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Women’s habits reflect different personalities

   What is the first thing that your girl is accustomed to doing every morning after she wakes up? Don’t underestimate these little habits, they can hint at your inner world and help you understand her character. .

   Small habit 1: Press down the alarm clock and continue to sleep in bed

   Nowadays, most families are the “master husband” who wakes up the “housewife” after making breakfast.

   Originally you relieved her housework, but she had to make an inch of it and she still couldn’t afford it, so she couldn’t bear it, twice, three times, and finally you couldn’t bear it but yelled, “You’ll be late for work if you don’t get up again.” She was still confused. I begged you: “5 minutes, let me sleep for another 5 minutes.

   is actually not just her, 35% of women have the bad habit of lying in bed in the morning.

  The hint of a small habit: It is difficult for them to open their mouths to reject others, and they will procrastinate in everything they do, which is a typical little girl’s procrastination character. In life, she is also a casual woman, often showing a childish side in front of you. She doesn’t like too much pressure in life and work, and she values ​​friendship more than love.

   You need: sometimes to be her “husband”, sometimes to be her father, and sometimes you need to be her nanny. In short, all the roles that can care for her are worthy of you to try, because she treats you Your love is built on the foundation of your kindness to her.

   Little Habit 2: Take you to do “morning exercises” together

   Every morning, you are entangled by her like an octopus before you wake up, and then you do “morning exercises” with her between half asleep and half awake. Congratulations! With the nourishment of morning love, you will definitely be in a good mood.

  The hint of a small habit: A woman who likes to love in the morning is super confident, especially her body and sexual ability. Opening her eyes is a testament to her energetic and cheerful personality, because she is always in a state of “sexual” vigor. Women who are obsessed with morning love do not mean that they are obsessed with sex. Compared with the explosion of passion, they are more in love with the intimate and lingering warmth of the skin. She may make you feel a little “sexy”, but in fact, this is a manifestation of her knowing how to enjoy life and business life. With this kind of woman, your life will always be in a “fresh” state.

  You need: give her a hug, encouragement and pet, try to give her the same feelings as possible. Don’t let her develop the habit of relying too much on you, let alone be a tough guy in bed, because this will dilute her love for you. At the same time, your thoughts and concepts must keep pace with the times, keep in line with her, or even be ahead. Don’t fall behind, you will be beaten if you fall behind.

   Little Habit 3: Apply a facial mask

The thing that    puts on a facial mask at night, many women do it in the morning. This “personality” action is enough to prove her special inner needs.

   Applying a facial mask is not just a simple beauty for women. 25 minutes is enough for a woman to think about many things, such as planning a day’s work schedule, summarizing things that have just been processed, and occasionally thinking about you. For your dinner.

Teach you to stay up late to be full of energy

  Many people always complain about lack of energy, listlessness, and do not know where energy comes from. In fact, full spirit comes from the development of good habits every day.

  1. Exercise for 5 minutes after getting up, which not only recharges the body, but also doubles the calorie burn.

   Many people mistakenly believe that morning exercises have to get up and run for several kilometers at 5 o’clock. This is actually unnecessary and unrealistic. You only need to spend 5 minutes doing push-ups and jumping exercises to increase your heart rate, and you can achieve the desired effect; or punch 100 punches in the mirror to feel the energy accumulation process.

  2, develop a habit of drinking water

  When you are in a state of dehydration, you will often feel tired. Get up early in the morning and drink a glass of water, do some internal cleansing, and add some “lubricant” to the internal organs; drink at least one liter of water a day, but more is not the better.

  3, pay attention to breakfast

   A study in the United States has found that people who do not eat breakfast have a high BMI, which means they are overweight, and they are sleepy and listless; those who eat breakfast are more energetic and have a relatively well-proportioned body. . The most nutritious and healthy Western breakfast is: two slices of whole wheat bread, a piece of smoked salmon and a tomato. Whole wheat bread is rich in carbohydrates and fiber; the lycopene of tomatoes is good for bone growth and health care, and is good for the prevention of prostate diseases; the rich omega-3 fatty acids and protein in salmon are more beneficial to the body.

  4, ten o’clock snacks

Massage after shampooing may cause stroke!

   Expert comment: Nowadays, shampoo shops are located in the streets and alleys of urban and rural areas. As a leisure place, washing your hair after busy work and relaxing is a kind of enjoyment. However, experts believe that this fashionable method should not be used frequently.

   The superficial nerves and blood vessels distributed in the human head and neck are extremely rich. Most of the shampoo workers in the shampoo shop have not received formal massage training. Which acupuncture points can be pressed, which cannot be pressed, and which should be pressed harder. The shampoo worker is not very clear about which should be lighter. If you press and twist, there is a risk of dizziness and stroke.

   Ms. Zhang often washes her hair in a shampoo shop. Since opening a Thai-style shampoo shop next to her unit, Ms. Zhang has been obsessed with Thai-style shampooing. At noon, she and her colleagues often go to wash their hair and enjoy a massage. , Take a nap. One day later, Ms. Zhang wanted to stand up after washing her hair. Suddenly she felt that the world was spinning and she was very dizzy.

The health effect of    scalp massage

  To protect the scalp, head massage is a healthy method of health care.

   There are many meridians and nerve endings on the scalp. Massaging the scalp can relax the meridians, relax the nerves, eliminate fatigue, and prolong life.

   There are many acupuncture points on the scalp, such as Shangxing, Baihui, Qianding, Yuzhen, etc. Acupuncture and moxibustion can prevent and treat diseases. Massage these acupoints can clear the meridians and activate the collaterals, and play a role in preventing and treating neurasthenia, headache, insomnia, senile dementia, and amnesia.

   Regular massage of the scalp can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, improve the nutrition of the hair follicles, which is conducive to the growth of the hair, makes the hair shiny and flexible, and prevents the hair from turning white and falling off, and delays aging.

  Massage the scalp method

   care for the hair, it belongs to the maintenance of the head skin. It is a “scalp exercise” arranged by medical experts. It is simple and easy to do. It is easy to do in the morning and evening in the bath, during the most sleepy afternoon tea time, and when watching TV in the evening. Doing soothing head skin massage exercises, you will feel relief and relaxation, and your head skin will become healthier.

I’m tired and sleepy chewing gum

  People who drive generally have this experience: they are too sleepy when they are physically tired. And how can you keep your spirits up while driving continuously without yawning? I am afraid that many drivers can’t solve it. Some people rely on smoking, others rely on listening to the radio. Everyone doesn’t know that chewing gum is actually a good way.

  According to data from the traffic management department, fatigue driving occupies a large proportion of all traffic accidents. In the history of serious fatalities and injuries, driver fatigue driving and night accidents are the most prominent.

You can sleep so you can develop a good body

   One-third of a person’s life is asleep. A normal sleep time of 8 hours is appropriate. How to sleep well for these eight hours?

   people’s lifetime sleep time is more than 1/3 of their lives. For this reason, we all hope to have a perfect sleep, just like the perfect life we ​​hope and strive for. I hope that whenever we wake up from a dream, we feel refreshed and the sun is shining!

   However, not everyone has a perfect sleep. Sleep is an active process. Sleep is a necessary rest for restoring energy. There is a dedicated center to manage sleep and awakening. The human brain just changes its working mode during sleep. , So that the energy can be stored, which is conducive to the recovery of mental and physical strength; and proper sleep is the best rest. It is not only the basis for maintaining health and physical strength, but also a guarantee for high productivity.

  What is normal sleep?

  A sleep cycle generally lasts 90-110 minutes, and has to go through the following stages in sequence:

   is first shallow slow wave sleep, then deep slow wave sleep, and finally rapid eye movement sleep. Throughout the night, four to six sleep cycles usually go through, and each cycle is connected in turn. Healthy sleep is very important. Different stages of sleep have different functions. Slow wave sleep has the function of restoring physical strength, while rapid eye movement sleep can consolidate memory and restore energy, especially for children’s intellectual development. People of different ages need different amounts of sleep. As the age increases, the latency to fall asleep increases, the number of awakenings increases, and the amount of sleep required by the human body decreases. It is normal for the elderly to sleep an average of 6 hours a day.

  What isInsomnia?InsomniaWhat health problems can it cause?

  Insomnia refers to the occurrence and maintenance of sleep disorder, which causes the quality and quantity of sleep to not meet the physical needs of the individual, causing patients to feel insufficient energy, lack of concentration, low work efficiency and fatigue during the day.

  Insomnia may have a lot to do with the effects of depression, headaches and damage to heart function: it can induce depression; cause dizziness and headaches; and people whose sleep time is disrupted are more likely to have cardiovascular problems. A few days ago, another study proved that lack of sleep may increase the risk of diabetes.

   Measures to get rid of insomnia must be obtained

Inventory of the 10 worst places that cannibalize health

  Which places in life are the dirtiest and most harmful to health? The US “Prevention” magazine recently wrote an article for readers to summarize as follows:

  1. The worst place to put a toothbrush:

   next to the bathroom sink. The wash basin is usually next to the toilet. Chuck Goban, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, pointed out that there are 496,000 bacteria per square centimeter on the toilet. When flushing the toilet, these bacteria can be washed up to 30 centimeters away and contaminate your toothbrush. Therefore, it is best to put the toothbrush in the bathroom cabinet with door.

  2. The worst place to fall asleep:

   under the multi-layer blanket on the bed. Too hot will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Researchers have found that a normal temperature drop at night will make your body feel sleepy. Therefore, you can cover a little less and help your body dissipate heat through your hands and feet, so you can fall asleep more comfortably. The best practice is to wear socks before going to bed, keep warm to allow blood vessels to dilate, take off the socks while sleeping, and put your feet on the blanket to fall asleep.

  3. The worst place to cool food:

   refrigerator. Putting a large bowl of steaming food directly into the refrigerator will cause uneven cooling and even food poisoning, because the heat of this bowl of food will raise the temperature in the refrigerator and cause bacteria to grow. After the food is ready, it is best to cool it on the table for 1 hour, or divide it into small portions and put it in the refrigerator, so that it will cool faster.

  4. Worst seat on the plane:

   behind the cabin. If you are prone to airsickness, be sure to avoid sitting behind the aircraft cabin. The entire cabin is like a seesaw, the farther from the middle, the more bumpy it gets. Moreover, the rear of the aircraft is generally longer than the front, so the rear of the cabin is the most bumpy place. To avoid air sickness, sit as close to the wing as possible.

  5. The worst position to put the handbag:

   on the kitchen table. The bags people carry with them may be placed in various places: on buses, in restaurants, and even in public toilets, which turns your beautiful handbag into a mobile germ storage room. During the investigation, Gebain and his colleagues found that there are 65,000 bacteria per square centimeter at the bottom of the handbag, and as many as 1/3 of the handbags carry E. coli. Therefore, handbags must be kept away from food and must not be placed on the kitchen table.

Caring for the forgotten 3 parts to make you more beautiful

  Caring for the forgotten lips, eye area, hair


  Compared with other skins, the lip skin is as soft as the eye skin, and there are no sweat glands and oil secretion, so whenever the weather changes or strong wind strikes, the delicate lips will be damaged. In addition, lips without melanin are more likely to be burned by ultraviolet light and cause peeling.

  Spring Lip Care Tips

   For morning and evening care, you should carry a high-quality lip balm with you. A lip balm containing moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E is ideal. Moisturizing the lips at any time can prevent dryness and peeling. In addition to daily care, lip balm can also be used as a lip night cream before going to bed at night.

   lip mask lip care is very simple, you can use lip balm to massage the lips, then wipe off with a tissue, and then apply the lip mask. If there is no lip mask, you can replace it with an eye mask and take it off after ten minutes. Lip mask can be applied 1 to 2 times a week according to personal conditions.

  Special care If your lips are very dry and peeling, you should do special care for the lips. You can apply a lot of lip balm before going to bed, the ingredients must contain calendula or chamomile extract, these two ingredients can soothe chapped lips. Before treatment, wipe the lips with a damp towel, then wipe off the moisture, and then apply a lot of lipstick. After a week of continuous care, your lips will regain moisture.


   lip exfoliating lip scrub regularly for vermilion lip scrub, which can remove the aging dead skin on the lips, renew the skin cells, and make the lips more moisturized and healthier. The method is similar to a facial scrub. You can also use a facial scrub, but it should be gentle in nature. , The sand is fine and fine, once a week.

   around the eyes

Cooking once = smoking two packs of cigarettes?

   When the housewives presented a sumptuous and delicious meal for their families, they might have overlooked a terrible fact: kitchen fumes can cause cancer. A survey published by Shanghai not long ago found that the high-temperature oil fume that young and middle-aged women are exposed to when cooking in the kitchen for a long time increases their risk of lung cancer by 2-3 times.


Drinking milk without gargle, easy mouth ulcers

  Milk is rich in nutrients, and is often referred to as the “white blood” necessary for the human body. However, every time after drinking milk, people often feel that their throat is dry and there will be a strange smell in the mouth. Yang Hong, a dentist at Beijing Hospital, said that this is because everyone ignored the last “process”-drinking a small glass of warm water.

  Milk products will contain certain enzymes, which can dry out the mucous membranes of the throat and cause discomfort in the throat. The dry mouth provides a living environment for anaerobic bacteria, which not only speeds up the reproduction of bacteria, but also decomposes the protein in dairy products to produce gas containing sulfide odor, which leads to bad breath and other phenomena. In addition, the remaining bacteria survive in the oral cavity, which can also disrupt the acid-base balance in the oral cavity and generate dental plaque, which can cause a series of oral problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

   Many people don’t notice this little detail. They think it’s enough to brush their teeth after drinking milk, while others even go to bed after drinking milk before going to bed. In fact, these are bad habits that easily form oral diseases.

   Dr. Yang Hong said that dairy products contain certain enzymes, which can dry out the mucous membranes of the throat and cause discomfort in the throat. The dry mouth provides a living environment for anaerobic bacteria, which not only speeds up the reproduction of bacteria, but also decomposes the protein in dairy products to produce gas containing sulfide odor, which leads to bad breath and other phenomena.

   In addition, the remaining bacteria survive in the oral cavity, which can also disrupt the acid-base balance in the oral cavity and generate dental plaque, which can cause a series of oral problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

More attention should be paid to science when climbing stairs to exercise

   It seems that it has become a fashion to live on high floors and climb stairs to exercise. However, climbing stairs must also be scientific. To sum it up, it differs from person to person, do what you can, stop in moderation, and persevere.


  Climbing stairs is different from climbing mountains. Mountains are often irregular and have more chances to rest; stairs are regular, and in most cases they are steeper than hillsides and have a larger vertical angle, which consumes more energy per step on average. Someone calculates that it consumes 220 kilocalories of heat for 10 minutes to climb the stairs. There are two round trips at the height of six stories, and it runs 1500 meters horizontally relative to the land.

The effect of    in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has been recognized. According to many years of observations, residents living on the fifth or sixth floor above, walking up and down three times a day, the death rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can be reduced by 25%. Medical scientists joked that each step of the stairs can extend the life span by 4 seconds. The fitness effect is considerable.

   However, climbing stairs is not suitable for everyone. It is generally not suitable for people with severe organic diseases, difficulties in taking care of themselves, and weak physique. Middle-aged and elderly people who live on the fifth or sixth floors must do their best to climb the stairs and try to avoid rising to the highest floor in one go.

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