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Total night and night “to” find the door

March 3 is the national love ear. In the high-risk period of “sudden deafness”, Tongren Hospital earphornes has a patient who have been visiting the doctor every day, and the proportion of young patients has increased significantly.

“Doctor, I want to do a cochlear!” On March 2, Tongren Hospital’s headgraduate director Zhao Shouqin’s clinic came to a 24-year-old young patient Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang is a nurse, often worth night, work very hard. She has lost his hand, and recently, the right ear suddenly caught up. Under the urgentity, I came to Tongren Hospital to hoping to “find” back to listen to the manual cochlea. Asked, Zhao Shouqin learned that Xiao Wang’s right ear was suddenly onset three days ago, and the situation was in line with the conditions of “sculpting”. By medication, the right ear to the little king can be rescued.

Zhao Shouqin said that many young patients have “scavers” related to staying up late. What is “突聋”? Zhao Shouqin explained that “scold” refers to sudden and unknown sensational sense of sensational neurological hearing loss. “Generally occurred within 72 hours, adjacent two frequency hearing is 20 decibels or more, called ‘burst deafness’.” At present, sudden deafness is not clear, but many factors may induce “scavers” , Such as fatigue, mental tension, etc.

“In the past, ‘突 聋’ generally happened to the middle-aged and old people, it is related to its own basic disease. In recent years, more and more young people who come to the ear, this is High-intensity work pressure and unhealthy lifestyle. “Zhao Shouqin said that sudden deafness is inseparable from age, treatment is only one principle -” The more you better “.

“Sometimes the degree of listening is not heavy before the ‘scaven’. At this time, we must adjust the rhythm and rest in time.” Zhao Shouqin reminded that if you have a rest, you have not been obtained within 24 hours. Relieve, you should seek medical attention in time. In general, if the patient is medical treatment in a week, it usually gets better therapeutic effects. (Reporter Sun Leqi)

The country’s first regional pension service group standard Beijing Asian Games Village street old people first

For the elderly, the public welfare or low-fee service is provided for the old service agency resources, and the annual assessment of dereliction of duty is … Recently, Chaoyang District Asian Games Street is officially launched “Asian Games Village Street Region for the Management of Old Service Alliance “, As the country’s first regional pension service group standard, the standard will further enhance the quality of service institutions in the street social professional service organization in Asian Games Village.

In many streets in this city, there are old service consisters. After recent years of development, some of them are unregulated, low efficiency, low service standards, etc., especially The “last km” of the old service has a larger improving service and refinement management provided by the elderly.

In order to solve the “last kilometer” of the old-age, enhance the quality of the pension service in the jurisdiction, the professional team of the pension industry through investigating the pilot unit of the regional pension service consortium in the Beijing, 24% of the Asian Games Village For the breakthrough, combined with the characteristics of the street region as the old service alliance work, based on the basis of the “Asian Games Village Street Region as the Old Service Alliance Management Code”, recently, Beijing Chaoyang District Pension Industry Association, Beijing The streets of Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District.

This standard determines the obligation and rights, admission and exit mechanism, assessment mechanism of the Asian Games Village as a member of the Old Service Alliance. According to the standard, the alliance should provide public welfare or low-cost quality services for the elderly people in the jurisdiction; according to their respective advantages, establish an open venue resource, the human resources and volunteer resources, members of the Alliance Implement offers or free use. In addition, the standard also clarifies the alliance member access and exit mechanism. Once a business license has been revoked, serious dereliction of duty, privilege, and the privacy, and the exit procedure will be launched. (Reporter Ye Xiaoyan)

Taikang Online: Maximize the release insurance value with product and service innovation

Taikang has strengthened online insurance cognitive education to consumers and promoted user insurance philosophy. This year, it is the sixth year of Taikang Online Development. As of the end of 2020, Taikang Online realized insurance business income of approximately 9.38 billion yuan, this data has far exceeded 51.3 billion annual premium income in 2019. “Taikang online business, development speed and quality, all ushered in full outbreak this year.” Liu Dadai, general manager of Taikang Online.

From scratch, experience high-speed development, to now the new starting point broke out, Taikang online explores what kind of Internet insurance development road? In the future, how will Taikang online will also affect the core competitive advantage of its own core?

Cast “Online + Line” closed loop

In the face of the epidemic, many industry industries have pressed “Pause Key”. “During the epidemic, Taikang Online used for half a year, completed the 2019 full year’s business volume”, Liu Dadei said that as of now, Taikang online service customers reached 14.5 billion. It is based on the ability to constantly accumulate, improved, so that Taikang is accelerating in front of the risk into high outbreak.

Taikang online has always adhered to “Insurance + Technology” “Insurance + Service” double-wheel drive, in the eyes of Liu Dadai, the excellent results made by Taikang online, on the one hand, in the on-one, paying the strategic positioning, paying attention to technology, Promoting Taikang online as the main means of business, this is the foundation for high speed, health development; on the other hand, “Being back to the big tree is good”, pregnant in the Taikang Insurance Group, the rapid growth of Taikang online, more invented by Taikang Multivariate support and collaboration of insurance large health ecosystem.

“Wind Control, is an extremely important factor in the development of Internet insurance.” Talking about the capacity building, Liu Dafu first mentioned the wind control, he believes that the wind control, always is the first Internet insurance company needs to think Question, is the first challenge encountered by Internet Insurance, and the most important threshold that must be overcome.

This test is the technology capability of Internet Insurance. Liu Dadei said that Taikang Insurance has already started online exploration, trying to build an e-commerce platform, thisTo a certain extent, it provides accumulation for the technology capability of Taikang online technology; more importantly, Taikang Insurance is personal insurance, property insurance business, great health closure, has accumulated a lot of data over the years, which makes Takang online data The ability to “one step”; in addition, Taikang online currently has more than 500 Internet channel partners, the complementary assessment and ability of the risk of scenes, and the complementary capacity of Taikang online technology is continuously advanced.

Of course, the ecology of the online industry must not be separated from the auxiliary and support. In the two-wheel drive of Taikang Online, “Insurance + Service” reflects this. Liu Dafu said that from the business, the largest business insurance in Taikang online is a health insurance, and the health insurance can rely on the online ability of Taikang Insurance Group, such as hospital services, medical services, rehabilitation care services, medical services. , Claims services, pension services, etc. “This is the key to Taikang online differences in other Internet insurance companies.”

Diversified capacity building, collaboration and aggregation, let Taikang have opened “online + line” closed loop online, this may be Taikang One of the reasons for “outbreak” online.

As an Internet insurance company, the traditional insurance thinking, innovation in compliance, and also become the main insistence in Taikang Online. Direct direction.

Last year, Taikang released the first disease management system for domestic insurance industries to manage people’s disease risk. It is understood that the disease management system provides an active, long-term, standardized apandyle’s health management service to insure customers in terms of full-digital approach, and on the other hand, it is precisely effective medical control fee from the payment end.

What are the special things in the disease management system of Taikang online? In Liu Dadu, this is an important measure to break through traditional health insurance logic. “We have made a lot of things that I hope to make more people who have had a patient or have a risk that there is a risk of Taikang Online.” Liu Dadai said that Taikang is online, not only do payment capabilities, but also pay the payment, ” Only payment is true insurance. ”

In order to deepen, broaden the value of insurance, Liu Dadai said that Taikang is in the large number of vertical fields. Take this Taikang OnlineSelf-developed disease management system as an example, it is understood that the system has supported multiple disease management plans such as lung cancer, breast cancer, coronary heart disease, and online sleep health first screening plan, other multi-disease management plans will gradually gradually to customers open. There is currently 10,000 patients.

“This will make Taikang online services more distinctive.” Liu Dadei said that in the future, Taikang is going to do more vertical products for the patient group, providing professional services for patients, professional medical resources . “This is an important purpose for Taikang online innovation, product innovation, service innovation, important framework.”

In fact, the direction of the power of Taikang online, is also one of the longevity era. There is no doubt that our society is moving into the longevity era, and human beings are in the transformation of acute diseases to chronic diseases. A large sign of longevity era is “survive with disease”, that is, more patient groups will bring Diseases survive.

From this point, Taikang is working on the health management of a population as a population, and upgraded to create a complete set of integrity service systems based on

“pre-prevention”, and realize it from 0 Breakthrough to 1, and construct a small “public health” system from the user needs.

The ultimate care goes to the public welfare human new height Taikang Anning Treatment project officially launched

On March 28th, Taikang Anning Treatment Project jointly established by Taikang Yuguo Rehabilitation Hospital and the Taikang Memorial Park was officially launched on the “Peking University Ten Ning Caution Forum”. Wang Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University Medical Humanities, Li Xiaolin, Chairman of China Life Care Association, Deputy Director of Beijing Old Age Office, Wang Xiaoyu, President of the Municipal Aging Association, Wang Yifang, a professor of the Peking University Medical Humanities University, and other famous experts and scholars attend the forum, Taikang The founder of the insurance group, Chairman and CEO Chen Dongsheng, the CEO of Taikang Jianrong, the CEO of Taikang House, the CEO, the senior vice president of Thailak Victority and the executive official Chen Ping attended the event and delivered a speech.

Ann Ning Treatment is also known as the peacefulness of medical or hospice care, through the service team composed of doctors, nurses, volunteers, social workers, physiotherapists and psychologists. In order to have patients with threat of life and in the end of life, the patient’s family provides a professional team service. It combines medical professional technology with medical humanities. Through the complete body, heart, social, spiritual care and medical care, reducing the physical pain, incompetence and psychological pressure of the end of the late, providing the patient and the family to provide the soul support, Counseling to accept the final facts, accompany the patient’s last one, assist the family to face the death of the patient, reach the realm of life and death, and pursue the peace and dignity of life. This new initiative in this mitigated medical field is designed to provide the end of the elders and families to the end of life, and the important extension of Taikang covers the full life cycle health services.

Taikang has a favorable condition of “public welfare + business” in the segment of peacekeeping health industry as a segment of the people’s livelihood, in peacetry On the basis of standard services, on the one hand, it is possible to provide a more robust hospice care + ultimate care continuous service on the end of life, so that patients and their families will achieve environmental environment, and they are safe and dead; at the same time, I hope to innovate through commercial innovation. Leading the sustainable development of the peacekeeping care industry, helping to solve social problems. In addition, Taikang’s health industry is also an important foundation for the development of the peacekeeping public welfare business.

Ann Ning’s health has also been strongly supported by Takang House and Yanyuan residents. Takang Home · Yanyuan Pension Community, Peking University, famous scholar Qi Qicheng professor is very concerned about the development of Taikang ‘s ultimate care: “The end-of-child care is the last major event of the life of the old residents of Takang, they have many things in this regard. Idea, Worry and Requirements. Taikang should put the end-of-end care, as a major event in the development of the old-age and rehabilitation hospital, “

Death is something that everyone must experience every family, too A lesson who is lacking in education in education. Life is precious, but if the life of the patients in the end of the disease is no longer saved, then let the patient will relieve pain, stay in memory in memory, peace and dignity, have a life trip, is the embodiment of social progress. It is like a lot of summer flowers, and the autumn leaves are beautiful. Taikang will take the initiative of life, care for life, and praise life, let peace treatments, ultimate care brings more warmth and care of this world.

Cumulative claim 15.50,000 people compensation 71 billion Taikang online line claims service continuous upgrade

With the arrival of “315” Consumer Rights Protection Day, Taikang is actively doing a good job in insurance education propaganda work and consumer rights protection, and will be related to user equity. Place the first place.

As an insurance company, the claims are fundamental. Providing customers with rapid, efficient, and effective geolocation services is also the basic requirements for the government, and the regulatory level has always been fundamentally required. And with the continuous catalysis of the exterior transformation of the insurance, the service capabilities of the compensation full process line have also put forward higher requirements.

In this regard, Taikang has made many innovations in terms of online chemistry compensation, which is constantly working hard for the ultimate claims experience.

Introduced industry’s first online claims dispute processing platform constantly upgrading online service satisfaction

For claims dispute, the Yinbao Monach Ministry of China issued various insurance companies Promote online dispute resolution, on-site reception, third-party mediation, etc., improve online service satisfaction. To this end, Taikang Online online, the company’s first online claims disputes in the industry, and cooperated with the Hubei Provincial Insurance Contract Dispute Mediation Center, further enhanced online claims service efficiency and claims experience. It is reported that the ODR platform of claims disputes will make users, insurance companies, and third-party mediation technology through online video communication, replacing traditional live mediation. The limitations of the mode, break the time and space, the first time meets the user mediation needs. At the same time, by introducing a neutral third-party mediation agency to help solve the claims between the customer and the insurance company, let customers be more peace of mind, rest assured.

Last year, under the participation of the Hubei Provincial Department of Insurance Industry Association, Taikang Online has completed the first claims dispute mediation case by the ODR platform, which marks the successful operation of the ODR platform. The relevant person in charge of Taikang online said that the future will actively promote cooperation with each mediator, let the ODR platform bring more ultimate and convenient landing service experience. At the same time, the platform will be opened to other insurance companies in the future,Line upstream chemistry claim service level.

for the online claims service capabilities, the supervision department encourages all financial insurance companies to explore non-contact-free Nuclear compensation, use biotechnology, image recognition, artificial intelligence, big data, etc., take video connection, remote certification, etc., explore the promotion of non-live laundry checks, and do the best to protect fast, should pay for compensation Fast pay.

Based on this, Taikang online online auto insurance claim video survey system, the system integrates into remote video forensics, OCR photo identification, video text real-time communication, etc., users can complete ” Reporting – Video Connection – The full process of timely payment. After the customer reports, the online pair of guidance is conducted, and there is no need to wait for a single-on-site waiting. It takes only 10 minutes from the video survey to the claim system, which greatly simplifies the claim process and shorten the cost of claim.

Furthermore, Taikang Online has realized the full process automation for the health insurance claim. Taikang Online uses intelligent acquisition, intelligent review, intelligent control, intelligent collection, intelligent review, intelligent control, intelligent collection, intelligent auditing, intelligent control And automatic payment of automated claims. On the one hand, let medical bill information collection is more comprehensive, users can get more detailed, clear bills, and enjoy more transparent, high-efficiency line-up compensation experience; on the other hand, through technology empowerment, the second level is resolved. In the past, the efficiency problem of reviewing medical documents in the past, helping companies have dropped the results.

The latest data shows that Taikang has accumulated service to pay more than 1550,000 customers. The accumulated claims are 4.9 million, and the accumulated payment of 7.1 billion. Among them, the health insurance has been charged by 1.857 million, accounting for about 1/4 of the total amount of compensation. More than 30,000 patient groups are still guaranteed online in Taikang. Bright claims, benefiting from the continuous technical innovation of Taikang, continue to improve the claim system, using the new agent to pay the core system “Beidou”, Taikang Online can realize the second quick payment, the fastest pay for only 4 seconds; Unique four-level intelligent customer service system, smart robots can serve at the same time at the same time 8000Customers, accuracy is as high as 98%.

On the basis of insurance services and insurance claims, Taikang is still seeking breakthroughs. Taikang Online CEO Liu Dadei pointed out that “the current demand for insurance users has changed significantly in the background of the Digital Age, and the user needs to be just a compliance solution.” Future, Taikang Online Will be based on the “Insurance New Ecology”, dedication to the user to bring a better claim to experience, service experience.

Chinese medicine experts recruit spring sports health, emotional nutrition

The rain is so angry, the south has been spring, and the wind is learning, the spring is a good season for health. Chinese medicine experts pointed out that spring health should help yang, smooth the liver and biliary machine, pay attention to emotional nutrition and sports health.

Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University, said that people should pay attention to emotional nursing in the spring, doing open mind, happy, do not make emotional depression, so that life is full, to keep Spiritual status of a sense of enthusiasm. People are tuned in the spring, they should be heavy in the liver. First, keep your mood and soaky, feel comfortable, but sad, the human gas is smooth, the blood is running and slow, then the liver is cultivated; the second is to avoid impatient and anger lead to liver damage.

Experts suggest that the principle of sports health is “small exercise, gradual”, people have to work in spring, they must be gradually entering, pay attention to yang improvement, you can choose walk, climb, play, run, do exercises , Play Tai Chi and other sports, soothing bones, and spitter new.

Professor He Hui reminded that the elderly can make some soothing sports outdoors when the spring is bright, and promote metabolism. The elderly will start from the soothing small exercise. Observe around the week, after adaptation, gradually increase the amount of exercise; to avoid weight-bearing exercise and long-term climbing, exercise before exercise, avoid accidents and exercise damage. (Reporter handsome)

Chopsticks should also talk about hygiene, beware of sick from mouth

Chinese dining table is inseparable from chopsticks. As the saying goes, when you pick it up, do you have to pay attention to the food in your food? To ensure diet hygiene, the use of chopsticks must be hygienic: First, to be replaced regularly, the other is to clean.

A pair of chopsticks will be washed every time, they will leave cracks on their surface, and they will hide nana in the crack. The longer the use time, the more cracks, the deeper, the microorganism produced will be more, the greater the probability of E. coli, Golden Staphylococcus, and Helicobacter pylori. If there is a non-wood true spot, it means that the chopsticks have made a mold; bending, deformation, indicating that the tide or shelving time is too long; the color changes, indicating that the material itself has changed; there is a clear sourness, Polluted signal. Once the above situation occurs, it cannot be used. We recommend that the chopsticks used in the family have been replaced by 3 months to 6 months.

Correct cleaning chopsticks can start from the following aspects.

1. Clean the tableware in a timely manner. Some people have done habit to put the bowls or soak water, and then wash it for a few hours, so that bacteria is more flooding on chopsticks, and even invading inside the chopsticks, it is difficult to remove.

2. After cleaning the chopsticks with flowing water, drag the water, and the chopsticks are put onto the utensils specializing in the chopsticks. It is best to choose the bottom and the vessel with hollow design, placed in the ventilation, do not place in the airless cabinet. At the same time, the utensils that are often cleaned to accommodate chopsticks and avoid bacterial growth.

3. Ensure that high temperature is disinfected once a week. Boiling chopsticks in boiling water at 100 ° C for 10 minutes to 15 minutes, and it can achieve a more ideal sterilization effect. (Xuanwu Hospital Yan Liping)

Exploring the mystery of the human body: 9 kinds of physical fitness, health can also be hosted

According to the “Three Kingdoms” records, the famous doctor has once gives Ni Xu and Li Yan, and the two people are fever. It is a tranquil to Ni Ni. Li Yaowei is sweating Chinese medicine. Both people feel wondering: the same symptom, how to open the drug is different? Hua Wei explained, Ni Decorates strong, and the heat is relatively strong, the cold is the heat of the heat, so the method under the diarrhea is discharged from the body; Li Yanzhi Quality is not strong, the evil is hit, so Use a sweat method to let the sick evil

The human body is different, and the drug used is naturally different. My tutor – the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Qi, founder of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that physical fit is a congenital endowment (parental genetics) and the form of morphological structure, physiological functions and psychological states obtained in the day after birth. Different physiques are likely to cause different diseases.

So, a few species? What is the incidence? How should we adjust everyday? The human body can be divided into nine, including normal peace, and 8 biased physiques, each person may have one or more of a variety of physiques.

Pinghe body: health

The overall feature is well scattered, the face is ruddy, energetic, sleep diet, cheerful, light red, moss Perseavier.

The incidence of pathogenesis is strong for the external environment, and the matrix is ​​less ill.

Daily health should take the maintenance, do not eat too much, you can’t be hunger, less cold, you can’t eat overheat. Eat more grains, vegetables, fruits, less greasy and spicy. It is usually appropriate for physical exercise.

Yang deficiency body: fear of cold

The overall feature is insufficient, fear of cold, cold hands, soft hands, soft character, internal direction, tongue Fifty fat.

The pathogenesis tends to be inherently unopened, and it is easy to drink (the Chinese medicine disease name, reflection of hydrolyzing metabolism, stop in certain sites), swelling, diarrhea and other diseases.

Daily health eat more Gansuqi food, such as cattle and sheep, green onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, squat, leeks, pepper, pepper, etc. Surround cold food, such as cucumber,, pear, watermelon, etc. Autumn and winter keep warm, summer avoid direct blown air conditioners, electric fans. You can do some soothing sports, such as jogging, walking, playing Tai Chi, making radio gynecress. It is suitable for sauna, spa bath.

Yin deficiency body: water shortage

The overall characteristic is thin, the hand is hot, dry, dry, nose dry, cold drink, stool dry dry , Temperament, good movement, lively, red tongue.

The pathogenesis is tended to sleep in winter, and it is easy to suffer from ingredients.

Daily health should eat cool food, such as thin pork, duck, mung beans, melon, sesame, lily, etc. Little food lamb, dog meat, leeks, pepper, onion, garlic, sunflower is equivalent to warm food. Avoid staying up late, strenuous exercise and working at high temperature. Not suitable for sauna. Usually ignorant emotions.

qi deficiency body: gas short

The overall feature is inadequate, the normal speech is low, the shortness of breath is too lazy, it is easy to fatigue, the spirit is weak, easy to sweat, and the character , Do not like to take risks, light red, tongue there is a tooth mark.

The disease tends to have a cold, internal organs, etc., and the disease is slow.

Everyday health, eat more food, such as soybeans, white lentils, chicken, loach, mushrooms, jujube, longan, honey, etc. Betel nut, hollow dish, raw radish, etc. Based on walking, playing Tai Chi and other soft movements, it is not advisable to do large load consumption of physical exercise and sweating.

湿 体:: 体 胖

The overall feature is fat, the abdomen is full, the facial skin is more oil, sweating, stick, chest tightness, sputum Many, mouthful or sweet, fertilized, sweet, stable, steady, more, patience, greasy.

The pathogenesis tends to adapt to the plum rain season and wet weight environment, which is prone to diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, metabolic syndrome.

Daily health is based on light diet, less fat and sweet, sticky, greasy food. Can eat more onions, garlic, seaweed, kelp, melon, radish, kumquat, mustard, etc. Usually outdoor activities, clothing should be breathable and wet, often sunbathing or sunbathing.

The overall feature is medium or thin, the face scale oil, easy to have acne, the mouth is dry, the body is sleepy, the stool is sticky Stagnation or dry junction, urine is short, easy to be upset, red tongue, yellow greasy moss.

The pathogenesis tends to be more difficult to adapt to the sun and the late autumn, the moisture or temperature is high, and it is susceptible to the sore, jaundice, and heat.

Daily health diet is light, eat more sweet, Gan Ping’s food, such as mung beans, hollow dish, amaranth, celery, cucumber, melon,, watermelon, etc. Little food is hot. Should be quit tobacco, don’t stay up late, too tired. The summer heat is heavy, reducing outdoor activities. Suitable for high strength, large exercise exercise, such as middle and long run, swimming, mountain climbing, various ball sports, martial arts, etc.

Blood stasis body: long spot

The overall characteristics of the skin, pigmentation, easy to show, bleak, annoyance, forgetful, tongue Or there is a sputum, the lower tongue is usually or thickened.

The disease tends to be patient-like tumors, pain, blood evidence, etc.

Daily health can eat more black beans, seaweed, kerice, seaweed, radish, carrot, kumquat, orange, pomelo, peach, plum, hawthorn, vinegar, rose, green tea, less fat, etc. Keep enough sleep, but it is not too comfortable. Some sports projects that help promote blood operation, such as Tai Chi, Taijijian, Dance, Walk, etc.

气郁 体:: Depressed

The overall characteristic body is more, the character is unstable, sensitive, easy to look depression, light red, Moss.

The incidence of pathogenesis is poor in mental stimulation. Do not adapt to rainy weather, susceptible to dirty (due to spiritual reasons, such as excitement, frightening, grievances,Sudden sickness, etc., there are various physical existence or mental disorders, and chronic pharyngitis, the sense of arrogance, and the spiritual diseases are uncertain.

Daily health eats wheat, artemisia stalk, onion, garlic, kelp, seaweed, radish, kumquat, hawthorn, etc. Avoid drinking tea, coffee, etc. before going to bed. To increase outdoor activities, you can adhere to a large amount of exercise exercise, such as running, mountaineering, swimming, martial arts. It is necessary to consciously participate in the collective movement, interact with others, more friends.

Special physique: Allergy

Overseas feature allergic body common asthma, urticaria, albello, nasal congestion, sneezing, etc. Some of the genetic diseases have vertical genetics, congenital, family characteristics; those with maternal diseases have parent affecting the growth and development of fetal individual growth and related diseases.

The disease tends to be allergies susceptible to asthma, urticaria, pollen and drug allergy, etc .; hereditary diseases have bloody diseases, innate fools (Tang’s syndrome), etc .; fifth Late (stand late, late, late), five soft (soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft), etc. Daily health food should be light, balanced, and the thick grain is suitable, and the vegetarian is reasonable. Foods that are often easily allergic reactions should be avoided, such as broad beans, white lentils, beef, goose, squid, shrimp, crab, eggplant, wine, pepper, strong tea, coffee, etc. Keep indoor cleaning, bedding, and bed linen should be washed frequently. In the spring, try to reduce outdoor event time, because pollen is more susceptibility to allergies. (Beijing Gulou Chinese Medicine Hospital, Zheng Bilong)

I can’t sleep, I will lie down early? Not necessarily

I can’t sleep, I will lie down early? It is not necessarily used as

as a neurologic doctor, and insomnia patients are indeed a large group of common groups in the outpatient work. Looking at the dark circles of each other, it is really that “confirming the eyes, the people who are insomnia”.

About the definition of insomnia is also a lot, but not all “sleep” can be called insomnia. Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder. It is the patient’s time and quality of sleep, leading to social functional reduction, affecting the subjective experience of daytime social functions. Long-term chronic insomnia, in addition to affecting the social functions and life of patients, other system diseases can also be sent to other system diseases. I have a common consultation problem that I have encountered by the author’s comprehensive clinic. Talk to you today, talk to everyone about insomnia:

First, not satisfying “7 hours” sleep, it must be high quality sleep The so-called 7 hours of sleep is only a reference value derived by big data. Understanding your sleep rules is the basis for realizing individual sleep management. Sleeping time itself and age is related, usually, young people have more demand for sleep, while the longer sleep time will gradually shorten.

Second, in the second place, it does not represent people who can sleep in a lot of sleep, there is such a misunderstanding. “As long as I lie down is early, insomnia can’t catch up with me.” Please be awake, for normal people, the proportion of awakening time and sleep time within 24 hours is almost fixed, which relies on the neuronal cells in our brain to release the corresponding neurotransmitter, as the so-called “sunrise “Interest”.

These neurotransmitters will also fluctuate with the rhythm of each of our “biological clock”. When you “go against the sky”, it is necessary to force your body to re-establish a new biological clock. In this case, there will be two results. After lying down, I still fall asleep, sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to blink. Therefore, the doctor usually does not recommend the presence of sleep problems, lie down early at night.

In contrast, we recommend that patients are shortenedDay sleep time, increase the daytime activity, properly extend the time, create a good sleep environment (quiet, dim, choose your comfortable mattress and pillow, the bedroom should not be overheated or too cold, avoid going to sleep before going to bed Fast videos, music or books), foak your feet or wash your feet (remember to blow dry hair before going to bed) will help start good sleep emotions.

Finally, the mood is not good. The stumbling block of sleep usually patients will be tortured by the doctor because of insomnia, “What is the cause? Tired, emotional fluctuations, work pressure?” Indeed, a lot of insomnia Patients are all mental psychological symptoms. The most common is anxiety and depression. This type of person usually expresss “the nightmare is easy to think, the nightmare is increased, and some people will also show the dizziness, the gastrointestinal intestines, weak sweat, frequent urinary urgency, etc. Therefore, there are many insomnia of psychological symptoms Patients need to adjust their sleep and emotions.

Only double-pruning can break this vicious circle. To clearly lead to a bad feelings, do not argue with the emotional drugs to contradict the psychology, to the neurology of regular hospitals , Sleep or mental counseling, clear insomnia, reasonable intervention is a wise choice.

In short, don’t ignore sleep problems, don’t exaggerate yourself, sleep disorders, use the right attitude In the face of insomnia, try to maintain a good emotion, respect the doctor’s guidance can we let “insomnia” away from you.

Text / Xue Xiaofan (Beijing Chaoyang Hospital West Court)

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