Pediatrician: Don’t always ask who your child likes

   Zhang Silai, former director of pediatrics, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

   When you were a kid, did your parents give you this multiple-choice question: “Do you like father or mother, grandpa or grandma?” This question is difficult for children to answer, even if adults are asked. It also takes a lot of thought.

   If a child says that he likes one person based on his own feelings, the other person may be upset and will be “condemned.” If a child is told to say that he likes another person against his will, it is actually to make him tell lies. Children will think that not only will they not be criticized for telling lies, but they will also be praised and even rewarded. This has planted a seed of dishonesty in their young minds.

  Children will not fully understand the minds of adults, will not consider problems from the standpoint of others, but will only look at and analyze problems based on perceptual knowledge. Parents should guide their children correctly.

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