The holiday season is approaching. What kind of health food is good for the elders?

  New Year’s Day is approaching, and health food has become the first choice for many people to give gifts. So what kind of health food is suitable for the elderly? In fact, everyone should know that health food is not the more expensive the better, but the best for you.

   Older people have slow metabolism, relatively low resistance, and reduced physiological functions of various organs, such as decreased digestive function and decreased digestion and absorption of nutrients in food; increased calcium loss may cause osteoporosis. Older people will also experience hearing loss, memory loss, and muscle atrophy. Therefore, in addition to eating health foods with the functions of increasing bone density, anti-oxidation, and improving sleep, the elderly can also choose health foods with the following functions.

  1. Enhance immunity

  The resistance of the elderly has declined relatively when they are young. You can take these health foods appropriately to supplement some of the nutrients needed by the body, regulate the body’s functions, and improve immunity.

  2. Assist in lowering blood lipid, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure

   It is necessary to remember that health foods can help alleviate some symptoms, but cannot cure diseases. Patients with three highs (hyperlipidemia, high blood sugar, high blood pressure) should consult a professional doctor before consuming relevant health foods, and listen to doctor’s advice. Can not be eaten blindly. In this regard, the elderly can choose deep-sea fish oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids, or health foods such as soy lecithin.

  3. Help improve memory

   Such health foods often use linolenic acid, DHA algae oil, phospholipids, fish oil and other substances as the main raw materials, which can help improve memory function.

  Okay, after reading the above introduction, is it clearer? Although it is good to buy health foods to be filial to parents and elders, but you cannot rely on health foods if you want a healthy body, you should start with a reasonable diet and a regular life .

  In the eyes of most people, fish oil is not only “suitable for all seasons”, but also has a great help in lowering blood lipids. Therefore, fish oil is especially popular among elders. So what exactly is fish oil and can it really help lower blood lipids?

   fish oil, as the name suggests, it is extracted from fish. All the oils in fish are collectively called fish oil, including body oil, liver oil and brain oil. Its main component is omega-3 fatty acid, which is an unsaturated fatty acid. Among them, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are important members of the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid family and are very important to the human body.

   Deep-sea fish oil is also a kind of fish oil, but its raw material comes from fish animals in the deep sea. Compared with ordinary fish oil, the efficacy of deep-sea fish oil is inconclusive.

  Can fish oil be substituted for fish?

   Eating fish oil alone is not a substitute for eating fish, because in addition to unsaturated fatty acids, fish meat also contains protein, vitamins, minerals and other elements needed by the human body.

Can    fish oil really drop three highs?

   Actually this is not entirely correct! According to the function of health food, fish oil can help lower blood fat.

   Other functions such as preventing heart disease, assisting in lowering blood pressure and assisting in lowering blood sugar are still unclear. For hypertensive patients who are taking antihypertensive drugs, ingesting high doses of fish oil may cause low blood pressure and cause danger. Therefore, fish oil is not suitable for consumption. Diabetics who consume high doses of fish oil may also make blood sugar control more difficult. From this point of view, fish oil is not entirely suitable for all three high populations. (Compiled from An’an Net)

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