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Choose a pillow and pay attention to 4 criteria

  A kind of pillow that many people are using is the rectangular flat pillow. Although this pillow has a long history and looks practical and generous, it does not meet the physiological requirements of the human body. Long-term use will destroy the physiological curvature of the human cervical spine. .

   usually feels like this: when I wake up, I suddenly find that my neck is so stiff that I can’t move, my whole body is sore and sore. Isn’t it a night’s sleep? Why do you get tired more and more sleep? Similar experience, then you need to carefully check whether your pillow conforms to the physiological curvature of the human neck.

  1. The problem on the pillow:The cervical spine is located at the uppermost part of the human spine, wrapped in the neck, and consists of 7 vertebrae. The so-called physiological arc is a smooth, forward-facing arc formed by these 7 vertebrae. The function of the pillow is to maintain this normal physiological curve. How to maintain a normal physiological curvature depends on whether you are really clear about the choice of pillow height, softness and hardness.

  2. Pillow height:This also varies from person to person. Although there is an old saying that “sit back and relax”, it is not actually that the higher the pillow, the better. Because the pillow is too high, no matter what posture you sleep, it will affect your sleep. It will not maintain the normal curvature of the cervical spine, but will go backwards, which will increase the burden of the cervical spine and may also cause stiff neck. Similarly, a pillow that is too low is not good, because a pillow that is too low will congest the head and easily cause swelling of the eyelids and face.

   Generally speaking, our sleeping position is divided into three types: supine, side-lying and prone. It is best to choose a pillow that can maintain the normal physiological curvature of the neck regardless of whether it is sleeping on the back or on the side. Adults should have a pillow height of 15-20 cm when lying on their back and about 20-15 cm when sleeping on their side.

Selection of cling film

   At present, the cling film sold on the market can be divided into three categories from the perspective of raw materials: the first category is polyethylene, which is mainly used for packaging fruits and vegetables; the second category is polyvinylidene chloride, Mainly used for the packaging of some cooked food and other products; the third category is polyvinyl chloride.

   Polyethylene and polyvinylidene chloride cling film are relatively safe to humans, but polyvinyl chloride has a certain impact on human health.

   is classified according to use, cling film is roughly divided into two categories: one is ordinary cling film, suitable for refrigerator preservation; the other is used for refrigerator preservation, can also be used for microwave heating.

  The latter kind of cling film is far superior to ordinary cling film in terms of heat resistance and non-toxicity. Generally speaking, if the plastic wrap is used correctly, the food can be kept fresh for about a week at room temperature.

One comb in hand, I have health

   I am a medical worker and have passed the retirement age, but the hospital leaders have repeatedly kept me. In addition to considering my medical skills and ethics, it is also because I have a healthy body and a clear mind. My experience of keeping in good health is: I have a comb in my hand, and I have health.

   1. To be physically and mentally healthy, you need to start from the “head”    As early as the Sui Dynasty, the famous doctor Chao Yuanfang clearly pointed out that combing the hair has the effect of smoothing blood vessels, expelling wind and dampness, and making hair not white. Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, also had a deep understanding of combing hair to promote sleep. He once said: “Comb hair more than a hundred, spread out, sleep until dawn.” Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the meridians are all over the body, the upper and lower parts of the human body, the upper and lower parts of the body, the interconnection of the viscera The reconciliation of blood depends on the conduction of these meridians.

  Modern medical research shows that the head is where the five senses and central nervous system are located. Frequent combing of the hair can strengthen the friction and stimulation of the head and face, dredge blood vessels, improve blood circulation in the head, and nourish the hair. Black hair is moisturized, and the roots are firm. Prevents hair loss; can also improve ears and eyesight, relieve headaches, and prevent colds; can promote blood supply to the brain and cranial nerves, help lower blood pressure, prevent cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases; can invigorate the brain, relieve fatigue, and prevent brain aging , Delay the brain aging, help the recovery of stroke sequelae.

   In addition, combing hair is good for mental health. The uncombed hair and the unwashed face are unkempt and unkempt, which gives people the feeling of frizz and psychological disharmony; the combed hair is smooth and beautiful, and it gives people the feeling of being ironed and organized, stable and peaceful, and also In other words, comb your hair to create a “good mood”. Therefore, to be healthy physically and mentally, we need to start from the “scratch”.

  2. Combing your hair regularly, keeping your mind and body healthy.    There are so many benefits of combing your hair. Each of us must not only develop the good habit of combing our hair every day, but also have a certain pattern. The ancients’ method of “three combs a day” is worth learning.

   After getting up in the morning and washing, use 10 minutes to comb your hair. Back and forth, comb forward and backward, from forehead to neck “comb” without leaking; from light to heavy, from slow to fast, eyes are slightly closed, calm mind, not thinking about other things, concentrate on combing. Stimulate the scalp and acupuncture points, the scalp will feel slightly numb and painful, and will feel relaxed and comfortable. After combing the hair, bathe the face with both hands, pull the ears and grasp the neck, so that the blood flow of the whole head is unblocked.

  After lunch, use another 10 minutes to comb your hair. Repeat the method in the morning. You don’t need to bathe your face, pull your ears and scratch your neck, but you need to reactivate the blood of the head and stimulate the head acupuncture points.    Before going to bed at night, comb your hair for 10 minutes. Including bathing the face, pulling the ears and grasping the neck, so that the acupoints on the head can be stimulated and activated more effectively. Move slowly and slowly, close your eyes tightly, and put aside all distracting thoughts. Head massage before going to bed can improve the quality of sleep.

   The health care of combing hair still needs to pay attention to methods. Experts believe that when combing your hair, you should comb your hair from your forehead to the back of your head, then from left to right, from right to left, then lower your head and comb from the back of the hairline to the front.

   It is required to make the root of the hair perpendicular to the scalp when combing, so as not to damage the hair follicles and damage the pore tissue. Generally, comb your hair for about 10 minutes each time, which is about a hundred. Do not use too much force when combing, as long as the comb teeth lightly touch the scalp. For dry hair, you may wish to heavier it when combing. If it is oily hair, do not use force, otherwise it will stimulate the oil glands to secrete more oil.

  3. There are many patterns of combs and a lot of knowledge.    The comb for combing hair is very important to clean or not. Many scalp diseases are transmitted through combs. Because the dirt remains on the comb for a long time, chemical changes will occur, so the comb should be washed frequently. In terms of the craftsmanship of the comb, a good comb feels good, the teeth and tips of the teeth are smooth and delicate, and do not damage the scalp, hair follicles, and hair roots. The materials of the combs have their own merits. Good quality combs are made of pure natural materials such as high-quality horns, boxwood, peach wood, sandalwood, etc., without static electricity and no chemical hazards.

  According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “The horns are sour and salty, cool and non-toxic.” The use of a corner comb will not generate static electricity. Combing the hair with a corner comb several times in the morning every day can promote blood circulation when massaging the scalp and head nerves, and its pharmacological properties will also penetrate into the human body invisibly. Massage the head with a corner comb at night. Its “cooling blood and detoxification” pharmacological properties can relax the tension and fatigue of the day.

   Regular use of angle combs can effectively reduce and eliminate hair loss, hair breakage, and dandruff. Long-term use can eliminate headaches and other head diseases, make you clear-headed, refreshed, and quick-thinking.

Health tips: 6 things that are often exposed to the sun

  Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The American “Network Doctor of Medicine” pointed out that the following 6 items should be exposed to the sun frequently.
  1, towel. Towels are generally placed in the bathroom. Due to the lack of air circulation, it is difficult to dry them thoroughly and it is easy for germs to grow. Therefore, towels should be washed and often taken outdoors for “sunbathing” disinfection.
  2, wipes. Wipes accumulate large amounts of bacteria due to contact with dirt. If they are not disinfected, the wiped area can be “dirty”. Therefore, the rag should be taken out from time to time to dry it, and most of the bacteria can be eliminated. In addition, rags have to be replaced frequently.
  3, pillow core. In summer, the head is prone to sweating, and the pillow core can easily become a place to hide germs. After drying, the pillow core is not only soft and odorless, but also more comfortable to sleep, which can improve the quality of sleep.
  4, basin, bucket. Various basins and barrels used in bathrooms and kitchens will accumulate dirt after a long period of time. Therefore, basins and barrels should also be exposed to the sun frequently.
   5. Shopping bags. This is the most neglected sanitary corner. Long-term use will stain various food residues and dirt, creating a good growth environment for bacteria. So shopping bags should be cleaned regularly and sterilized by sunlight.
  6, slippers. Family slippers, especially those used by guests, are prone to bacteria and cross-infection due to foot disease. Therefore, slippers should also be washed and exposed to the sun.

There are many hidden dangers in fashionable women’s shoes

   high heels. After putting on high heels, the toes of the human body will be increased and squeezed, so that the strength of the ankles and knees will increase accordingly. The waist and abdomen must be pushed forward to maintain balance, which will easily cause the waist and hip muscles and ligaments to strain; Too high heels also cause the center of gravity to move forward, and the focus is mainly on the forefoot. Wearing for a long time will accelerate the degeneration of the joints, and even cause valgus and bunions. Suggestion: 2-3 cm heel is enough to make people look tall and energetic.

   platform shoes. When a person is walking, the heel, big toe, and calf will form three fulcrums, making the walk easy and stable. Wearing thick-soled “muffin shoes” changes the normal center of gravity of the human body, causing the arch of the foot to lose the stable function of walking, and it is easy to cripple the feet. It also affects the development of the bones and joints of young girls, causing arch deformities and causing chronic periosteum. Strain and loss of calcium lead to fractures.

  Recommendation: The thickness of the sole should be controlled within 6 cm; walking should be stable, and it is not suitable to engage in strenuous activities such as climbing and running.

   pointed toe shoes. The toe of the pointed-toed shoes is narrow and flat, and there are defects in the design, and it is easy to wear the feet for a long time. The squeezing of the toes may cause the “transverse arch” and “middle arch” of the foot to collapse and sink muscles, and even lead to toe deformation, hallux valgus, and toe overlap. Long-term wear can also cause plantar fibers, The thickening of fat and the growth of “corns” can cause severe deformation of the foot bones and damage the knee joints and spine, especially for women under 23 years of age.

How to choose a children’s toothbrush

  How to help children choose toothbrushes? Don’t just choose the ones that are marked as “for children”! To take care of the baby’s facade, choose the right way according to the age of the child.

   About 90% of 6-year-old children in China suffer from tooth decay. Children under 12 years old have an average of 4.2 cavities per person. In order to reduce the incidence of dental caries in young children, doctors suggest that you should pay attention to your baby’s oral hygiene from the age of 0, and you should use a special toothbrush for children from the age of 2 to take good dental care from an early age.

  The three most important stages of children’s tooth growth are: toddlers from 2 to 4 years old, preschool children from 5 to 7 years old, and school-age children over 8 years old. These three stages are different due to the growth of teeth. It is recommended to choose toothbrushes designed for different ages to care for the teeth of young children.

   In the past, when parents buy toothbrushes for children at home, they used to choose special toothbrushes for children. However, due to the different hand muscle development of toddlers, preschool and school-age children, the growth of teeth is different, so you should have The concept of age-based use requires different toothbrushes for different ages.

  2 to 4 years old

   Babies in this period often drink milk from a bottle, and they are most prone to bottle caries. They are in the early stage of tooth development and their palms and mouth are small. For the first brushing, it is recommended to choose a narrow brush head that is easy to penetrate into the child’s mouth while holding The handle is also thicker, allowing young children with underdeveloped muscles to grasp it.

  5 to 7 years old

   The first permanent tooth has already grown when I was 6 years old, so pay special attention to tooth cleaning. It is recommended to choose a toothbrush with cup bristles. The edge of the bristles should be soft, which can completely surround each tooth to achieve thorough cleaning, and the power bristles can help clean the molars and help clean the back teeth deeply.

Inappropriate bra straps are harmful to health

   The results of a study published by the British “Daily Mail” showed that only 29% of women chose the right bra with the right cups and straps. In fact, whether a bra is comfortable or not often depends on the shoulder straps. If the shoulder strap is too tight or too loose, it will cause back pain.

   thin shoulders. The shoulder muscles are not thick, and the clavicle and scapula are obvious. When choosing a bra, you can choose a design with the shoulder straps slightly on the outside, and the shoulder strap width is narrower. In addition, you can also choose the shoulder strap design in the middle position to stabilize the breast lifting force. It should be noted that the shoulder strap should be close to the upper chest, and there should be no gap between the strap and the body.

   thick shoulders. The shoulders are moderately curved and the muscles are thick. Such women should choose wide shoulder straps and have good elasticity. The shoulder straps are best placed in the center or on the inside. The shoulder straps on the outside are easy to slip off and the chest will appear loose. For women with thick shoulders, a 3/4 or full cup bra with a wide band has the best effect.

Which chopsticks are the healthiest for three meals a day?

  Chopsticks are one of the important channels for the spread of bacteria

   chopsticks were called chopsticks in ancient times, and the ancient book “Han Feizi•Yu Lao” contained: “The old man was an elephant chopstick, and the Jizibu”. King Zhou was the monarch of the late Shang Dynasty. It can be seen that chopsticks made of ivory appeared in my country as early as the 11th century BC. China is the birthplace of chopsticks, and the customs of chopsticks in North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries are all introduced from China.

   In real life, most families use chopsticks together when eating, and the method of cleaning chopsticks is incorrect. If you use such chopsticks for a long time, you will easily get digestive tract diseases, such as hepatitis, dysentery, and acute gastrointestinal diseases. Yan etc.

  Data show that nearly 50% of the human body contains Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach problems, and most of these bacteria are transmitted by families. Chopsticks are one of the important channels of transmission.

  Various materials, which chopsticks are the healthiest?

   A dazzling array of chopsticks, blue, red, carved, painted, blue and white porcelain, cartoon, alien, do you want to own it? But after buying it back, most of the chopsticks are just As a collection, I occasionally take it out to take a look and play with it. So, what kind of chopsticks are the healthiest, most suitable, and most qualified to accompany us for three meals a day?

   One, the best choice-bamboo chopsticks

   When we choose chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks are the first and best choice. It is non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly, and it is also the cheapest of all chopsticks. Bamboo chopsticks of good quality will not be deformed even in high temperature.

   Second, second choice-natural wooden chopsticks

  Wooden chopsticks? Many chopsticks are made of wood. They are all wooden chopsticks. Can they all be used? Of course not! I recommend natural wooden chopsticks. On the contrary, those painted wooden chopsticks are the least recommended for everyone to use.

   Third, I don’t recommend everyone to use it-color lacquered chopsticks

The chopsticks made of    color lacquer are very beautiful, and their shapes have changed a lot, but it is precisely these beautiful chopsticks that I least recommend to use in daily life. Because the heavy metals, lead, organic solvent benzene and other substances in the paint will cause many unknown hidden dangers to the body and affect health.

   Fourth, don’t try to be cheap, throw it away-plastic chopsticks

   plastic chopsticks, a bag of 20 pairs, 10 yuan? It sounds, it looks very cheap? The most important thing is that the color is bright, and there are many choices. Only the color can distinguish the chopsticks and flowers of the owner and the guest. Put the green one in the cupboard, kind-hearted and pleasing to the eye. However, the texture of plastic chopsticks is relatively brittle, and it is easy to deform and melt after being heated, and produce harmful substances to the body. Are you still willing to continue to use it?

  5. Different style chopsticks——silver chopsticks, ceramic chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks

  Silver chopsticks, ceramic chopsticks with a Chinese taste, and Korean stainless steel chopsticks that have become popular in recent years with the popularity of Korean food. They all look good, but they are a bit heavy to use and feel not very good. , Especially for children and the elderly. Moreover, it has strong thermal conductivity, and it is easy to burn the lips when eating overheated food. Ceramic chopsticks are fragile and can’t help but be touched. They are not recommended as common tableware.

  How to wash chopsticks to reduce bacteria and viruses?

No mosquito coil is completely non-toxic to the human body

   Beijing Consumers Association announced the results of comparison tests of 30 kinds of mosquito coil products. All the tested items of 25 kinds of samples met national standards, accounting for 83.3% of the total number of samples; among them, four kinds of mosquito coils with false labeling of “components” seriously misled consumers . The comparative test results show that no mosquito coil is completely non-toxic to the human body. Experts remind consumers to use mosquito coil products sparingly, and families with infants or pregnant women should not use insecticides such as mosquito coils.

  The “duration” of the two mosquito coils did not meet the national standard

  The national standard stipulates that “continuous ignition time is ≥7 hours, and it must not be extinguished in the middle.” The 5-double-disc smokeless black mosquito coil samples of the “Mosquito Enemy” brand produced by Lixian Jili Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. in Lixian County, Hebei Province have a continuous ignition time of 9 hours, and the actual measurement is 5 hours and 10 minutes. The “Ansu” brand electric mosquito repellent sample with a net content of 42 ml produced by Tianjin Asi Chemical Co., Ltd. was exhausted before the indicated use time, and the efficacy test could not be carried out. The product has a stated use time of 720 hours, but the liquid medicine has been exhausted after 672 hours of actual use, which did not meet the requirements of the national standard.

  Four kinds of mosquito-repellent incense “ingredients”

   In this comparative test, there were 4 samples with insufficient active ingredient content or other pesticides pretending to be packaging to indicate pesticides, including 1 electric mosquito coil and 3 disc mosquito coils. Among them, the measured values ​​of active ingredients in two samples are lower than the stated values, namely: “Quan Wudi” brand 45ml×2 bottles of electric mosquito repellent liquid produced by Jiangsu Johnson Tongda Co., Ltd.; produced by Anhui Zhengfeng Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. “Chun Frog” brand mosquito coils with 10 single plates.

   The active ingredients in the two samples were not detected. They are: Jinjiang Jintong Mosquito-repellent Incense Co., Ltd. produced “Golden Tong” brand with a net content of 175 grams, 5 double-pan smokeless mosquito coils, and Lixian Jili, Hebei “Mosquito Enemy” brand 5 pairs of smokeless black mosquito coils produced by Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

  A double-disc smokeless mosquito coil without label

   In this comparative test, the “Mosquito Enemy” brand 5 double-disc smokeless black mosquito coils had no product implementation standard number, production date and shelf life, or product batch number and expiration date, and product quality inspection certificate.

Do you know the role of each ingredient in shampoo?

   admit it, three thousand troubles affect your emotions. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. According to a Dove hair care survey, one in four women has missed an activity because of a mess of hair. Eighty-eight percent of women said that a hair can make them confident. Therefore, for many women, choosing shampoo on the shelf is more serious than buying toothpaste and cotton swabs.

  Is the shampoo the only difference in the packaging?

   According to a survey conducted by the British Mintyre Market Research Company in 2008, half of the adults found that the variety of shampoos and conditioners was dazzling. As the leading shampoo category, Pantene has 14 series with different effects as the theme, with a total of 113 products. It is not difficult to see that the shampoo shelves are crowded with different shampoo products, making people wonder where to start.

   Is this good news? Among these various products, most of them are simply different in packaging. Paula Began, a writer for, said: “All shampoo products are basically a cleanser. Only the first 5 to 6 ingredients affect the effect of the shampoo formula.” If you take a quick look at some The ingredients on the shampoo label, you will soon find that all the top ten ingredients on the label look almost the same.

   But what are these ingredients and what do they do? Let’s break down the ingredients written on the back of the shampoo bottle.

  Ingredients on the shampoo bottle:

  1. Water.

   This basic ingredient is as high as 80% in a bottle of shampoo. If there is not enough water, these bubbles of liquid cannot be poured out of the bottle.

  2. Surfactant.

   is basically a cleaning agent. This additive has the greatest effect. It dissolves the dirt and grease around it. Then clean water can rinse them off. Ingredients like ammonium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate are more easily accepted by sensitive scalp than sodium lauryl sulfate. There are rumors that these chemical components can cause cancer, which is completely nonsense. Although surfactants are irritating, the concentration of ingredients in the shampoo is not high and will not cause any actual harm. Unless you have sensitive skin or you insist on pouring a few gallons of shampoo into your eyes regularly, surfactants will not cause any problems. All shampoos sold today contain conditioners, which can compensate for the peeling properties of surfactants. So you can safely wash your hair every day.

  3. Foaming agent.

  Ingredients such as cocoamide and cocamidopropyl betaine can bring rich foam. These foams complete the entire experience of washing hair. However, foam is only an aesthetic need. A cosmetic chemist at the Cosmetech Research Institute, Nikita Wilson, said, “Foam has nothing to do with the efficacy of shampoo. Manufacturers add foaming agents to shampoos to meet customer expectations.”

  4. An acidic component.

   Your shampoo label says ingredients such as sodium citrate or citric acid. These ingredients are added to maintain the proper pH of the shampoo. The acidic PH value interacts with the slight negative charge on the hair to help the hair cuticle, which is the layer on the surface of the hair, to keep the surface smooth and flat.

  5. Silicone resin.

  Such as simethicone, or any substance ending in “one”. These polymers form a thin protective film on the hair. They help the hair smooth and increase the gloss of the hair.

  6. Polyquaternium.

   is very similar to fabric softener. It can form a layer of fat-like conditioner to drive away static electricity and make hair easier to manage. It also thickens the shampoo formula, which makes it easier to pour out.

  7. Panthenol, fatty alcohol and nut oil.

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