Cold hands and feet, blindly warming and replenishing the victim

   The weather is getting colder, and many people will have cold hands and feet. Even if they drink hot water and wear more clothes, they still can’t get warm. This is more common among women, the elderly, and the infirm. Most people think that cold hands and feet are caused by “coldness”, so they choose to eat hot products such as beef and mutton, chili, ginger, longan and so on to warm up. Some people feel warm after eating, and their hands and feet are not so cold, but some people may backfire.

   Chinese medicine believes that cold hands and feet belong to the category of “limbs”. “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” says: “Where the yin and yang are not connected together, they are called Jue.” It can be seen that the limb Jue is due to the loss of balance between the yin and yang qi and the inability to communicate with each other, causing the yang to fail to reach the warmth To. The limbs are also divided into cold and heat. Not all cold hands and feet are caused by yang deficiency. We need to treat it according to the symptoms and signs, and we must not blindly warm up.

The coldness of the hands and feet caused by    cold syndrome is due to excess cold in the human body, declining yang, and stagnant cold in the meridians, which hinders the flow of qi and blood and cannot reach the extremities. Therefore, in addition to cold hands and feet, there are often symptoms such as aversion to cold, curling up, pale complexion, abdominal pain, vomiting, not thirst, slippery tongue coating, and fine pulse. Sini Decoction can be used for prevention and treatment to warm the middle and dispel cold. Fang Zhongsheng Aconite is a product of great heat. It can walk through the twelve meridians, warm and strengthen the Yuanyang, and restore the yang to save the adversity. Dry ginger has heat in nature, pungent taste, enters the heart, spleen, stomach, and lung meridians. Keeping the nature without leaving, warming the middle and dispelling the cold, helping the yang to promote the pulse; the roasted licorice can not only invigorate the qi and nourish the middle, cure the essence of deficiency and cold, but also relax the strong medicinal properties of dried ginger and aconite, and reconcile various drugs.

   Heat Jue, that is, because the evil heat is deep in the body, blocking the yang qi, causing the yang qi to not reach the limbs and causing the hands and feet to cold. In addition to cold hands and feet, he often feels like cold drinks and aversion to heat, accompanied by polydipsia, dry mouth, yellow and red urine, red tongue, dry yellow fur, and strong pulse. Usually fever comes first, and hands and feet are cold behind. Jue is the target, and heat is the basis, that is, true heat and false cold syndrome with true heat inside and cold outside. At this time, Baihutang should be used to dilute the inside of the soup. Fangzhong gypsum has a strong cold, pungent and sweet taste, good at clearing heat, to control the heat of Yangming, and can quench thirst and alleviate trouble; Zhimu is cold, bitter and moist, can help gypsum to clear heat and produce fluid; japonica rice, sunburn Licorice and Chinese medicine can benefit the stomach, and can prevent plaster and anemarrhena’s severe cold from hurting the body. The compatibility of various medicines can help patients clear away heat, relieve troubles, produce body fluids and quench thirst. The extremity cold caused by the evil heat will be natural. Lifted.

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