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Don’t forget about health care when traveling by car

   With the increasing number of private cars, traveling by car has quickly become a new way of traveling. In addition to keeping in mind safe driving, the following health issues should be paid attention to.

   One, eyesight fatigue.

   “Novice” driving, because the eyes always pay close attention to the road ahead, vehicles, pedestrians, etc., it is easy to cause eyesight fatigue. It is recommended that you should park your car in a safe place after a period of time, close your eyes and rest your mind for a while. If necessary, you can use 1-2 drops of eye drops.

   Second, the lumbar spine is damaged.

   Vibration occurs after the car is started, so that the driver is in a whole body vibration environment at any time. In the sitting position, the lumbar intervertebral disc bears the greatest pressure. It is recommended to avoid prolonged driving as much as possible, relax and rest for 10 minutes.

Rub your body with a towel in the bath, it’s dangerous!

  The surface of the skin is a stratum corneum composed of completely keratinized keratinocytes. The keratinocytes are formed by the continuous differentiation of basal cells and the gradual migration of the spinous layer and granular layer to the stratum corneum. The flat shape has no nucleus, and continues to disintegrate and fall off to form the so-called “dandruff”. The time of this evolution process is called the epidermal growth cycle, which takes about 3 to 4 weeks, and is also called the epidermal renewal rate.

  The stratum corneum and the epidermal lipid film formed by emulsification of surface sebum and moisture together constitute the barrier protection layer on the outermost surface of the skin, which plays a very important role.

   On the one hand, it protects various internal tissues and organs of the body from various damages in the external environment, such as mechanical damage such as friction, stretching, squeezing, and collision, and physical damage such as electric shock, light, and magneto-acoustic, acid, Chemical damage such as alkali corrosion, especially the dense stratum corneum, can prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the skin. In addition, the free fatty acids in the lipid membrane of the skin surface make the skin surface pH more acidic and inhibit the growth of many bacteria. So as to protect the body from microbial attack.

Go to bed at 10:30 and be healthy

  Good sleep can bring a healthy body, but nowadays, due to high work pressure and fast pace of life, many people’s sleep quality is not good, especially many people have become late sleepers, veritable night owls. In fact, what time to sleep is very particular about the quality of sleep.

   As the saying goes, “Go to bed early and get up early to get good health.” This has a certain scientific truth.

   When people are sleeping, their consciousness is relatively unclear, and voluntary muscle movement stops, which helps everyone recover their physical fitness and consolidate memory. Its importance is second only to breathing and heartbeat, and it is indispensable for maintaining health. With a good sleep, you can stay awake and vigorous the next day.

  The production of sleep is mainly induced by the hormone secreted by the brain-melatonin. Its secretion is very regular. During the day, the blood concentration is extremely low, and at night it will increase significantly, at 2 am-3 in the morning. The highest peak is reached at the point. With the gradual decrease of melatonin secretion, sleep gradually becomes lighter until you wake up naturally in the morning.

  It is recommended to prepare for bed before ten thirty

Go to bed at 10:30 and be healthy

  Normal sleep is composed of deep sleep and light sleep. The two appear alternately. Only deep sleep is effective sleep, which plays an important role in eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength. However, it is only Accounted for about 15%.

   people tend to get deep sleep between 0:00 and 4:00 at night. Normal adults usually enter the first deep sleep only 60 minutes after falling asleep. Therefore, we recommend that adults without sleep disorders begin preparations for bedtime before 10:30 in the evening, such as washing, relaxing, and going to bed, ensuring that they fall asleep before 11 o’clock, and enter deep sleep smoothly after 1 hour to ensure good health Sleep quality.

   insomnia therapy:

  In addition to paying attention to the time to start sleeping, the correct sleep method also includes the following points, that is, the “behavioral therapy of insomnia” that has been advocated abroad, which is simple and easy to implement, and is suitable for the treatment of various types of insomnia.

   1. Appropriate physical exercise during the day can help deepen sleep;

   2. Do not engage in non-sleep activities in bed, such as watching TV, working, thinking, reading, etc. These bad habits can cause excitement before going to bed, disrupt the normal rhythm of sleep, and cause insomnia.

Go to bed at 10:30 and be healthy

Open windows while sleeping to prevent hypoxia syndrome

   The temperature is low, people spend much time in enclosed spaces, and they don’t pay attention to ventilation. Indoor air cannot be replaced and replenished in time. Air quality decreases. In addition, people’s outdoor activities decrease in winter. , Experts call it “hypoxia syndrome.” If the hypoxia is too long, the human body may experience a series of discomforts, which may even be life-threatening in severe cases.

  According to tests, the oxygen concentration is usually about 21% in places with better oxygen. After people sleep overnight in a closed bedroom, the oxygen concentration will drop to 17%-19%, or even lower. Opening windows for ventilation is the easiest way to prevent “hypoxia syndrome”.

Open the window while sleeping to prevent hypoxia syndrome

   It should be noted that if the room temperature is too low, it is not suitable for opening the window for ventilation during the whole sleep process. You can also ventilate for a period of time before going to bed, close the window, and go to bed again. In the cold winter, in order to maintain the room temperature, many families often close their doors and windows, especially at night. In fact, this is not a good strategy.

   If people spend a long time indoors, coupled with poor ventilation, indoor air pollution is high, so winter is the season of high incidence of respiratory infections. According to the measurement, in a room of 10 square meters, if the doors and windows are closed tightly and there are 3 people reading in the room, after 3 hours, the carbon dioxide in the room will increase by 3 times. Bacteria increased 2 times.

  The dust has increased by 9 times, and more than 20 other substances have been found. Opening windows for ventilation is the simplest, cost-effective and effective way to improve indoor air cleanliness. According to research observations, when the outdoor temperature is 8℃~10℃, opening windows equivalent to 1/50 of the room area for 30 minutes can reduce the bacterial contamination rate in the indoor air by 40%; when the outside temperature is minus 3℃~9℃ , Open the same large ventilation window for 10 minutes to ventilate, the indoor bacterial pollution rate can be reduced by 65%. In addition, some elderly people tend to wear more clothes when sleeping in winter because of the cold weather.

Pay attention to waist health, beware of lumbar muscle strain

   lumbar muscle strain is one of the most common diseases in low back pain. It is a general term for chronic lumbar soft tissue pain, and some scholars call it functional low back pain. There are many causes of lumbar muscle strain. Common factors include acute lumbar sprains that fail to be treated in time and effectively, which will become chronic low back pain; long-term bending work or poor posture makes the lumbar soft tissues in a stretched state for a long time, causing low back pain; sedentary also Will cause lumbar muscle strain.

   Explain the four treatment methods of lumbar muscle strain in detail

Pay attention to waist health and beware of lumbar muscle strain

  In modern social life, there is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored, that is, with the development of science and technology, physical labor has been greatly reduced, and many jobs are no longer required to be active or standing due to the increase in science and technology. Instead of doing work, sitting for most of the time to perform operations or calculations, this will inevitably make many people sit and work for a long time.

   In addition, due to the popularization of televisions and computers, people often spend their spare time in the family sitting watching TV and playing on the computer. Activities are relatively reduced, which invisibly increases the sitting time.

   If you sit for a long time in office, study and play like this, the incidence of lumbar muscle strain will increase over time due to poor posture. Studies have shown that sitting still does not relax the waist muscles, but causes the waist muscles to be in a certain state of tension. Sitting still tends to bend over involuntarily, and bending over will increase the tension of the waist muscles.

Pay attention to waist health and beware of lumbar muscle strain

  The long-term tension of the waist muscles not only causes the waist muscles to be prone to fatigue, soreness and pain and discomfort, but also reduces the support and stability of the waist, and is susceptible to injury and acute low back pain. Chronic low back pain is more likely. In short, sedentary results will inevitably cause the incidence of lumbar muscle strain to increase.

   Lumbar muscle strain massage method

4 tips to teach you how to protect your liver

   Fatty liver is an acquired disease caused by a bad lifestyle and can be prevented. You should start from your youth, from your daily life, to develop good living habits, and to understand some popular science knowledge of self-protection of the liver. There is a sixteen-character key to liver health care: “a reasonable diet, weight control, moderate exercise, and careful use of drugs.” Doing this can not only reject fatty liver, but also prevent obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, etc. .

  1. Appropriate exercise, adhere to physical exercise every day


   can choose suitable sports according to your physical fitness, such as jogging, playing table tennis, badminton and other sports; start with a small amount of exercise, step by step, and gradually reach the appropriate amount of exercise to strengthen the consumption of body fat.

  2. Restrict diet to control high-energy, high-sugar, and high-fat diet

   First of all, heat energy must be controlled, and the goal is to lose weight to a standard weight, so that energy consumption is higher than energy intake. Eat more non-staple foods, limit staple foods, quit smoking and limit alcohol, especially fatty foods; avoid or eat less sweets, fried foods and broth, chicken soup, fish soup; avoid high-cholesterol foods such as animal organs and egg yolks to promote the body Excess fat is oxidized and consumed, which leads to weight loss.

   can also use folk medicated diet to enhance the effect of fat removal and weight loss, such as carrots, sunflower seeds, fresh hawthorn, figs, raw locust, tender lotus leaves, chrysanthemums, fresh corn, fungus, etc., have the effect of fat removal and weight loss. Any two or four kinds of them can be cooked together to remove dregs and make juice or porridge. It can be taken for breakfast, dinner and snacks.

  3. Reasonable diet Three meals a day are reasonably well-balanced

   achieves a combination of thickness and fineness, and a balanced nutrition. A sufficient amount of protein can remove fat in the liver, 80-100 grams should be consumed daily; staple foods should not be too refined and fine, and should eat more coarse grains, such as oats, corn, sweet potatoes, soy products, etc.

   These foods are extremely rich in linoleic acid, calcium, selenium, lecithin, vitamin E and more cellulose, which can reduce serum cholesterol and triglycerides, and neutralize the body due to excessive consumption of meat and eggs Excessive acid produced by the species maintains the body’s acid-base balance, and can excrete excess fat, sugar, and toxins in the intestines from the body, and has a lipid-lowering effect; ensure adequate vegetables and fruits to ensure the body’s vitamins and Food fiber requirements; fruits contain more sugar, so the consumption should be appropriate.

  4. Use drugs with caution


Danger! Don’t make the mistake of treating stroke as a “spring storm”

   In spring, as the temperature rises, the capillaries and pores of the human skin will relax significantly, and the blood circulation on the body surface will also be vigorous, and the blood flowing into the brain will be less than in winter. The decrease in oxygen supply to the brain has led to a decrease in the excitement of brain nerve cells. The human body cannot adapt to such climate changes for a while, so the “spring sleepiness” phenomenon of limpness, listlessness, and drowsiness appears. But for the elderly, the precursors of stroke often have a phenomenon similar to “spring sleepiness”, which should arouse people’s attention.


  Research found that about 70% to 80% of patients with ischemic stroke will experience sleepiness such as yawning frequently due to cerebral ischemia and hypoxia about a week before the onset. The reason is that middle-aged and elderly people, especially those suffering from hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis, narrow the lumen and decrease the elasticity of the blood vessel wall due to atherosclerosis, which reduces the amount of blood flowing to the brain.

   The brain is very sensitive to oxygen. When the brain is ischemia and hypoxia, it causes frequent yawns and drowsiness. Because yawning can reduce the pressure in the chest cavity, increase the blood volume of the upper and lower vena cava returning to the heart, increase the blood output of the heart, and improve the blood supply capacity of brain cells. However, this improvement is temporary. Therefore, frequent yawns often indicate that ischemic stroke may occur in the near future.

  Middle-aged and elderly people, especially those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, are sleepy and yawning during the day. Don’t mistake the stroke as a “spring sleepiness”. You should go to the hospital for examination in time. Diseases such as blood lipids are actively treated. The diet should be light, avoid high-fat diet, quit smoking and limit alcohol. In daily life, pay attention to maintain optimism, emotional stability, prevent excitement, and pay attention to cold and warmth. These practices have a positive effect on preventing the occurrence of ischemic stroke.

  The degree of protection against cold in spring

  Chun cover is an effective measure to prevent cold in spring, and moderate spring cover is a scientific method to maintain the body’s yang energy. Especially in the morning and at night, the clothes and quilts should be thicker and thicker, and the key point is to cover the lower part of the body. Maintaining Yang Qi can enhance resistance, avoid cold evil invasion, and effectively prevent a variety of infectious diseases. Elderly people with high blood pressure and heart disease need more protection from cold, warmth, and aphrodisiac to prevent stroke or myocardial infarction.


   However, spring cover should also have a degree of temperature. 15°C is the critical temperature for spring cover. If it exceeds 15°C, you must reduce your clothes. Don’t cover it again. If you continue to cover it, it will easily induce spring fire. In addition, the diet should pay attention to regulating liver qi, removing the spring fire, and eating more sweet and light foods, such as black rice, beans and their products; vegetables include celery, rape, carrots, etc.; fruits include chestnuts, red dates, medlars, and pineapples. Combining these foods scientifically can absorb rich nutrients, especially the multi-vitamins in vegetables, which can fully meet the needs of the liver. In addition to the degree of spring treatment and the conditioning of food and medicine, it is also necessary to nurture the spirit, control anger and nourish the liver to prevent spring fire from sprouting.

   “clean up” the body

  The human body is not only affected by toxins caused by environmental pollution, but also produces harmful substances due to bad eating habits. Health experts remind people that the waste accumulated in the body in the spring will appear “original” and harm human health. Therefore, in the coming of spring, the body should be “cleaned up” as soon as possible. “Three broomsticks” should be used well in the “cleaning” of the body——

  Physical broom mainly refers to the fiber in food. Attention should be paid to supplementing dietary fiber. Generally speaking, the content of dietary fiber in vegetables is 1% to 2%. If proper attention is paid to increasing the intake of vegetables, it can meet the human body’s need for dietary fiber and help clean up people. “Garbage” in the body.

  Chemical broom mainly refers to vitamin E and vitamin C. Because vitamin E is the most important free radical scavenger, it can prevent lipid peroxidation and prevent stroke and myocardial infarction caused by atherosclerosis. Vegetables are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, etc., which help the “chemical broom” function. The vitamin C content per 100 grams of vegetables is more than 40 mg: radish sprouts, sweet peppers, rape, cauliflower, cabbage, bitter gourd, watercress, green cauliflower, etc.

Regular exercise makes the brain smarter

   Everyone knows that regular exercise can enhance the coordination of the body and make the movements more sensitive. A study by American scientists pointed out that exercise can also improve people’s memory and concentration, make the brain more useful, and make us smarter.

   “The combination of regular aerobic exercise and complex exercise with certain skills can best exercise the brain.” Researchers say that regular aerobic exercise includes brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and yoga. And so on, these exercises can make us feel peaceful and happy, and avoid the trouble of insomnia.

   If you can insist on 4 times a week, 30-40 minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercise each time, after 16 weeks, people who have never exercised before will reduce the time to fall asleep by half, and the total sleep time will be extended by 1 hour. Improve the level of brain chemicals related to cognitive functions such as memory and attention, thereby enhancing cognitive function. Adhere to regular aerobic exercise, you can make “aura” flash when you work, and there is an endless stream of good ideas.

   has a certain technical complex sports, including ball games, jazz dance, Latin dance, etc., they need the coordination of multiple parts of the body to help exercise the brain’s control.

Teach you how to maintain your secret garden

   1. Wear cotton or at least cotton bottoms, and they must be dried. Wear boxer briefs or even no underwear when you sleep at night to let the genitals breathe fresh air. Avoid wearing tight jeans, leather pants, and hakama.

   2. Normal daily life, too tired or weakened resistance, easy to induce mold infection. Try to avoid sitting for long periods of time to reduce the chance of dampness and heat.

  3. Warm water is the best to clean the genitals. If the water is too hot, it will aggravate the inflammation. Use neutral, weak acid or soap-free cleaning products.

  4. During non-menstrual periods, after bathing, put warm water in the washbasin, drip a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice and sit in the bath for 5 minutes to prevent or improve infection.

   5. Do not irrigate the vagina with clean water or disinfectant, so as not to destroy the normal pH and flora of the vagina.

   6. Drink enough water. Drink plenty of water before sex and urinate before and after sex, which can reduce the bacteria that grow in the urethra due to sexual intercourse.

  7. Before sex, both of them must wash their genitals to prevent bacteria from the anus from being brought to the vagina or urethra during sex.


   Su Dongpo, who is famous for his poems, actually has his own unique insights into health preservation. He once said in “The Health Care Miscellaneous Notes”: “Long livelihood and clear urine.” This view has been universally recognized by experts in Chinese medicine.

   Zhou Shaohu, chief physician of the Urology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explained that because urine is responsible for the task of excreting metabolites, clear urine often means normal metabolism and good health.

   When talking about “Qing”, Zhou Shaohu pointed out that there are two meanings here. First, as an adjective, “Qing” is used to describe the characteristics of urine, which means “clear and not turbid”; second, as a verb, it means to remove impurities and discharge smoothly. So, how to keep urinating “clear”?

   First of all, drink plenty of water appropriately, because once there is less urine, it is equivalent to the boat running out of water, and the metabolites are stranded in the human body, causing harm to the human body. Therefore, the average person should drink about 2000 ml/day of water every day, and those suffering from stones should drink more and keep it at 2500-3000 ml/day to keep flushing the bladder and reduce the irritation of toxic substances in the urine to the bladder.

  Secondly, empty urine regularly. Whether it’s because of being fun, or because of objective reasons such as meetings, people often refuse to go to the toilet or can’t go to the toilet, especially men, it is easy to get prostatitis. Because holding back the urine will not only increase the residence time of the poison, but also increase the pressure in the bladder.

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