Massaging your legs during menopause can prevent lower limbs from aging

  When women reach menopause, due to the reduction of estrogen, especially in the 5 years after menopause, they will lose 3% to 5% of bone density every year. After 5 years, the bone density may be reduced by 25%, so there may be bone mass. The problem of looseness. Back pain is the earliest symptom of osteoporosis, which is often confined to a certain part and may spread throughout the body.

   For women with menopause or ovariectomized menopause, the problem of osteoporosis is mainly related to the sudden decrease in estrogen synthesis. At this time, the activity of osteoclasts in women’s body increases, the activity of osteoblasts decreases, and the amount of synthetic bone decreases. Western medicine often recommends supplementing soy isoflavones or estrogen. Soybeans are also rich in protein and estrogen, which can help prevent osteoporosis.

   Chinese medicine believes that the kidney governs the bones, and the nourishment of kidney qi comes from the spleen and stomach. After the spleen and stomach complete the digestion of food, the large intestine absorbs water and calcium and other salt substances from the residue. Only through the operation of the body can it enter the bone marrow and increase bone mass. Therefore, regulation of spleen and stomach functions and strengthening of kidney qi will contribute to the enhancement of bone quality.

   Menopausal women can massage their legs more often, because there are spleen meridians, stomach meridians, and kidney meridians on the upper legs, which can promote qi and blood flow and improve circulation of the lower limbs; press the Yongquan point in the heart of the feet to nourish kidney water , The function of reducing yin and fire, and can relieve the nerves. Before and after the massage, if you soak your feet in warm water at a temperature of about 38°C to 40°C for 15 minutes, it will help regulate the blood qi of the body and prevent the aging of the lower limbs.

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