Sleep is not good to come over, experts teach a small coup to help sleep

   Ms. Li has suffered from insomnia in the past two years due to high work pressure. She has less than two hours of sleep per night, and she has many dreams, and she is still tired in the morning. In the Insomnia Clinic of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in the Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Deputy Chief Chinese Physician Wang Sheng and her patiently communicated and asked questions. “She is a person with a strong sense of work responsibility, and at the same time I feel her anxiety, especially the life and work troubles caused by insomnia.”

   Director Wang first helped Ms. Li correctly understand the problem of insomnia, provided psychological counseling for anxiety, explained sleep knowledge from Chinese and Western medical theories, and taught the habits and skills of maintaining good sleep. Next, through observation, hearing and inquisition, syndrome differentiation and treatment, prescription medication, regulating yin and yang, nourishing blood and calming nerves. In the end, Director Wang implemented the traditional Chinese medicine ear-point pressing method for her.

   After two weeks of oral administration of Chinese medicine and ear-point pressing of beans, Ms. Li’s insomnia has been significantly improved, her expression became richer when she went to see the doctor again, and she consciously regained her youthful physical strength and spirit, and was very happy. Insomnia and anxiety are significantly relieved, and healthy sleep and physical fitness have added new kinetic energy to her life.

  Life tips for a good sleep:

   Director Wang specially sorted out the tips for maintaining a good sleep and shared it with everyone. Friends who are not sleeping well have a look.

  ① Sleeping appliances: The mattress should be relatively firm, not excessively soft and collapsed; choose a comfortable pillow based on your preferences, with a pillow height of about 10 cm;

  ② Sleeping position: It is better to sleep on the right side;

  ③ Sleep time: generally about 7 hours, but it should be determined by individual differences;

  ④ Sleeping environment: The light in the bedroom should be dark; it should feel cool, but not cold;

  ⑤ The strong connection between bed and sleep: Don’t lie in bed watching TV or playing with mobile phones; go to bed only when you are obviously sleepy; if you can’t sleep, get up and go to another room;

  ⑥ Avoid excessive stimulation before going to bed: stop active mental activity one hour before falling asleep; learn a set of relaxation methods, and practice before lying down at night;

  ⑦ Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks after 3pm;

  ⑧ Avoid being overfull at bedtime, and go to bed at least 2-3 hours after dinner;

  ⑨ Avoid snacks and sugary drinks before going to bed, otherwise it will significantly prolong the time to fall asleep and wake up frequently at night;

  ⑩ Taking exercise every day can help you sleep better;

  Don’t do high-intensity exercise at night to avoid the excitement of the body making it difficult to fall asleep;

   A timely nap can supplement the lack of sleep at night and relax the brain and body; it can regulate emotions and relieve stress. But the nap time should not be too long, half an hour to an hour is best, do not desk lunch break (the blood supply to the brain is insufficient, the spine is deformed).

   We must face insomnia correctly and improve our understanding of sleep. The idea of ​​”preventing disease” is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients to prevent disease. The so-called “preventive treatment of disease” means early detection and early detection before the occurrence of disease. Intervene to prevent disease progression. Regular physical examinations and early intervention are also the most economical and effective measures for modern medicine to maintain health. Pay attention to health, start with me, start with physical examination, start with “preventing disease”!

   Correspondent Luo Xin

  Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Zhou Biying

Should we eat more “bitter” or “spicy” for preventing epidemics and nourishing the heart and lungs in summer?

   Guangzhou Daily (all-media reporter Weng Shuxian) In the summer, the heat, showers, and damp heat gradually increased. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, proper adjustment of daily diet is helpful for health preservation. When it comes to eating, there are many folk sayings that “bitterness in summer is better than tonic.” More “bitterness” helps to “nourish the heart”; however, Sun Simiao, the “king of medicine” in the Tang Dynasty, also said: It’s not the same as saying that it’s hard to increase the hardship to nourish the lung qi. Should I eat more “bitter” or more spicy food for health preservation in summer?

   “In fact, it is not possible to generalize.” Professor Lin Guohua of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine explained that although Chinese medicine has always attached importance to summer health preservation, it is special this year. We have experienced a round of new coronary pneumonia epidemic and epidemic prevention. Do not eat too much bitter food during this period. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, he said that summer is “fire” in the five elements, which corresponds to the “heart” in the five internal organs, and “bitterness enters the heart” (bitterness belongs to the heart), so eating bitter food in summer can help “nourish the heart.” “, so the folks have said that “summer hardship is better than tonic”. However, if you eat too much “bitterness” to make up, it is easy to “heart-fire” excessively, “lung qi” is damaged, and lung function is affected. In the five elements, “xin enters the lungs”, and nourishing lung qi should be appropriately “increased”. Therefore, Sun Simiao, the “King of Medicine” in the Tang Dynasty, advocated “Summer 72 days, save hardship and increase hardship, in order to nourish lung qi” in “Prescriptions for Qian Jin Yao”.

   “It can be seen that eating more’bitter’ or increasing’pungency’ has its own emphasis.” Lin Guohua reminded that the daily diet should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the individual under the premise of a balanced diet. It’s already summer. For those who are emotionally stable, you can properly “enhance pungent”, especially those with a little lung deficiency, eat more ginger, onion, and garlic pungent foods to help replenish lung qi.

   However, as the epidemic situation improves, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, you can eat more bitter food in summer, especially for people who are emotionally unstable, uneasy or even a little depressed. Appropriate “eating bitterness” does help to cleanse the heart. Fire and peace of mind. However, people with deficiency and cold of the spleen and stomach should not “eat bitterness” to avoid adverse reactions such as diarrhea; while people with deficiency of qi should not eat more spicy foods, so as not to harm their righteousness.

Stay away from sudden death by getting rid of five bad habits

   There are traces of sudden cardiac death. In many news reports, most of the sudden deaths are young people. They have no primary disease. Why do they die suddenly? It is true that the risk of sudden cardiac death from 25 to 40 years old rises sharply, but it needs to be pointed out that this is related to their increased risk of coronary heart disease. So, it’s just that they didn’t find a problem with the heart, not that the heart is okay. So, why are the young and middle-aged people prone to coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death? Let’s analyze it in this issue.

   As the main productive groups in society, the physical and mental pressure of young and middle-aged people is increasing day by day. The survey shows that about 80% of white-collar workers in my country are in a state of excessive fatigue. 96% of those who die prematurely between the ages of 30 and 50 die Fatal diseases caused by fatigue, 80% of which are sudden cardiac death. Chronic fatigue stress is not only the cause of early onset of coronary heart disease in young and middle-aged people, but also an important cause of sudden cardiac death in young and middle-aged patients with coronary heart disease.

   From the perspective of lifestyle, young and middle-aged people often have problems such as overnutrition, excessive drinking, excessive entertainment, sedentary office, reduced exercise, staying up late, and working overtime. These unhealthy lifestyles lead to obesity, hyperlipidemia, Diabetes, gout and other basic diseases have accumulated so much that they can not return, leading to sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

   In addition, the social competition is strong, the pace of work and life is fast, and the pressure of survival is high; trapped by fame, constrained by profit, inner hesitation, impetuous and lost, all these make young and middle-aged people in a long-term highly stressed mental state and uncertainty The fragile mental state is also a major cause of sudden death in young and middle-aged people.

   In summary, the frequent causes of sudden death among young and middle-aged people are chronic fatigue, poor lifestyle, and mental and psychological factors. So, if you want to stay away from sudden death, you should get rid of the following five bad problems:


   Studies have shown that compared with sitting for less than 4 hours a day, people who sit for 8 hours a day and exercise very little have a 32% increased risk of cardiovascular death, but exercise can reduce this risk [3]. It is recommended to ensure daily exercise and keep walking at least 6000 steps.

   Stay up all night, sleeplessly

   Research has found that compared with people who sleep 8 hours a day, people who sleep less than 5 hours a day have a 40% increased risk of heart disease. It is recommended that everyone avoid staying up late without restrictions and avoid overwork. Once the body feels unwell, go to the hospital for examination and develop the habit of regular physical examinations.

   Continuous “high pressure” state

   Try to avoid extreme fatigue. If you are in a “stressful” state for a long time, it is recommended to reduce pressure appropriately and give yourself a vacation occasionally. Even reading a book, taking a walk, or chatting can relieve your mental tension.

   Ignore the heart’s distress signal

   If you have unexplained chest tightness, lack of energy, emotional irritability, dizziness and other symptoms, be careful! Because that may be the heart’s distress signal, you should be vigilant and seek medical treatment at the right time.

   The “alcohol and tobacco addiction” that can’t be quit

   The nicotine in tobacco constricts blood vessels and even causes vasospasm. Alcohol can cause rapid heartbeat and a sharp increase in blood pressure, which can cause adverse cardiac events. No matter how long your smoking history is or how deeply you are obsessed with alcohol, quitting smoking as soon as possible and reducing alcohol consumption will benefit your blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

   Having said so much, in the end, let’s summarize, although sudden death is unpredictable, and the chance of survival is very small. What we can do is to develop a good lifestyle, eat a reasonable diet, keep exercising, quit smoking and limit alcohol, avoid overwork, and maintain a good mood. Especially for the young and middle-aged people who work like “Desperate Saburo”, “Work is never finished, and the body is always more important than money.”

   (Source: People’s Health)

Yingmang planting solar terms: Why is it popular to eat green plums?

  ”The awn species, the awn species, even harvest the species”. In the twenty-four solar terms, the farming activities during awn planting were particularly busy: the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River gradually opened the curtain of wheat harvest from south to north, and it was the busy “three summers” time.

There are not many entertaining folk customs of   Mango species, but there are also interesting customs such as “giving flowers god” and “marrying trees”. In order to adapt to the hotter weather, people will adjust their living habits in time, and their diet will gradually become lighter.

  “Mankind is busy, busy planting”

   The traditional Chinese twenty-four solar terms originated very early. The Spring and Autumn Period first established the vernal equinox, autumnal equinox, summer solstice, and winter solstice, and then continued to improve. Some experts said that in the “Taichu Calendar” of the Han Dynasty, the twenty-four solar terms were officially set in the calendar.

   “Mango species” is a solar term that reflects the phenomenon of agricultural phenology, and it is also the third solar term in summer, which means that the midsummer season has officially begun. At this time, the handle of the Big Dipper is pointing to the position, and the sun reaches 75° of the yellow longitude.

  The temperature rises significantly during the awn planting season, and the rainfall is abundant. Such unique climatic conditions are very suitable for planting and transplanting. In agricultural production, people tend to rush to plant crops and transplant rice in time.

   The “Lunar Calendar” mentioned: “Doozhisi is a awn species. At this time, there can be a valley of awn, and it will be invalid after this.” It means that the awn species solar term is suitable for planting cereals with awn. Crops are also the dividing point when planting crops.

   “The awn seed is busy, busy planting.” Therefore, the folks call this solar term “busy planting”, which means that farming activities are busy.

   The proverb says “wheat and yellow farmers are busy, and show women go out of the house.” At this time, even women have to go to the field to help through the “busy farming”; in some places in Hebei, there is a custom of “marrying a tree” on this day when planting awns: use a knife Strike a few strokes on the jujube tree, the meaning can be more fruitful.

  The diet is light, and green plums or green apricots are popular

   Mango species comes, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. According to the ancients, they believed that “an anode is born in a negative way.” At this time, work and living habits should be adjusted in time to avoid disadvantages. In terms of diet, people tend to eat lighter.

   At this time, green plum or green apricot is a good choice. In the south, May and June are the seasons for plums to mature each year. Green plums contain a variety of natural high-quality organic acids and rich minerals, which have the effects of eliminating fatigue, beautifying, and regulating acid-base balance.

   However, green plums need to be cooked and processed before they are more suitable for consumption. There are many ways to cook plums. The simpler one is to cook them with sugar and plums, which is very refreshing.

  Some flowers can also be made into food, such as Sophora japonica and so on. People realize that the metabolism is strong in summer, and they will consciously eat some seasonal fresh fruits and other ingredients. The arrival of mango seeds reminds people to pay attention to the meaning of cleansing.

  Customs: to go to the flower gods to spend a lifetime “marrying the tree” means more fruitful fruits

When    was planted, people were busy rushing to harvest crops. Folklore expert Wang Juan said that there are fewer entertainment activities related to solar terms at this time. However, some interesting customs have been formed among the people.

  ”Flower God” is one of them. “Dream of Red Mansions” mentioned: “Ancient customs: on the day of the Mang Seed Planting Festival, all kinds of gifts must be displayed to sacrifice the flower god. Once the mang planting is over, it will be summer. All the flowers are thanked, and the flower god abdicates. Money is needed.”

   In the old boudoirs, the custom of walking for the god of flowers is very popular. Some are to tie silk ribbons to the flower branches, and some are to stick the fallen petals on the tree, expressing gratitude to the “flower god” and looking forward to it. Meet again.

   It is said that young men and women of the Dong ethnic group in southeastern Guizhou hold mud fight festivals every year before and after the mang species. On the same day, the newlyweds were accompanied by good young men and women to plant seedlings collectively. At the end of the event, check the results, the most muddy person is the most popular person.

In the season of awn species, Jiangnan enters the rainy season. People in Jiangnan prepare water tanks and urns during the rainy season to collect and store rainwater, which is called “plum water.” It is said that this water tastes sweet and delicious, and tea drinkers like it very much. (Reporter Shangguanyun)

There are many benefits of quitting how to do it

   Smokers can generally be divided into two categories: one is not addicted to the nicotine in tobacco, and the other is addicted. Non-addicted smokers may find it easy to quit, but addicted smokers often find it difficult to quit. In fact, even the strongest addiction to cigarettes lasts for a short while. When smoking cravings occur, you can try the following methods:
   When you have the urge to smoke, delay the night as much as possible, and you can take deep breaths, such as three, five, or ten deep breaths. In the process, let yourself relax, and the urge to smoke may disappear. Or, when you want to smoke, pour yourself a cup of tea or drink some water. These are alternative ways.
  When a smoking addiction is on, the most important thing is to distract and find a way to do something for yourself. For example, chatting with friends, going for a walk or exercising, all of which may keep your cravings away. Friends who have been smoking for a long time may often hold cigarettes in their hands and often have cigarettes in their mouths. You can think of ways to keep your hands busy, such as calligraphy, painting, holding toothpicks or chewing gum in your mouth, which are all effective in reducing your hand-mouth habit. method. You can also listen to happy and uplifting music to eliminate the negative thoughts and emotions you are experiencing. Many smokers say that they want to smoke when they are stressed. In fact, smoking does not reduce stress. It is better to deal with stress in a healthy way.
   If you feel that these methods are not effective, you can call the national smoking cessation hotline 4008085531, and there will be professionals to help friends who need to quit smoking. If you have tried these methods but cannot quit smoking, and you know that smoking is harmful but you cannot control yourself not to smoke, then you are probably addicted, that is, you have developed a chronic brain disease such as tobacco dependence, and the structure and function of the brain have already occurred. change. This is a deadly chronic non-communicable disease. Smokers must pay attention to it. You can go to the smoking cessation clinic for help from professional medical staff. Smoking cessation clinics have psychological adjustment, behavioral therapy, and smoking cessation drugs, such as nicotine replacement therapy, afestone hydrochloride, varenicline tartrate, etc., which can help smokers and friends treat their addiction.
   Smokers of any age can benefit from quitting. Twenty minutes after quitting smoking, blood pressure and heart rhythm will change; one year after quitting smoking, the risk of heart disease can be reduced to half of the original smoking; about 15 years after quitting smoking, it can return to the original non-smoker level. If you can quit smoking at the age of 40, you can reduce the risk of 90% of the related diseases, disability and death caused by smoking. If you quit smoking before the age of 30, you can reduce the risk of 97% of related diseases, disability and death due to smoking. Therefore, the sooner you quit smoking, the better.
   (Author: Xiao Dan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization Cooperation Center for Smoking Cessation and Respiratory Disease Prevention, Deputy Director of Respiratory Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Director of Tobacco Disease and Smoking Cessation Center)

Air-conditioning has been blowing for a long time, prone to “air-conditioning skin disease”

   Many people know that staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time is prone to “air conditioning disease”: symptoms such as nasal congestion, dizziness, sneezing, tinnitus, fatigue, and sore limbs, muscles and joints. This is related to the dry indoor air, the growth of microorganisms, the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and the poor adaptation of the body.

   But did you know that if you stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, you are prone to “air-conditioning skin disease”.

The formation of “air conditioning skin disease” is closely related to the imbalance of the skin barrier. This is mainly due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. Outdoors, the skin sweats to cool the body, but in a cool room, there is no need for heat dissipation. The blood vessels and sweat holes of the skin need to shrink quickly, and the corresponding skin sebum secretion will also be reduced.

  The skin barrier is very important to skin health, and the outermost layer of the skin barrier is the sebum membrane. Sweat secreted by sweat glands and sebum secreted by sebaceous glands are important components of the sebaceous membrane. Long-term in an air-conditioned room, these two things will reduce the secretion, and the integrity of the skin barrier may be affected.

   In addition, the cooling effect of air-conditioning will cause the water content in the air in a closed room to become less and less. Because the air is dry, more skin moisture escapes into the air through the damaged skin barrier. The loss of skin moisture further destroys the stability of the skin barrier. An unventilated indoor environment makes it easy for various microorganisms to breed, especially dust mites on air-conditioning filters. Damage to the skin barrier and the growth of microorganisms naturally increase the probability of skin problems. In addition, dust mites are also the most common allergen for skin allergies. They can enter the human body through the respiratory tract or directly contact the skin, leading to various skin allergies.

   (Source: Popular Science China)

Sleepy during the day and awake at night? You need to adjust your sleep rhythm

   How long have you not had a good night’s sleep? One-third of people’s time is spent in bed, but more and more people are stressed at work during the day, not awake, and can’t sleep well at night. Therefore, sleep becomes a problem that plagues many people. How to have a good sleep can start with understanding and mastering the factors that affect sleep rhythm.

  Biological clock and sleep pressure are the two major factors that control our day and night awakening and sleep patterns. Among them, the biological clock is most affected by light, which causes the brain to secrete substances to regulate the rhythm of wakefulness and sleep. The most obvious effect is melatonin. When night comes, the sky darkens, the melatonin in the brain will be obviously secreted, increasing drowsiness. If the light is too strong at night, the secretion of melatonin will decrease, affecting sleep. Therefore, before going to bed at night, reduce the use of mobile phones and other devices with fluorescent screens, establish a good sleeping environment, use good shading curtains, and comfortable bedding.

  The biological clock is also affected by diet and exercise. Therefore, you should avoid eating foods containing caffeine in the afternoon, such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, etc., avoid smoking and drinking before going to bed, and it is not advisable to fast or eat dinner. Over-oily, difficult-to-digest foods, and regular physical exercise all contribute to the regulation of biological rhythms. At the same time, strenuous exercise should be avoided before going to bed. Sports enthusiasts can choose to exercise two to three hours before going to bed to protect sleep.

Another influencing factor of    biorhythm is sleep pressure, which means that as time goes by, the brain will continue to increase its need for sleep. The longer you are awake, the greater the need for sleep. When you sleep at night, you will fall asleep faster, deeper, and deeper, and sleep longer. Therefore, in order to establish a good sleep rhythm, once we wake up, we should not sleep in bed again, and do not take a long nap, even if we did not sleep well in the first night, we should not sleep again.

  According to your own situation, referring to influencing factors, adjusting your sleep rhythm can help you fall asleep easily and improve the quality of sleep.

  Expert interviewed: Meng Fanlei, Chief Physician of Sleep Medicine Center, Department of Clinical Psychology, Beijing Huilongguan Hospital

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