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How long is the most suitable for a good time?

Many people have a habit of nap, but everyone is different in nap, some people may only need to sleep for 10 minutes, some people have to sleep for 1 hour, longer sleep, don’t sleep Time is most appropriate?

There is a different sleep stage in each sleep cycle of our human body, while different sleep phases correspond to different physical conditions. That is to say, in different stages, the effect of people will vary, even the opposite. Medical will divide the sleep cycle into five phases. According to the sequence, the sequence is divided into semenest, light-time, decline, deep semenery and fast eye period. Among them, the first four periods belong to a non-fast intraocular sleep period (NREM). Below, let us review the whole process of human sleep. When you have been sleeping from your eyes, you are in the sleep. Next, you started to enter a formal sleep period, and at this time, people’s brain are more alerted in the excessive stage of sleep, and it is easy to be awakened by the external influence, so it is called shallow night, lasting 10-30 minutes. Then, the human body entered the decline in the decline in the mid-sleep period and deep semene, and the inhibitory effect of the central nervous cerebelings gradually deepened, and people entered a sleep condition, and it was not easy to be affected by the outside world, and even difficult to wake up. The four phases have lasted 60-90 minutes. Subsequently, the human body entered a fast eye sleep period. Because the human eyeball in this sleep stage will present a fast beating, from this name. Research showed that the brain wave in the fast eye period is similar to the brain wave in the awake state, usually with turning over, and is easy to wake up. The people who wake up this period also said that they are dreaming. At this point, a sleep cycle ends, people begin to enter the next sleep cycle.


Why is there a few dollars in dimension C, some hundreds of pieces?

Recently the high-time flow of flu cars, many people have been sick, will go to the pharmacy to buy some dimension C to eat disease. In the pharmacy, everyone is blinded. A variety of dimensions C reflects a few dollars in the eye, and there are hundreds of dollars, and they don’t know which one is good.

First, we must declare that dimensions can’t cure colds, caught in a cold or have to take medicine, and take a break. Why will the price difference between various vitamin C be so big? Does vitamin C must be better than cheap? We talked to you today.

Why is the price difference between various dimensional C?

Those a few dollars of vitamin C, you look at it carefully, are medicines, and those hundreds of vitamin C look at the three words of health products. If it is for sick, I still recommend you to buy a drug-added vitamin C. The health category of the health category cannot be used as a drug, can only be used as a nutritional supplement.

Health Care Class C is not more than the following:

First, pure naturally extracted vitamin C is more expensive, cheap vitamin C is mostly chemically synthesized.

Second, good taste, expensive. For taste, various additives have been added during the production, and the additive may account for 80% of the total composition.

Third, health products, prices are generally relatively high, don’t move, there is a higher profit margin. This is also why pharmacies clerk like to recommend you to buy expensive vitamin C.

The price of high vitamin C eats is cheap?

Of course not.

Guide vitamin C is usually a health care product, and the health products are added to the taste and style, which will add additives to the health products, resulting in low content of vitamin C in health products. Some health products have a vitamin C content far depending on the drug’s vitamin C. In order to treat the disease, please purchase the vitamin C of “

“, which is the drug’s dimension C.

SomePeople say: Pure naturally extracted vitamin C is definitely absorbed by vitamin C which is more cheap chemical synthesis.

The child is very popular, and the parents don’t miss these two gold.

The baby starts from the moment of landing, and the eyes can see everything. However, if the newbie parents find that the new baby keeps turning their eyes, they think they are in curiosity, and they are very wrong. Because this time, for the baby, the world is black and blurred, and their eyes and the visual structure in the brain have not yet formed.

With the growth of the baby, the vision is slowly developed. From the beginning, the fuzzy is unclear to gradually distinguish some colors and then distinguish from the distinction, and in the end, they have adults. The same vision. The whole development process is full of magical feelings, let’s take a look!

How far can the baby’s vision?

First month:

The baby can see the light from birth, but the vision is very blurred and tends to myopia. At the full moon, the eyes can probably focus on things within 20 cm in front of them. At this time, Mom and Dad have to give your baby closer. Although I can’t see, my baby can be familiar with the people through the sound and smell, so they can build a familiarity and give the baby enough sense.

Baby’s vision can identify color, but it is impossible to share the shadow, while maintaining attention to what you are interested in. Especially with color items, the baby will show joy, and the eyes can also move with items. With this developmental characteristics, Mom and Dad can give more bright toys, pictures, etc. 3-4 months:

Baby’s sensitivity to color will rise, like bright colors, you can fix your attention on a point, you I will find that the baby will start watching a person. In addition, the baby in 4 months can better control the arm, he can grab your mother’s hair and caught a limited range of toys.

The baby’s blink is increased, you can see a small object, and your eyesight is clearer. At this time, I have some progress, and my eyes can follow the sound move, and I can get my own favorite.Happy toys, etc. Some babies will even imitate adult expression.

7-8 months:

When the baby is over eight months, the resolution and clear level of the remote object It has a lot of progress, starting to identify the distance from the object, and the distance that can be seen is much better than before. At this time, parents can play “catching hide and seek” with the baby, such as suddenly appearing from a baby in front of the baby, observing the reaction of the baby, to determine the distance of its vision development.

9-10 months:

Baby’s vision development to accurately identify the shape, size, and move slowly and far away. Their sight can follow the movement of the moving object to move up and down, and observe different shapes of the object, start distinguishing some simple geometric graphics.

The baby’s vision development enters the relatively stable stage, and the depth feeling occurs, in fact, a three-dimensional person, can judge the space distance. At around the age, the vision can reach 0.2.

Child eyesight have two major “golden period”

When the child is 3 years old, the vision level can reach 0.5, It can be judged that the size of the body, up and down, internal and external, front and rear, and near and other space concepts; the level of adults is basically adult at 6 years old, which is 1.0 on the vision table.

So, when the child is vision development to a certain stage, how should parents guide them to see things around, here should pay attention to two major goldeniodies.

The first gold period: 3 years old – 6 years

Human eye development is from small, the eye diameter (ophthalmic shaft) is shorter, and During this period, the child’s eyes were in the perspective, and they can see a clear budgy. At this stage, if you are sparely stimulated for a long time, such as watching TV, playing video games, it will lead to speed up the eye axis. Therefore, parents should focus on guiding children to use eye habits, control the use of eye, improve the use of eye, and participate in outdoorActivities, protect your child’s vision reserves at this age.

Things of the teeth

“The toothache is not ill, hurts and really hurts.”

Many people have this “true” toothache experience, once, P. Professor is brushing late night When a circle of friends, I saw a certain toothache went to the emergency in the middle of the night. The reason why the teeth will be hurting because of the tooth, it is sick. Then, trace back is that the cleaning in the mouth is not good, the big white diagnosis is that brushing is not brushing.

How do you judge whether the teeth are cleaned?

Someone taught P Professor, is this not simple? Look at the bubbles when brushing your teeth: The more bubbles, the cleaner brush.

Do not believe you, the protagonist in the toothpaste advertisement can brush out the mouth of the white foam, finished, and then rinse with water, revealing a tange of white and bright teeth.

Today, Professor P Professor will go to

Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Lin Mei talked about the teeth.

When brushing your teeth, the more the foam is getting clean?


The main component in toothpaste is a friction agent, followed by fragrance and foaming agent, etc., the former can do real cleaning, rely on this friction to remove tartar, dental stones, etc. Both will only affect the taste. When brushing your teeth, it will give people a “brush clean” illusion, and this illusion is likely to shorten the time of brushing, grass, can’t really reach the purpose of thorough brushing the teeth.

Dental brushing and do you want to see your brushing method and brushing, and brush your teeth, the most important thing is to carefully, brush each of the faces of each teeth, it is recommended to brush your teeth daily 2- 3 times, you can get up early after getting up with night.

How to brush your teeth after the toothpaste?

It is not recommended to dip.

The ingredients of the ordinary toothpaste include friction, adhesives, clean agents, preservatives, fragrances, wetting agents, and water, the most important thing is the frictional agent, and the manufacturer is generally pressed when producing toothpaste proportionAdd a friction, 水 无 无 为 为 为 为 多 多 多 一些 多 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 一些 多 一些 多 多 了 了 了Take a few times, 5 seconds or 10 seconds, what should I do if the frictional after water is diluted? So it is best not to remove water.

Early, first brush your teeth and then eat first, eat and brush your teeth first?

It is recommended to brush your teeth and then eat.

The brushing is to control bacterial breeding and growth in the oral cavity, because many oral disease is not cleaned by bacteria. The oral cavity is a huge bacteria, and the amount of bacteria is constantly fluctuating over time. After a night, the amount of bacteria may be maximum in the next morning and reach the peak. At this time, we need to remove the plaque in the mouth, reduce the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity, then eat, avoid causing the cause of bacteria.

Brush your teeth before the meal or after a meal, there is no strict regulations, but after getting up early, you must do clean work in the mouth.

Draw a wise tooth face?


First of all: How old is human face, and many wide mainly determined by facial bones, including cheekbones and jaws, not tooth! In particular, the mandibular flavor of the mandibular effect affects the width of the cheeks. In general, normal people’s mandibular angles are about 120 degrees. If the lower maxillary is small, close to the right angle, the face will be close to the “national” face, and the opposite face seems to be long.

Winter wet and cold frostbite? No special effects, but prevention!

The winter in the south is both cold and humid, and it is easy to have frozen sores. This is cool, how can the northern partner? So I will find some way to treat frostbrazine, with a cucumber, use garlic, use a pepper, the method is endless, is it really useful?

From the Chinese Medical Sciences Plastic Surgery Hospital Dermatologist Wang Baoyu to teach everyone to correctly respond to the posture of frostbite!

1. There is no special method for treating frostbite!

In a cold environment of 0 ° C -10 ° C, the skin is in a moist or in the cold and warmth, and the local vascular expansion shrinkage is slowed down, causing congestion, generating blood circulation, and frostbite is easily formed. It can be said that frostbite is very slight ischemic necrosis.

Although it can be orally orally expanded from the blood vessel, it is also possible to apply or massage with a warm towel to wet or use a vegetable oil such as olive oil. But all these methods are just relieve symptoms, let us feel less itchy, but frostbite must wait until the warm spring will arrive.

Second, prevent frostbite is not difficult!

While there is no special treatment, it is not difficult to prevent frostbits! Master these postures, frostbite can get away from us:

1. Warm is very necessary, try to keep the room temperature is not less than 10 ° C, should pay attention to the weak part of the weak part

Winter hair is easy to injure, how to repair in winter?

Due to weather reasons, winter people are particularly prone to damage, and hair is prone to dryness, hair, fracture, etc. So, how do you care about hair in winter? We can start from the 5th aspects.

Winter hair is easy to injure, how to repair in winter?

1, blow dry hair and then go out

Some people like to wash their head in the morning, then didn’t wait until the hair is completely dried. Run Go to work. In fact, the winter is going out of the wet hair, but also is not only easy to catch cold, but also make the hair hard, frozen, causing the hair more fragile, more easily broken. Therefore, the winter season, it is best to wait until the hair dries again.

2, the water temperature of the shampoo is too high

Many people like to wash a hot bath, even the hair should use hot water. Washing your head with hot water, although it can be comfortable, but the water temperature is too high, it is easy to stimulate his head, and the head is dry, not only let the hair lose the nourishment of moisture, but it is also easy to cause dandruff. Therefore, in winter, the water temperature is recommended should not be too high. 3, the number of shampoo is too frequent

Some people who pay attention to hygiene, I like to wash their eyes every day, but it is actually, the first 2-3 days of winter is There is no problem, and if the shampoo is too frequent, it may be washed away the gland of the sebaceous gland, causing the hair to lose the natural protective film, which is easy to cause hair, hair loss, and other symptoms.

4, let the hair “hydrating”

Differential guidelines without rude nose without paper

Tianhan frozen, rhinitis episodes, middle recruiting cold, eat fragrance … Life is in the world, it is inevitable that there is no jelly, there is no paper, how should you get stripped?

Hello everyone, I am a big nloplamise for many years, carrying paper towels, bra, As a senior rhinitis patient, I know that the old monster of the nose may be quietly drilled from the nostril at any time. The runny nose is not terrible, the runny nose has not taken paper towel is the most embarrassing. Life is in the world, it is inevitable that there is no dilemma that does not have a paper towel in case, how should you get stripped? Silently care about your body’s big breasts, summarize your tackle guide, let’s take a look!

Turning the first style: Looking up at the starry sky to think about life

When the human body structure and the cause of the earth gravity, the nose will be downward when the person is in normal position. . Therefore, we can reverse it, change our posture, look up, face the sky with nostrils, at this time, our snot will flow to the reverse direction of the nostril due to gravity. We have many kinds of fiberi in our nasal mucosa. These ciliary swing will help snot flow from the nasal cavity to the pharyngeal, when you look up and feel the nose, you can do swallowing the action, help the snot to your belly. Some people will say that the nose “eat back” is too disgusting. However, the big breast sister will tell you something cruel, a healthy person will produce hundreds of milliliters of snot every day, these snot have been evaporated, some have become nose, the remaining majority is actually You don’t know how to swallow your belly, so don’t think too much, swallow.

However, this method also has certain limitations, such as cold, rhinitis, causing nasal congestion, or nose has flowing out of the nostrils, at this time, I want to put the nose in my stomach, this The method is not applicable.

Operational difficulty: ★ ☆☆☆☆

Practice: ★★★ ☆ ☆

Civilization: ★★★★★

Turn the second style: qi Dan Tian’s nose, nose, one

Adu has sang many years ago: it is also a gentleness. It’s not as good as it and his nose is unclear. But without a paper towel, the position and way of the nose is worth thinking about us. Big breasts suggest everyone, if you really want to sputum nose, you can pick the bush, the grove, etc., choose the back wind and stay away from the innocent passengers. After choosing a good location, first calmly confuse the mood, take a sigh of breath, then use your fingers to press the nose of the nose, shut up, blow up, to be jet from the nostril, and guide the nose from the nose with your fingers , Pinch the tail of the snot, then use force, the nose will be ruthlessly from you. The method applies to the snot that has flowed out a distance, but it has not been separated from you. Good environment requires everyone to take care of them, if not very urgent, it is not recommended to use this method. In addition, don’t touch others with your hands, don’t sneak your nose in the bus armrest, library table, etc., really unclear.

Operating difficulty: ★★★ ☆ ☆

Practice: ★★ ☆☆☆

Civilization: ★ ☆☆☆☆

】 Turn the third style: Paper towel is not enough cuffs to join

I don’t know if you remember 20 years ago, the paper towel is not like this now, many people will carry handkerchief. It can be seen that the cloth can also be used to wipe the nose in addition to paper. Modern people rarely have a habit of carrying handkerchiefs, but everyone has to wear clothes, and the most convenient to rub the nose is the sleeve. However, this method has more shortcomings: unsanitary, the cuffs is easy to brighten; it is not convenient to operate when short-sleeved. This method is not recommended for non-abundance.

Operating difficulty: ★★ ☆☆☆

Practice: ★★ ☆☆☆

Civilization: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Take the fourth form: Chu Chu pitiful people

The people are our strength, we must always believe in the power of the masses. If you don’t want to take the nose, you don’t want to destroy the environment and your own cuffs. The big breast suggests you, cover your mouth, lightly shootThe shoulders of the giving birth, it is best to say that the eyes are so honest. “Excuse me, do you have a paper towel?”

Generally, ask the girl’s success rate high. Asked the man. In addition, this method is still quite big for the face of friends.

Operational difficulty: ★★★ ☆ ☆

Practice: ★★★ ☆ ☆

Civilization: ★★★★★

Due to the ultimate style: Say goodbye to money to buy paper towels

The convenience store can be seen everywhere, forgetting a piece of paper towel to buy a package, I can’t find the store, don’t you have a few mobile phones? Is a takeaway app? I believe this method doesn’t need too much interpretation of big breasts. Everyone can understand.

Operational difficulty: ★ ☆☆☆☆

Practice: ★★★★★

Second-hand smoke may lead to sudden death, not joking | “lung”

01 Is the second-hand smoke? Studies tell you the farther the better it is!

Throughout the world, smoking has always been one of the main reasons for a variety of serious diseases. In addition to smoking, the bystanders are also forced to suck “second-hand smoke” in the car, home, indoor, public place, without smoking protection area. A number of studies have proven to have a direct impact of smoking on diseases. The current research on “Impact of suction two hand smoke on human health” is relatively small.

It is important to determine the impact of unconsciting tobacco fog exposure to health. Recently, “Environmental Health Perspectives” issued a study on exposure to second-hand smoke on cardinal electricity activity, indicating that continuing in indoor exposure to second-hand tobacco fumes will trigger changes in cardiac electricity, called heart alternating It can lead to sudden arrhythmia and sudden death.

The study was completed by the University of Davis, California, Ltd., has completed its cooperation with Professor and Health and Environment Center of Pharmacology. They specifically designed a room for testing related to inhaled toxins, exposing mice into second-hand smoke. Smoke levels are set to be similar to the public area where smokers are located. On Friday, 6 hours a day, after 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks, the use of high-speed imaging and electrocardiogram test animals have changed. They also tested the level of calcium, and the cardiac contraction of calcium regulated, and the results were compared to the heart of mice exposed to filter air.

The researchers found that the heart of the mouse exposed to filter air was normal, but the heart of mice exposed to second-hand smoke could not endure the rapid heart rate, especially when exposed 12 weeks, while the calcium level in the heart did not have enough Fast reactions, causing unstable heartbeat, or heart alternating. These can lead to malignant arrhythmia or sudden death.

Do you know how terrible cigarette! So, please farther away from it! !

02 Important Discovery: Future will be predictable

IPF [The risk of occurrence of haired pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is the most common type of pulmonary fibrosis, and the pulmonary scar becomes more serious over time. , Deep inhalation becomes difficult, and oxygen is gradually deteriorated. The average survival time of IPF patients is 3 to 5 years, and the treatment choice is very limited. The key is that the patient cannot be accurately identified before the imperferable lesion of the lungs.

Recently, a study published in “Nature Communications” indicates that the mucin MUC5B-induced mucin accumulation is associated between the progress of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and reports that MUC5B mutations can prevent small airways. Mucus removal and induced scar formation, which indicates a strong IPF risk factor. This study was completed by scientists from the University Medical College of the Colorado. The mucus dysfunction is considered to be characterized by blockage (such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and hereditary diseases (such as primary ciliary disorders and cystic fibrosis), but currently The importance of mucus and mucus fiber interactions has gradually appeared in the peripheral diseases, such as adenocarcinoma and IPF. The MUC5B gene produces a protein member of a viscous family, which is a key component formed by imparting the mucous gel salt. Like other genes, MUC5B protein expression is controlled by promoter, a particular genetic feature, called MUC5B promoter variant RS 35705950, which can cause a significant increase in pulmonary mucus. This functional disorder causes mucus accumulation in the small airway, which prevents appropriate lung (cilia) from removal, while cilia is the main and congenital defense mechanism for pathogens. The study has proved hypercarcies with MUC5B genes to be the strongest risk factors of patients with rheumatoid arthritis in metric lung disease. Researchers continue to recommend that targeting MUC5B in small (remote) airways may be an effective method for preventing pulmonary fibrosis.

03 An antibiotic uses multiple antibiotics, which is more likely to cause drug resistance?

Reproducing a antibiotic can cause drug resistance? you are wrong!

Due to excessive prescriptions and excessive use, antibiotic drug resistance has risen to a high risk level in recent years. Based on the World Health Organization (WHO) report, many infected treatment becomes more and more difficult because the antibiotics become less effective.

Reducing antibiotic abuse is critical to solving antibiotic resistance problems, and we need to understand whether different antibiotic use intensity will have the same effect on drug resistance.

Recently, a large study showing the “Elife” magazine, the relationship between “distribution of antibiotics and the relationship between antibiotic resistance” shows that it is used for repeated use of a few people. The increase in the drug resistance of American antibiotics seems to be more closely related to the relationship between antibiotics in many people.

The study was completed by the Harvard University Public Health School, which is the first to fully understand the relationship between antibiotic use distribution and antibiotic resistance. The researchers used 2 National Pharmacies, Truven Health Marketscan Research and Medicare, and analyzed the data of 2011-2014, and the data of the total number of antibiotic resistance of antibiotic resistance in 2012 to 2015 Contrast. In order to determine if a drug is used directly related to antibiotic resistance, the researchers analyzed 72 antibiotics and bacteria.

The final study shows that in 2011, 34% of people accepted antibiotic treatment. In addition, the crowd of 57% of the antibiotic usage in the entire study crowd only accounts for only 10%, and this distribution is basically similar in each year. With regard to drug resistance, the results show that specific antibiotics are used more frequently related to greater drug resistance. On the other hand, when classified by “many people’s low intensity use” and “high-intensity use” of many people, the researchers have found that many people occasionally use low-intensity drugs and drug resistance. It is more closely related. These results can undoubtedly provide certain guiding significance for the development of antibiotic management policies.

04 Smart bacteria is like a head of a businessman, see how it is self-swelling!

Copper Green Pseudomonas is the most common and most dangerous pathogen in the hospital.First, it can lead to severe infections such as severe pneumonia or meningitis. In the first phase of infection, the pathogen needs effectively attached to the host tissue while spreading to the distance. In the later stage of infection, pathogens need to be re-adjusted to permanent accommodation host and hide their immune system.

Recently, the study published in the “Cell Host & Microbe” strategy analysis of copper green pseudocensis strategies, how the germ of this bacteria has been continuously organized in a few seconds and continuously. The intelligence of bacteria is in the same way as the business model: settlement – growth – expansion. This study was completed by researchers at the University of Basel.

“Spread → Adhesion”

The key to the success of copper green pseudomonas is its perfect planting strategy. In the initial stage of infection, bacteria actively move towards the historical surface of the host by rotating cell propeller (flagella). When the flagepan is encountered, the bacteria quickly respond quickly to a viscous protrusion, and the bacteria is firmly fixed to the tissue. In a few seconds, the bacteria will change their procedures to adhere to the surface.

“Adhesion → Dissemination”

The researchers have confirmed that in the split, the surface adhering bacteria can produce two different processes: a seed of the cells remain The “High Cyclic-Di-GMP” “of the underlying host tissue can be destroyed, and the other is” Low Cyclic-Di-GMP “that is spread to the far portion. This process is also called asymmetric cell division. Therefore, copper green pseudomonas utilizes a classic business model: first establish settlement, then grow, and finally expand far away.

“Smart Decision: Communication → Conquest and Hidden”

However, the chance window of copper green pseudomonas is limited. After several asymmetrical splits, the bacteria returns to symmetrical split, producing only the descendants of the adhesion of the surface, thereby increasing the number of local populations in an index manner. The pathogen changes its strategy, the goal is to establish and escape the host defense system in the host.


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