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2019-2020 “The most beautiful pharmacist around the world” is unveiled from 30 pharmacists

Yang Guangwang Beijing April 28th news (Reporter Guo) is jointly held by the National Drug Administration, China Health Media Group and the National Food and Drug Administration Pharmacist Qualification Certification Center 2020 “Looking for the most beautiful pharmacist” event commendation meeting and the third “looking for the most beautiful pharmacist” in the third year of the launching ceremony. This event is one of the activities of the national security drug month.

The licensed pharmacist is the bilitary army of the medical and health front, and is also the guardian of the health of the people. Wu Shaozhen, chairman of the China Health Media Group, said, “Find the most beautiful pharmacist” from 2018, has been organized for two consecutive, and has received warm welcome and active participation in the pharmacists and other units of the drug supervision department at all levels. A batch of representatives of excellent licensed pharmacists have caused strong repercussions in all walks of life. In the future, it will continue to use the “Most Beautiful Pharmacist” event to find the whole media platform, tell the practice pharmacist’s story, highlight the practicing pharmacist, and explain the responsibility of the practicing pharmacist to protect people’s health and medication to the public and society.

my country’s licensed pharmacist system has been implemented in 27 years, under the promotion of national policies, the development of institutional construction and team has made great progress. At present, the number of qualifications with the licensed pharmacists has reached 1.28 million, and the registered licensed pharmacists have more than 60 million, and the number of people per million in the country has reached 4.3. Chen Wei, deputy director of the Pharmacist Qualification Certification Center of the State Food and Drug Administration, said, “Looking for the most beautiful pharmacist” activities to promote the advanced deeds of excellent practicing pharmacists, establish a good effect in establishing a good social image. The 30 licensed pharmacists who were commended by this event, made extraordinary results in ordinary positions, let more people understand and recognize the important role of practicing pharmacists. I hope that by continuously carrying this event, it is found that more “The most beautiful pharmacists around you” will drive thousands of truly pharmacists based on the position of the position, become the guardian of the whole society.

Activity site (the organizer is mapped to the Yangguang Net)

“We win these people, just a few bricks on the wall. It is a unique practicing pharmacist who guards the people’s medication safety. “Li, Jieyang,Shen Sheng Yinhong, Qian Binghui, Duan Mingang 5 “The most beautiful pharmacist” told his pharmaceutical service experience, emotional, vivid and touching. Zhejiang, Jiangxi Province, Shandong Provincial Pharmaceutical and Supervision Department shared the experience organized experience as the “Excellent Organization Award”.

At the meeting, Li Chaolhui, Director of Registration Management Office of the Pharmacist Qualification Center of the State Food and Drug Administration conducted a speech entitled “The Development of my country ‘s Delivery Pharmacist Development Process, Work Current Situation and Prospect”. Chinese Health Media Group Tianchuang Science and Technology Information Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Peiyi issued a licensing pharmacist public opinion report and a list of social responsibility for medical retail corporate 2020. The list of information on the form of the list is influenced, innovative and development capacity, and six dimensions such as the preparation of practicing pharmacists, select the top 10 medical retail enterprises. 30 commended practicing pharmacists were hired as aware of safety medication, using the “most beautiful” to protect the people’s medication safety. In addition, there is a participation in the drug production enterprises, the practicing pharmacist training platform and colleges and universities, exchanges on topics such as the priority of the programs of the pharmacists.

It is reported that the second “Find the most beautiful pharmacist” activities during the 2019 national safety pharmaceutical monthly period, the active participation of 28 provincial drug supervision departments across the country has received more than 40 million in the public voting section. The ballot, the promotion is over 5 million, and after the expert review, the list is publicized, and 30 “The most beautiful pharmacists around you” and 10 excellent organization awards were finalized. According to the requirements of the State Food and Drug Administration, the current third “Find the most beautiful pharmacist” has opened registration.

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