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10 big worse passwords release: come and see, are you taking this password?

Use birthday, phone number, family name as password, convenient, but this is also the most prone to stealing password. According to the US “Times” magazine, Google has recently investigated the way of setting passwords in 2000, and the results show that the “current” information will be used when setting the password, so that the criminals are easily lying.

The study lists the ten worst passwords: 1. Pet name; 2. Important days, such as marriage commemorative day; 3. Family birthday; 4. Kid name; 5. Other family names; 6. Your own birthplace; 7. Unforgettable holiday; 8. The favorite team, band, etc .; 9. The name of the partner; 10. “Password”.

Good old age, happy after a happy

Hu Naiwen, deputy secretary general, deputy secretary general of the school mental health committee

Song Chongsheng, Deputy Chief Physician, Department of Psychiatry, China

Life, happy half

The body is still good, there is money and is free, it is the golden stage of life

Don’t go to work, but I don’t have a lot of getting more and more early, sleep is getting more and more, I am worried every day. Long spots, fine lines, worried hair whitening, falling off; reading is getting farther and farther, so that you can see clearly; doing the meals clearly think that you feel salty, but the children shouted too heavy; want to help children Reduce the pressure, the whole body is inserted into the zone Sun, but the war is very dreating, I am afraid that the child has a mist and can’t explain … The above is a lot of middle-aged and old friends, I don’t know when they start, they don’t seem to have new. New Life, secretly doubt that you are really old, not as good as before. In fact, this is a phenomenon of adaptation to the beginning of the first old.

What is the beginning of the beginning? The brief understanding is a transition phase of the middle-aged period, is a life season that is often overlooked. According to my country’s actual situation, generally 45 ~ 59 years old is the beginning, 60 ~ 79 years old for the elderly, and 80 years old is a long-lasting period. The most vulnerable feature of the initial period is that the body and brain function gradually decline, such as the decline of vision, hearing loss, memory loss, and tactile, smell, and sensitivity to reduce; can also have legs, and slow response, etc. Small diseases also appear frequently. In addition, some social and living environment has made this transition period more difficult. In some families, children are not in their parents due to work and academic reasons, so that families become “empty nests”, and young people are more prone to loneliness, emptiness, etc., and even have a strong sense of value. Former US President Obama has worried for the big daughter soon, it is worried, and the public tears.

Most of the first elderly people are easy to irritating, irritating, and some may also feel emotional, expressive. But in real life, it is in the beginning of the beginning, and some people still have a strong sense of spirit and strong. How to spend the first time and can not be old?

First of all, we must be rationally objectively viewed, and learn to accept and actively improve. Try to recognize the reality that the body can fall. But receiving does not mean compromise, and accepts active improvement belief while accepting. The initial period is not a signal of recession, but a new stage of life. Second, continuously learn fresh things, actively adapt to social development, and maintain smooth communication with society. Many people choose to study elderly universities, learn a new professional, or study what they are interested in, it is worth advocating. Some people choose activities to participate in community organizations, which can not only develop hobbies, establish a stable social circle, but also contact continuous new things. There are also some diligent young people who retire, but to create more social value, meet the needs of the heart, thereby reducing helplessness. If the child can give parents more companionship and patience, helping young people adapt to physical changes and fresh things, encouraging them to develop interest, more helpful in adapting to new life. It’s very popular now, many young people can quickly learn how to use riding app and pay for the use of riding apps through the young people or self-study in the family.

Health is more than forgetting “Water Subao”, nutrition and delicious

Director Zhu Xin, deputy chief physician of Southeast University, deputy director of TCM mentioned hot health food, many people think of watermelon, bitter gourd Or mung beans, there is a kind of food is often overlooked, that is, “Hui Bao” growing in the water – white, lotus root, truth, rhomborn. What is the nutritional value? What is the benefit of summer health? . Chinese medicine believes that it is white, cold, into the spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, has clear heat and fluid, diuretic dehumidification. Therefore, summer is particularly suitable for eating white, which is helpful to cool down. The nutritional value of whitening is also particularly high, in addition to the rich rich in vitamins and minerals, the dietary fiber content is not low, the dietary fiber can accelerate the emptying speed of food residue, shorten the time of poisonous substances in the intestine, promote them Excluding, it is extremely effective to prevent colorectal cancer. But whitening contains more oxalic acids, it is best to take it before cooking to remove oxalic acid. The white cooking method has a lot of ways, can be made into silk, film, Ding, block, sautorastic, stir-fry, burn, steam and burn soup, boil, or sole, make a variety of dishes. Lotus root. Many people have heard “the lotus, the most supplement of the autumn”. It is very good to know that summer is also suitable for eating. In the “Compendium of Materia Medica” is called “Linggang”, the sky is hot and sweet, not only appetizing, but also the effect of clearing the fire. The lotus root contains rich vitamin B1 to help relieve fatigue, promote metabolism and digestion, which also contains vitamin C, calcium, iron and other inorganic salts, and polyphenols with antioxidant effects. From the perspective of TCM, there is a cold, there is a heat-free effect. After cooking, it is cooled by cooling, can raise the stomach nither yin, and nourish blood, especially suitable for the old and young women, high-fever patients, hypertensive patients edible.

Wedding love emotions | small details capture women’s heart

As the saying goes, “Women’s Hearts), men often complain about women’s minds, I don’t know how to win Fang Xin. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day this year, the British “Love People” website is pointed out that in both sexual relationships, women are actually more paying more attention to detail and feel, so they want to get a good feeling of goodness. The following is the most important to capture her heart, come and learn!

1. Hug for more than 30 seconds each time. Don’t underestimate your enthusiasm, in the woman’s view, hug can bring security. A study by Harvard University found that when you hold a woman for more than 30 seconds, the oxytocin in her body increases, and the expectations and evaluation of sex will also increase.

2. Send her sexy underwear. The comfortable underwear for delivery shows your most private place to her. Looking for a long time, for example, when you eat together, go home after get off work, hand it to her packaging sexy underwear. At this time, her lust will be slowly opened.

3. The mouth often hangs her name. Everyone will be particularly sensitive to their names, especially delicate women. You can try to give her a exclusive name between you, often temporarily calling her, will make her happy, think you care about her.

4. Send her card and write a seal. The beautiful flowers will wither, it is better to give her more special surprises. Make a beautiful card with you, write your gratitude to her, for example, make breakfast for you in the morning, help you take the room. Or simply write a seal book, the meat is like a point.

5. Fright in her ear. In public, you can say some “bad things” in her ear, for example: “Let’s go home at night, let’s do what posture?” Although it will make her feel red, it shows your intimate .

6. Place her photo in the pavilion. Women are born to find things everywhere. When she saw her photo in your wallet or her body, she is undoubtedly a surprise.

7. Remember the details of your together. Although you don’t have to remember the scene each time, you must remember some warm details. For example, when you first appoint, she wears clothes, you talk about the topic. I often mention these details and willLet her move.

8. Say the reason to love her. Don’t say “I love you”, but it is best to tell her why you love her. For example, “I love you when you eat things,” I love you, I love you, I want to cry. ”

When you love the child, there is a reaction

Ma Xiaonian, Ma Xiaonian, Yuquan Hospital, Yuhua, Tsinghua University

The uterus is a place where new life is in the process of sex, and there will be a series of significant changes. The uterus of the adult woman is about 7-8 cm, the bottom is about 4-5 cm wide, about 2-3 cm thick, weighs about 40-50 grams, and the lower end is connected to the vagina. There is a complex reaction when sex, bringing women. Wonderful feelings.

When the clitoris is stimulated, the uterus will move backward, so that the cervix is ​​formed with an elliptical basis between the front and rear walls of the vagina, which seems to have a tent, semen. You can enter this site. But if the genus is stimulated in the process, the uterus will move downward, and the above-mentioned rise is trivied, and the male finger or genital will feel that there is a lot of power to push you out.

Your doubt about wine, this article may help you answer

Interviewee: President of the Wine College of Northwest A & F University, Houlin

Dry Red (Red Wine) and Dry White (White Wine) Is there a difference?

Many people believe that dry red is produced with red grape, dry white is produced with white grape. Fang Yulin pointed out that this understanding is not completely correct. Dry red and dry white have the difference in brewing raw materials, and there is also a different processing process. Dry red is carried with a bullochemisole or a red grape belt leather, using skin, juice mixed fermentation, then separate brewing; dry white is the white grape or light grape, passing through skin, juice separation , Take the juice to ferment the fermentation. In terms of nutritional value, the amount of nutrients such as riboflavin, nick acid, and pantothenic acid in dry red is higher than that of dry white. In addition, the belt fermentation is not only the pigment, but also imparts the dry red to the oxidation of phenolic substances, such as tannins. Many studies have shown that phenolic substances have strong free radical removal capabilities, and dry red antioxidants increases with increased concentration of phenolic substances.

Wine hangup, the better?

The hanging cup is due to the “Malami effect” caused by the tension of the liquid surface, i.e. the volatilization speed of alcohol is higher than the moisture, alcohol volatile, the surface tension of the water in the inner wall of the wine glass will become increasing The larger, under this role of such surface tension, the alcohol is pulled into a “dried tear” and slowly decline under its weight, thereby forming a so-called hanging cup. From this point, it is not possible to judge the high and low quality of the wine.

The older is old, the better quality?

The year is very important for wine, but wine is not a storage time, the better, and a good wine can be said to pay attention to “Tiantian and”. And we usually heard that wine is good, it is because this year information represents the overall information contained in the grape growth season, including factors such as meteorological factors, soil factors and cultivation management. In addition, winemaker is also an important factor in determining the quality of wine.

The deeper the bottom groove, the better the quality of the wine?

In the early days, due to restrictions such as winemaking levels and technical conditions, they do not completely complete the miscellaneous in wines.The material is cleaned, the design of the groove can be effectively aggregated, and the impurity will slowly slide from the bottom of the groove to the bottle shoulder, avoid the wine of the bottle to make the vintage turbid. Nowadays, the upgrade of technology has been able to maximize the impurities in the wine. That is to say, the bottom recess is not concave, and does not affect the quality of the wine, but also does not matter to the quality of the wine.

Environmental difference causes multiple diseases

Dr. Wei Zhenghe, Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center, Environmental Protection Department

“China Citizen Environment and Health (Trial)” 21: Maintaining environmental hygiene, reducing disease occur.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, environmental quality is deteriorating, environmental pollution has become increasingly significant, and the health risks and harm caused by the environment have also become the most concerned about the country, society and the public. One of the public topics.

Environmental factors have led to about 12.6 million deaths in the world

2016, the primary report released by the Second United Nations Environment Conference “Healthy Environment, Health Human” and World Health Organization ” Environmental Prevention Diseases – The Global Center for Disease Responsion has shown that about 12.6 million people in 2012 due to environmental factors, accounting for 23% of all deaths, 1% lower than in 2002. Among them, the death of non-infectious diseases attributable to the environment increased from 17% in 2002 to 22% in 2012, and the death of infectious diseases was reduced by 31% in 2002 to 20% in 2012. The report mainly considers environmental risk factors include occupational risks, environmental air pollution, pathnatal environment management, indoor air pollution, second-hand smoke, residential, lead, water (including drinking water, sanitary facilities and hand health), etc. Consider 68 diseases related to environmental factors such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diarrhea, asthma, malaria.

my country has been uncommon about outdoor air pollution, cancer village, children’s blood lead poisoning, campus toxic runway incidents. Dr. Wei Zhengha, Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center, Tell the Life Times, and some long-term low-dose exposed pollutants that have not been highly valued may lead to long-term health hazards, such as infertility caused by interference in the environment. Infertility, birth defect, adolescent development age in advance. In urban and rural, environmental sanitation issues are increasingly significant, industrial pollution, agricultural pollution and pollution are the main causes of environmental sanitation, and these most are human. Maintaining environmental hygiene, reducing parasites, pathogens, etc., cut off their contact with people, can reduce the occurrence of diseases.

The large-scale cultivated land suffered from different degrees of pesticide pollution

accompanied by rural economic development, rural environmental pollution problems were concerned. Huang Ji, director of the Agricultural Policy Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Investigate the basic status of the environmental pollution of 101 villages across the country, showing 44% of the villages that have deteriorated in rural environment in the past 10 years, the development of rural township enterprises, the concentration of urbanization or population residence There is a significant negative impact on the rural environment. Wei Zhengzhen said that the main environmental health issues facing rural areas are water pollution, domestic waste, arbitrary stacking and cultivated land soil problems.

“In the 1960s, drinking irrigation, the 70s, the water quality deterioration in the 1980s, is now black and odor”, this is a true portrayal of rural water environment changes. Rural domestic garbage is developed from the past, the ultrotic vegetable leaf peel is developed to the plastic bag, agricultural production film, fast food box, waste battery, etc., many of them are recycling, non-degradable, serious pollution environment. The large area of ​​cultivated land has suffered from pesticide pollution, toxic and hazardous substances, mainly from industrial and urban sewage, farmland pesticide agricultural film and other chemicals super high and unreasonable use, largest ambient hormone content in large-scale livestock and poultry farms. , Livestock and poultry, etc., so that crops have been affected.

Addresin the rural environment, Wei Zheng said, to deal with rural garbage, human body manure, domestic garbage and other solid waste and domestic sewage, production wastewater, and chemical use, pesticide and organic matter control Wait. First, completely clean up the streets of the village, the front house, the surroundings of the village, the various types of garbage in the public place, eliminate the sanitary corner, no rubbish. Clean the floats and various debris on the water surface of the village River Ditch, clear the chaos of the river, the pile of chaos and illegally planted, stop sewage feces straight row, enterprises exceeding standard emissions and landfill Second, establish a fixed waste pile point, realize centralized stacking, regular clearing. Vigorously promote the rural waste treatment model of “household collection, village concentration, township transportation, county handling”, collect villagers’ garbage, concentrate on transportation to township transportation. Conditional village, to establish a rural specializing in the team, set special trash can; third, manage the human beelaces, and promote the harmless health toilet. It is forbidden to have a size of the place, and the open-air dung pit should be formed.source. Keep the drying, reducing parasites, pathogens in the livestock shed; fourth, the development path of ecological agriculture, implement ecological balance fertilization technology and ecological prevention technology, and controls the use of fertilizers and pesticides from the source. In combination with water-saving irrigation technology, improve the efficiency of agricultural water fertilizer utilization.

The public should not blindly oppose the construction of waste incineration factories

Not just rural, urban environmental sanitation also needs attention. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s urbanization rate has reached 57.35% in 2016. At the same time as the rapid development of urban, urban environmental issues are also rapidly developed, urban atmospheric pollution, indoor air pollution, urban water shortage and water pollution, urban waste and garbage contamination, etc. have seriously affect the production and life of the people.

ETC helps reduce atmospheric pollution

Interview experts:

Deng Gui, a researcher of the Institute of Atmospheric Environment, Chengdu, Environmental Protection,

Every holiday, highways often usher in traffic jams At this time, many car owners blocked on the road have found that the ETC (non-stop electronic toll system) fast channel and artificial payment channel form a stark contrast: one side is unimpeded, and the car is full. Recently, an analysis report of Chengdu Environmental Protection Science Research Institute showed that the promotion of ETC not only saves time for the owner, but also helps to reduce air pollutants such as PM2.5.

Deng, a research firm of the Atmospheric Environment Institute of Environmental Protection Science, participated in the study, said Deng also told the “Life Times” reporter, and the car carbon monoxide emissions through the ETC lane on both sides of the toll station. PM2.5, PM10 is reduced by more than 70% compared to the labor payment channel. The study shows that the ETC single lane passage has 1000 units / hour, 5 times faster than the intracence rate of artificial charges, and can effectively alleviate road clogging.

Cleaning agent, it may hurt the lungs

Excessive use of cleaning agents may have damage to the lungs, a new study of Norwegian scientists found that the chemical composition in household cleaners can lead to high incidence of pulmonary diseases.

The University of Norway launched a study called “European Community Respiratory Health Survey”, and the 5,000 women have conducted a 20-year tracking study. The results show that the human pulmonary function of cleaning work is 17% lower than the average person; people who often scrub furniture at home, the lung function is 14% higher than others. This is mainly because certain chemical compositions in the cleaners have irritating effects, such as ammonia to stimulate the airway, while other chemical components can cause allergic airway diseases. Studies have also found that people with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, emphysema, and other diseases are more risky.

“China’s Children’s Height Management Status Research Report” released: more than 5% baby did not reach the height

The height is an important indicator of the physical growth of people. On September 3, China Children’s Teenage Foundation joined hands with calcium experts. US Di Qiao released the “Regulation Report of China’s Height Management Status”, revealing a series of China’s baby’s height data. According to the research data, more than 5% of the baby did not reach the heritage, nearly 8% of the baby’s future body is not expected, and the Chinese parents are blindly optimistic about the child.

Differences are obvious: 10 cm in the hundred years, lower than Japanese and South Korea

Dr. Jiang Jiangxiong, Dr. Jiang Ji Xiong, was interpreted in detail. She said that from the historical long river, the height of our adults gradually climbed. According to statistics, in the past 100 years, China’s male height has increased by 10.8 cm, and women have an average of 9.5 cm. However, this data is not optimistic, especially at half of the South Korea’s growth.

Therefore, the study believes that the people of all countries in the world have increased in the past century, and the genes are not only the only factors that determine the height. In the case of relatively fixed in genes and genetic, the high level of height changes should be closely related to nutrition and living environment.

The situation is worrying: over half of children did not reach the heritage of heritage

In order to explore the status quo and situation of Chinese children’s height development, improve the emphasis on children’s height management, supplement calcium experts, United States Di Qiao Joint Chinese children The Junior Foundation launched a large-scale online research on the authoritative maternal and child media baby tree. It is reported that the survey received a total of 8842 feedback issues across the country, covering the age levels of the childhood, the sample covers the city and countryside in the eastern, central and western regions.

After the results of the survey were released, the experts of the Subridden Fellowship were unexpected. Dr. Jiang Ji Xiong pointed out that there are 47.2% of children in my country at average, 30.8% of children’s height is in the middle or growing sluggish level. Not only that, 54.2% of children in respondents have not reached the high level of heritage, and the situation is not optimistic.

blind optimistic: more 70% of the parents are satisfied with the baby

The formation of the formation is, my country’s parents have a high expectation value for children’s future, 91.2% of their parents hope boys grow to 175 cm or more, 82.7% of parents hope that girls can grow to 165 cm, and the average expectation is more than heritage. 6 cm high. However, if the current height prediction, 79.7% of children will not reach the expected height. Worrying is that parents are not aware of this. According to the survey, more than 70% of the parents were highly satisfied with the children. Half or more children’s height levels under the high level of genetic masters, the parents did not know.

What is even more, most parents have misunderstandings for height. For children’s height management philosophy of children in foreign countries, parents are known, and more than 60% of parents believe that “children who have problems with height or weight need to be high management”, more than half of parents believe that height management from 6 You can start after the age. It is based on such awareness, parents measuring the height of the child, and the frequency of diet nutrition management is even more embarrassed. In particular, the nutrient supplement of height growth is insufficient, which is especially obvious in children who are below the height of genetics.

Experts call: calcium, vitamin D, protein is a high key nutrition

Jiang Jingxiong pointed out that improving child nutrition is a key factor, but current Chinese children are not conducive to growing nutrition In the environment, the nutrition is unreasonable, and the dietary structure is uneven, the child grows.

In many nutrients, calcium as the basic nutrition of bones, but the calcium intake of more than 97% of children in my country does not meet the standard. Vitamin D is an important nutrient material that guarantees children to predict high heteropathy. According to data, nearly 60% of children vitamin D intake is insufficient. Protein as a composition of growth hormone and various enzymes, is also the basic nutrition of height growth. It can be studied that there is a higher ratio of fat and carbohydrate in my country’s diet, low protein.

Jiang Zhongxiong emphasized that the intake of calcium, VD, protein is a nutritional guarantee that promotes height growth and osteophytes. When choosing nutritional supplements to promote child growth, Di Qiao and other calcium brands are quality select. At the same time, the participating experts called on parents to pay attention to the height management of children, and they promote height through scientific physical growth monitoring, evaluation and guidance.

The SubrCline Union Di Qiao issued a million “Height Administration Guide”

The survey report reveals the problems of many status quo of Chinese children, in this, the SubrC will jointly Di Qiao brand, In the next 2 months, the “China Children’s Height Management Guide” is released, providing a specific executable height management and intervention plan for Chinese babies. At least 1 million copies are printed in the future, and will be issued to national kindergartens, schools, medical institutions and communities.