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The seasoning is unprofitable in plastic bottles

  Some people often use the beverage bottle as a condiment bottle for vinegar after drinking. This approach looks like waste reuse, but in fact it is harmful to health.

  Professor Lin Lirong from the Department of Chemistry, Xiamen University pointed out that plastic products will slowly release toxic substances when they encounter acids, which harm the human body and are not easily detected by people, so they must not be used for a long time.


   Most of the beverage bottles are plastic products, mainly made of materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene and added with a variety of organic solvents. These two materials, polyethylene and polypropylene, are non-toxic and tasteless, and are safe for the human body when used for filling beverages. However, once polyethylene is corroded by high temperature or acid, it will slowly dissolve and release organic solvents, which will cause harm to human body.

Five great ways to help you disinfect the cutting board

  The commonly used disinfection methods for cutting boards are as follows:

  sunlight disinfection


  Ultraviolet rays in the sun have the effect of killing bacteria. When the cutting board is not in use, it should be exposed to the sun. This will not only kill the bacteria, but also make the cutting board dry and reduce the growth of germs.

   washing, ironing and disinfecting

   First use a hard brush and clean water to clean the surface and crevices of the cutting board, and then rinse it with 100°C boiling water.

  Salt disinfection

   Every time after using the cutting board, scrape off the residue on the surface of the board with a knife, and sprinkle a layer of salt on the surface of the board every 6 to 7 days, which can sterilize and prevent the cutting board from cracking.

   vinegar disinfection

  The cutting board where the fish has been cut, just sprinkle some vinegar, put it in the sun to dry, and then rinse it with clean water, there will be no fishy smell.

Six magic methods to use wind oil for health care

Because of its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, cooling and relieving itching,    wind oil essence is a good health medicine for home and travel. In recent years, it has been found to have new uses through scientific research and clinical verification.

  1. Treating abdominal pain: Put a few drops of Fengyoujing on the belly button (Shenque point), and cover it with dampness analgesic ointment or ordinary tape, which can relieve cold and relieve pain. This method is particularly effective for cold abdominal pain caused by cold, overeating and cold drinks.


  2. Treatment of burns: For small-scale mild burns, Fengyoujing is applied directly on the burned area, once every three to four hours. This method has obvious effect on relieving pain from burns, and it is not easy to cause infection, no scabs, and no scars after healing.

  3. Treatment of athlete’s foot: Wash the feet with warm water and wipe them dry. If there are blisters, use acupuncture needles to pierce them, then absorb them with cotton wool, and then use Fengyoujing once or twice a day Rub the affected area, usually within three to five days.

  4. Treatment of mouth ulcers: After brushing your teeth and gargle, apply wind oil to the affected area twice a day. If you apply it again before going to bed, the effect will be better.

afraid! Cell phone “kills” fertility

  In the era of more and more developed communication facilities, mobile phones have become the most important tool for people to communicate with each other. Scientists have found that men who often carry and use mobile phones can reduce their sperm count by as much as 30%, reducing their fertility.

   Standby also has “lethality”

  Studies have shown that men who wear cellphones on their belts or put them in their trouser pockets face the greatest danger. Men who frequently use cellphones will have nearly 30% less sperm, and many of the remaining sperm will also appear abnormal. Activities to further reduce fertility.

   Dr. Fejes from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of Szeged in Hungary said in a research report: “Continuous use of mobile phones may have an adverse effect on sperm production and male fertility, reducing sperm concentration and motility.”

  The damage mechanism has not yet been solved

   Different from previous research results, this time the researcher believes that mobile phones can also cause damage when they are in standby mode. Although the mobile phone is not in use, it will continuously emit signals to keep in touch with the nearest radio pole.

   Previous research has always assumed that these launches are too short to cause damage. But the researcher said that the relevant conclusions still need to be further confirmed, and to find out the reason and mechanism of cell phone damage to sperm.

   has only been in existence for 15 years and is difficult to confirm

Use a lot of mouthwash to make you “tasteless”

  According to relevant experts, mouthwashes can be divided into two categories: health care and treatment. However, whether it is a health-care or therapeutic mouthwash, there will be some precautions in use. If it is not used in large quantities for a long time under the guidance of a doctor, it may cause oral flora imbalance.

  Some mouthwashes contain chlorhexidine gluconate. This substance easily affects the oral mucosa, thickens the oral mucosa, reduces the taste of the taste buds, not only damages the taste, but also inhibits the secretion of saliva and causes dry mouth.

   It’s best not to use mouthwash too frequently, and don’t think that it’s better for everyone to gargle directly. In fact, for healthy people, you should rinse your mouth with clean water first, and keep the water in your mouth. Agitate the cheeks and lips so that the clean water can fully contact the teeth and gums in the oral cavity, and use water to repeatedly wash all parts of the oral cavity.

Toothpaste is stored for too long, it will be poisoned if you use it carefully

  Research found that many chemical substances contained in toothpaste, such as foaming agents, friction agents, adhesives, fragrances, antiseptic and antibacterial drugs, etc., chemically react after storage for a certain period of time, which not only causes toothpaste to deteriorate, but also reduces toothpaste The effect of decontamination and cleaning. Generally speaking, the shelf life of toothpaste is 10 months, beyond this period, it is very easy to deteriorate. Some people with allergies can also cause allergic reactions after using spoiled drug toothpaste.

LCD monitor radiation is small?

   Many people are accustomed to putting mobile phone chargers on the bedside at will. In fact, the radiation of mobile phone chargers is very large. Long-term storage is harmful to the human body. To prevent electromagnetic radiation, other electrical appliances should not be placed in the bedroom. .

  Electromagnetic radiation is different from electromagnetic pollution. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. Only when electromagnetic radiation exceeds a certain intensity, will it cause headaches, insomnia, memory loss, decreased vision, increased or decreased blood pressure, etc., serious It may cause miscarriage, cataracts, and even cancer in some people.


  Studies have confirmed that magnetic fields increase the risk of children getting cancer, and starting from 2mG (milligauss), the risk begins to double. In fact, you have been exposed to radiation pollution by staying in a place where the magnetic field exceeds 1mG for a long time. In fact, the data measured at home is much higher than this number.

  Mobile phone charger: keep a distance with it

   Low-voltage power supplies with transformers generally have a very high magnetic field. It can be measured above 300mG at the wiring location, but it drops below 1mG immediately after a distance of only 30 cm. The magnetic field of the transformer on the socket of mobile phone chargers and portable radios is also high, so keep a distance to ensure safety.

  Computer: LCD monitors have less radiation

   If your computer desk is too small, forcing you to be too close to the screen, you might as well set the display back as far as possible. Of course, if you change to a liquid crystal display, the radiation will be quite small. As for the computer mainframe, it is easy for most people to ignore and often place it on the side of the leg to facilitate the insertion of the disk.

  The magnetic field in front of the main unit can exceed 4mG, and the higher the magnetic field is, the farther it can be, the farther it can be. There are often a pile of wires and transformers under the computer desk. Keep your feet as far away as possible.

  Refrigerator: absorb the dust on the heat pipe


Don’t let toys “cannibalize” your child’s health

  Everyone in modern children is happy. Every child has many toys, but toys can be infected with germs if they play for a long time. Researchers have detected pathogenic microorganisms such as Escherichia coli and hepatitis B virus in toys, which are more polluted than clothes, bedding, and tableware. Therefore, children’s toys should be disinfected regularly.

  Toys are classified according to the raw materials they are manufactured, and there are several categories such as plastic, cloth, metal, and wood. Some plastic toys contain polyvinyl chloride, and polyvinyl chloride is a very toxic compound that can cause varying degrees of harm to the liver and bones of children.

  The surface of wooden toys is often coated with various colored paints, and these paints also contain some harmful substances. If a child puts these toys in his mouth to suck or bite, once the colored paint falls off, the paint film or paint will slowly be taken into the body through the mouth, which may cause chronic poisoning over time.

   plush toys are a “good place” for hiding dirt and dirt. Bacteria will not only spread to children’s hands, but also spread to the body through the nasal cavity, causing respiratory diseases.

   toys are children’s favorite “playmates”. They come into direct contact with children every day, and children generally chew on toys, so children’s toys should be disinfected frequently. Different disinfection methods should be used for toys of different textures. Here are some simple and effective methods:

  ⒈Plastic toys can be diluted and soaked with soapy water, disinfectant washing powder, bleaching powder, etc., rinsed with clean water, and dried with a cleaning cloth or dried in the sun.

  ⒉Cloth and plush toys can be placed in the sun directly for disinfection.

  ⒊Moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, non-fading wooden toys can be washed in soapy water and dried.

  ◎As toys are often exposed to the outside, they are easy to get bacteria, especially some stuffed toys have no outer packaging, and the customers who come to pick them will get dirty after a few touches. Therefore, toys that have just been bought or played frequently should be cleaned and disinfected to ensure the safety of children.

  ◎Some plush toys are filled with black cotton, and because these fillings contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, children can easily cause tears and erythema after contact with them. In severe cases, they can also induce skin diseases or other infectious diseases. . Some black cotton contains germs, and children are easily infected with diseases. Once such toys are found, they must be removed in time.

The razor is 125 times dirty than the toilet lid

  We live with bacteria, and bacteria are almost everywhere in our lives!

   For a long time, we have thought that the place with the most bacteria should be the toilet, which is the dirtiest thing in the world. In fact, a recent inspection found that the toilet lid is relatively clean. The dirtiest thing in the world is a razor, followed by masks, toothbrushes, pillow cases, and safety helmets. And the toilet lid contains the lowest number of bacteria, which can be said to be shocking!

   This test uses an ATP cold light instrument to test the ten items most frequently touched by the human body, such as toilet lids, puffs, razors, towels, toothbrushes, masks, microphones, pillow cases, safety helmets, and computer keyboards. Wait for a bacterial count test.

   It was found that men’s razors had the highest bacterial count, at over 1.2 million, which was 125 times dirty than the toilet lid; the mask contained 300,000 bacteria, which was 31 times that of the toilet lid; the toothbrush was 250,000. Every time you brush your teeth, it is like swallowing 20 bacteria in the toilet cover; people think that the dirtiest and most smelly toilet cover has the lowest bacterial count, only 100,000; followed by the mouth and the rest are pillowcases and safety helmets in order. , Towel, microphone, computer keyboard, powder puff.

   The razor tested this time is the simplest style, because the blade is often easy to adhere to possible food residues, and because it is placed in a damp bathroom, it is easy to adhere to a large number of bacteria. In addition, if it is not cleaned for a long time, the bacteria will naturally breed quickly.

   Everyone knows that brushing your teeth regularly can keep your mouth healthy and avoid tooth decay. In order to keep your mouth clean, you brush your teeth every day. But people rarely replace toothbrushes, some even use a toothbrush for a year. There may be many people who think that the toothbrush used to bloom means that it can be replaced with a new one. However, the dentist said that you must not do this, otherwise the toothbrush placed in your mouth will breed bacteria. Not only are there food residues in it, there are terrible bacteria squirming inside!

  Take a toothbrush that has been used for a year as an example. The bristles on the outer surface of such a toothbrush have turned out, and the white bristles have also turned gray. Scrape the object from the top and place it under the microscope. The top is covered with small round bacteria. Constantly squirming on the ground.

Don’t use the tissue in your trouser pocket for too long!

  Women often put some toilet paper in their pockets in case of emergency. However, this habit is best to get rid of, because putting the toilet paper directly in your pocket is easy to contaminate bacteria and may cause vaginitis after use.

   Putting toilet paper in the pocket for a few days is one of the risk factors for unmarried girls to get gynecological inflammation.

  When adolescent women first came to menstruation, because of the shyness of the girl and the dim understanding of menstruation, they often did not understand or pay attention to menstrual hygiene. They abused unclean toilet paper in a panic, causing the perineum to be contaminated with unclean toilet paper and germs. Taking the opportunity to breed and attack, cause vaginitis.

   If you leave toilet paper in your trouser pocket or bag, and “ears and temples” with cash, keys and other items all day long, the bacteria on toilet paper is unimaginable. Pay special attention to the toilet paper used by women, or take it when you use it. If you want to put it in a bag or pocket, you must use a bag of paper towels to protect it.

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