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What should I do with the holiday? 7 tricks get rid of bloating

In most cases, abdominal distension is due to swallowing air or eating certain foods to produce additional gases. After eating a big dinner, I feel that my abdomen is normal, but every time I have this discomfort, I have to pay attention. This may be an indication of the intestinal health and abnormal digestive function. Its root cause may be intestinal easy-to-kikin syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease, celiac, constipation, gastrointestinal paralysis or cancer.

Usually, it is possible to prevent bloating on a simple adjustment to the diet. However, everyone’s body is different. A food makes friends bloating, but you have a good thing, and vice versa. Despite this, abdominal distension has some common culprit.

The following six foods may cause bloating, and the other four help to avoid bloating.

01 Processing Food

The number of bloating the top of the abdomen is sodium, and sodium can act as water. When this happens, it will encounter bloating. Excess sodium usually comes from unhealthy packaging and processing foods such as snacks, sauce, sauce, canned soup, cooked meat and baking food, such as bread, bagels and donuts.

02 Foods with high fat

Food having a high saturation fat include baked food, processing meat and cheese. They digestive time longer than other foods. Since such food moves slower in the gastrointestinal tract, it can cause bloating. In general, it is best to limit the intake of saturated fat within 10% of the total amount of heat per day.

03 Dairy

Various forms of dairy products (including cheese, milk and ice cream) will bring trouble to some people’s stomach, because it contains The lactose is caused, and some people are difficult to digest lactose, especially for the elderly and some asian people. If you can’t give up the dairy product, try taking taking a nutrient supplement containing lactase to help the body to decompose lactose.


It is undeniable that Apple is a healthy food, but Apple’s fruit sugarThe content is very high, while excessive fruit sugar can cause bloating. In addition, Apple also contains a lot of short-chain carbohydrates (FODMAP) that is not easily absorbed, which will also cause bloating. People with IBS benefit from low FODMAP diet. In addition to apples, onions, garlic, kidney beans and cashews are also foods with high FODMAP, and IBS patients are still less.

05 Bean food

Bean food (such as tofu and lentil) causes bloating due to its dietary fiber content. Nevertheless, the saturated fat and sodium content of such foods are very low, called nutritious treasures. The satiety of the dietary fiber is strong, which maintains a smooth operation of the digestive tract and provides food for the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microorganism. Gradually increase the intake of dietary fibers to avoid bloating. 06 Crossflower Vegetables

Crossflower vegetables include cauliflower, western blue flowers, cabbage, buffet, sesame vegetables and sprockets. A large amount of eating such vegetables can cause excessive gas accumulation, causing bloating. Since the cruciferous vegetables are rich in folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin A, it is not appropriate to waste. Don’t complete this kind of food, try to remove one of them, see if the symptoms can be improved.

01 Cucumber

Crispy cucumber is mainly composed of water, it helps to discharge Excess sodium. Cucumber also contains flavonol compounds known as quercetin, and quercetin has strong anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, edible cucumber helps to reduce bloating.

02 yogurt

Yogurt is widely known due to its positive impact on intestinal health. It contains probiotics that help regulate digestive function and improve intestinal health, so it can help prevent bloating. In addition, pick up sugar-free raw yogurt when purchasing, because adding sugar will cause bloating.

03 Asparagus

The number of urinals after eating asparagus will increase, because the genomotoamide present in asparagus has the characteristics of urinary agents. Diuretics can help the body discharge salt and water, and then reduceBloating.

04 Banana

Banana helps to fight against bloating and water retention because it is high. Potassium is a mineral and electrolyte that plays an important role in adjusting the sodium in the body. Therefore, food-rich food helps to reduce water retention. In addition to bananas, other potassium-rich foods include apricots, plums and raisins.

Seven tricks, get rid of bloating

However, people are unlike indulgence diet. If this happens, it will cause bloating. Despite this, the flat abdomen is also uncomfortable. Master the following seven tricks can quickly get rid of bloating, and regain happiness. 01 Drinking

When you feel that your belly is going to explode, drinking water may be what you don’t want to do. However, drinking water can indeed alleviate bloating because it allows the digestive tract to run smoothly, which is essential to accelerate the intestinal motility, and constipation and bloating often exist.

02 Go out for a walk

After eating a big meal, it is not as good as going out to move. Take a small road to stimulate the stomach movement and reduce bloating. The gastrointestinal diseases of the Department of Heidelberg, Germany found that after a walkover, it helps accelerate the gastric emptying, 5 to 10 minutes of walking is enough to achieve the effect of mitigating bloating.

03 less drink Alcohol will slow digestion and increase water retention. Alcohol will initially increase the number of urination, eventually leading to the body dehydration. Dehydration can cause the body to absorb more water, and finally there is a feeling of stomach.

04 is far from carbonated beverage

Perhaps someone will think that drinking carbonated drinks can make abdominal distension better by inducing snoring, but this kind of drink is to give Add a gas. The bubble in the carbonated drink is the culprit. When they are trapped in their stomach, they will cause bloating.

05 cups of tea drink

In order to get rid of the bloating, you can drink thin tea or ginger tea after a meal. The mint can alleviate bloating because it helps to relax muscles that can promote gas discharge.However, if it is a patient with gastroesophageal anti-fluid (Gerd) or esophageal sputum hernia, do not drink mint tea, because it may be counterclockwise, and cause gastric acid to refract into the esophageal. On the contrary, consider drinking ginger tea, China Taiwan Chang Gung University’s medical practitioners found that drinking ginger tea helps accelerate the gastric emptying.

06 Practice a yoga

Ground yoga gestures, such as infant or cat / bovine, helps to relieve abdominal discomfort associated with bloating. Each posture is kept 5 times deep breathing (with nose to breathe, exhale with mouth), and then continue repeating until it feels alleviated. The abdomen is fully expanded at each inhalation. This helps to activate the body’s deputy-intention of the body, enter the rest and digestive mode; the gastrointestinal tract can better digest food in the calm state.

07 Avoid chewing chewing gum

Swallowing in too much air can cause flatulence and bloating. If you quickly drink carbonated or small chewing gum, additional air will enter the body. If the air is finally trapped in the colon or a small intestine, it will eventually feel bloating. Therefore, it is best not to chew the chewing gum during the holiday, so as not to “add” to the digestive tract. Data Source:

These drinking water misunderstandings, do you know?

China has a magical thing, called more hot water. Cold, drink more hot water; diarrhea, drink more hot water; scorpion, drink hot water … Say, hot water can be considered a panacea, but hot water really drink?

Hot drinks with more than 65 ° C or higher cancer

The World Health Tissue will be higher than 65 ° C hot drinks, which are listed as 2A-grade carcinogens (very likely to cause cancer). The reason is temperature. Why is this temperature to be truck at 65 ° C? Because our oral mucosa and esophageal mucosa are very sensitive to temperature.

The suitable eating temperature is at 10 ° C to 40 ° C, which can be tolerated at a high temperature of 50 ° C to 60 ° C, which can be burn the mucosa in more than 65 ° C. Like people who often drink water, coffee, tea, etc., if it is more than 65 ° C, it is easy to scald, and it will develop into an esophageal cancer. Occasionally burns, our mouth, the esophagus can be self-repair. But if you drink hot water for a long time, you may cause oral ulcers, esophageal ulcers, will also bury the hidden dangers of esophageal cancer!

Appropriate drinking hot water is good

Of course, this is not advocating that you don’t drink hot water. In fact, there are many benefits to drinking hot water. Therefore, as long as it will drink hot drink, put it a little, cool, it feels not hot.

1. Hot water helps to reduce pain. The heat of water can relieve the discomfort of the abdominal dysmenorrhea, and can improve the symptoms of cramps and spasm.

2. Drinking hot water can accelerate the blood operation, discharge the waste, accelerate the gastrointestinal motility, help the scenarius, especially in the morning, drink a warm water, which is very beneficial for constipation patients.

3. After drinking hot water, the body temperature of the body began to rise, but caused the body to be strong. When sweating, you can help your body release toxins and properly purify the body.

4. Hot water is particularly beneficial for digestive systems. Studies have shown that drinking cold water during eating or after meals can harden the oil in the body. However, if you have a hot water, you can avoid the problem of intestinal cancer. At the same time, drinking hot water can also help digest.

These drinking water mistakes should be vigilant

1. Qianli water causes cancer?

This is an example of typical throwing dosages, in fact, in nature.Really contains different concentrations of nitrite, but our drinking water is treated from water from the water plant, which has been purified. As for it, it is repeatedly boiled, and a part of the water will be evaporated, so that the concentration has risen, which is not necessary to worry. Because of the study, it is repeatedly boiled water to increase the concentration of nitrite, but the amount is particularly small, the highest value is only 0.1471mg / L, which is still much lower than the nitrite content of the national life drinking water (1mg / L). It can be seen that the general repeated heating does not significantly increase the content of nitrite in the water.

2. Can you drink overnight water?

After standing overnight, it is easy to be contaminated by bacteria and microbiological, but the nature of boiling water will not change because of overnight, so, the problem of overnight water is not overnight, as long as it is preserved, no Contaminated by dust, bacteria, etc., can be relieved to drink overnight water.

But it should be noted that the boiled water can be placed for 3 days, and don’t drink more than this time.

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