Food | Is your method of heating milk the right way?

  ●Uneven microwave oven, cooking in a pot, easy to paste the bottom, the most convenient to heat and water

  Interviewed expert: Hu Changli, Ph.D., Key Laboratory of Functional Dairy Products, China Agricultural University

   Some people often ask, how do I heat up cold milk if I’m not used to drinking cold milk? In this issue, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of common milk heating methods and precautions for your reference.

   microwave heating. This heating method is the fastest and has a higher risk. It is easy to cause uneven heating of the milk, and it is easy to scald if you don’t pay attention when drinking it. From a nutritional point of view, local overheating will destroy the nutrients in milk. If you choose microwave heating, you must set the firepower and time parameters in advance. It is recommended to use medium heat or low heat, and heat it in two to three times, that is, take it out after heating each time, shake it evenly, and reheat it until the milk is warm. Not hot. It should be reminded that this method should not be used directly if the milk package does not indicate the words “may be heated in a microwave oven”. The milk must be poured into a container dedicated to the microwave oven before heating.

   Cook in a pot. Many people like to use this method, but accidentally boils the pot, or pastes a layer on the bottom and wall of the pot, causing nutrient loss. Here is a method to teach everyone-“cook-open”: observe the milk changes while boiling, turn off the heat immediately when the first “bubbles” appear; keep stirring during the cooking process, and do not stir the bubbles; heat Not too big, just medium heat. This method is relatively troublesome to operate, and the temperature of the milk after heating is high, so it cannot be directly drunk. The advantage is that it can effectively kill the bacteria and is especially suitable for heating the leftover milk that has not been drunk at one time.

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