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Health in April, nourishing kidney, regulating yin and yang, preventing disease

   The weather gets warmer in April, and people’s outdoor activities increase. Peach blossoms, pear blossoms, apricot blossoms in the north are full of branches, and poplar and catkins are flying everywhere. At this time, people with pollen allergies will have a harder life and should be taken care of. prevention.

  Climate characteristics:

   April is the last stage of spring. From the twenty-four solar terms, there are two solar terms, Qingming and Guyu.

  Qingming represents the meaning of clear sky and earth in terms of solar terms. Since ancient times, this day has been the day for Chinese people to worship their ancestors and visit their graves. Tomb-sweeping Festival, also known as “Outing Qing Festival”, is a traditional folk festival of the Han nationality in China.

  Guyu is the last solar term in spring. In ancient times, it was called: “Yusheng Hundred Valleys”, indicating the importance of this solar term in agriculture.

   The weather gets warmer in April, and people’s outdoor activities increase. Peach blossoms, pear blossoms, apricot blossoms in the north are full of branches, and poplar and catkins are flying everywhere. At this time, people with pollen allergies will have a harder life and should be taken care of. prevention. This season is also the season of high incidence of infectious diseases, such as acute viral hepatitis, meningitis, measles, mumps, etc. Therefore, clothing should be added or removed in time according to weather changes, and prevention of infectious diseases is the key to this period.

  Health principles:

   is mainly used to invigorate the kidney and regulate the deficiency of yin and yang.

   From the perspective of TCM health preservation, Qingming is a good day for outings and outings. Bai Juyi’s poem “Spring Outing” said: “I don’t play in spring, but I am afraid of being foolish.” From the perspective of disease prevention, during this period, the weather should be cool and the kidneys should be strengthened and the Yin and Yang should be adjusted. In order to maintain a comfortable mood, it is advisable to choose exercises with soft movements and static movement, such as outings, doing exercises, and Tai Chi. Regarding dietary adjustments, regular rations must be taken to prevent overeating.

  Diet taboos:

Sweeping tombs during Qingming Festival must pay attention to your health

   Tomb-sweeping Festival has a dual meaning. It is not only a thriving solar term, but also a sorrowful festival for sweeping the tombs, mourning the ancestors, and sadness. While paying tribute to our ancestors, we must pay more attention to our health.

  To pay tribute to the ancestors, there must be a degree of grief

   Some people have hallucinations because they are overly emotional when sweeping tombs, and seeing their deceased relatives cause mental confusion. Tomb-sweeping Festival is a traditional festival of sorrow for loved ones. It is an opportunity to vent grief, which is conducive to dispelling bad emotions and is more conducive to mental health.

   From another point of view, for those who have lost a loved one, it is easy to get hurt during the Qingming Festival. When everyone gathers together to sweep the grave, it is also easy to create an “emotional field”, because sad emotions are easily contagious.

  Old people sweep the grave, beware of elevated blood pressure

  Many grave sweepers, especially the elderly, when they see their relatives’ cemetery, they are easy to see things and think about people, and feel sorrowful. This leads to emotional agitation, increased blood pressure, and easily induces cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It has been reported that an old man had a cerebral hemorrhage due to his emotional agitation during the ceremony.

   In addition, the spring is the high incidence of myocardial infarction, stroke and other diseases. People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and high blood pressure must pay attention to stable emotions when sweeping the grave, and pay more attention not to be tired or sad. It is best to have relatives with them and bring common medicines or first aid medicines to avoid sudden illness.

  Worshiping the ancestors requires “eyes” to be clear

   Paper money is generally burned when sweeping tombs, but this will produce soot, which can easily cause accidental damage to the eyes. Once burned soot and flying dust enter the eyes, it will cause eye allergies, keratitis, conjunctivitis and other symptoms. If this happens, rinse your eyes with clean water or mineral water that you carry with you in time, and go to the ophthalmologist after simple treatment.

  Reminder: Do not wear contact lenses when sweeping tombs to avoid dust entering the inside of the contact lenses, irritating the eyes and causing inflammation. Also, don’t get too close when burning paper money to prevent the smoke from irritating your eyes.

  Be careful of your feet on Baishan Road

   Every year during the Tomb-sweeping season, some elderly and children accidentally fall and are injured when they go to the graves, sprain joints in the mild cases, and fractures in the severe cases.

  Because the cemetery is mostly in rugged and uneven places such as hillsides, people who lack exercise for a long time are prone to joint ligament injuries and tendon strains. Especially the elderly, if they fall accidentally, they may also fracture.

Bacteria in the supermarket quietly surround your health

   If you want to buy vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, detergents and other necessities of life, just go to the supermarket and you can solve all the problems. But do you know? Supermarkets are actually a large source of bacteria, and you may bring invisible bacteria home without knowing it. Recently, the US “MSN Health” website published an article to teach you how to avoid bacteria in the supermarket.

   Use the shopping basket and shopping cart correctly. Since the trolleys in most stores are used very frequently, they are rotated in the hands of customers all day long, and there is no time for cleaning and disinfection work. The data shows that the detection rate of mold on the bottom of supermarket shopping baskets can reach 69%, coliform bacteria is 51%, and the mold on the bottom of trolleys is 37%. In open shopping in supermarkets, once customers’ hands are contaminated by bacteria on the trolley, they may be transferred to the food during the selection process. It is recommended that you bring a pack of disinfectant wipes when you go to the supermarket. Before using the shopping cart, you can wipe it with a wipe first. Do not let children sit in the trolley. Do not put cooked food on the bottom.

   Raw meat and frozen food are the last to buy. In general supermarkets, fresh food, meat, and daily necessities are strictly divided, allowing customers to buy frozen and fresh products later. But in life, many people don’t pay attention to the order of shopping, first go to the meat section to buy something, and then buy other things. Due to the high temperature in the supermarket, as a result, fresh food will breed bacteria after thawing, and it will also contaminate shopping baskets and cause cross-infection.

   Eat less cooked food for free tasting. Most cooked foods are placed outside without any cover. Customers can pick them up with their hands. People who process cooked foods do not wear masks. All of these have become unsafe factors for cooked foods. The Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted an inspection on some supermarkets and found that among the 32 types of cooked food samples, the total number of bacterial colonies and coliforms in 21 samples exceeded the requirements of the national standard, and the unqualified rate was as high as 84%. It is recommended not to try the free cooked food, and the cooked food purchased should be cooked and sterilized before eating, and eat within 2 hours. Cooked food overnight or refrigerated must be heated before consumption to reach a food center temperature above 80°C.

   Take the innermost item on the shelf. The survey found that the products on the outermost shelf are picked up most frequently, but not every customer can buy them. It is easy to be stained with various skin oils and bacteria. It is recommended to take the products on the innermost shelf.

Low sodium salt is healthy but not suitable for everyone

  Introduction: Everyone knows that people are inseparable from table salt. The main ingredient of table salt is sodium chloride. Excessive intake of sodium chloride can induce high blood pressure, leading to coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction, renal dysfunction, retinopathy, etc. Many diseases have seriously affected the quality of life and even life span of everyone. Some manufacturers now produce low-sodium salts in hopes of reducing sodium chloride intake. There is less sodium chloride in the low-sodium salt. What other ingredients are added? Potassium chloride. The potassium chloride content in some low-sodium salts is as high as 20-35g/100g. Is low sodium salt good for everyone? No, long-term ingestion of some patients is not only harmful to health, but may be life-threatening.

  Experts said that because of the vigorous promotion of “low sodium”, more and more people know that it is healthier. However, when a patient with kidney disease came, the doctor asked him to eat less salt, so he bought low-sodium salt and came back to eat. In fact, this is wrong.

  Health experts call on people to eat less salt, mainly to reduce the sodium in salt. Nowadays, most people eat salty food, and eat more meat, less vegetables, and hidden salt in many packaged foods. This can easily cause the problem of “high sodium and low potassium” and cause many diseases such as high blood pressure. From this perspective, low-sodium salt is indeed “healthy salt”. Low-sodium salt replaces part of sodium with potassium, so it can reduce sodium intake to a certain extent and increase potassium intake, which is very helpful to maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in the body.

   potassium is abundant in human cells and is mainly excreted by the kidneys. If there are diseases such as acute and chronic renal failure, adrenal hypofunction, hyporenin hypoaldosteronism, renal tubular acidosis, etc., the kidney’s ability to excrete potassium will decrease ; Or long-term use of beta-receptor blockers, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, and potassium-sparing diuretics, which are commonly used in heart disease, reduces potassium excretion by the kidney; Tumor receives high-dose chemotherapy, status epilepticus, a large amount of intracellular potassium is released into the blood, if too much potassium is taken at this time, it is likely to cause or aggravate hyperkalemia.

   Therefore, for patients with kidney disease, low sodium salt has no special health benefits. The kidney is an important organ that maintains the balance of potassium in the blood. If kidney patients take too much potassium, they cannot be effectively excreted from the body. Accumulation in the body will cause high blood potassium, which can easily lead to arrhythmia and even risk of heart failure.

8 magical health effects of saliva

   What we often say about saliva is saliva. It is also called “body fluid”, “ganlu”, “yuquan”, “tianhe water” and so on in Chinese medicine. Don’t underestimate this humble “saliva”, it has a lot of benefits for human health and health care. Let’s follow the editor to learn about the health benefits of “saliva”!

   There is an old saying in Chinese medicine, “If you keep a part of body fluid, you have a part of life.” The body fluid mentioned in Chinese medicine is one of the important material foundations of human life. In people’s health care life, this old saying is very meaningful.

   Chinese medicine calls the saliva secreted by the human body “jin”, and assigns it to yang, the main form. In TCM, there is also the saying that body fluid and blood originate from the essence of the diet, and they can breed and interact with each other. Excessive body fluid depletion will cause both qi and blood loss; while loss of qi and blood will also cause body fluid deficiency. The increase and decrease of body fluid can directly affect the balance of yin and yang in the body, and diseases will also arise from this. For example, patients with high fever sweat too much, and patients with gastrointestinal diseases vomit and diarrhea too much, which can be caused by damage to body fluid Blood loss.

  Saliva has eight functions for human health:

  First, hemostatic effect. Saliva can promote blood coagulation, and saliva can help stop bleeding when it causes bleeding after trauma or tooth extraction.

  The second is lubrication, the saliva contains mucin, which makes the mouth smooth and soft.

  The third is washing function, which can wash away food residues to keep the oral cavity clean and hygienic.

  Fourth is the diluting effect. When irritating things such as acid and bitter enter the oral cavity, the secretion of saliva increases, dilute it, and make it easier to spit out or swallow.

  Five is the antibacterial effect, various organic and inorganic components in saliva have a certain antibacterial effect through different mechanisms, which can prevent inflammation of the mouth, throat and gums.

  Six is ​​the healing effect, there is a nerve growth hormone in the saliva, which can significantly shorten the wound healing time and accelerate the healing of burned skin.

  Seven is digestion, saliva contains a lot of amylase, which can hydrolyze starch into maltose, making it easy to be absorbed.

  Eight is the anti-aging effect, saliva contains a kind of “saliva parotid hormone” that can keep people young, which can make people smart, strong teeth, and strong muscles, so that even when people are old The face will be red and youthful vigor will not be diminished.

   It can be seen that “saliva” is precious and should not be wasted or discarded at will. It is necessary to be good at promoting the secretion of saliva to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and promoting longevity.

   Then, for the health care of normal people, how can we achieve “health preservation”?

   First of all, drink plenty of water. You can properly soak some Chinese herbal medicines that can promote body fluids, such as hawthorn, schisandra, and Ophiopogon japonicus. The so-called “wangmei quenches thirst” refers to the “plum” in the food that has the most effect on promoting body fluids. Plums are calm in nature, sour in taste, and have the effects of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst. However, from the perspective of TCM syndrome differentiation, there are some conditions that require attention, such as hyperacidity, phlegm-heat cough, chest tightness, cough and asthma, and it is not advisable to eat more acidic foods.

   In addition, in ancient China, there was a “pharyngeal fluid regimen”, some people with chronic diseases of the digestive system may wish to learn from it.

  Yanjin health maintenance technique

Get up early for a walk and rub your hands to adjust your heart and lungs

  Key moments of health care

  Research shows that between 6 and 8 in the morning is the peak period of deaths caused by some serious diseases such as ischemic heart disease, cancer, and cor Decrease, prone to fatigue; 6 to 8 pm, blood pressure began to rise, emotional instability. This shows that the human body will change with the change of biological rhythm. The above three periods are the key moments for the human body to carry out self-care. Therefore, the scientific use of these three periods is extremely important for the protection of physical and mental health.

   regulate liver and kidney at night

  Why adjust the liver and kidney late? We know that Western medical blood tests all test the blood that comes up in the morning. This shows that the liver and kidneys are most metabolized at night. The better the liver and kidney metabolism, the stronger the detoxification ability and the better the body. Once the metabolism is not good, there are too many dirty things in the blood, and problems such as high blood lipids, high cholesterol, and high transaminase will come out. How to protect the liver and kidney to strengthen its metabolic capacity?

   teaches you a trick. Don’t idle your hands when you soak your feet. Make a fist with both hands. Use your fist and back parallel to your spine to rub the kidney acupoints up and down repeatedly. Stimulate the kidneys through the channels and collaterals to make the kidneys excited. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that “the kidney is the foundation of the innate”. The quality of the kidney depends on the lack of kidney qi. If the kidney qi is sufficient, urination will be painful. According to the common people’s way, all the garbage will be discharged! You rub your waist while soaking your feet, without delay.

  I finished adjusting my kidneys and soaking my feet. It’s time to go to bed. Lie on the bed, don’t sleep first, protect and protect the liver. How to protect the liver? It’s very simple. Lie on your back on the bed with your hands overlapping up and down. The man’s left hand is down, and the woman’s right hand is down. Starting from the liver area, press the stomach, apply a little force, turn clockwise down, turn 2-3 times, turn to the bottom of the abdomen, 5 times in a row; then push down from the upper part of the abdominal cavity to the bottom of the abdominal cavity, and push flat 5 times. Turn 5 times clockwise, plus 5 times of flat push. This is called one set, and you do 10 sets every night.

  Adjust the heart and lungs early

  Why do you wake up in the morning to adjust your heart and lungs? Everyone knows that when you sleep at night, when people are the quietest, the heart rate is the slowest. When you wake up in the morning, your heart rate will increase and your lung capacity will increase, so you should adjust your heart and lungs early.

   teach you a trick? It’s very simple, rub your hands while walking. What is the concept? There is an acupoint on the palm of the hand called Laogong, which is the main acupoint of the Heart Channel. The purpose of rubbing your hands is to massage this point. You can massage this acupuncture point to stimulate the heart through the meridians, excite the organs, and help the body quickly restore physical fitness. After rubbing your hands together, cover your eyes for a while while they are hot. Please note that when you cover your eyes, you must stop walking, otherwise you may have to fall somersault or hit a wall. Do this every day, which has a very good conditioning effect on cataracts.

I was tired after walking for a while, rubbing the missing acupoints (the tiger’s mouth with both hands are naturally straight and crossed, the index finger of one hand is pressed on the radial styloid process of the other hand, the depression under the fingertip is this point), this is the main point of the lung meridian. If you have a cough and excessive phlegm, you cannot do without rubbing the missing points. Rub back and forth with your warm palms, rubbing while walking. After rubbing, I went to the park to beat boxing, practice exercises, and dance.

   picking the sun at noon

   Chinese medicine believes that noon is the time when the yang energy of the day is at its peak, and the human body’s own yang energy has reached a relatively strong state of the day. Walking in the sun at this time can easily stimulate the human body’s yang energy; in addition, when walking When the back is facing the sun, the body’s yang energy will be vigorous. Therefore, walking under the warm and bright sunshine at noon can promote the circulation of the body’s qi and blood, speed up the metabolism, and invigorate the body’s yang qi.

   teaches you a trick. In old age, the body’s yang energy becomes insufficient, and it is prone to phenomena such as fear of cold, bad wind, pale complexion, shortness of breath, fatigue, fatigue, listlessness, soreness and coldness of the waist and knees, frequent and long urination, and nocturia. . If this walking method can be used, it is very beneficial for the elderly to maintain their health.

TIPS for retirement, breakfast and dinner, breakfast and dinner

  Many people pay attention to “being early to bed and getting up early to be healthy”, especially now that it’s early morning, get up early and go out for a walk. This is not a bad habit, but if you wake up early and eat early, it is not recommended.

   When people sleep, most of their organs are rested. Only the digestive organs still work hard, digesting the food from the previous day, and do not enter a rest state until the morning. If breakfast is eaten too early, it will interfere with gastrointestinal rest and make the digestive system tired.

   The early morning is also an important time for the body to eliminate metabolites. Because it takes time for the functioning of various organs in the body, it takes longer to remove waste. If you eat too early, it will cause metabolites to accumulate in the body. It is recommended to drink some water first after getting up early, and then eat after 8 o’clock.

   Contrary to eating late for breakfast, eat as early as possible for dinner. In life, many people like to delay dinner until 7 or 8 o’clock, but eating dinner at this time is very harmful to health. Especially if you go to bed early, you will have to go to bed at ninety o’clock. If you eat at seven or eight, your body will not have enough time to digest the food completely. Indigestion such as abdominal distension and constipation is easy to occur, and sleep may be affected. quality.

The last thing you should put on the computer desk

  1. Computers should not be placed on snacks, drinksmaterials.

  Your usual habits have kept a lot of “fossils”, rice grains, biscuit residue, hair, etc. abound. No wonder some people say that the keyboard in the public computer room is more dirty than the public toilet. At the same time, such fragments may enter your keyboard, block the circuit on your keyboard, and cause input difficulties. Drinks are even more harmful, and one time is enough to destroy your keyboard. It’s just that your keyboard was not destroyed by chance. I’m afraid it will be sticky and very difficult to type.

   Solution: Avoid eating on the keyboard, clean him up every time, take a bath (although this is still very dirty); if you are fuller, you can consider changing a keyboard in half a year (I never It is recommended to use a poor keyboard, which is related to health issues) Try it, it should be better. And remember to buy a dining table for your room.

  二, cigarette cup, cigarette butt

   Just like cigarettes, cigars or tiny smoke particles can harm your lungs, smoke may also run into your floppy drive and endanger data. Smoke may also cover the reading head of CD-ROM and DVD drives, causing reading errors. Cigarette butts and ash are more likely to greatly reduce the quality of your printer and scanner.

  Solution: The best way to protect your system and yourself is not to smoke. If you just can’t get rid of the habit of smoking, go outside to smoke, or turn on the air freshener around the computer! Of course, don’t use your keyboard as an ashtray.

  You can put the following things beside your computer:

   put a cup of hot water next to the computer to increase the surrounding humidity to reduce eye discomfort

  Cactus, ginseng tree and other green plants that reduce radiation

  eye drops, you can drop it when you feel your eyes are dry

  Put a small fan to increase ventilation.

  Tips for using the computer

  ◆ It is best to check the screen until the eye level is ten to twenty centimeters lower. This can reduce the chance of eyelid lifting. In addition to resting your eyes, you should also blink frequently to moisturize your eyes.

  ◆ Eat foods that are good for the eyes, such as eggs, fish, cod liver oil, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, medlars, chrysanthemums, sesame seeds, radishes, animal livers, etc.

  ◆ Eat some anti-radiation foods: Although computers have little impact on human health, they should also be prevented. Drinking tea can reduce the harm of radiation, and the lipopolysaccharide in tea has the effect of anti-radiation. Spirulina and sea buckthorn oil also have anti-radiation effects.

7 small actions in exchange for 100 points of health

   Many people regret when they are sick. Why don’t they pay attention to their health in their daily life? In fact, as long as you do these small actions for a few minutes a day in your daily life, you can easily get full marks. Your healthy body.


   can adjust the eye muscles and lens, reduce eye fatigue, and improve vision. The specific method is: every morning, evening, or when the brain is tired, on your balcony or climbing the mountain, regularly roll your eyes and look at distant mountains, roofs, tower spires and other sights. Persistence for many years will surely be beneficial.

  Open your mouth

  When studying, doing housework or watching TV, close the mouth as much as possible, drive all facial muscles, and perform rhythmic exercise, which can accelerate blood circulation, delay the aging of local tissues and organs, and make the mind clear. Spirited up. The method is as follows: Sitting on a chair or bed, the mouth opens and closes easily and rhythmically, each opening and closing lasts 50 times, about 1 minute, and insists on doing it once every morning and evening.

  make a fist

  Fisting exercises every day can enhance the function of internal organs, increase one’s physical strength, and maintain vigorous energy. The method is as follows: Clench your hands into a fist, apply a little force all over your body at the same time, then let go, repeat 50 to 80 times, once every morning and evening. People who feel inattention and lack of energy can use this method.

   turn neck

   In the leisure time after a meal, I often do neck-turning exercises, which can not only receive the refreshing effect, but also prevent the occurrence of cervical spine diseases. The specific method is: sit on a chair, raise your head first, lean back as much as possible, and then bend your chin to your chest to tighten and relax the neck and back muscles, and lean to the left and right sides for 10-15 times, and then stick your back Back of the chair, hold both hands behind the neck for a moment.


  The nose is a portal for human breathing. It is connected to the natural world on the outside and many important organs on the inside. Regular massage of the nose has the effect of enhancing local blood circulation, moisturizing the lungs and preventing colds. The specific method is: use the middle section of the back of the thumb of both hands, rub the tip of the nose 24 times with each other after heating, rub the side of the nose with the fingers of both hands 12 times, scrape the bridge of the nose with the fingers, 10 times from top to bottom. The above 3 actions can be done at the same time.


   Saliva is closely related to longevity. Chinese medicine believes that saliva is full, often contained and swallowed slowly, can moisturize the five internal organs, nourish the skin, and make people live longer. The specific method is: first calm your mind, exhale gently for 3 mouthfuls, and then stick your tongue out of the outer lips of your teeth, stirring up and down and left and right; when the body fluid is full, gargle 5 to 10 times, and slowly send the saliva into the dantian in 3 times. Train your body fluid 3 to 4 times a day.

   on tiptoe

Choose oatmeal without cooking or brewing?

  Oatmeal is nutritious, which has almost become a common sense among the public. However, in the face of various “oatmeal”, “oat”, “cereal” and other products on the shelf, which one would you choose? After buying it back, how would you eat it? Not everyone can say clearly. If you don’t get it right, you probably didn’t buy oatmeal at all, or you could not meet the above expectations.

  Choose “Oatmeal” or “Oatmeal”

  They are not a thing. Pure oatmeal is made by rolling oat grains. It is flat, with a diameter about the size of a soybean grain and a complete shape. Oats are highly viscous when cooked, which is brought about by the healthy ingredients of beta glucan. Its effects of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar and high satiety are closely related to this viscous substance.

  Oatmeal is a mixture of a variety of grains, such as wheat, rice, corn, barley, etc., of which oatmeal only accounts for a small part, and does not even contain oatmeal at all. Domestic products like to add maltodextrin, sugar, creamer (non-dairy creamer), flavor, etc. Adding sugar and dextrin will reduce the nutritional value and increase the speed of blood sugar rise; adding creamer is not conducive to cardiovascular health.

  Choose “NoneSugar Oatmeal” or “Sweetness”

   is of course the priority to choose oatmeal or oatmeal without sweetness. Natural grains, without a doubt, do not contain sugar. If you make a small bag of 40 grams of oatmeal in a small bowl, it will have the right sweetness, which means that it contains 20 grams of sugar. That is to say, half of the oatmeal you buy is actually white sugar! Such a product, you still Can you count on it to have high nutritional value?

  So how about sugar-free products? Still not optimistic. If it has a sweet taste, it must be added with a high-efficiency sweetener, such as cyclamate, acesulfame K, and aspartame. In addition, starch hydrolysates, such as maltodextrin, are also added. Dextrins, like sugar, can quickly increase blood sugar and contain almost no other nutrients. People who need to control blood sugar should not be confused by the word “sugar-free”, and buy pure oatmeal!

  choose “nutritional cereal” or “pure oatmeal”

  The nutritional value of oatmeal itself is high enough, as a staple food, even if no other nutrients are added, it is already very good. Merchants add some nutrients, on the one hand, they sincerely hope to improve the quality of the product, on the other hand, it is a way of publicity to attract consumers to buy it first. Some “oatmeal” products themselves contain a small proportion of oats. Even if other nutrients such as calcium and protein are added, they are actually not more nutritious than pure oatmeal. Don’t think that after adding some nutrients, processed products will definitely outperform natural products.

   Choose “normal packaging” or “flowerwhistle packaging”

   There is no fancy marketing, and no synthetic substances are added, it is natural oatmeal. These simple packaging and plain-looking products do not attract people’s attention. They may not taste so delicious and are more troublesome to cook, but please note that this is the characteristic of pure natural products.

   Actually, the taste of pure oatmeal is very light, sticky in the mouth, and even a bit pungent. However, many consumers are attracted by the “pure natural” slogan, but on the other hand they only like to eat sweet and processed products with various ingredients. Because, after years of infiltration of processed foods, many people can no longer adapt to the rough, light natural taste. This taste itself is unhealthy.

  Choose “No cooking” or “Chong”Soaking

   From a health perspective, it’s better to cook it yourself. Because boiled oatmeal can provide the greatest sense of fullness, blood sugar rises the slowest. At the same time, no added ingredients are added to these oatmeal that need to be cooked. Some instant pure oatmeal can be heated in just a minute or two, and they are also a better choice.