Cod liver oil, best to eat in the morning

   Song Xiaohong, Deputy Chief Physician of Pediatrics Department, Northwest Women’s and Children’s Hospital

   Cod liver oil is the common name for vitamin AD. Newborn babies grow fast, and it is difficult to meet the intake of vitamin A and vitamin D under normal feeding, and additional cod liver oil needs to be supplemented. So, how to eat cod liver oil and how to maximize its effect? Let’s talk about it today.

   Vitamin A, which is rich in cod liver oil, is an essential substance for human growth and development. Vitamin A deficiency can cause skin roughness, corneal softening, and night blindness. Supplementing cod liver oil in an appropriate amount can prevent vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin D can effectively promote the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and other substances, promote bone growth, and prevent rickets. It is especially necessary for infants and young children in the period of rapid growth and development to supplement vitamin D in time. Cod liver oil also contains unsaturated fatty acids, which are important nutrients for brain nerve vitality and can promote intellectual development.

   Generally speaking, it is recommended to start cod liver oil supplementation for babies who are 14 days old, and it can be added one week after the birth of premature babies. Take 1 capsule a day until you are 2 to 3 years old. There is also a relatively suitable time to eat cod liver oil. 1. Eat with calcium. When taking calcium, you can add cod liver oil to eat together, which can better help calcium absorption. If you do not take calcium, you can also feed it alone, or eat it with milk and meals. 2. Eat in the morning. Cod liver oil is relatively better to eat in the morning. At this time, the baby is full of energy. It is the time when the day’s physical activity starts, and the nutrients can be quickly absorbed by the body. In addition, the baby is mostly outdoors at this time, and the sun can also help the body to supplement vitamin D to a certain extent.

  Many parents have questions, do babies need to take cod liver oil when they are often in the sun? In fact, sun exposure is a natural way to supplement vitamin D, but to obtain sufficient vitamin D, many conditions need to be met. For example, the sun should be sufficient, the area of ​​the child’s exposed skin should be large enough, and the time in the sun should be long enough. These conditions are restricted and affected by the season, climate and living habits, so it is not as convenient as oral cod liver oil. Moreover, the baby’s skin is delicate and prolonged exposure to the sun may cause damage to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to vitamin D supplementation while basking in the sun to ensure that the intake is up to standard.

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