Mother and baby | Loved as a child, armor for a lifetime

   enhance the sense of security, enhance the sense of belonging, and gain a sense of happiness

  U.S. Certified Positive Discipline Parent Lecturer, Senior Family Education Instructor Lu Dandan

   Children cannot grow up without the nourishment of parental love. A child who is wrapped in love has a sense of belonging and a sense of value, a healthier and more mature mentality, breeds love and strength, and becomes his lifetime armor.

   was loved since childhood, life is complete. A child who lacks love is easy to be vulnerable and sensitive, and only seeks survival, not development, all his life. Children who have been loved since childhood will receive a lot of understanding, company and support from their parents, and they will feel the love and kindness of the world. For them, the world itself is complete, there is no need to seek and seek hard, as long as they grow freely.

   Being loved since childhood will make children fearless. As children grow up, they will inevitably experience setbacks. At this time, the parents’ understanding and support will help the child recover from setbacks and learn. This is the first dependence that the child gets from his family, and it is also the initial condition for establishing a sense of security. When the child’s sense of security increases, the outcome of the matter becomes less important to him, because he knows that his home is always the back where he can safely retreat. Therefore, he will dare to challenge and try, let go and pursue a more exciting life. This is vital to the growth of children. The child who lacks love dare not make mistakes, dare not challenge, dare not fail, because he is afraid of being criticized and scolded, and worried that his family will not be able to give him enough strength to overcome failure.

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