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The room smells of smoke, white vinegar will help

   The residual smoke smell in the room is not only unpleasant, but also harmful to health. How to effectively remove the smell of smoke in the room makes many people feel a headache. According to the latest report from the San Francisco portal, the American interior expert Alec Preble summarized “9 coups to remove the smell of smoke in the room”. White vinegar is the first choice, so you might as well give it a try.

   1. Clean all windows and glass with white vinegar diluted with warm water. Then open all doors and windows for ventilation. If possible, turn on the fan and air purifier.

  2. Pour a little white vinegar in a shallow dish and put it in each room. White vinegar helps to absorb the smell of smoke in the air. Dip a towel in white vinegar and wave it in the room to achieve the same effect.

  3. Put on rubber gloves and use a sponge dipped in 1:1 hot water and ammonia or a mixture of hot water and white vinegar to scrub surfaces such as walls and ceilings. The floor can be cleaned with usual cleaners.

  4. Use conventional washing powder to wash curtains, washable furniture covers and bed sheets. Add a cup of diluted white vinegar during rinsing to remove the smell of smoke better.

   5. Use a sponge dipped in a special cleaner for wooden furniture to clean the surface of wooden furniture such as decorative strips and cabinets.

  6. Sprinkle some baking soda on the bed, sofa and other fabric furniture and carpets. After overnight, clean it up with a vacuum cleaner.

  7. For the painted areas where the smell of smoke cannot be removed, a new coat of paint can be applied to cover the smell of smoke.

Shoulder and neck pain, exercise the scapula

   Long-term work and study at the desk can easily lead to stiffness of the shoulder blades and inflexible movement of the shoulders and arms. Recently, the “Nikkei Health” magazine introduced simple measures for self-test and response to help your shoulder blades” Loosen the tie”.

   Under normal circumstances, the angle of movement of the arm that the shoulder blade drives the arm is in the entire area above the ribs, but for people with stiff shoulder blades, the angle of arm movement is limited, which affects life. The muscles that determine the movement of the scapula are mainly rhomboid and levator scapula. Conscious exercise of these two muscles can relax the scapula and expand its range of movement.

   First, check the condition of your scapula. Stand with your back against the wall, your arms flat, palms facing down, your arms must be against the wall, and your elbows should not be distorted, then raise your arms, and judge whether the range of movement of the scapula is normal according to the angle that can be raised. Taking the shoulder horizontal line as the reference, the arm can be lifted less than 45 degrees, indicating that the scapula is stiff and the range of motion is not good; taking the shoulder horizontal line as the reference, the arm can be lifted between 45 degrees and 60 degrees, indicating that the scapula is a bit stiff, but not serious ; Taking the horizontal line of the shoulder as the benchmark, the arm can be lifted more than 60 degrees, indicating that the “flexibility” of the scapula is good, and the range of motion is normal.

   If your own shoulder blade meets the first two conditions, it is necessary to do targeted muscle exercises to “loosen” the shoulder blade. The specific method is shown in the figure below:

   1. Take a standing or sitting position, with one arm raised, palms forward, just like wiping a window glass. Slowly swing your arms from top to bottom to waist height, like drawing a semicircle. Do it 5 times with each hand.

6 bad habits that aggravate allergies, see if you have been shot

   Many people have allergies, sneezing and runny noses. In fact, as long as you pay attention to some details around you, you can also relieve allergic symptoms. Recently, the US Daily Health website has counted 6 bad habits that can aggravate allergies. Please pay attention.

   1. Save things. Many people like to hoard sundries, such as packing boxes, old clothes, etc. If you have allergic symptoms, you must clean the room thoroughly. Because messy items can gather dust and cause allergies, for allergy sufferers, home decoration should also be simple in style. Usually, it is necessary to classify the items in the home in time, and throw away some unnecessary items in time. In addition, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends not to over-decorate floors and walls. Excessive decorative materials can also gather dust and cause severe allergic reactions.

  2. Clothes that are not completely dry. After the clothes are washed, they are not completely dried, and some people can’t wait to put them away. This is very easy to cause allergic symptoms. This is because a humid environment will provide growth conditions for mold, and mold is an important factor in triggering allergic symptoms. Therefore, you must put your clothes away after they are completely dry, especially those who live in humid climates.

  3. High pressure. A study published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in 2013 showed that patients with allergies who often feel stressed have more allergic outbreaks than patients who feel less stressed.

Summer swimming keywords: hydration, hydration, hydration

   According to a recent report by the Toronto Star of Canada, although swimming is a very “cool” exercise, if you do not pay attention to drinking water during swimming, it can also cause dehydration.

   Researchers in the U.S. and Canada selected 46 people who often swim at the same age. They tested their urine samples 2 hours after swimming. They also measured their weight and the level of thirst.

Do not machine wash these eight types of clothes

   Although the washing machine is a little helper in daily life, it is inevitable that sometimes it will help you wrong. For example, some materials will shrink after washing, some will become detached, some will be discolored… which clothes are they Can’t it be put in the washing machine?

   Zhao Qi, secretary-general of the Expert Technical Committee of the China Knitting Industry Association, said that two aspects should be paid attention to whether the clothes are suitable for machine washing. First, look at the washing label on the clothes. The non-machine washable symbol has a circle inside a box and then a cross; second, it’s not that the more high-end clothes, the higher the price, the more wear-resistant clothes will be. Whether the clothes can be machine-washed needs to be considered according to various factors such as the material and structure of the clothes, and the damage that may be caused by the machine washing. “Life Times” summarizes the following nine types of clothes for you, which are not suitable for machine washing.

   silk clothing. Soft satin, brocade, hollow or embroidered silk clothing products have a soft texture and poor wear resistance. There are machine-washable silk clothing, but most silk clothing should not be machine-washed as much as possible. Because washing in a high-speed washing drum, it is easy to damage the structure of the clothes, causing serious shrinkage, fuzzing, snagging, and even the formation of pompoms on the surface. At the same time, the satin will lose its luster. Do not wring dry when washing by hand. In order to avoid shrinkage caused by poor handling, it is best to choose dry cleaning.

   woolen clothes. Woolen clothes refer to wool and cashmere clothes, which are animal fibers and are more expensive and elegant. There are some machine-washable woolen clothes, but most woolen clothes are recommended to be dry cleaned. Machine washing can easily damage the texture and hairy feel of the cloth. In addition, due to the characteristics of milling of woolen clothes, when machine-washed, the shrinkage rate is high, resulting in shrinkage, style distortion, or adhesion.

  Inlaid silk clothes. The process of threaded clothes is more complicated. The process of washing and drying with a washing machine is easy to deform due to uneven shrinkage after water absorption, which affects the appearance, decreases the fastness, and even causes problems such as threading. Therefore, it should not be machine washed, rubbed vigorously, or twisted. After washing, hang it on a hanger and let it drip naturally to dry.

   with accessories and beaded clothing. If there are many design accessories on the clothes, such as sequins and beads, if they are washed with a washing machine, the sequins and handmade beads will easily fall off due to friction during the stirring process of the washing machine, which will not only destroy the original design of the clothes, but also Will jam the washing machine. In addition, this type of clothing is also not allowed to be ironed.

   bra. Bras have been designed and shaped, and the machine-washed stirring and tumbling process can easily deform the bra. In addition, bras are personal clothing. When it is machine-washed with other clothing, bacteria and detergents remaining in other clothing will adhere to it, which can easily lead to skin allergies and gynecological diseases. Therefore, the bra must be washed separately by hand and cannot be wrung out.

   Clothes stained with gasoline. When clothes are stained with flammable and explosive substances such as gasoline, do not wash them in the washing machine. When the washing machine starts and runs, it will produce electric sparks. When it meets the mixed combustible gas emitted by gasoline, it is likely to explode. In addition, the diffusion of gasoline will also corrode the washing machine.

   down jacket. Down jackets are mainly filled with poultry fluff, which has poor fiber strength and is not resistant to rubbing. If it is washed in a washing machine, the down is easily broken or dislodged. The rotating force of the washing machine will also cause the down to curl and clump. It is recommended that down jackets are best washed and brushed by hand. After washing, you need to tap to disperse the down.

Talk about those things about “Xiao Nei Nei”

   Recently, the British “Daily Mail” published an article pointed out that wearing underwear to sleep affects health. New York State gynecologist Dr. Alyssa Devik also said that if the private parts are covered too tightly and the underwear has poor water absorption, it will easily lead to increased sweat and become a breeding ground for bacteria or mold. This can cause severe abrasions, skin irritation and infection in the private parts. In this regard, Associate Professor Xu Wei, a member of the Heilongjiang Provincial Health Management Association, gave the following suggestions:

   Wearing tight-fitting, synthetic underwear is harmful to your health. If women’s underwear is tight, the genitals will be humid and airtight for a long time, which can easily lead to fungal vaginitis. Mold is difficult to survive in a dry and ventilated environment, so if women wear cotton underwear during the day and sleep naked at night, they can ventilate the genitals, thereby reducing the chance of developing gynecological diseases. Tighter men’s underwear can easily lead to an increase in the temperature of the male testicles, lower plasma hormone levels, and induce oligospermia. If the underwear is worn on the body, there is almost no gap with the inner thigh, the tightness is obvious, and there are strangulation marks after taking it off, it means that the underwear is too tight.

Does lavender have such a magical effect? Come take a look

   Lavender can not only beautify the environment, but also has many unexpected effects. In this issue, “Life Times” interviewed Jiang Haitao, a Chinese herbal medicine expert and deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiology of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to explain the magical effects of lavender.

   1. Drive away the moths. Air-dried lavender is a natural alternative to mothballs, which contain toxic insecticides. A study found that lavender essential oil can effectively kill the larvae of a moth, which is worth a try. Just put the sachet containing air-dried lavender in the closet. It can not only drive off the moths, but also freshen the smell of the clothes.

  2. Make fragrant garlands. In aromatherapy, lavender can be used to relieve anxiety and boost mood. Jiang Haitao said: “Aroma and odor are both odors, and there is no difference between good and bad. People like aromatic scents. This is because scents and human righteousness can interact with each other, so scents have a regulating effect on the body’s qi. In addition, the scent has the characteristics of stretching, which can make the stagnant qi relax and avoid stagnation of liver qi, so placing lavender at home can relax the body and mind.” Put lavender in decorations, such as lavender wreaths, and put them in the room. The smell is fresh and fragrant.

  3. Clean your hands. Lavender essential oil has antibacterial properties and is an essential ingredient in hand sanitizers.

   4. Clean up contaminated soil. Several studies have found that planting lavender is an effective way to save soil pollution, such as previous mining areas; because it can remove heavy metals and other pollutants from the soil. Even better, these pollutants do not affect the quality of the lavender plant itself or its essential oil.

To deal with dry eyes: apply a warm towel to the eyes every day

   In severe cases, dry eye may develop into keratitis, conjunctivitis, etc., which may affect vision. Recently, Japan’s “Nikkei Health” published an article introducing the causes of dry eye and ways to relieve symptoms.

   Usually dry eye can be divided into two types: hyperevaporation of tears and decreased tear secretion. The majority of people’s dry eye is of the type of hyperevaporative tears, which is due to the malfunction of the meibomian glands located on the inner side of the eye and face. Goto Hideki, director of Goto Eye Hospital in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, said that the oil secreted by the meibomian glands forms an oil film on the eyeballs to prevent water from evaporating. There are three reasons why the meibomian glands secrete abnormally.

Very reminder: don’t forget to sunscreen while driving

   Many people pay attention to applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses when going out to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin and eyes. However, when driving, many people think that the windshield of a car can block ultraviolet rays, and they ignore the importance of sun protection. The US “Health Day” website recently reported that a study conducted by Dr. Brian Box of the Box Walkler Institute of Vision in the United States found that although the front windshield of a car has the function of blocking ultraviolet rays, the side glass does not This feature.

  Research has found that long-term exposure to long-wave ultraviolet rays increases the risk of skin cancer. Dr. Box analyzed the window glass of 29 cars provided by 15 different car manufacturers. Dr. Box measured the level of long-wave ultraviolet radiation behind the front windshield and around the driver’s side window. The research results show that although the front windshield can provide better protection against long-wave ultraviolet rays, and can block 96% of long-wave ultraviolet rays on average, only 14% of the vehicle side window glass can block long-wave ultraviolet rays. Moreover, since many car side window glasses are coated with a film, the transparency is reduced, which affects the driver’s line of sight, and if the coating is not replaced for a long time, ultraviolet rays will still be injected into the car. Therefore, if the driver does not pay attention to sun protection while driving, the risk of suffering from left eye cataract and left facial skin cancer will be significantly increased.