Stretching can delay aging, have you got it?

  Why do people stretch?

  The so-called stretching is an action of raising the upper limbs over the chest or head. Some people think that stretching one’s waist is a kind of laziness. In fact, this understanding is incorrect. Stretching is sometimes an unconscious behavior. When tired, it is unconsciously stretched. This is because the oxygen content of the limbs and tissues is reduced due to long periods of non-exercise, and the brain actively sends out this signal. Basically, spinal animals can stretch their waists when they breathe with their lungs. This is an instinctive reaction, just as yawning is an instinctive reaction. Even when you are not tired, you will feel comfortable if you consciously stretch your waist a few times. Stretching the neck and raising the arms to stretch the waist in public places, although it seems to be out of grace, it is really good for the body.

   So what is the advantage of stretching?

   When stretching the waist, raise the arms, recline the body, contract muscles, expand the chest cavity, improve heart and lung functions, and improve blood circulation. Not only is the nutrient supply sufficient, but metabolites can also be eliminated in time; at the same time, chest expansion can also be used Breathing in more oxygen will increase the metabolism of the body, improve the work efficiency of the brain and other organs, and reduce fatigue. In addition, the activities of the upper limbs and upper body can make more oxygenated blood supply to the brain, making people feel awake and comfortable immediately. The sense of comfort comes from the cells being provided with a large amount of oxygen in a short time, so stretching one’s waist when sleepy will make people feel awake and comfortable immediately. There is another proverb spread among the folks: “Stretching often is an ancient teaching, to relieve fatigue and nourish the heart.” Frequent stretching and movement of limbs are good for relieving fatigue, and it is also one of the “magic weapons” for office white-collar workers to maintain vigorous energy.

   Summary: Stretching, simple and easy, suitable for all ages, without a teacher. After heavy work or sitting or lying for a long time, stretch out a few lazy waists comfortably between long office hours, which not only eliminates fatigue, but also shapes your body. The effect is good, and you can gain health easily. When stretching, stretch your body as much as possible, straighten your limbs, and exert all your muscles. When stretching, inhale as much as possible; when relaxing, the muscles of the whole body should relax and exhale as much as possible, so that the effect of exercise will be better. For the elderly, doing this exercise regularly can also increase the elasticity of muscles and ligaments and delay aging. Everyone, get up and stretch frequently.

  Author: Guo Shuzhang, Chief Physician of Orthopedics, General Hospital of Xinjiang Military Region   

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