Fengyoujing has other uses too! !

Because of its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, cooling and relieving itching,    wind oil essence is a good health medicine for home and travel. In recent years, it has been found to have new uses through scientific research and clinical verification.


  1. Treating abdominal pain: Put a few drops of Fengyoujing on the belly button (Shenque point), and cover it with dampness analgesic ointment or ordinary tape, which can relieve cold and relieve pain. This method is particularly effective for cold abdominal pain caused by cold, overeating and cold drinks.

  2. Treatment of burns: For small-scale mild burns, Fengyoujing is applied directly on the burned area, once every three to four hours. This method has obvious effect on relieving pain from burns, and it is not easy to cause infection, no scabs, and no scars after healing.

  3. Treatment of athlete’s foot: Wash the feet with warm water and wipe them dry. If there are blisters, use acupuncture needles to pierce them, then absorb them with cotton wool, and then use Fengyoujing once or twice a day Rub the affected area, usually within three to five days.

  4. Treatment of mouth ulcers: After brushing your teeth and gargle, apply wind oil to the affected area twice a day. If you apply it again before going to bed, the effect will be better.

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