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Six dangerous goods must be moved out of the house, otherwise they will easily harm the child

  Some seemingly harmless things in life may pose potential dangers to children. Recently, a number of emergency department experts in the United States have summed up “six items that should not be kept at home” to remind parents to pay attention.

  Button battery. Dr. David Sisson, a medical director in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States and a pediatric emergency expert, reminded that many car remote controls, portable LED lights and other devices are powered by button batteries. The button battery is easily stuffed into the mouth by the little guy as something to eat. Once stuck in the esophagus, the acid in the battery will easily burn the esophagus and cause lifelong injuries. Therefore, try not to buy toys with button batteries. Keep the button batteries at home away and don’t let your children play with them at will.

  High pressure water gun and telescopic ladder. Dr. Seth Podolski, deputy director of the Institute of Emergency Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, reminded that the water column shot by the high-pressure water gun is very easy to accidentally injure children. Most children love to climb and are very interested in ladders. However, if there is no adult present or improper protective measures, the child is likely to fall from a height and be injured, which is particularly likely to cause serious accidental injuries such as head trauma and collapse of the lungs of the child.

  Expired painkillers. Dr. Ferdinando Mirage, chief physician of the Emergency Medicine Department of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, reminded that expired painkillers (especially narcotic painkillers) should be discarded in time. Once ingested by children, it can easily lead to excessive amounts of hydrocodone and oxycodone, leading to accidents, even casualties. One sustained-release painkiller can kill a child.

  Simulation toy gun. Amy Baxter, a pediatric emergency specialist at the Atlanta Children’s Health Hospital, said that many children, especially boys, like to dance knives and guns, and love toy guns. However, some high-simulation toy guns are extremely dangerous. The rubber bullets or marbles fired by the toy gun have certain lethality and are easy to injure themselves or others.

Using a washing machine to wash underwear, the consequences are so terrible

  Toilet, doorknob, bathtub, these seemingly dirty places, you can think of cleaning up at any time.

   But there are still some things in life that people think are clean, but they are true “bacterial homes” that may threaten health, but you haven’t noticed them.

  1. Clothes washed with underwear

Using the washing machine to wash underwear, the consequences are so horrible

   A worn underwear can leave on the washing machine 1 100 million E. coli-equivalent to about 0.1 grams of excrement, and stay on it for several weeks.

  Using detergent is useless, and ordinary hot water cannot be sterilized, because the bacteria is more resistant to heat than other intestinal bacteria. It can still be heated at 55°C for 60 minutes or 60°C for 15 minutes. Some bacteria survive; they can even survive for weeks to months in natural water.

   boiling water can effectively kill E. coli, but it is impossible to pour boiling water into the washing machine, which may cause damage.

   So the best way is to wash underwear by hand. Dissolve a neutral lotion (such as soap powder or soap) in 30-40°C warm water for washing. Avoid using detergent because its residual irritation is too irritating. Strong.

  2. New clothes

   Many people are used to eagerly waiting to put on after buying new clothes. According to a survey, only 22.8% of people wash new clothes after they buy it. Among them, close to 61% said they would wash personal clothes, and 8.24% said they would not wash any clothes.

   Never do this again next time!

   Dr. Philip Tierno of New York University Microbiology found skin flora, feces and respiratory secretions on clothes purchased from a store. In addition, there are formaldehyde and NPE (nonyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether) on the new clothes.

   Remember to wash your new clothes with hot water after buying them home. And remember to wash your hands after shopping.

  3. When drinking a drinkLemonslice

  Lemon has antibacterial properties, But the slice of lemon that decorates the cup when you drink the drink contains bacteria.

A study published by    in the journal “Environmental Health” investigated 21 restaurants and found that 70% of the lemon decorations on the cup contained pathogenic microorganisms. New York University has conducted a survey and detected human feces on half of lemon decorations.

   These are all due to improper handling by employees, which caused lemons to be contaminated with uncooked raw meat.

  4. Car windshield

   Most people wash their cars as a face-saving project. The outside is bright and bright, and the inside is rubbed two at will or even just ignore . As everyone knows, the inside of the car is where the dirt is really hidden!

  Research shows that there are more than ten kinds of common bacteria in the car, such as mold, pneumococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and so on. A sample of researchers from Arizona State University found that a type of bacteria on the windshield can cause severe pneumonia.

   formaldehyde can be used because of its antibacterial properties. But pay attention to adequate ventilation in the car after disinfection to avoid excessive inhalation of formaldehyde by the human body.

  5. Car dashboard

   Except for the windshield, the dashboard is the second most common part of the car’s bacteria, with the highest number of bacteria on it To amazing.

   You need to wipe it with disinfectant once a week, and the corners can be cleaned with cotton swabs.

  6. Contact lens case

  34% of the contact lens cases are covered with Serratia and Staphylococcus aureus, well, more than 10 Ten thousand bacteria. This may cause inflammation of the cornea and even blindness.

Keeping a thing on the bedside of the bedroom will reduce your life

   Since the popularization of smart phones, more and more people have become screen-swiping people. No matter where they are, they have to take out their phones and swipe them to be at ease. Even when they go to bed, they hold their phones until they get tired. Just throw it at the head of the bed. However, putting a mobile phone at the bedside can harm your health.


Youth men's mobile phone, bed, turn off the lights, night light, vision, eyes_28256331_xl

These 5 kinds of food packaging are blacklisted by nutrition experts

   exquisite shapes, fashionable pictures, and now even the design of fast food, takeaway packaging boxes, and wrapping paper is becoming more and more exquisite and more fancy. It’s just these beautiful packaging that not only harms the environment, but may also cause serious health problems.

   The latest research in the United States shows that plasticizers in fast food packaging can severely interfere with human body secretion, may damage the health of the reproductive system and cause infertility, and may increase the risk of autism The risk of asthma. “Life Times” interviewed authoritative experts to reveal the true face of the “packaging killer” lurking around you.

  Interviewed expert: Fan Zhihong, associate professor of the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University

  reproductive health suffers first p>

   The experiment conducted by the Milken Institute of Public Health in the United States is the first study to analyze the relationship between fast food consumption and phthalate exposure. The study’s first author and assistant professor, Dr. Amei Zota, said: “Phthalates are associated with many serious health problems.” Phthalates are plasticizers, mainly used in polyvinyl chloride. (PVC) material, it can make hard plastic become soft and elastic.

  In daily life, it has its shadow in hundreds of plastic products such as toys, food packaging materials, medical blood bags and hoses, detergents, and personal care products. Many foods can cause phthalates to dissolve and penetrate into the food during the process of processing, heating, packaging, and serving.

   A study by the US Department of Environmental Protection found that phthalates can cause liver tissue cancer; it can also interfere with human endocrine, and long-term exposure can affect reproductive health. Grains and meat are the most important contributors to the dissolution of phthalates, and the risk of using fast food boxes to contain rice, noodles or meat is higher.

   In the fast-paced modern life, fast food and takeaway are becoming increasingly popular. The “Special Research Report on China’s Internet Food Delivery Market 2015” shows that in 2014, the transaction scale of China’s Internet food delivery market exceeded 15 billion yuan, and the order size reached 370 million. When people can enjoy convenient and delicious food without leaving their homes and without having to open a fire, they are likely to have swallowed phthalates due to their lunch boxes.

  5 kinds of packaging hide fatal hazards

  Packaging is the “coat” of food. Once a problem occurs, food safety will also be threatened. It can be said that food packaging is as important as food quality.

  Research shows that more than 4,000 chemicals have been found on food packaging materials. If food packaging is used improperly or fake or inferior, its health risks are equally fatal.

  1 disposable tableware

  Data show that my country consumes about 15 billion disposable lunch boxes every year, and half of them are unqualified.

What should I do if my hair is too oily? Can I remove the oil with rice water?

   Once too much oil is added to the vegetable, it will become greasy when it is fried. The same goes for the hair. Once the fat metabolism is abnormal, the hair will become oily. People with oily hair can try washing with rice water.

youth female hair  Hair loss and bifurcation surprise_19729070_xxl

   This method comes from the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, which is a common method used by ancients in hairdressing. The main reason is that Taomi Shui has the functions of clearing heat and cooling blood, removing dirt and removing dirt. The method of use is: first pay attention to putting the rice wash water in a container to ferment for two or three days before using it for shampooing. Soak the hair in the basin as much as possible, including the roots, so that the scalp and hair roots are fully in contact with the fermented Use your fingers to massage your scalp continuously to let the Taomi water fully moisturize your hair. After washing, rinse with clean warm water once or twice.

  The oil-removing effect of Taomi Water can also be used in our daily lives, for example, it can be used to wash dishes and clean grease stains in the kitchen.

I have this kind of chopsticks at home, throw them away

  Theoretically, bamboo and wooden chopsticks should be replaced every 3 to 6 months. Chopsticks that are more than 6 months old may breed aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is classified as a category 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization. After entering the human body, it is stored in the liver most (5-15 times that of other tissues and organs), so it causes the most damage to the liver.

   Although aflatoxin is indeed a part of the cause of liver cancer, the premise is that it needs to reach a certain dose, so there is no need to be too nervous. Of course, in order to reduce this part of the risk, it should be replaced or disinfected regularly and kept hygienic to prevent diseases from entering the mouth. How to tell if the chopsticks should be changed? “Life Times” interviewed experts to teach you a few tricks.

  Experts interviewed

   Researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety, China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Huo Junsheng

  Duan Weihong, Director of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Rocket Army General Hospital


  Luo Yunbo, Dean of the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University

  Xu Wei, member of the Heilongjiang Health Management Society

  In these three cases, change your chopsticks quickly

  1 Chopsticks discoloration and mildew

   After 3-6 months of use, the color of the head of the chopsticks will darken, even if Careful brushing is still the same, this is the color change caused by the long-term accumulation of bacteria.

   Before eating, you should carefully observe whether there are spots on the surface of the chopsticks, especially whether there are mildew spots. If there are spots on the chopsticks that are not in the natural color of bamboo or wood, they are probably moldy and cannot be used. Chopsticks that have been discolored and mildewed are likely to have “aflatoxin”, and it is best to replace them as soon as possible.

  2Scratches, abrasion

  Whether it is bamboo chopsticks or wooden chopsticks, in order to prolong the service life, manufacturers generally apply a layer on the surface of the chopsticks Edible lacquer-raw lacquer, so that the surface of the chopsticks is not easy to be attached to bacteria.

   But if the chopsticks are used for too long, the lacquer on the surface will fall off or be damaged. In addition, the process of frequent use and scrubbing will leave deep and shallow scars on the chopsticks, making the surface of the chopsticks rough and easy to cause Microorganism remains and breeds.

   Therefore, if scratches, wear or deformation of chopsticks are found, they must be replaced in time.

  3 peculiar smell

   The chopsticks are bent or deformed, look damp or smell sour, which are signs of contamination or expiration. continue to use.

  What does a pair of healthy chopsticks look like

  1 Material: bamboo chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks are more hygienic

  Bamboo chopsticks are made of natural materials and are not easily deformed. Considering safety, hygiene and price, bamboo chopsticks are the best choice.

   stainless steel chopsticks are more hygienic. However, the current quality of stainless steel chopsticks is uneven. If the quality is not good, heavy metals may precipitate. Avoid long-term contact with vinegar and salt during use. Do not use cleaning balls or strong acids and alkalis for cleaning, which may cause heavy metals to leach out.

   Although the surface of metal chopsticks is also worn out, it is not easy to hide dirt.

   In addition, there are many melamine chopsticks on the market, which look similar to plastic. If they are cleaned, the chance of bacteria breeding is small, but you must look for the QS logo when buying, and beware of using urea resin. Counterfeit and inferior products that are not heat resistant and easily release carcinogen formaldehyde.

  2 colors: the best choice of primary color

   When buying chopsticks, no matter what the material, the most taboo pattern, colorful or uneven surface, It is best to choose chopsticks with primary colors (no color or painting) and one-piece (smooth, non-marked, and non-carved).

  This is because the color chopsticks may also cause harmful residues during the dyeing process. Once the pigments fall off and are eaten by mistake, it is not healthy; the uneven surface will hide dirt and become bacteria and molds. Hotbed.

  3 lacquered chopsticks are better than “naked color”

   Many people think that “naked color” chopsticks are hygienic and environmentally friendly. In fact, if you don’t apply a layer of lacquer, the chopsticks will more easily absorb water, wear and crack, leaving food residues in the crevices and bacteria breeding.

   and painted with lacquer, it is like putting a layer of “protective film” on the chopsticks, which can be waterproof.

  3 ways to help you extend the “life” of chopsticks

  1. Do not bite chopsticks when eating

  If the head of the chopsticks is bitten, the grooves on the surface will be stained with many residues, greasy and other dirt. If it is not cleaned, various bacteria and germs will multiply. For example, Helicobacter pylori is the easiest to spread on the chopsticks. Cause gastroenteritis.

  2. Don’t fry food with chopsticks for eating

   Bamboo and wood chopsticks will be carbonized and blackened after frying, the hardness will become poor, and it will be easy to mold and fall off. Residues, hidden dirt and dirt, and lacquered chopsticks contain heavy metals such as lead and chromium, which may have the risk of heavy metal poisoning and carcinogenesis after frying.

  3. Avoid acidic and alkaline cleaning fluids

  Clean the chopsticks, do not use alkaline or acidic cleaning fluids such as baking soda, citric acid, etc. to avoid injury The surface of the chopsticks makes the outer waterproof paint peel off.

  Cleaning chopsticks like this will make the chopsticks dirty more and more

   Many people wash their chopsticks at home very “outrageously”, washing them under the tap and rubbing them , And then insert it into the chopstick holder to wash it. Experts pointed out that in this washing method, chopsticks may not be thoroughly washed, and bacteria will quickly grow.

  It is recommended to clean the chopsticks as follows, once every two weeks:

   Soak the chopsticks in dish soap for a few minutes, and then rinse them with running water;

   put in Disinfect and dry in the disinfection cupboard, or soak the chopsticks in boiling water for about 10 minutes, and drain the water;

Fengyou essence is a “double-edged sword” and has magical effects and taboos

  Wind oil essence is a must-have medicine when going out at home in summer. Many people use it to refresh their minds, repel mosquitoes and relieve itching. In addition, Fengyoujing also has other magical effects, which can treat a variety of diseases, which are inseparable from the ingredients of Fengyoujing. It is also these ingredients that cause the taboo in the use of Fengyoujing.

  The main ingredients of Fengyoujing areMenthol oil, eucalyptus oil,ClovePowder,Camphor, essential oils, etc. In use, it can treat abdominal pain, burns, Athlete’s foot,mouth ulcers etc.

  1. Treat abdominal pain. The peppermint oil and clove powder in Fengyoujing can relieve nausea and vomiting and improve digestion. Put a small amount of Fengyoujing in the belly button and stick a tape to relieve cold and relieve pain. This method is suitable for cold abdominal pain caused by blowing air-conditioning, overeating and cold drinks in summer.

  2. Treat burns. The eucalyptus oil and camphor in the essential ingredients of wind oil have antiseptic and antiseptic effects. Camphor can also produce a cool feeling and has a mild local anesthetic effect. For mild burns with a small area, you can apply Fengyoujing directly on the affected area; if the wound is ulcerated, apply a little Fengyoujing before applying the ointment, which can have an obvious pain relief effect and is not prone to infection.

  3. Treat athlete’s foot. The camphor in Fengyoujing has a strong inhibitory effect on Trichophyton rubrum, so it can be used to treat athlete’s foot. After washing the feet for external use, apply a cotton swab moistened with wind oil to the skin with athlete’s foot, 1-2 times a day, for about a week, you can see obvious improvement.

  4. Treat oral ulcers. Clove powder is pungent and warm, ventilates blood, can cure suppurative ulcers that do not heal for a long time. After brushing your teeth, apply a little Fengyoujing on the affected area 2-3 times a day to promote wound healing.

  In addition, Fengyoujing can relieve sore throat, anal itching, prickly heatand many other symptoms. Although it has many magical effects, there are still people taboos.

What should I do if my thermometer breaks? What are the hazards of mercury

  The chemical name of mercury is mercury. It is a heavy metal. Clinically, cases of mercury poisoning are very common. In fact, mercury can be seen everywhere in our lives. For example, all kinds of fluorescent lamps contain mercury; some thermos bottles have outer walls to reduce heat radiation. Coated with mercury. So, what are the hazards of mercury?

  Experts pointed out that mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. Once the articles containing it are broken, the mercury will evaporate. Moreover, its adsorption is particularly good. Mercury vapor is easily absorbed by walls and clothing, and becomes a source of continuous air pollution. Although a small amount of inhalation will not cause too much harm to the body, long-term inhalation of large amounts can cause mercury poisoning. Mercury poisoning is divided into two types: acute and chronic: acute poisoning has symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and hematuria; chronic poisoning mainly manifests as oral inflammation, muscle tremor, and mental disorders.

   So, how can we avoid the harm of mercury? Use these items as little as possible. In addition, if the above items are broken, they need to be handled in the correct way to avoid endangering health.

The thermometer is sick and has a fever  _31199848_xxl

  1. Consult a doctor if you accidentally take mercury

   If mercury-containing items such as blood pressure monitors and thermometers are broken, there is mercury Leakage should be dealt with immediately and can be sealed with water to prevent the volatilization of mercury and open the windows to maintain good ventilation. There are also people who accidentally bite the thermometer when taking the body temperature with the mouth watch and swallow the mercury. Although the amount is small, it can cause stomatitis and acute gastroenteritis after taking it, showing oral erosion, ulcers, abdominal pain, Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., should be sent to the doctor in time, and you can drink some egg white or milk after rinsing your mouth before the first aid.

  2. Sprinkle sulfur powder on the ground with mercury

Can’t hold tea bags or coffee in the thermos?

  With the rising awareness of environmental protection, more and more people are used to carrying a thermos mug when going out! However, recently there has been a widespread rumors on the Internet: “You cannot make tea, coffee, juice, or milk in the vacuum flask. Otherwise, the stainless steel on the inner wall of the vacuum flask will be eroded, causing heavy metals to be released and affecting human health.” The argument has caused panic among netizens. Is the above statement true or false? Let’s listen to what the toxicologist says!

  How much do you know about the structure of the vacuum flask? Vacuum + corrosion-resistant stainless steel achieves its goal

   In response to the doubts of the outside world, Dr. Yang Zhenchang, director of the Department of Clinical Toxicology and Occupational Medicine at Taipei Veterans General Hospital, said that when discussing whether the above-mentioned drinks are available Before releasing toxins, let’s take a look at the main components of the thermos.

   Generally speaking, the regular insulation cup is mainly made of stainless steel inner and outer walls, coupled with a double-layer vacuum structure, in order to truly exert its proper insulation function. The reason why stainless steel is called “stainless” is mainly because stainless steel must be fired with a certain amount of “chromium” during the manufacturing process. When chromium comes into contact with the air and oxygen in the environment, it will form a special “chromium oxide” film, thereby preventing the possibility of rust and heavy metal release.

   Therefore, compared with ordinary steel, the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of stainless steel are relatively higher. It is also because of the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of stainless steel that it is widely used in pots and pans in daily necessities, naturally including the inner and outer walls of the thermos.

  Where these drinks are NG in the thermos? The doctor’s statement is made public.

   After understanding the structure of the vacuum flask, I can discuss one by one. Is the vacuum flask really only capable of holding water? Just like Internet rumors, tea, tea, Coffee, juice, milk and other beverages are not suitable? Let Dr. Yang Zhenchang explain to us one by one.

  Q1/Insulation cup should not be put into tea, coffee, otherwise its rich tannins will cause stainless steel to oxidize and deteriorate, and even release heavy metals in the insulation cup?

   In this regard, Dr. Yang Zhenchang pointed out that during the brewing process of tea and coffee, tannins will be gradually released as they are placed and the brewing time is lengthened. Affect its flavor.

   But the effect of tannic acid is nothing more than that. In fact, tannic acid, which has an acid in its name and belongs to polyphenols, is actually a type of tannic acid with significant physiological effects in plant tissues. The alkaline substance of nitrogen is not an acidic component that is known to be corrosive to the outside world.

   Therefore, it is naturally impossible to cause acid corrosion of stainless steel, not to mention that the corrosion resistance of stainless steel with good quality and unweared surface is quite high. If it is not for high concentration of strong acid, it is impossible to cause it. Spoiled. In fact, what the public should worry about is whether there are any doubts about the presence of excessive pesticides and heavy metals in the soil during the tea planting process.

  Q2/Fried traditional Chinese medicine contains a lot of acidic substances, which can easily cause corrosion of the stainless steel inner wall of the vacuum flask, which will affect the health of the drinker?

   Dr. Yang Zhenchang emphasized that the first thing to clarify is that not all Chinese medicines contain acidic substances. And as explained before, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel with good quality and unweared surface is quite high; if it is not for high concentration of strong acid, it is impossible to cause it to suffer acid corrosion, let alone the Chinese medicine decoction that the human body can drink. In fact, the traditional Chinese medicine in a thermos cup only has problems such as easy adhesion of color, residual odor, and difficulty in cleaning, and there is no health concern.

  Q3/It is not recommended to put juice in the vacuum flask, especially the acidic fruits of lemon and orange, to prevent the inner wall from being corroded?

  As mentioned above, as long as it is not a high concentration of strong acid, it will not damage stainless steel. Therefore, even concentrated fruit juices and drinks are safe to put in the thermos. The only thing to note is that since the juice is sweet and rich in carbohydrates, it is best to drink it fresh within 30 minutes of opening; or put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible to prevent the growth of microorganisms and bacteria and spoilage. .

  Q4/It is not recommended to hold hot milk in the thermos cup, so that it will not cause microorganisms and bacteria to multiply and decay quickly under the condition of insulation?

   Dr. Yang Zhenchang pointed out that, in fact, whether it is hot milk or iced milk, nutrient-rich dairy products have always been a favorite food for bacteria and microorganisms. Once the storage environment temperature is between 20°C and 30°C (de-icing, cooling), it will easily lead to deterioration, and may cause gastroenteritis after drinking. Therefore, it is recommended that whether it is hot milk or iced milk, it is better to drink it as soon as possible after brewing and pouring, which is more secure.

  Q5 / Carbonated beverages in a thermos cup are even worse, fearing that the inner wall of the brewed bottle will corrode and harm your health?

   As for soda, cola and other carbonated drinks, is it appropriate to put in a vacuum flask? In fact, the weak acidity of carbonated beverages will not harm stainless steel. However, it should be reminded that due to the presence of bubbles in carbonated beverages, it is recommended that when pouring into the thermos cup, it is best not to fill it up and leave a certain gap to avoid a large amount of bubbling when it is opened.

  Extend the use period! The thermos cup is kept clean and safe in this way

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