imagine, if the water pump is suddenly stronger, this time, the pressure in the inner wall of the water pipe will become large, the worst result is that the water pipe is supported. Parents’ counseling homework is from high blood pressure, which is because people are in the abundance, the heart jump accelerates, the heart of the heart is strengthened, and the blood pressure will squat.

The innermost diameter of the vascular can also cause hypertension. This is like the water pipe that you take home, if the distance is not enough? You can pinchPinching in the tube, making the pressure in the water pipe becomes large, and the distance from the water is far away.

The corresponding in the human body is also the truth. When our diet is getting more greasy, blood lipids gradually increase, slowly depositing in the intravascular inner wall, the blood vessels are gradually narrow, and high blood pressure will form hypertension.

The elasticity and blood viscosity of the vessel wall also affect the speed of blood flow. Under normal circumstances, our blood vessel walls have a certain elasticity, under the impact of the high-pressure blood flow, and a certain buffer effect when the heart is shrunk. However, if the blood vessel wall is damaged or aging, it becomes stiff and lack of elasticity, the buffer ability is declining, then the blood pressure will increase significantly when blood is flowing.

After acting, you don’t think it is too much, these incentives are “mainproad”

Couple life is the physiological needs of both husband and wife, and it is also a bond that promotes feelings. But there are many people who reflect their back pain after their lives. Why is this this? So, let’s talk about “do things” post-back pain.

Why is it low after work?

1, sudden interrupted

According to physiology research, if couples live suddenly, the entire reproductive system and pelvic congestion and cannot be rapidly resolved, resulting in a state of tension. In addition, organs such as male semapsules cannot be emptied in time, causing the male brain cortex to be excited, and it is difficult to alleviate it quickly. Over time, there will be low back pain.


Sexual life is too frequent, one of the important causes of low back pain after sexual life. Because in sexual life, the capacity of the waist is the greatest, so frequent sexual life will only lead to lumbar muscles, so that the muscles of the waist have a pain.


No climax General X pleasure, X climax is the foundation of “doing things”, and the climax is mainly caused by the blood vessels of the key organs. When the organ is congested in the absence of a stimulus, if the climax will lead to low back pain.

What are the causes of male back pain?

In addition to this 3 , the reason for the occurrence of low back pain after sexual life, For men, there is a low back pain after sexual life, and there is also possible with inflammation and waist problems. related. When male itself has certain inflammation, such as prostate

, this in sexual life

There will also be low back pain.

, ,


After sexual life will exacerbate the pain of the waist. If In the process of sexual life, if the action amplitude is too large or too strong, there will be low back pain . Therefore, if men find frequent abundance, they must find causes and treat themselves.

Extension: Beware of the accident in the housing Have to remind, beware of the following three accidents when conducting X life: X sudden death is seen in the elderly male, simply, when the husband and wife life is ordered or Sudden death after the husband and wife live.

According to the test, people breathe in X life will become urgent, when sex g is tide, the heartbeat will be faster, up to 180

. In addition, in these sudden dead people, people who die from myocardial infarction are the top of cerebral hemorrhage.


Asthma attack For those who have asthma, in x , the most likely asthma occurs when living . This is mainly because in addition to certain spiritual factors, such as nervousness, fear, worry, etc., may also be allergic to semen, condoms, taste, and laundry. Thereby causing allergic asthma. If you live in


, you must stop immediately, and take the drug to relieve asthma. If you can’t get a timely doctor.

All in all, want to avoid low back pain after sex life, That us, must pay attention to regular life, don’t be too frequent, generally young people 2-3 will be good, and the elderly will be good in January.


When you sleep, your body shook it? Not a brain test, many years of doubt

Do you have such an experience – when you sleep, suddenly the body suddenly “shake”, but yourself moderate, and others may feel that this is very strange.

Why does this happen? Does this mean what is unhealthy? We continue to look at these problems.

Why is it suddenly “shaking” when sleeping?

There are a lot of young netizens in a forum say that they can sleep sometimes feel that the body has a phenomenon, but most of them are families tell themselves. Some people say that they are not stable when they are sleeping. This is “ghosts”, so they have a discussion of various spiritual topics.

In fact, when we have not completely entered deep sleep, we generally have no way to enter deep sleep. Sometimes a part of the body will suddenly shake, sometimes there will be a feeling of stepping on the sky, then awaken This is called Lin sleep muscle extraction

, most of them are physiological, no impact on health, if it is pathological, it is necessary to pay attention.

There are several reasons for the edition of dunnion muscle extraction.

Cause 1: Calcium deficiency, The situation of downside muscle draw is easily in the case of calcium deficiency, usually pay more attention to calcium supplementation.

Cause 2:

Muscle blood supply is insufficient,

If you have long-term like curling body to sleep, the muscles of some parts of the body are prone to the blood of the blood, will be “shake” when they are sleeping. a bit. Cause 3:

Tired during the day, working too long, work overtime, work pressure, sleep quality is not good

will cause a sleep muscle draw, as long as you pay attention to rest during the day, Improve this situation reasonably. “What is the” Ghost Binder “?

The human body is very magical, sometimes some signs are healthy in the bright red light, and the careful point will definitely discover, improve the problem in time to avoid the body.

Learn about sleeping, he will suddenly shake, let’s talk about “ghost bed”.

“Ghost Press” is that people have a sense of perception when they are sleeping, but they can’t control the body. The body can’t move, In medicine, this phenomenon belongs to the symptom of sleep
, our sleep is cycle, this cycle is from the session, the next time to sleep until the sleeping period , Then enter the dream period, we are doing a dream, the body will enter the stationary state.

Dreaming, the skeletal muscle except for respiratory muscles and eye muscles, the tension is very low, and the symptoms of sleep, it is our dream, but the skeletal muscle is still in the state of low tension, this The rhythm is not kept, and the body cannot be controlled by us, it is easy to have fear, even hallucinations.

So, how do you wake yourself when sleeping?

1, the tongue

, although most of the body is unmovable, but the tongue can be moved, the tongue or the tongue is even emitted, and you can wake yourself. .

2, bite the lips or bite the teeth, Let him feel that some pain will be very fast.

In fact, occasionally “ghost bed” is not much impact on the body, but in a period of time, it is necessary to reflect on whether it is too tired, or sleep habits, The near stage schedule is confusing, if so, it will be adjusted in time.


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