Always hot and cold in the body

  Beijing Geriatrics Hospital Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Director Li Fangling Dr. Li Jinhui

   Is there often such a situation around me: in the same place, under the same temperature, some people wear sweaters and scarves, while others wear short sleeves, which seem very uncoordinated. After the winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, but some people always feel hot and dry. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, I always feel that the dryness and heat may be caused by body cold.

   Chinese medicine believes that cold belongs to yin and heat belongs to yang, and the body’s excess cold pathogens can make the yin and yang qi incompatible. The yin and cold live alone in the body, isolating yang and heat from the body. The ice cellars are average and belong to the “True Winter Holiday Heat”. Such people will have a hot head but no burning sensation in the limbs, chest and abdomen, dry mouth and like to drink warm water. Similar to this, there is “high heat and low cold”, which manifests as sweating on the head or chest, dry mouth and cold drink, sores on the mouth and tongue, but the lower body is very afraid of cold, so I put on long trousers early. In fact, these are caused by kidney yang deficiency. Kidney Yang is the root of Yang Qi, like a stove in life, living underneath and warming the whole body. The highest position of the head and face, the most difficult to be moisturized by water, easy to get angry, and symptoms of dry eyes, dry mouth, and dry throat appear, showing a kind of “hot”. Although the disease is on the top, it is caused by the deficiency of the kidney yang in the lower part of the body.

   How to deal with “True Winter Holiday Heat” and “Upper Hot and Lower Cold”? 1. Qingshang warms down, ignites fire and returns to Yuan. It is recommended to take Jiaotai Pills (Coptidis 6g + Cinnamon 1g). Coptidis can reduce the fire, and cinnamon can induce fire and return to the origin. It is suitable for upset, insomnia and oral ulcers caused by inflammation of the heart. You can also take Zuojin Pills (Coptis 6g + Evodiae 1g). Coptidis has the effect of clearing liver fire. Evodia can cause fire down. It is suitable for acid reflux, stomachache, toothache, high blood pressure caused by liver fire invading the stomach and stomach fire. Problems such as dizziness. At the same time, you can also grind the fine powder of Evodia japonicus (1 g) with vinegar (appropriate amount), mix well, and apply the Yongquan acupoint. This method also has the effect of igniting the fire. 2. Adhere to warm water to soak your feet every day. It is recommended to add some safflower, wormwood and other herbs that warm the meridian and dispel cold and activate blood in the water. 3. Pay attention to a balanced diet, avoid overeating spicy, fatty, sweet, and fried foods, and appropriate amount of seafood; use herbal medicine instead of tea for syndrome differentiation, and recommend a prescription: appropriate amount of wolfberry and chrysanthemum, and make tea. The effect of this side on supplementing the lower qing is very good.

   In addition, some people may not have the problem of cold-heat disorder, but they still feel hot and dry. This situation may be related to emotions, and it should be treated with happy and refreshing methods. Usually, you can press more acupoints such as Shaochong and Shenmen, and you can choose Yangxin Decoction (Astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, Zhigancao, Suanzaoren, Baiziren, etc.) for decoction, but it is best to consult a doctor before using it. constitution.

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