The calf is most likely to deposit dampness and cold

   Some people often have cold, swollen, painful and numb calves in winter. Even in summer, their legs do not feel warm and their feet are even more afraid of cold. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is all insidious in the body. The ancient medical work “Huangdi Neijing” called “yin toxin” a pathogenic factor, which often turned into cold, dampness, and blood stasis in the body. Chen Zhongjie, MD, deputy chief physician of the Department of Pain at the Acupuncture Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that because the yin toxins tend to go downwards, they are easy to deposit in the yin parts, so the calf is the hardest hit area for yin toxins.

   Chinese medicine believes that everything that is moving, extroverted, rising, warm, and bright belongs to yang; relatively static, inward, falling, cold, and dark belong to yin. The yin and yang of the viscera and meridians of the human body are also different. In general, the head belongs to yang and the lower limbs belong to yin. As a tangible evil, insidious poison can harm the body from shallow to deep.

   wet poison. In “Suwen·Taiyinyangming Theory”, it is said that “who is hurt by dampness, the next one receives it first.” In other words, the lower part will first be affected by damp evil. The wetness tends to decrease, like water flowing down. Moisture toxins are divided into external moisture and internal moisture. The external moisture is caused by being in a humid environment for a long time, or wading through water or being exposed to rain, and external moisture toxins invade the human body. The internal dampness is caused by the loss of the normal function of the spleen. The spleen governs the transportation and transformation of water dampness, and problems with the spleen will cause the water dampness to stop gathering and form internal dampness. Damp toxin invades the body manifested as soreness and swelling of the lower limbs, heavy sleepiness, and increased female vaginal discharge.

   cold poison. Cold toxin invades the lower limbs, mainly cold and pain in the lower limbs, and fear of cold on weekdays. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold toxin is divided into external cold and internal cold. External cold is called cold evil, which usually causes illness in winter or when the temperature changes suddenly. Inner cold is the lack of yang in the body, which has lost its normal warmth and warmth. Signs of Deficiency. “Cold” affects the blood circulation of the human body. When the blood is warm, it circulates, and when it is cold, it stagnates. Therefore, “cold” can easily cause blood vessel blockage and other diseases.

   stasis toxin. Stasis refers to the stagnation of blood in the body and the inability to circulate normally. Deficiency of Qi, stagnation of Qi, and cold blood can all cause blood stasis. Stasis can affect the blood circulation of the whole body or part of the body, manifested as pain, bleeding, lumps, and accompanied by changes in the color of the lower limbs, and obvious blood stasis. Many patients with varicose veins of the lower limbs are classified as stasis. If the body is stagnant for a long time, the complexion will become dark, the skin will be dry, the lips will become darker, and the collaterals under the tongue will have blood stasis.

  Because the three types of insidious poisons are all of the yin-biased attribute, the treatment should be based on the “yang-biased attribute” method to detoxify. For people with dampness, it is recommended to soak their feet in warm water for about 20 minutes a day; eat some warm foods, such as lamb, dried ginger, cinnamon, etc.; you can also choose moxibustion at home to warm and nourish Yang Qi, Mingmen, Qihai, Guanyuan It is recommended to moxibustion 1~2 times a week for 15~30 minutes each time. People with blood stasis should usually reduce the time of standing and sitting, use their leisure time to go out and walk more, raise their feet when sleeping, and usually wear elastic stockings. People with low back pain and lower limb joint pain caused by cold toxins can go to a regular hospital to ask a doctor for acupuncture treatment. (Reporter Gao Jiayue)

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