Seasonal change + long vacations are too tired to increase the number of patients with high blood pressure, there are many young people

   China News Online, October 8th (Chen Jing and Xu Lanqing) In recent years, China’s cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become increasingly younger. As the weather changes during the season, many patients go to the hospital for treatment due to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Cardiology expert Song He said in an interview with reporters on the 8th that some weather-sensitive patients are prone to blood pressure fluctuations when the season changes, and some patients are more likely to experience physical discomfort due to overwork during long vacations.

   On that day, in the outpatient clinic of the hospital, 50-year-old Ms. Li told reporters that during the long vacation, she visited relatives and friends and traveled. Sometimes she forgot to take antihypertensive drugs on time when she was busy. I woke up these two mornings and felt dizzy and exhausted. Song He said that during the festival, people are busy traveling, gathering relatives and friends, which disrupts the original routine and schedule of work and rest, which can easily lead to an increase in blood pressure.

   October 8th is National Hypertension Day. This year’s theme is “Knowing blood pressure over 18 years old”, and the focus is on promoting regular self-monitoring of blood pressure by adults 18 years and over. It is reported that there are also young people among the patients who have been to the hospital for hypertension and other treatments in the past two days. Xiao Du has been dizzy and swollen recently, and has not been relieved. When he went to the hospital for examination, he found that his low pressure reached 100mmHg and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Xiao Du was surprised that he had high blood pressure. In his impression, high blood pressure was only related to the elderly.

After inquiring, the doctor learned that during the National Day holiday, Xiao Du had irregular work and rest. He often stayed up all night to play games, eat high-calorie food, smoke, and rarely exercise, which led to physical problems. “There are more and more young people suffering from high blood pressure,” Song He said. Many people feel that they are still young and rarely pay attention to blood pressure problems. They don’t care about their unscientific and unhealthy life and eating habits, even if they are unwell. I would never have thought that there was a problem with blood pressure. The expert said that young people need to develop scientific and healthy living habits.

   52-year-old Aunt Wang has been suffering from high blood pressure for 8 years. She usually relies on drugs to control her blood pressure. However, before the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, she felt uncomfortable. She went to the outpatient department of the Cardiovascular Specialty Hospital to take her blood pressure, which was as high as 180/100mmHg. How is this going? It turns out that Aunt Wang likes sweets very much, especially sweet moon cakes. Around the Mid-Autumn Festival, Aunt Wang did not resist the “temptation” of all kinds of moon cakes and ate a lot. Song He said that patients with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and other diseases should not eat too much moon cakes. Moon cakes are high in sodium. Eating too much can easily lead to an increase in blood pressure. The sugar and rich oils in moon cakes can increase blood viscosity, which can easily lead to cardiac ischemia, and may induce myocardial infarction in severe cases.

   The golden autumn is coming, and the weather is getting colder. Song He said that hypertensive patients should pay attention to blood pressure fluctuations to avoid acute increase in blood pressure caused by emotional agitation, causing cerebral hemorrhage, stroke and other cerebrovascular accidents. Patients with coronary heart disease should pay special attention to cold and warm, light diet, and quit smoking, so as not to cause angina or even myocardial infarction. (End)

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