How dangerous is the temptation of thongs?

How dangerous is the temptation of thongs?

  The young Miss L walked slowly into the gynecology department of the hospital. During the consultation, she told the doctor that it was probably because she was wearing thongs these days, and found that her lower body was getting more and more painful, and she seemed to have some blood in the tide.

  The result of the examination was really surprising to the doctor: her vulva was congested, red and swollen, and there were several small ulcers, and the mucous membrane of the vaginal mouth still had a little bleeding. As long as she touched her with a cotton swab, she would feel pain.

   Ms. L did several other tests and confirmed that she did not have other gynecological diseases. The doctor prescribed some medicine to her and told her how to use it, and then seriously warned her: “Don’t wear that kind again. I have T-shaped underwear, immediately put on cotton underwear that is slightly looser, and be sure to keep the local area clean and hygienic.”

   Now the weather is slowly getting cooler, but people who wear thin skirts and thin pants are very common. In order to be afraid of seeing the traces of underwear outside, many women will wear thongs. Although fashionable, it is actually very detrimental to women’s health. Women’s vulva is mostly delicate and soft mucous membranes, which are easy to rupture and bleeding when rubbed by hard objects. There are one or two narrow ropes on the back of thongs, which will affect the urethral opening, labia and vagina when walking. Friction occurs in the mouth, anus, etc. If it’s just a trauma, it’s okay to be afraid of infection, such as urinary tract infection, vaginitis, local skin ulcer infection, etc., and it will be troublesome.

How dangerous is the temptation of thongs?

   At the same time, some black-hearted manufacturers use chemical fiber products with poor air permeability as raw materials when sewing thongs, which can easily cause women’s skin allergies.

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