Dry eyes in winter, remember the “four nos”

   Entering winter, the climate is dry and windy. Do you have dry eyes, soreness, and blurred vision? According to the Economic Daily-China Economic Net Health Channel, the dry temperature and high indoor temperature in winter can easily accelerate the evaporation of tears, which can cause dry eyes and tearing symptoms. In addition, if you surf the Internet for a long time, play with your mobile phone, it is more likely to aggravate eye discomfort. What factors are likely to cause dry eyes? Below, Economic Daily-Health Channel of China Economic Net will summarize and organize for you.

  Don’t overplay with electronic products

   Nowadays there are frequent “head-down families” in the streets and alleys. Many people are highly concentrated when using computers, mobile phones and other devices, and the number of blinks is significantly reduced. Over time, tears will evaporate too quickly and the metabolism of tears will be delayed, which can easily induce dry eye. According to a “winter white-collar dry eye syndrome” survey, 88.89% of the white-collar workers involved said they had dry eye symptoms, and 66.66% had their eyes rested after using the computer for more than 2 hours.

  Don’t rely too much on eye drops

  Long-term use of eye drops to moisturize the eyes, be careful that the more you drop the eye, the more it gets drier, because most eye drops on the market contain preservatives, which will destroy the tear film on the eye surface. If you use antibiotic eye drops, eye drops On the one hand, the antibiotic ingredients will destroy the normal ocular surface structure, and on the other hand, it will cause the normal eye flora to be imbalanced, the eye’s anti-infection ability will be weakened, and dry eye will be aggravated.

  Don’t wear contact lenses for a long time

   Wearing contact lenses will slow down the metabolism of tear fluid between the contact lenses and the eyes. Contact lenses may also attach airborne bacteria, dust and other particles to irritate the eyes, so it may also induce or aggravate dry eye. Ophthalmologists say that about two out of ten contact lens wearers will have dry eyes. Experts pointed out that some contact lenses on the market have high moisture content, but the higher the moisture content of the lens, the stronger the water absorption, and the dry eyes will become more serious.

  Don’t stay in an air-conditioned room for too long

   Staying in a heated or air-conditioned room for a long time in winter, because the room is dry, tears evaporate faster, and it is more likely to induce dry eyes. Therefore, do not stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time in winter. You can also use a hot towel to apply your eyes. Remember to turn on a humidifier in a heated room. It is best to wear a windshield when you go out, especially if you don’t stay up late and use your eyes regularly. Life habits.

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