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How long is the most suitable for a good time?

Many people have a habit of nap, but everyone is different in nap, some people may only need to sleep for 10 minutes, some people have to sleep for 1 hour, longer sleep, don’t sleep Time is most appropriate?

There is a different sleep stage in each sleep cycle of our human body, while different sleep phases correspond to different physical conditions. That is to say, in different stages, the effect of people will vary, even the opposite. Medical will divide the sleep cycle into five phases. According to the sequence, the sequence is divided into semenest, light-time, decline, deep semenery and fast eye period. Among them, the first four periods belong to a non-fast intraocular sleep period (NREM). Below, let us review the whole process of human sleep. When you have been sleeping from your eyes, you are in the sleep. Next, you started to enter a formal sleep period, and at this time, people’s brain are more alerted in the excessive stage of sleep, and it is easy to be awakened by the external influence, so it is called shallow night, lasting 10-30 minutes. Then, the human body entered the decline in the decline in the mid-sleep period and deep semene, and the inhibitory effect of the central nervous cerebelings gradually deepened, and people entered a sleep condition, and it was not easy to be affected by the outside world, and even difficult to wake up. The four phases have lasted 60-90 minutes. Subsequently, the human body entered a fast eye sleep period. Because the human eyeball in this sleep stage will present a fast beating, from this name. Research showed that the brain wave in the fast eye period is similar to the brain wave in the awake state, usually with turning over, and is easy to wake up. The people who wake up this period also said that they are dreaming. At this point, a sleep cycle ends, people begin to enter the next sleep cycle.