Autumn is high and refreshing, nourishing yin, moisturizing dryness, strengthening the body and keeping good health at the right time

   In the Lingnan region where “hot once a year, hot once a year”, the weather has also started to gradually cool down. Ye Yan, director of the Pulmonary Diseases (Respiratory) Department of the Chinese Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, reminded that at this time the air is dry, the yang is gradually receding, and it changes from dampness to dryness and from warm to cold. Particular attention should be paid to nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness, and strengthening health.

  Go to bed early and get up early to adapt to Yang Qi and relax

   After autumn, the natural yang gradually turns to converge until it is sealed in winter. Therefore, compared with summer, the daily routine should be adjusted accordingly, and it is necessary to lie down and get up early. Lying early in order to conform to the collection of yin essence, to nourish “recover” qi, and get up early to conform to the relaxation of yang qi, so that lung qi can be stretched.

  Autumn exercise focuses on replenishing the lungs and moisturizing dryness, such as practicing vomiting and nagong, tapping the teeth and moisturizing the throat and fluid, while climbing, jogging, walking, playing ball, swimming, and taking a cold bath; or practicing Wu Qin Xi, Tai Chi, and doing Baduanjin, practicing aerobics, etc. At the same time, keep warm and be careful to catch cold.

  Put more soup for lungs in your diet

  Yang Yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter. Generally speaking, the sun gradually decreases between the heavens and the earth in autumn, and the weather is dry. Autumn is golden, and the five internal organs are combined with the lungs, so the lungs are the most vulnerable to injury in autumn. The lungs are combined with the fur, so it is prone to symptoms such as dry lips, itchy nose, dry throat, and cough.

   In the Lingnan region, the “dryness” of Bailu is “warm dryness”, and the “dryness” of the autumnal equinox is cool dryness. Therefore, in terms of diet, pay attention to eating more warm, sour, sweet and nourishing yin foods, such as lotus root, pears, sugar cane, white fungus, chrysanthemums, etc. At the same time, try to eat less pungent products such as onions, ginger, and peppers to prevent the effects of autumn dryness. . In autumn, you can boil moisturizing soup, such as polygonatum lily and pig lean meat soup, tangerine peel water duck and radish soup, corn peanut raw fish soup, shatian pomelo flower pig liver soup, fig white crucian carp soup, bawang honey jujube pork soup, honey grapefruit tea And so on are the products of family health.

   The folk proverb in our country is “tonic in autumn and winter, and start spring to fight tigers”. There is a custom of “sticking autumn fat” in both the north and the south. Ye Yan reminded that timely, appropriate, and appropriate tonic can make the body stronger and enhance disease resistance, especially for patients with many chronic diseases, such as obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis, asthma and other chronic pulmonary diseases, under reasonable control On the basis of blood sugar, adequate intake of protein and other nutrients can be increased in autumn to provide sufficient energy for pulmonary function recovery. (Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yu Yanhong, correspondent Li Ziran and Liang Yiyin)

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